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Pairing: BuranchixZebra


In a bullet train, two rowdy teens were having a screaming match yet it piped down a little when the security threatened to kick them off the train. It wasn't the threat that worked. It was the fact that it turns out one of the security guards knew Buranchi who drugged him with sleepy pills that only worked to calm the guy. It wasn't legal but it worked.

"Why do I have ta meet yur parents?" Zebra growled.

"You didn't have too ya moron! I just told ya that I was visiting my parent's place! You didn't have to come at all!" Buranchi mildly shouted at him.

"I had nothing ta do."

"Then why are you asking ya bastard?!" Buranchi cringed back hating how soft and lazy he sounded.

Zebra held the platinum blonde's chin possessively to face him. "If ya think I'm lettin' you outta my sight, I'll have to pummel you."

"Stop being unreasonable! If anyone is capable of cheating it's you!"

Zebra growled menacingly. When the growling stopped, they stared into each other's eyes feeling a sense of reassurance needed. Either of them could be cheating on the other. They don't know who would do it first.

Then their faces got smacked by newspapers by the security guard. "Please refrain from any sexual desires. There are children on this train."

"FU-" The train stopped and the woman at the intercom stated that they reached their destination. The two exited the train peacefully to be greeted by a chauffeur.

The two entered a fancy white limo with a logo Zebra knew of, 'Tengu Castle' which was known to house the most bizarre but delicious food which inspires healthiness and variety in a person's meal which made it incredibly famous at a fast rate due to a lot of famous people needing a healthier diet. Yet it wasn't named for the demon of buddhism. It just happened to be Buranchi's last name conveniently.

They arrived at a simple restaurant with the Tengu sign painted in black strokes in japanese characters. When they entered, it was completely different. They were in a wide grand hallway immediately greeted by twenty workers. The women wore chinese dresses and the males wore kimonos with a chonmage hairstyle.

"Right, yur half chinese, half japanese." Zebra remembered.

"Of course I am ya dumbass!"

Zebra held his boyfriend by the collar. "Don't get cocky with me bastard." Suddenly swords and spears were drawn at him.

"PUT YOUR WEAPONS AWAY!" Buranchi ordered and they complied. "Watch what ya do because they'll stab yur stupid ass." He lowered his voice as they were led to a room beside them to change into kimonos. Buranchi didn't shout all the time. He was just easily ticked off a lot and Komatsu happens to be there. "Assassins n' a whole lotta assholes try ta kill us every week ta get our family fortune or whatever."

They exited to be led through the hallway and into the dining room that looked very comfortable by its smooth black walls, soft lighting, fresh air conditioning while chefs were demonstrating their cooking techniques. Helpfully there were charts of the quality and quantity of what types of food to eat around and menus in different languages. They had lovely tables and comfortable chairs blending into the scene while at the side of a curved wall had kotatsu and comfortable cushions. Evening paintings of soft dark colors added to the feel of nature. It was a full house of lively chatting people but very spacey for easy movement for the waiters.

They entered an elevator to finally enter a room where a woman passed her prime was enjoying her tea. It was the dining room. "Bow." Buranchi told Zebra and they bowed for her.

"Buranchi, you look well. And this must be your ex-boyfriend Zebra." She had a pleasant healing voice.

"Ex-boyfriend?" Zebra glared menacingly at his lover. They were dating again right now.

"DON'T GLARE AT ME YA BASTARD! WE JUST GOT BACK TOGETHER YESTERDAY! YOU DON'T EXPECT ME TA-" The banshee was silenced with a deep kiss which Zebra used to display that they were together.

The woman muffled her laugh. "My, my! You're the first to quiet him down! When he was a baby, we had to give him nun-chucks so he could stop crying but end up destroying everything in his path! Excuse me, I am Buranchi's mother, Dai-tai Tengu or Mrs. Tengu if you wish." Looking at her now, she did have Buranchi's hair color, eyes and very recognizable lips.

"Dai! What is all that racket?!" An old man appears with a long nose and dark tan complexion like Buranchi's but was short with pure white spiky hair and a moustache like Panayot Hitov. He spots the teens. "YOU!" He launches a kick at Buranchi.

