"So, you're the other one, hehe," Markus smiled slyly at Erica.
"What are you going to do!" Erica screamed. She fell silent as she saw him approaching, he bent down in front of her.
"Making you wish you were dead…"
Erica bolted up from the bed, and raced for her office. She needed to work, she knew it was the only way for her to forget that... Dream.
As she approached the whiteboard covered walls, she glanced at the calendar, December 29th. She really hadn't needed to look. She had already knew the date, because every year for the past 16 years, on this day she got the…Dream.

"Erica, where are you?" Agent James Smith wandered through the house. He knew where to look, in order to find her, but he wished to give her a little time to prepare herself before he entered the office.
"Office," he heard her shout from down the hall. He walked a little faster now, he had good news. He knew she was going to love him.
"Hey, Erica. What are you up to?" He asked as he stared at the incomprehensible numbers and other symbols covering the whiteboards.
"Not much," she turned around, and James saw the dark circles surrounding her eyes.
"Oh, Erica! What's wrong?!"
"It's back," she said plainly knowing he would know what she was talking about. "and why are you calling me Erica, isn't my name Elizabeth?"
"Huh," he said taken aback at the thought that the dream had come back... again, and that she was able to move on so quickly. "Yeah, but not for long. You want to talk?"
" You already know what happened, from the shot being picked up, to…"she stopped and drew in a deep breath. "You know what I mean."
"Okay, if that what you want." he stated, resigned. She always did this, she never talked about it.
"It's what I want. So, what the news?"
He had realized that this would feel extremely inappropriate tell her this, today of all day, but he had to. "You're free." There it was out, he watched for her reaction.
"Oh," Erica turned around and went back to the math.
"Erica?" James realized this was going to take a minute to settle in. He heard a grunt, which sounded suspiciously like a huh. "We need to talk."
"We need to know what you want to do…"
"Why?! You really expect me to believe I can just leave, that I can live in the real world, under my real name! Like NOTHING happened? It's been sixteen years, and… and your now telling me I can leave." Erica yelled at the top of her lungs, before collapsing into the chair thankfully situated directly behind her.
" Yes I do!" realizing this was the exact opposite of how he hoped this would come out, he toned the level of his voice down. "Erica, last night, Markus Abbot, was shot in the head by the FBI, while attempting a bank robbery. You have no reason to continue in the Witness Protection Program. You can go back to real life, as you so graciously put it."
"Wait, Really?"
"Yes, really. Now can we talk about what you want to do. I can get you in almost any profession…" he was cut off by Erica.
"Agent. That's what I want to be. A FBI agent. Can you do that?" she asked.
"Yes, but" he was interrupted again.
"But, what? I'm trained, and I want to keep what happened to me from happening to other people."
" Okay, I'll see what I can do."

Three days later the two agent, James Smith and new agent Elizabeth West walked into the LA FBI field office. Erica was slightly confused about why she would need to remain under her alias, Elizabeth; She found out why when she stepped out of the elevator, and was introduced to her new boss.
"Hello, may I help you?" her boss asked.
"Yes, I am Agent James Smith, which indeed is my birth name, and this is Agent Elizabeth West." James gestured to Erica who was standing behind him, looking puzzled. James was clueless as to why, but realized when the agent standing before them introduced himself.
" Nice to meet you," the agent looked at the starring eyes of Erica. "You must be my new agent, I'm Special Agent Don Eppes…"