Pairings: KomatsuxToriko and CocoxSani (Komatsu and Sani are my favorite characters! Go ukes!)

A/N: I really love their English dub voices but they sound thicker and deeper that the anime feels more serious than how it sounds in Japanese. Why does it only stop in episode 13?!

Warning: I have a tendency to call Sani-Sunny or the other way around so don't mind. And there's a bit of a twist to how the characters meet in this.

Gourmet Highschool

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

There was once a school where the food flourished in great quantities thanks to the new wave of technology created by the former Principle Acacia and his Vice Principle Frohnze-sama. That technology has been able to advance the food production and prolong the food's expired date.

Ever since that new wave, food competitions were upheld between schools to claim the Super Cook title and award. The title has been passed to school to school and now the competition was close for the school that started this origin to claim that title once again because they lost last year. This school is "The Gourmet Highschool".

Of course this school wasn't only about food. It was just a regular highschool that had other regular activities. Acacia just couldn't help but add Gourmet as its name. And in that school was the cooking club.

"I can't believe it! I've been waiting my whole life to finally enroll into this school and now I get to see Acacia's machine that he used to start the new wave of food!" Komatsu squealed inside as he walked through the halls of the castle-like school. It was huge!

He turned one corner and tried not to squeal so loud. "It's all the portraits of the national champions and famous cooks including Acacia and Frohnze who's been a part of this school! Oh! There's him! There's her! I wish I could get their autographs but some of them already passed away and the others graduated." The disappointed fifteen year old teen sighed.

And then smiled walking by them. "I only hope that I'll be accepted in the cooking club and be able to learn new things!" He was walking happily up a case of stairs until these group of boys were running through the halls.

"Hey! You Gourmet delinquents better go to class or else I'm sending you to the Honey detention!" One of the teachers shouted at them. The delinquents ignored him and one of them pushed Komatsu to the side.

The teen didn't know how hard the clash was going to be but then being suddenly being pushed aside, he wasn't ready to be thrown over the side of the stairs. He screamed but then was caught by big arms.

"Hey, you should be careful. Next time take the stairs on the left. The stairs at the right are the Gourmet delinquents territory." A large teen with shaggy blue hair and scars at the left side of his face told him with a big smile. He put down the small teen. "What's a middle school student like you doing here anyway?"

"Oh, I'm a sophomore, I just switched schools! Thank you for saving me! I'm Komatsu." He blushed feeling nervous to meet another student in the Gourmet school.

"Komatsu huh? We're in the same grade! I'm Toriko! It's always nice to meet someone new!" The teen patted his back hard the small teen fell over. "Ah, sorry! Looks like I don't know my own strength! So where were you heading to?"

"Ah!" Komatsu scrambled to his feet. "I was heading to my first class, uh, chemistry."

"I'll be passing by that class. I'll show you the way." The bluenette turned towards the left stairs where it was safer. Komatsu hurriedly followed him.

The two walked in haste silence until they reached the class. "This is it! Hope to see you again!" Toriko gave the small teen a big grin. Komatsu thanked him with a generous smile and then the two parted.

When he entered the class, he saw that there was small lab desks for two and it looked like everyone was already paired up except for one dazzling beauty staring out a window. Komatsu walked naturally towards him feeling a little shy but he had no other choice.

"E-excuse me. Is this seat taken?" He asked hopefully.

The beautiful teen turned his head towards him staring at him blankly. He was a true exotic beauty. He looked like he had baby soft skin with striking deep sky blue eyes and long flowing glowing hair in the colors of blue, pink, green and white. It's no wonder no one sat next to him.

"Hmm? You're short and dull looking with a nose like a gorilla that you're rather painful to look at but okay."

It's really no wonder no one sat next to him but Komatsu thanked him and then sat next to him. "My name is Komatsu." He greeted kindly.

"And I am Sani. Be thankful to be in my presence." The male smirked still glimmering with beauty. Komatsu just laughed softly.

The teacher came in and looked surprisingly young to be one. "Hello class, I am Professor Coco and I'll be teaching you this morning." He told them with a soothing voice. All the girls in the classroom sighed heavenly at the sight of him.

The man in a white lab coat had black spiky hair and light brown eyes. He looked very smart and his tone of voice made him sound wise and kind. He went to the white board and began to write down his instructions of what to do.

"Today we are starting with something easy. The items you need are already on your tables. I want you and your partner to..." He began explaining the procedures. Komatsu took notes while Sunny was doodling on the paper or making a list of what to do which is mainly beauty spa treatments.

When it came to actually doing the experiment, "Uhm, Sunny-san, would you like to do anything?"

