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"Sup." Normal Speaking

'Holy shit I CAN READ MINDS!.' Thoughts.

"I"m slightly insane with an odd love for crack pairings." The Queen Mother.

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Chapter One: Fear the Queen Mother

The Next Day

Hanataro was scared.

While that wasn't new itself since he was scared of many things, this fear was by far the oddest of the bunch.

He was scared of his own Zanpakuto. As Hanataro walked the hallways, he could hear nearly every student whispering about the deaths of Kanta and Kenzo, both found by there roommates and dead by there own blades. Teachers cancelled classes today to discuss what had happen but Hanataro knew that somehow, he killed them. He was scared that someone would find out that he killed them and send him to prison or worse, kill him.

However his fears was not needed as the teachers focused on any students that bear a grudge on the two and didn't even consider him able to hurt, let alone kill, them. The fact that they committed suicide is also another important factor as they didn't display any signs of suicidal behavior so while some teachers searched for murderers, others kept an eye on the students in case one of them displays any suicidal behavior.

So far only two students was the teachers radar for suicidal behavior and one was Kira. Even though he caught the attention of teachers but after what he encountered during his trip to the World of the Living, he was understandably depressed. The other was none other than Hanataro who is often the victim of bullying and often stays away from large crowds so the teachers tried to introduce him to other students by pairing him together with Hinamori, Renji, and Kira for a group project.

This proved to be a good move since Hanataro became very cheerful around Hinamori while Renji protected him from any bullies and Kira always had questions about the Fourth Division which is where he wishes to start as a Shinigami.

The Queen Mother observed her Child's new friends with what appears to be a calculating gaze despite lack of eyes. The female made her Child smile but resolved to keep watch on her, females of any race tended to be more sneakier and deadlier than males. The loud red head male often protected her Child from others who wished to seek harm. Not that it was needed, one simple telepathic command and they'll be dead in a few minutes. Finally the blond one interacted with her Child the least but always seemed interested whenever someplace called "Fourth Division" is brought up.

She decided that they would live once the Hive was built, if her Child wished it, but any ill intent is sensed from them and they'll be the first to become hosts.


Ah yes The Queen Mother forgot about an important detail. She was far too old to lay eggs now so she left that task to the Queens at the last Hive so this presented a major problem. No eggs equals no facehuggers which equals no other Children to build the Hive. However she'll come up with an answer to this problem, Queen Mothers wasn't consider the rulers of Xenomorphs for there strength alone, a ruler had to be able to outsmart there enemies as well as have the strength to back it up.

There was another problem though, establishing contact with her Child. So far she only managed to achieve to see what he sees and while that was useful, it wasn't enough. However she noticed that last night, it was slightly easily to contact him but that only lasted for a couple seconds and she only got a hiss out to him. But the Queen Mother wasn't worried, thanks to her lifespan, she had nearly all the time in the world to try and talk to her Child.

Six Months Later

"Man this sucks!" Renji said swinging his sword at Kira who blocked it with his own while Hinamori and Hanataro sat outside the mat. Currently the group of friends was relaxing in one of the training rooms, there entire day free due to it being the last day of the year. "Three years and I haven't heard my Zanpakuto once."

Kira winced as he barely blocked an attack to his shoulder, there swords may still have there sheaths on them but still cause a good deal of hurt. "At least lighten up Renji, not all of us wishes to be part of the Eleventh."

The topic of the division made him grin. "Come on, you sure you don't want to follow me to the Eleventh? It'll be fine, fighting everyday and battling Hollows on the frontlines."

"No thanks," The blond student managed to hit Renji under his guard making him wince. "I heard that the captain for that Division is completely insane."

Renji ducked under Kira's sword and hit him in the back of his legs before kicking him down. "I win and isn't the crazy captain the one for the Twelfth?"

"There both insane, just different insane." Kira got up from the ground, dusting himself and looked at Hanataro. "Hanataro, Hinamori, which divisions do you two want to join?"

Hinamori's answer was one that she knew by heart. "Captain Aizen's of course. I heard that his lieutenant is almost at Captain's level so that means his spot will be free by the time I join the division."

Renji chuckled. "So your going to work hard to become the lieutenant of his division. Okay how about you Hanataro? Still planning to join the Fourth?"

The shy student nodded his head. "Y-yes, I-i'm r-really i-interested in t-the Fourth." Renji scowled at his answer. "Come on, doesn't anyone want to join the Eleventh with me?"

"No. No. N-no." Was his answer from three different people knowing that if they joined him in the Eleventh, they'll most likely be used as practice dummies since out of the four of them, Renji was the best with a sword.

"How about we talk about our Zanpakutos for a change?" Hinamori drew her sword out, staring at it. "I swore I heard bells last night and a bird for some reason."

