Hey there everyone, I just watched the most amazing movie I've ever seen and regretted not seeing it earlier. Its called Alien and it was fucking amazing.

The characters were so developed and acted like one would do if in a real life situation, instead of people in horror movies doing stupid things, the music was great and the ending was so dramatic that I loved it!

But what I really fell in love with was the Alien, or as I later found out the Xenomorph.

Everything about it is perfect for death, from the acid blood and bladed tail to the sharp claws and second mouth, it is the Black Angel of Death to my eyes.

The moment I got home, I went right to Netflix and watched any and every movie that was related to it and read any info about them, from the Predators to AVP Requiem and even borrowed AVP the game from my cousin. I'll admit that the Predators are impressive(They HUNT Xenomorphs as the greatest trophy), but the Xenomorphs are better in my eyes.

Then, halfway through AVP Requiem, my friend came and asked if she could borrow some of my Bleach Manga to read during a two day trip thus sparking this story.

Zanpakutos were living souls in some sense before they actually became Zanpakutos(At least that what some of my friends think) and so they lived and died... So what would happen if a Xenomorph became a Zanpakuto but not just any Xenomorph.

A Queen Mother...

Disclaimer: All rights goes to there rightful owners, I simply write for the fun of it.


On A Distinct Planet

Dozens of Predators laid dead on the ground while hundreds more ran or leaped over their fallen brothers and sisters. In response, hundreds of Xenomorphs, ignoring there dead or dying siblings, jumped or charged at the Hunters, acid and green blood hit the ground, roars and screeches of pain filled the air and Predators fought with Plasma, spears, and blades against the Xenomorphs' deadly claws, tail, and second mouth.

In the middle of it, a great fight was happening between each species greatest and deadliest fighters.

For the Xenomorphs it was Queen Mother, a Xenomorph that only has only been found and hunted by Predators twice in history and only one killed by them. To them, killing a Queen Mother was the ultimate trophy and greatest of honors among them. Everything about Queen Mother was made to kill, with acid blood far more powerful than a Queen's own and lightning fast attacks that would kill if even if one stopped to blink along with her Children trying and failing to run to her aid.

For the Predators it was an Elder by the name of Reaper who hunted nearly every known creature in the universe and is legendary among Predators for the countless hunts he leaded. It was his tribe's scouting party that had located this Queen Mother and, by rights, his tribe's hunt. Of course, many ships were still watching in orbit enjoying the massive battle with excitement and slight disappointment that they couldn't join in.

Other Predators made sure that Xenomorphs wouldn't be able to come interrupt the fight by shooting Plasma Bolts at any Xenomorphs that came near the circle with deadly precision, rarely missing there mark while the two battled it out. Reaper ducked underneath a massive tail, hearing the very air hiss at the speed the Queen Mother's tail went at, before rolling to avoid a back kick which he was sure that would have turned his ribcage into powder if it hit.

The Queen Mother roared and renew her assault, feeling complete anger at the fact that these Hunters had destroyed her Hive hours before along with all her eggs, with her Children fighting back with equal force.

Reaper grabbed and threw his Combi-Stick at the head which the Queen Mother avoided by quickly moving to the side but stepped on one of the numerous minds Reaper had sent during the battle, injuring her right leg. Despite this, she still swung her leg arm with enough speed and power behind it to create sparks in the air on the path her arm followed but Reaper jumped into the air, both wrist blades out and two Net Launchers in each hand. Coming back down, he shot both arms at they raised to strike, buying him a very vital second to stab both wrist blades into the Queen Mother's head before she could raise her mouth to impale him.

The Queen Mother fought to remove Reaper, claws and tail shooting at him on her head or trying to throw him off, but the Elder avoid this with careful timing and stabbing in her head whenever he could or when he was about to fall off. Finally when the Queen Mother had no less than two dozens stab wounds in her head, she fell dead as her Children roared in anger, the last of them charging the Predators to take as many as they could with them.

Once the battle was over and Reaper had taken the Queen Mother's skull as his trophy, the Predators roared in victory. They may have lost many today but gained a great honor of being part of such a battle! One that would be written in Predator History and told to many young ones to come.

However while she may be dead, didn't mean that the Queen Mother's story would end there...


The Queen Mother woke up with a earthshaking roar that would sent any other creature, besides Predators, running in fear of this massive monster. However her roar died down as she took notice where she is which was a dark cave devoid of any form of light. Reaching out with her Telepathic abilities, she found that she was the only thing alive in this place. As far as she could tell, Queen Mother was the only thing alive in this dark desolate place.