"Heavens no! I'll ruin my nails." He showed his nails to have been nicely done.

"Uhm, okay. I'll do it then." Komatsu really didn't mind. It was easy after all. When he was done, he made crystallized candy.

"Are you finally done? Hmm? Why is one of them pink?"

"Oh, that one is yours Sunny-san. I kind of added a little something to make it tasty but also appealing to you so we can both have a taste of the experiment."

"You made it especially for me? But I did nothing." The beauty pointed out.

Komatsu just smiled. "It's alright. It was easy and fun anyway. Will you try it, Sunny-san?" The male was a little hesitant but then the crystallized pink candy did have a elegant gleam to it. "Oh, are you afraid to break your nails. Here, I'll feed it to you!" The little teen picked it up and then Sunny blushed noticing beyond that gorilla face that he was rather cute when he smiled at him.

The teen took the pink candy into his mouth and then his eyes lit up. "Delicious!"

"Really? I'm so glad."

"The texture is smooth and it just melts in my mouth! It taste like sweet strawberry with a touch of grapes and kiwi! It all harmonizes so well that I want more!"

"If you'd like, I could make more tomorrow."

"Really?" Sunny's face lit up.

"Yeah, I plan on being a chef one day."

"Is that so, Mr. Komatsu?" Professor Coco walked over to them with reading glasses on the bridge of his nose making him look particularly sexy. Sunny pouted at him for interrupting their moment. "I see that you tampered with the experiment."

"Leave him alone. He was only making your boring experiments actually fun. Isn't that right Matsu?" He smiled happily at him.

"Matsu?" Komatsu was caught a little off guard by the suddenly nice Sunny but he had to admit that seeing him smile was beautiful.

The bell rang. Sunny grabbed his wrist. "Come on Matsu. I'll show you to your next class."

"Ah? Wait!" Komatsu quickly grabbed his bag and then told Professor Coco, "Sorry for leaving the mess! I'll clean up next time!"

"It's quite alright." Professor Coco waved them off with a smile and then looked at the messy table. "I see a bright future for Mr. Komatsu...and it's been a while since I've seen Sunny smile like that."

Komatsu was showed to his next class which was his cooking class. "Oh, I'm envious!" Sunny told him. "I want to taste more of Matsu's cooking?"

"I could make something for you if you like tomorrow." Komatsu suggested nicely.

"Really? You're an angel unlike that stupid professor!"

"You mean Professor Coco? He doesn't seem like a bad guy."

"Please! He gets his hands on gross disgusting things everyday! And yet everyone thinks he's better looking! He always steals the spot light that it freaking pisses me off! I wonder why he didn't just stay a toxicologist instead of becoming a professor here!"

"He was a toxicologist?" The little teen found that very amusing.

"Don't tell me that you're also interested in him?!" Sunny glared at him.

"Eh?! No! I'm a bit curious though." He couldn't lie.

"No!" Sunny pointed his finger up at him. "Be near him and you may also catch a virus or something horrifying! I shiver every time he's close." The teen demonstrated the way he would shiver but Komatsu didn't see that before. "Well, I should be going! Remember to bring something for our small date tomorrow, Matsu?" He winked at him and then walked away.

"Date? Eeeeeh?" The little teen wasn't sure how to feel about this but then he did somewhat promise to make Sunny something. I guess a little morning snack with those crystal candies to give during Chemistry class wouldn't hurt. Knowing the guy, he might like a very pretty but also tasty snack.

The teen entered his class and then saw Toriko. He felt his heart skip a little bit remembering the morning rescue. He felt lucky to be in this class because he really wanted to make something for him.

"Oh, it's you!" The larger teen grinned at him. "Komachi right?"

"Ah, it's Komatsu." Okay, he died a little but still felt really grateful. "I'm really grateful for this morning. I wouldn't have made it to class without you."

"It's nothing. Come sit next to me. I'm so excited! I can't wait to taste the delicious food!" The man was salivating at an incredible rate that it was dripping down his chin.

"You also like to cook Toriko-san?"

"A bit but I'm more of a chow down kind of guy. How about you?"

"Ah, I know a bit myself too but I hope to become a great chef some day."

"It's good to have dreams. Glad to see that you'd take a class like this to keep moving forward! Like I always say, 'There is no time like the present and any time afterwards is the wrong time'. I can't wait!"

"Now, now, Toriko. Patience is a virtue. Huhuhuhu!" The teacher said. She had pink hair in pig tails. "I am Mrs. Setsuno and I'll be teaching you today. Today we are in the meat category so we're making alligator barbecue. One mistake and you fail the entire semester and be transferred to another class immediately."