The teen cocked his head to the side and the old man was smashed against the wall. "I see your healthy son!" The man gives him the thumbs up while blood poors down his head.


Three other males entered the room and were surprisingly very handsome.

"Zebra, this is Buranchi's father and my husband Katashi Tengu. And these are his brothers: Ambrocio, Takeshi and Kiri." The three beautiful males bowed for him.

Zebra looked at them and then looked at Buranchi. "What the hell happened to you?"

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN WHAT HAPPENED TO ME?!" Buranchi's fists were trembling to start a fight but held back reluctantly for his mother who was fragile.

"Hm? Where's Yukio?"

"BROTHER!" A tan chibi with platinum blonde hair tackled Buranchi.



Ambrocio sighs. "They're always so energetic."

Kiri cries. "Why can't he be like that with aniki?!"

Takeshi eats a corn dog.

Buranchi's mother muffled her laughter again. "And that is Yukio. He has a brother complex so you better watch out for him. Buranchi's last boyfriends were never seen again or at least I haven't seen them." She giggled.

Zebra stared at the pipsqueak kissing his boyfriend frantically on the cheek and hugging him and stuff. Buranchi was trying to pull him away but he was a leech. The male towered over them letting out his evil aura. "Hey pipsqueak, get off of him."

The pipsqueak faced him with a glare of his own. "And who are you?"

"His new boyfriend. Are ya goin' ta do anythin' about it?" He grinned.

"DIE!" The chibi leaps to the air with his sword. Zebra smacked him to the wall.

"Che. Don't g't cocky with me brat."

The child faced him again stating something in Chinese and then running off crying.

"AH! You got yourself a good man!" Buranchi's father grinned happily at the tall teen. "I'm proud of you son! Your last boyfriends were-"

"CAN YA SHUT UP?! HE DOESN'T NEED TA KNO' EVERYTHIN'!" Buranchi faces his boyfriend. "And what are ya doing standing there like an idiot! Let's eat already!"

"But son, he needs to if he's going to be part of the family!" His father whined trying to be cute.


His father huddled at the corner depressingly. Kiri is quickly at his side in tears. "Father!" Ambrocio sighs again. Takeshi eats a hot dog. Buranchi continues yelling at them.

Zebra watches this half amused. He expected Buranchi's family to look more like him and act like a bunch of psychos but they were normal.

"You're thinking we're a normal family after all." Zebra was surprised by his boyfriend's mother. "I know Buranchi can be hard to handle at times but he's really fond of you. It's the first time I've seen my son talk so passionately about his boyfriends. Excuse me." She walked over to them breaking the scene.

"Dai-chan!" Buranchi's father hugs her in tears. Kiri does the same.

"Geeze, he always give me high blood pressure." Buranchi growls. That was one mystery Zebra solved.

After that, Zebra was formally/awkwardly greeted by the family and they had dinner. Buranchi was the second oldest while the first was already in his twenties as one of the chefs. Multiple times, Zebra was nearly poisoned, cut, burned by fire or acid and almost shot all in one day by a ten year old boy.

Finally Buranchi and Zebra were alone in Buranchi's old room where the walls were sound proof. Zebra immediately attacked Buranchi with a deep kiss onto the wide spread bed meant for at least four people. The bigger male moved away upward being supported by his arms as he was looking down at his barbarous lover who was slightly red and angry.

Kimono opened revealing a delectable chest. He looked delicious. They struggled with each other for dominance on that bed to end up having a half naked Buranchi positioning himself on top of Zebra completely hard and barely exhausted. His kimono was still around his waist reminding Zebra of some cliché japanese porn he saw.

The two were people always begging for a fight. Always arguing and always having sex like a bunch of animals but they both can't deny that fear they feel during the sex. Fights and arguments were all fun and games that sent you to the hospital but sex was intimate for the both of them. Not a joke or a toy.

Buranchi loved Zebra's hands that felt hot like the sun against his skin. The way the palms caressed him and made him warm in the chest. Zebra loved Buranchi's reaction towards him. It was harsh and defiant but the way he would moan, scream, shout and never beg just excited him. He never liked things easy.