...She liked it already.

Of course it would have been better if she had her Children with her but no life equals no hosts and no hosts equals no Children. With nothing to do, she decided to wait until something happened or at least until one host shows up.

Then, after waiting for how long, she felt something enter her home. Its felt like one of her Children! Perhaps one that survived and is coming to her aid.

... No this presence felt different to her yet it still felt like one of her Children. Whatever it was, she could tell it was young and confused so, just like she would do to any of her Children, she let out a gentle hiss to call it over.

And Hanataro shot up from his Academy bed, scared out of his wits by whatever nightmare he had.

The Next Morning

"Okay everyone at the beginning of your third year, you were given an Asauchi so that it'll be easier for you to contact your Zanpakuto spirits," Sayuri, an average looking teacher, said to her assembled class of twenty. "It is now the middle of the year so I wish to hear if anyone had made contact with there Zanpakutos yet."

The students all looked away from there teacher's gaze who sighed. "I guess none of you had did the meditation I had recommended at the beginning of the year, did you? Very well then we shall..." She saw a hand raise from the back of the group and the students more so they could allow her a better look at who it was.

"Ah yes Hanataro?" The small boy wasn't the most noticeable person with dull looking eyes and black hair that reached his ears thus was easily ignored by his classmates.

Hanataro put his hand down and stuttered. "I-i t-t-think I h-heard my Z-zanpakuto." Silence was in the class for a good couple second, mostly because not even Sayuri had expected him to be the first to contact his Zanpakuto out of her entire class.

She shook her head and smiled. "Good! At least one of you did so, can you explain what you heard?"

"Um. A-at f-first I d-didn't hear or see a-anything but t-then I h-heard h-hissing a-and I t-think I s-saw something b-big." His teacher nodded her head.

"First contact with your Zanpakutos are always like that, vague, but you are getting somewhere. Keep attempting to contact it and I'm sure in a few years that you'll be able to freely talk to it. Now onto today's lesson," She turned her back to them, missing the fact that Hanataro wilted at the glares he was receiving from his classmates and wished that he hadn't spoken up.


The Queen Mother was interested by what she was seeing, so far she learnt that she was in an 'Academy for Shinigami' by watching through her Child's eyes. It took a while to find a way to do so for contact with this Child was more difficult than with her other Children but after focusing her Telepathic abilities on him, she was able to see through his eyes although she couldn't speak to him yet.

She was also right in her assumption that he was different for he looked nothing like one of her Children. No claws, no bladed tail, no inner mouth, nothing deadly! He only had clawless hands and one mouth but still, he was the only one of her Children alive right now and so she will protect him as such.

Then the Queen Mother saw two males larger than her Child bothering him with insults and pain. In anger, she focused her Telepathic powers on them.

"Think your so high just because you managed to speak to your sword first don't you?" One of the larger third years accused Hanataro who was held up in the air by his robes. The small third year shook his head. If anything he almost wished that he didn't come in contact with his Zanpakuto first!

Unfortunately that only made it worse as the one who wasn't holding him up smiled. "Your lying ain't you and besides I'm sure that whatever Zanpakuto you have is as weak as you. In fact, why don't we toughen you up a bit." They both pulled back a fist but before they hit him, the duo suddenly froze before there eyes became empty, dropped him, and walked off leaving behind a confused Hanataro.


The next morning, the teachers would found the bodies Kanta and Kenzo both of them dead with there necks slit by there own swords.

Hoped you enjoy this first chapter and I promise more to come. And If you don't know what a Queen Mother is, here is a little something about them.

Queen Mother

The rulers of the Xenomorphs Species, even Queens and Empresses bow before them, and the greatest of all trophies to Predators. They look similar to Queens and Empress Xenomorphs but much bigger and having a smaller crest on there heads. They are also far more powerful than Queens and Empresses and have outstanding/horrifying powers that no other Xenomorphs has. They have powerful telepathic powers so they can control the minds of weaker willed people and make them do anything she wishes and can command Xenomorphs across the universe.

Along with this, they can communicate with other species through dreams/nightmares and a form of empathic powers which can drive people insane.

They can also merge with the Hive Resin as oppose to her Children using it as a means of camouflage and uses it as a portal or interact with it so that it won't become a physical obstruction to her.

So in short, the deadest of all Xenomorphs is now the Zanpakuto Spirit of Bleach's most unappreciated character.