"EEEEH?!" Komatsu was amazed by how serious this class was.

"Find a partner and then begin!"

"Nothing to worry about! We got this!" Toriko grinned at him and the little teen felt more relaxed for some reason.

"Right! Uhm," Komatsu looked at the cooking book and then started to be one of the first to finish. Toriko helped giving him the ingredients he needed.

"WOW! It looks delicious! I wanna-" Toriko's hand was smacked by the teacher.

"Proper manners Toriko. It looks delicious Komatsu but it isn't all about appearance. Huhuhuhu!" She cut herself a slice and then took a bite. "Delicious! You get an A+! Keep it up or I'll have to fail you and Toriko!"

"Really!" Toriko cut himself a large piece and then ate the delicious crispy yet juicy meat! "YUM! You really have talent Komatsu!"

"Really?! Thanks!"

"What're you guys gettin' cocky about?"

Komatsu nearly wet his pants when he saw a huge guy stand behind Toriko with scars all over his face glaring at him menacingly. He took the meat in his hands and ate it.

"Oi! Zebra! That was ours!"

The tall buff teen named Zebra ignored him and walked over to Komatsu bending down to meet him at eye level. "Are you the one who made that?"

"Y-yes. I hope it was to your liking!"

Zebra was silent for a second before shouting, "Kid, don't be gettin' cocky!"

"Ah, No! I mean yes! Uh!"

Zebra straightened up glaring down at the kid like a psychopath. "You know I hate cocky bastards more than anything! Just looking at them makes me wanna gnash 'em to pieces! Every last one of 'em!"

"I...see. I-I'm s-sorry for getting cocky. I guess..."

"So you were getting cocky!"

"What?! No! I-"

"Leave him alone Zebra." Toriko defended him.

"Are you looking for a fight?" The two end up arguing to the point that they were about to hit each other but then Mrs. Setsuno smacked them both down. "Are you also looking for a fight bi-"

The bell rang. "Zebra, another hour of your detention is added. Don't think about skipping out because we will hunt you down. Huhuhu!"

"Whatever." Zebra turned away to Toriko. "We'll fight later." And then walked away but not without glaring at Komatsu before exiting.


"That's Zebra. He's the number 1 delinquent in the school and a lone wolf at that. Though he's been seen with Buranchi. The number 1 delinquent at Chef Highschool."

"Oh I know him. I was transferred from that school."

"Then you know what we're up against but no more about that. What's the next class you're heading to?"

Komatsu reached for his bag taking out a piece of paper. "These are my next classes."

"Oh! We have the same for the next one but that's it! Sweeeet! Let's go!" The blue haired guy walked out. Komatsu hurriedly followed.

"To-toriko-san, you're really brave to face someone like Zebra-san. No one could face Buranchi back at my old school." Komatsu complimented.

"Hm? It's nothing. We're actually adopted brothers!"

"A-adopted brothers?!"

"Yup! The principle of the school is actually our adopted father. We've known each other since we were kids. Zebra has always been the type who loves to fight a lot." Suddenly there was a crash nearby and Zebra yelling while girls were screaming. "We better run."

The two ran off before the windows were shattered. When the two reached their class, the work was easy so there was a lot of time to talk to each other and Komatsu began to really like and idolize Toriko.

He was handsome, charismatic, energetic, also really popular with the girls and surprisingly intelligent in biology and other fields about science. His favorite sports were eating and boxing.

Komatsu was the opposite. Being a current nobody and a weakling to be easily overshadowed by Toriko's glamor, yet he didn't care about that. He was modest, passionate about cooking and very kind. He showed no signs of envy but when he did, he would be honest about it.

After the class, Komatsu continued the day without seeing Sunny, Toriko, Professor Coco or Zebra. He did meet a tomboy named Melk who had a father who owned a knife corporation, and he got to meet a guy named Takimaru who was currently a Senior. Both of them were really nice.

When it was lunch time, "Matsu! Over here!" Sani called him over to his table. The teen had his hair tied back.

"Hey Sunny-san. Oh? You sit alone?"

"Of course! There's not a single person worth my company except you Matsu!"

"Really?" The little teen sat down and noticed Sunny's lunch which looked beautiful. Even the table compared to the others was whiter and etched at the sides that it made the other tables look dirty and plain. He looked around and noticed girls whispering while glancing at them.

"Don't mind them." Sani told him while eating with a knife and fork as if he was a prince. "They're simply jealous that I'm prettier than them."

"But I have been hearing rumors that you and Professor Coco knew each other before. AH!" Komatsu almost screamed when the blue-eyed teen slammed his fists on the table.