But that fear that the other may be tired of this sensational sex haunts them.

"Other boyfriends huh? How come I nev'r heard of them?"

"I don't ask ya about yur sex life." Buranchi let the blunt head enter him. No matter how many times they've done this, it always felt like he was going to be torn by how large it was. Zebra stifled a moan by the enticing heat. Tiny sparks enlighting.

For some reason that night, everything was slow. The bigger male held Buranchi's hips making it become that way as if he was savoring it. Gloating somehow that this body was his and he was relishing in it. Maybe the fact that Buranchi had other lovers before reminded Zebra that Buranchi was someone else's.

No face. No name. Just thrown into a category. And he didn't like that. Didn't like thinking he'd become one. He shouldn't give a rat's ass but that was reality and he's no idiot to mess with it unless it begged for a fight.

"He-hey." Buranchi called out. "What the fuck kind of pace is this?"

"Don't get cocky with me." Was the only thing Zebra could think of saying before kissing Buranchi again continuing his slow pace that didn't bother the banshee as much as he sounded. He enjoyed it too.

The next room, Yukio was against the wall having created a secret hole in his closest to hear what was happening. Due to his lack of knowledge, he thought the man was torturing his amazing big brother. "Onii-san, I will save you from this monster!"

Zebra heard him and decided to go hard making Buranchi scream in pure pleasure which the little boy mistaken for torture.


The next morning, they were given chores to do. Buranchi had to go fishing with his brothers. Zebra had to stay behind to cut the logs for the ovens they use.

As he was walking towards the back of the restaurant to get to work, he noticed Buranchi's little brother following him by his super hearing. He could hear him muttering, "Kill him. Kill him. Kill him. Kill him." With a voodoo doll in his hand.

Zebra already smacked him and he wasn't big on child abuse so ignored him unless he pisses him off any further. He stopped to see one of Buranchi's brothers. This one was Ambrocio, the eldest.

This one had an olive complexion lighter than Buranchi's, a regular nose, purple eyes like their mother originating from an English ancestors and long straight red dyed hair to his waist that he tied up with a red ribbon. "Good morning Zebra-san."

"Weren't you s'ppose to go fishin'?"

"Father thought it'd be better if I helped you with your chores since you're new around here." Unlike Buranchi, he was incredibly polite like Coco. This ticked Zebra off a bit.

"I don't need yur help. If ya wanna help, you can start by gettin' rid of the brat over there." He pointed with his thumb without looking. Yukio was dumbstruck.

"Please excuse, Yukio. Our parents were always busy so Buranchi was the one who had to take care of him before moving away. Buranchi has always been the way he was because a lot of kids liked to pick on us."

At the park a bunch of kids were bullying Kiri and their father were busy playing with a dog he found. Ambrocio told them to go away but that only beckoned the kids to tease them more and start throwing rocks at them.

"HEY! YA ASSHOLES! LEAVE THEM ALONE!" A chibi Buranchi came charging like a bull with his bat.

"It's Buranchi! Scram!" The kids tried to escape but Buranchi leaped like Pikachu with lightning speed beating all the children down with serious injuries.

The chibi faced the two. "Ambrocio, yur such an idiot. If ya want ta protect your family, ya should've been better prepared fer shit like that."

"I don't think beating them with a bat is a good thing."


"But I didn't change the subject."

"Are ya asking fer a beatin' too!" Buranchi brothers ran for their lives but were beated just mildly.

Later. their father was filed to be sued but it was dropped by self defense charges. It's a lesson to not be an asshole to the innocents.

"Since then I was always careful with certan situations and became a police officer."

"Aren'tcha a chef?"

"Being a chef is only a part time job of mine. Buranchi is the one inheriting the family business. Every person he dated knew that. That's why he moved away from China and settled at your city. Now excuse me." The red head walked over to the blonde. "Please leave the poor man alone Yukio."

"Shut up! Nobody but Onii-san can tell me what to do!" Immaturely the child makes a goofy face and then pointed at Zebra who was walking away. "Onii-san is special to me so if you do anything else to hurt him, I'm going to end you! You hear me! Hey, you big stupid lug!"