"Lies! I just don't like him because his profession disgust me! There's nothing beautiful about him! Nothing! He could even poison you! Matsu, I must tell you something and you need to listen!"

"Ah, yeah?"

"If you wish to be a chef, the key to preparing one's meal is by creating absolute harmony! You can very well see from my lunch that I use the most top class table wares but the delicacy I eat would've taste normal if it weren't for them. I usually eat in my private sanctuary at the school's garden where the sun would shine a soft glow while I eat on a marbled table carved for a king. The lovely sight of flowers and the calming sound of music to relax me before another boring lecture from teachers."


"But if it's raining, I would go to my other sanctuary in my private dining room where there isn't only what I've already said but also with more exquisite items are displayed before me to replace the loss of the natural beauty of the garden. It is important to have everything in order to promote the food's quality. Beauty is in harmony which is not an illusion but a joint work that enhances the senses. To simply eat it is the level below maggots. Do you get it Matsu?" He smirked at the teen.

"Uhm, I guess I do. You really do have an appreciation for food don't you Sani-san?"

"Of course I do. Eating is life and to live one's life is to live it beautifully. You can only achieve it by creating harmony."

"Yo! Komatsu! Sunny! Mind if I sit here?" Toriko showed up.

"Absolutely not!"

"Don't be harsh Sunny. I'm sure Komatsu wants me to sit here." The teen grinned at him.

Komatsu blushed. "I wouldn't mind."

"Hmph! If Matsu is okay with it, I guess I am too, but you better don't eat like a beast!"

"You two know each other?"

"Of course! We're-"

"Don't say it! Don't you dare say it!"

"Adopted brothers too?" Komatsu added. Sunny gasped while Toriko continued grinning. "So Sunny-san, Toriko-san and Zebra-san are all adopted sons of Principal Ichiryuu?" He questioned connecting the dots.

The multi colored hair teen sighed roughly. "I didn't want you to know I grew up with such buffoons!"

"I love you too Sunny." Toriko teased.

"Shut up! That's disgusting! Real brothers don't say I love you to each other like that!"

"Then you want a bear hug?" Toriko inched closer.

"No way! Don't you dare touch me with those dirty hands of yours! I don't know where they've been!" Sunny backed away in fear.

Toriko laughed. "I see you've gotten close to Komatsu too. Hey, Komatsu, what club are you gonna join? Can't go through school without joining a club. They're a lot of fun! You should join the boxing club with me!"

"No way! You guys will only ruin him! He should join me in the Art club! He could surely hone his artistic schools similar to cooking there!"

"That all sounds nice but I already decided to join the cooking club." Komatsu stated happily.

"Cooking club?" The adopted brothers stated simultaneously.

"Yeah, I only worked hard to enroll in an expensive school like this freely to join the cooking club." Komatsu explained. He wasn't rich like the other kids here.

"Uhm, Komatsu. There is not cooking club here." Toriko stated lightly but they saw the little teen's heart shatter.

"N-no cooking club?"

"They tore it down after the many lost the school's had." Sani responded. "You didn't know?"

The little one shook his head. "Even if you keep losing competitions, what was more important was that you were able to cook with your friends and eating delicious food together. Even learning more about cooking and each other than the classes allow." Both males felt sorry for him and felt like they were letting him down.

"But you can rebuild it again!" Toriko chimed up.

"Oi! Toriko, don't bring his hopes up! Even if he could get the students to agree, we still need a teacher supervisor!"

"Then how about Coco! All he's doing after school is giving fortunes!" The grinning male stated without hesitation.

"No way! I don't want Matsu to be anymore closer to that guy! He might give him a virus!"

"Hey! That's not nice to say. All because Coco is more popular-"

"Shut up! I never want to hear his name again!"

"Is that so Sunny?"

"Ah, Professor Coco!" Komatsu gasped at such great timing. "Can I please ask you for a favor?"

"What is that Mr. Komatsu?"

Before the little teen could ask, Sunny sat up abruptly letting his chair fall down with a hard thump. "My appetite is spoiled. I'll be leaving then." He quickly walked away. Coco grabbed his hand but then Sunny quickly forced it away yelling, "DON'T TOUCH ME!" and then walked away.

Komatsu was shocked by how much hate Sunny showed for Professor Coco. Not just hate but a passionate hatred towards the older male. The small teen saw the hurt look on Coco's face as if he was about to cry. He didn't know much about the situation but he knew that Sunny went too far.

He stood up and ran after Sunny. "Sani-san!"

He caught up to him at the garden. Sunny wasn't listening that he walked into a maze out of people's sight. Komatsu followed him continuously calling out to his name until he caught up to him.

"Matsu?" Sunny removed the ear phones which explained why he wasn't listening till now.

"Sunny-san, I'm sorry to say this because I'm an outsider to this problem but what you did to Professor Coco was too harsh! He looked really hurt back there!" He stated worriedly.

"Hmph!" The beauty teen turned sideways with arms crossed. "He deserved it! If you were here last semester, I've done more cruel things but that's because he deserved it!"

"Because he disgust you?"

"No! I'm not that vain! If you know what he's done to me, you would certainly be on my side!"

"Then tell me Sunny-san!"


"Tell me so I can understand!" Komatsu gave him a determined face. "Because I know we live in a nasty world but then hurting each other continuously isn't harmonious at all!"

Sunny felt a stab in his heart and then tears fell down his face. "Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!"

"Ah! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!"

"No! Not you! Stupid Coco! It's all his fault I'm like this!" Sunny sobbed covering his face. He fell to his knees ironically being slightly smaller than Komatsu. The little teen hurriedly held him to be a shoulder to cry on.

Coco was watching from his class window frowning with jealousy but also relief that Komatsu could hold Sunny to take some pain away that he caused.

"I don't know what happened between you two so I'm not going to bug in. Instead I have a favor I want to ask you." Toriko stated calmly standing next to him with his back turned to the window.

"The answer is yes. I'll supervise the new cooking club." Coco smiled sadly at Toriko.

"How come? Not that it's any of my business." The bluenette asked turning around to see Komatsu still holding Sunny.

"Because I see a future in Mr. Komatsu and I have a feeling it'll brighten a lot of other futures as well. You already took a liking to him so quickly and it's only his first day here."

"Of course. He's a good kid and I really want to eat more of his cooking!" Toriko grinned honestly.

The next day, Komatsu was in the middle of doing his work in class until he heard the announcements that a new cooking club was opening and that there was a meeting afterschool! Komatsu almost jumped up out of his seat and squealed like a fan girl.

"Komatsu sit down!" The teacher scolded.

"AH! Sorry!" He sat down blushing while the class laughed at him.

After school he hurriedly went to the room where the meeting was taking place. It was a room with two big doors. He opened it to blink when the room gleamed like heaven. The shine wore down to reveal Sunny, Toriko and Professor Coco in the room in what's considered a kitchen lab with mini kitchens that sparkled.

"Toriko-san! Is it really true that the cooking club is opening?!" He asked excitedly.

"Yup!" He grinned at the teen excitedly!

Komatsu turned to Professor Coco. "Thank you for becoming the supervisor!"

"It's fortunate to help your students reach their goals. I'm looking forward to your success Mr. Komatsu."

"Looking forward, my foot." Sunny mumbled rolling his eyes and then pouting to the sides with his cheeks puffed up.

"I'm so happy you're here too Sunny-san!" Komatsu smiled graciously at him.

The teen brushed his hair back smirking back. "Of course! Who else is going to protect you from Professor Coco and his lecherous hands?"

"I'm still able to give you detention Sunny."

"That's abuse of power!"

"I don't believe Ms. Love would agree." He smirked evilly but us sexily at the teen.

Sunny blushed hard. "I hate you! Matsu!" He hugged the small teen on his knees. Komatsu felt truly short at the moment.

Komatsu was truly happy but something wasn't right. "What about your other clubs?" He questioned.

"Hm? I quit the boxing club. Those guys can make to nationals without me anyway! As long as your cooking Komatsu!"

"And I'm only taking a break from Art club!" Sunny stood up sparkling triumphantly. "If they need me to model one for one of their designs, they just have to call me!"

"So students, let's begin the cooking club." Coco stated smoothly for the beginning of a wonderous adventure.


Okay, this story does look like it's mainly about Sunny and Coco's romance but that's because Toriko and Komatsu's will progress throughout the story and Sunny's and Coco's story will be a side story at the end...

It might take a long time because I will make you explore nearly every room and corner of the majestic castle-like Gourmet Highschool filled with characters who will actually appear in the chapters such as Teppei, Aimaru, Melk II, Takimaru and Match along with other characters who may serve as a problem with Komatsu's and Toriko's relationship evolving in between to the point that they will fall in love and have sex.

To not beat around the bush for people who may be sensitive to this, I don't want to make you uncomfortable so I'll tell you right out, Coco has HIV, not AIDS and Sunny is in fact uneducated about it.

I'm also awkwardly a BuranchixZebra fangirl. Hope I'll keep you interested!