Zebra stopped silent. An evil aura seeping into the hallway. The man looks over his shoulder. Menacing eyes watching the pipsqueak. "Why don't ya come over h're and tell that to my face? There's nothin' more I hate than cocky people n' ya just keep acting cocky."

Yukio dropped on his bum shivering in fear. Zebra stopped being quiescent and continued walking to his chore chuckling to himself because the boy wet himself.

Despite the warning, for the next few weeks, Zebra was attacked relentlessly from the small pip squeak. He's done everything imagined as far as Zebra cared to think. He was attacked by rattle snakes, booby traps, piranha fish tank, poison in every thing which accidentally almost killed Buranchi's father several times, and actual grenades planted everywhere including the toilets. Buranchi's father didn't exit his room since then and Yukio finally got grounded by Takeshi.

The child was put into a dog cage in a puppy costume and was treated like one. It would've been considered child abuse but Yukio was not put into that category due to his magnificent knowledge in how to kill people or at least harm them. Yet, it didn't help him this time because of Takeshi.

Takeshi was the third oldest and was bald with amazing metabolism and laziness. He schooled in America when he was a kid and became a talented baseball player, and always ate American junk food. He's also a professional samurai and ninja. You wouldn't know that due to him only eating and sleeping. Rarely he speaks but...

The male looked down at Yukio trying to break the steel bars with a nail filer. He opened the cage; the chibi ran for his life laughing meniacally. "Stay." The child stayed where he was like a dog sitting with his tail wagging. Takeshi's secret weapon, his voice was deep and very soothing that it could hypnotize anyone but pandas. Don't ask why.

"Come." Yukio ran to him on all fours. "Ruff ruff!" He stuck his tongue out panting and wagging his tail. "Paw... Other paw... Roll over... Jump...catch...play dead...go back to your cage." Yukio went back to his cage locking it. "CURSE YOU!"

"Father, you can come out now!" Kiri told him through the door. The male was the second youngest before Yukio. He had short pink dyed hair and was incredibly cute. "We cleared the house of all of Yukio's traps. Father?" He opens the door to find his father sitting on the bed covered by the blanket. A dim light comes from a candle on his nightstand.

"No! They're coming for me!" He swishes sideways.

"Wh-who's coming?" Kiri question in fear.

"THE FATES! They're coming! They're coming to get me for all the evil deeds I've done!" He falls on the floor and then gets back up on his knees with arms thrusted upward in despair.

"The fates?"

"Spirits who curses the wicked! I KNOW I'VE DONE WRONG! I DIDN'T MEAN TO CALL MY MOTHER FAT WHILE SHE WAS PREGNANT WITH MY BROTHER! AND I DIDNT MEAN TO CALL MY BROTHER PREGNANT WHEN HE BECAME THAT WAY! HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW MEN COULDN'T GET PREGNANT WHEN NOBODY TELLS ME THESE THINGS! TELL ME!" He slams against the nightstand making the candle drop on his head burning his skull. "THE FATES ARE HERE! AAAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAH AAAAAAAAAAH!" He was running around in circles until he tripped getting back up on his knees again. "IT BUUUUURNS!"

Kiri looks away to his mother. "I knew we shouldn't have let him watch Clash of the Titans. Why don't we put him back in the mental institute?"

"They won't take him back anymore because the buddhists there would beat him with sticks because they thought he was an actual tengu."

They both sighed.


Zebra was in the middle of carrying four sacks of watermelons on his shoulders. The other workers were watching him with admiration.

A truck stops near by. Buranchi gets off shirtless, barefoot and soaken wet while holding a spear in one hand and a net of fish over his shoulder. His hair was loose and dripping salt water.

Zebra put where the watermelons had to be and dragged his boyfriend into the building to get into the shower. "WHAT THE FUCK DO YA THINK YUR DOIN' BASTARD!"

The dominant male silenced him with a kiss. Buranchi shoves him away panting for air. Ferocity in his eyes. After what Ambrocio told Zebra, the man could understand now why Buranchi was defiant. Being a rich kid wasn't as easy as everyone thought it'd be. You can get everything you want but honesty. The male could remember the first day they made love.

Zebra and Buranchi already knew about each other but never formally met but when they did, they went on a bloody war against each other. Zebra was stronger but Buranchi was quicker and not weak in any means. After hours of a grueling death match watched by a crowd of blood thirsty gangs they never cared to know about, Buranchi and Zebra were only in their worn out bloodied pants and shoes. Bruises, cuts, and a few shattered bones had them both panting.

"Yur pretty good. Yur the first ta stand this long. Usually it'd take me seconds ta g't a skinny guy like ya squashed flat." Zebra praised/insulted.

"Same for me. Big gorrilas like ya always have a hard time gettin' back up when I beat the shit out of ya." Buranchi did the same.

And then they came at each other launching a final punch at their faces. They drop to the ground. They tried to get up grunting with all their strength but they drop back down huffing for air. They were bought to the hospital against their wills but they settled with their tie aiming to fight another day.

Days passed and Zebra couldn't stop thinking about Buranchi. About their tie, about the way he moved, the way he talked, the way he smiled, the way he looked completely insane as he attacked like an actual tengu. It haunted him.

Unable to take it anymore, he just left in the middle of class to find him. Realizing he didn't know shit about the dude, he went to his school gettin' info on where he was by the students around. He ended up finding Buranchi stripped to his underwear in the sports room tied up and surrounded by guys. By the marks on his hip, he was tasered.

It was obvious what they were attempting to do. "Havin' fun?"

The guys looked to the sound and their eyes bulged out. "ZE-!" That was how far they got to say his name before he slaughtered them with permanent handicap damage. He threw the guys out having only the two top delinquents in the room.

Zebra removed the cloth in his mouth, "Hey. Are ya okay?"

"ARE YOU RETARDED? OF COURSE, I'M NOT OKAY YA BASTARD! BEIN' TAKEN SO EASILY, YA MUST BE FEELING PRETTY HAPPY KNOWIN' YA COULD'VE DONE BETTER!" Buranchi was red by shame trying to fight back the tears. He stopped when he realized the man was getting on top of him. "HEY YOU BASTARD! WHAT DO YA THINK YUR DOING?! IF YA THINK I'M GONNA SPREAD MY LE-" He stopped when the ropes binding him was torn free, he blushed by his obvious loud assumption.

"Heh. Don't pride yourself. There's nothin' I hate more than cocky people and that's cocky people who'd do shit like this and thinkin' they can g't away with it. Here." He tossed his black leather jacket at him. Zebra was a large man (8"4" and 683 lbs of pure muscle O.O) so it fit Buranchi like a large sweater down to his thighs.

"So you'd do it if I didn't take it like that?" Buranchi stood near the man appearing suggestive.

"With a long nose like that, hell no."

A vein popped. "WHO'RE YA CALLIN' LONG NOSE YOU BIG APE?!" Buranchi punched the man which triggered the start of another war.

"Hmph! Even after I saved ya, this is how ya treat me?"

" Savin' or not, yur still a retard who needs ta be taught a lesson." The platinum blonde showed the bird.

Zebra chuckled. He launched a punch of his own which Buranchi dodged. The blonde with his crazy fast speed dodged all his attacks and got to land a few hits himself until his arm got caught and he was ambushed with a beating himself.

When he got free stumbling back, he was suddenly caught by the collar. Buranchi instinctively kicked Zebra in the shin only getting them on the ground. They glared at each other rolling on the ground trying to get on top.

In the end, Buranchi was left on the ground. He tried throwing a punch but it was caught. He threw another only to have both his hands caught and held down against his will. The teen struggled to get free.

Zebra chuckled. "What's wrong? Can't get free?"

"SHUT UP YA FUCKTARD! WHEN I GET-URGH!-I'M GONNA TEAR YUR BALL SACK RIGHT OFF!" Buranchi struggled harder even bucking his hips which wasn't a wise choice.

"Hey, stop wigglin'." Zebra growled the order.


The bigger teen held his chin growling, "I told ya ta stop wigglin'."

"Fuck off." He hissed.

With no sense at all, they just started making out. Zebra removed his shirt while Buranchi with his quick skills undid his pants taking out a unbelievable large cock. Even Buranchi's eyes widened as he held it knowing it was only a semi.

"Heh. Whatta waitin' for?" The scarred male question.

Buranchi looked up at him seeing that silent dare in his eyes. He opened his big mouth taking in tha huge cock. His tongue played with it especially the head having heard a good grunt from the male. Buranchi was always the competitive type and took on the challenge of taking the cock all the way to the base.

Zebra welcomed it grunting louder and then making strange animal sounds as he thrusted deeper and deeper into that mouth. He groaned when the blonde finally reached the base. He chuckled. "Congrats. Yur the first person ta g't me down ta the base. Now let's see how good ya are takin' more." The male thrusted his cock into that mouth but he was careful, too, to not strain the male below him.

Buranchi pulled back for air. The two kissed again as the blonde reached for their cocks to be rubbed together. He stopped when he felt a finger in somewhere it shouldn't be.




"I'm gonna fuck ya obviously."


"Heh. Did ya expect us ta jus' blow each other off? That's not what I do. I'm not a generous person and when I have somethin', I g't everythin'." He continued fingering the male below him.

"HEY! STOP! THIS IS-" Buranchi was silenced with a kiss as the male's fingers continued to penetrate him. Soon, the bigger male thrusted in one go into the teen. Buranchi came from the impact. His body trembled from both pain and pleasure. He couldn't stop the tears in his eyes.

"Shit. It feels good." Zebra grunted feeling tremendous hot sparks inside this body.

"Y-Ya idiot. Thi-this is my first time." Buranchi growled completely overwhelmed by his back virginity taken.

Zebra only chuckled. "N' ya had a heck of an experience." He motioned his finger on the cum on the Tengu's torso.

"Fuck..you." Buranchi panted becoming flush as the pain began to subside.

"Gl'dly." The bigger male thrusted again and again enjoying the pleasurable screams Buranchi was making. He felt sparks he never felt so strongly before. Since then, he knew he'd become addicted to this body.

Nobody knew where they were for the rest of the day until lunch and then dinner. Zebra had a sweet time enjoying his addictive body.

The next day, Zebra was in the outdoor hot springs being all relaxed. Yet, he could hear Buranchi's little brother snickering behind a rock having escaped from his cage. "Heh. Heh. With my swimming equipment, I will stab this mother fucker with my painful sick serum which will kill him! Muhahahaha! Actually it will only give him scarlet fever for a few days but it's still diabolical! Muhahahaha! There's nothing more my Onii-san hates than a man weak to sicknesses! Muhahahahaha!"

Yukio put on goggles and other stuff to stay in the hot water. He dipped as silently as he could into the water swimming towards him like a shark. Dramatically shark music began playing! DU DUM DU DUM DU DUM DU DUM DU DUM DU DUM DU DUM!

Buranchi arrives in just a towel which he threw to the ground being completely naked for Zebra to see. He got hard.

"MONSTER!" Yukio leaps out of the water running away. "MONSTER!"

Zebra chuckled. "Haven't heard that before."

Buranchi tched. "Arrogant bastard."

And that was how Yukio became straight. He's too young to have a sexuality but when he did, the horrid nightmare of another's male penis will haunt him.

"I-it wa-was big and scary!" Yukio cried in Takeshi's arms who was eating a Japanese McDonald hamburger. After comforting him, he put him in his cage. "CURSES!"


Yukio had gotten a prize for his good behavior. The child couldn't live in the cage forever or else the child will develop mental problems like their father. He was already messed up enough.

Yukio was allowed to have anything he wanted that was neither deadly weapons or Zebra's body served to him in a platter. Surprisingly he said, "I want to go to the zoo!"

Not seeing the harm of it, they agreed but then realized that everyone was busy except for Zebra. "I'm not takin' the runt to the zoo."

"YOU DON'T HAVE A CHOICE! If ya don't bring him ta the zoo, he'll begin singin' that stupid cat song for months!"

"Then why don't ya tape his mouth shut?"

"He'll hum it. N' we can't send him anywh're cuz no daycare wants the brat after bein' accused of bein' a child terrorist fer strappin' a bomb ta one of the kids."

"I'm still not doin' it." Zebra crossed his arms stubbornly.

This should be around the time they should beat each other up, but Buranchi knew a better alternative. Zebra was suppose to do it tomorrow so beating him and arguing for the next few days wasn't a choice. He walked towards the man whispering something in his ear and then walked away stripping himself slowly until he was only in his loin cloth entering the room. His arm stretched out dropping the loin cloth on the floor.



Zebra bought the brat to the zoo. Without care, he let him run around the place looking surprisingly like an innocent excited child at all the animals. The male just sat on a bench enjoying the lunch Buranchi made for him.

Not long did it take for Zebra to know the kid was obviously hiding beside a restroom building planning something. "Mu hehehehehe! Look at him. Sitting there like a hairy red head gorilla." Zebra noted to smack the kid later for that. "I have finally made my plan, and he will be gone forever!"

The child runs off and the bigger male decided to let him be.

"Buranchi, it was nice for your boyfriend to take Yukio to the zoo." Ambrocio commented.

"Tch. It wasn't easy g'ttin' him to do it." The blonde rolled his worn shoulder. The two were cooking in the kitchen. They just happened to have very important costumers coming in and considering their popularity, that said a lot.

"Excuse me, but you're not suppose to be back here!" Kiri told the stranger nervously but the person came in anyway. She was beautiful but other than that she walked up to Buranchi and Ambrocio.

"Hello. You're not suppose to be in the kitchen." Ambrocio told her.

"I couldn't wait to see my future husband, Buranchi!"

"Future husband?"

Back at the zoo, Zebra was walking around wondering where the kid was. His cell rang. "What?"

"Excuse me Zebra, but can you bring Yukio back home." Ambrocio was the one who called. "We have an urgent family meeting."

"Urgent family meeting?"

"I'm not sure if I should tell you this but one of our customers requested to have a miai."

"What the hell is a miai?"

"A matchmaking. It's a-hello?"

Zebra had just crushed his phone knowing full well a matchmaking was. "HEY BRAT! We're goin' home now! Where are ya?!"

A woman screamed. That was probably where he was. He ran over there to find Yukio inspecting the lion cage's door. Zebra grabs him by the hood of his jacket. "Hey kid! We're goin' home now!"

"Ah! Oh no, my plan is ruined!' He wiggled out of his jacket running away.

"Che! I don't have time for this." The bigger male strided for him. "Hey kid! We're goin' home like it or not!"

"No! I'm not goin' back with you! I'm gonna-" The child stopped when something leaped in the air. Claws ready to strike. Before the child could scream, blood flew to the sky.


"Bwu, ngh, ngh, kuh..." Yukio was crying on the hospital bed. His family already arrived.

"Yukio, you're safe!" His mother hugged him.

Ambrocio explained the situation since he is the policeman. "It looks like somebody opened the lion's cage but no fingerprints are found." Even without evidence they all knew who did it. "They were able to subdue the lion with a tranquilizer dart. They also shot Zebra because they thought he was an ape battling with the lion."

"Sir! But sir, we need to disinfect and do surgery on your wound! Sir!" A doctor was running after Zebra who was striding along with his face patched but the bandage was soaked in blood.

The bigger male hauled up the doctor by the collar. "Do I look like I want yur help?" The doctor gulped shaking his head.

"YOU FUCKIN' RETARD!" Buranchi kicks him to the ground. "GET YUR FUCKIN' UGLY FACE FIX YA BASTARD!"

"Who ya callin' ugly?"


"Don't g't cocky with me!"

"I'M NOT GETTIN' COCKY! Y-" Buranchi was suddenly smashed by Zebra's body. Fifty tranquilizer darts were on the red head's back.

"I had to do it." Takeshi cocked his tranquilizer gun.

And so, Zebra had his wound disinfected and had surgery on it. Since there was no agreement on the type of surgery wanted by the man, they had to settle with patch a scar on the left side of his mouth.

Afterwards, Buranchi was finally able to see his boyfriend who was strapped to the bed like a criminal. Though the male easily ripped the straps off, yet he settled on the bed as his boyfriend was sitting next to him.

The chef's hands carefully touched his face. "Does it hurt?" He asked as his finger slid down the edges of the tear.

"Nah. I can barely feel a thing."

"Good." Buranchi bitch slapped his face right on the scar. "YOU FUCKIN' SON OF A BITCH! I ASKED YA TA DO ONE THING! ONE THING! N' YA JUS' COULDN'T DO IT RIGHT! IF YA WASN'T SO DAMN STUPID, YA WOULDN'T END UP THIS WAY! A-" Buranchi stopped. This was usually about the time Zebra would kiss him to shut up but the male was sitting on the bed not doing anything "What's the matter with ya?"


"DON'T ASK ME WHAT?! THIS IS ABOUT THE TME YUR S'PPOSE TO BE KISSING ME OR SOMETHIN'!" He blushed since he finally confessed that he liked that Zebra would kiss him to shut up.

"Do ya still want to kiss me?"

"Whatd'ya mean? Of course I wanna kiss you." Buranchi answered truthfully yet Zebra looked away. This pissed the blonde off. "Hey, what's the matter with ya? Don't tell me yur self-conscience or somethin'."

"Heh. Of course not idiot. B't, do you really wanna kiss me now?"

Buranchi blushed harder. "Idiot." He pulled Zebra by his collar to kiss the fool. The first odd thing Buranchi noticed before the strange gap of the lips was that Zebra was shy of kissing him. So he had to take the initiative.

Buranchi couldn't lie to himself that he was excited when he did. Usually it was Zebra who'd just kiss him speechless whenever he felt like it and that was a lot of times. Now it was his turn until the bigger male pushed him down on the bed finally kissing him back.

It was strange feeling that gap of the lips but Buranchi didn't care. Now that he's ugly, Zebra was all his unless some scar fetish psycho took interest in him by first sight. He remembered some girls in his class squealing about this monster but he was all sensitive and stuff inside. If Zebra was a monster, he'd be Frankenstein with all the scars and chopped sloppy sentences.

"Hey, why're ya coverin' yur mouth for?" Zebra questioned as he was positioning himself to enter the teen.

"Stupid, we're in a hospital. The last thing I want is to be sued for causing a heart attack."

"Heh. Sound like a business man already."

"So ya already know that?"

"Ambrocio told me weeks ago. And told me about yur miai."

"Tch! It was no miai. Some bitch thought she could persuade my parents into one but they turned her down."

"How come?"

"I already have ya don't I."

Zebra stared down at his lover waiting anxiously to get the sex going on. He just had to kiss him first. Buranchi leaned away from the kiss to leave a trail of soft kisses along the scar until he reached the air and whispered, "Fuck me."

The man immediately trusted into him. Buranchi came by the sudden impact. Zebra couldn't help chuckling. "Just like the first time."

"Yeah, but you weren't so ugly."

"Shut up."


After that, it was time to leave.

Kiri and Buranchi's father was crying for their leave. "We-we'll miss you!" They blew into their tissues.

Ambrocio patted Zebra on the shoulder, "It was nice having you here. It certainly made things more livelier with the two of you here."

Takeshi gave him a fruit basket.

"Come on Yukio, it's okay." Buranchi's mother told her son who was hiding behind her.

Zebra knelled down still looking down at the pipsqueak. Yukio was looking down ashamed. "It's alright kid. I had worse. This scar is nothin'."

"Hmph!" He covered his entire face into his mother's dress.

"Yukio is very stubborn. Yur the first of Buranchi's boyfriend he ever liked."

"That's not true! Mmm. Not entirely. But don't think it changes anything! I'm gonna get you and Onii-chan is mine!" He ran away but then threw something at Zebra before slamming the door.

The male looked at it to see that it was box of chocolates and each and every one of them said 'thank you'.

"We're goin' to leave now." Buranchi stated and they went to the train station.

They were waiting for their train until a very hot babe with the watermelons in front and back just happen to pass by. Buranchi noticed Zebra staring longer than he did. He punches him. "WHY'RE YA STILL STARIN' AT HER?!"

"I wasn't starin' at her."


"Don't start actin' cocky!"


"Are ya askin' for a fight?!"


They fought and broke up again.

Back at home, "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOUR FACE?!" Sani screamed while the others were thinking the same thing.

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