Kira did the same with his sword, staring at it with an intense gaze. "Mine's different. Whenever I sleep, I feel like everything got twice as heavy."

"Huh my dreams are still normal but I keep feeling something whenever I fight though." Renji turned to Hanataro who looked more nervous than before. "Say Hanataro weren't you the first third year to hear there Zanpakuto a couple months back? What do you hear from it?"

Hanataro avoided his look as well as his other friends. "I-I keep w-waking u-up in a weird c-cave and s-still hear h-hissing but I-i c-could m-make o-out s-something big n-now." His friends looked surprised at this because, to be honest, besides healing Kido Hanataro was pretty much near useless at anything else but to hear him gain so much progress with his Zanpakuto was amazing.

Kira patted him on the back, a rare gesture for the normally depressed teen. "Hey maybe you'll end up being the first out of all of us to learn there Zanpakuto's name."

"No way! If anything, I'm going to be the first to learn my Zanpakuto's name!" Renji yelled, his competitive side flaring up and the group of friends laughed. However Hanataro left out the part that the hissing was much louder than a few months ago and that the fact whatever he keeps seeing sends shivers down his back despite the fact that he still couldn't make it out completely.

Although whenever he did see it, he always felt more comfortable in its presence like it was his mother's own.

With The Queen Mother

The Queen Mother was going over what she had learned through her Child's eyes over the pass few months. She had found out a few months earlier that she could make this cave look however she wishes so what better than like a Hive with her on the throne. Though it still lack of her Children hiding within or on the walls but it was good enough.

Another thing is that she was apparently now something called a 'Zanpakuto', a spirit within the blade that her Child carries around and that the only way for them to establish complete contact was for him to learn her name. That was another problem as her Children simply address her as Mother but the Queen Mother wasn't sure that would work.

Although a name for herself did sound appealing and thus been using the last three months to come up with the perfect name to describe her. Finally she came up with one and gave a dangerous grin that would have made a Predator shiver.

One Week Later

Aizen was walking the halls of the Academy with a kind smile on his face which many of the female students found handsome. He was here because it was his division turn to attend this year's graduating ceremony and what better way than to connect with the students than to walk among them.

Of course no one knew of Aizen's evil plans save for Kisuke and his allies along with his two trusted supporters. No everyone only saw the captain with the kind smile.

"Captain Aizen!" A third year ran up to him, Hinamori if he remembered correctly, and behind her was the group pf friends that he and Gin saved a few years before, except for one. "Hello Hinamori, Renji, Kira and..." He trailed off, staring at the newest addition who nervously avoided his curious gaze.

He wasn't the only one who was curious as his Zanpakuto, Kyōka Suigetsu, sensed an odd power deep within him and decided to investigate. A little known fact about Zanpakutos is that they are able to freely communicate with each other by entering there inner worlds, providing that at least one of them already has a wielder that knows there name.

Hanataro's Inner World

Kyōka Suigetsu appeared in a dark cave with a seemly organic substance coating the walls, ceilings, and floor. This time, it was in the form of a weapon with long flowing blond hair, sea blue eyes, and slightly tanned skin, this time because it's form always changes every time Aizen sees it in it's inner world. Never in the same form twice.

The woman walked deeper into the cave, ignoring the hissing at the back of her head, confident that whatever this boy's Zanpakuto Spirit was, she could deal with it. Finally she walked into what appears to be an empty room with something that resembled a huge throne in the middle of it.

"Odd, I expected someone to be here." She mumbled, slightly disappointed at this. However she got her wish when she suddenly felt something behind her but didn't move fast enough to avoid getting grabbed and lifted up into the air by a huge claw. Struggling to break free, Kyōka Suigetsu came face to face with the most horrifying thing she ever witness.

The thing had pure black skin, an odd crest that vaguely resembled a crown, huge sharp teeth, a elongated, cylindrical skulls but no eyes or nose, and of giant size, easily standing at than 24 feet or more. She saw the thing emerged out of the same organic substance that coated the room and Kyōka Suigetsu watched in horror as it opened it's mouth, reveal an inner mouth much bigger than her head and barely had enough time to shatter before the mouth snapped the place her head was.

With Aizen

"That child is dangerous." Aizen was surprised to hear the fear in his Zanpakuto's voice and responded. 'Which one?' "That one in the middle. He posses something inhuman. Something dangerous."

He felt Zanpakuto retreat back into his mind and smiled at Hanataro, who was standing at the middle. "May I ask for your name?"

Shaking with nerves, he meet the captain's eyes. "H-H-Hanataro."

With The Queen Mother

The Xenomorph hissed at the fact that the woman managed to escape her though she was sure that she wouldn't be back again. Sitting back on her throne, she waited until the name was right for her Child to learn her name.

And once he does, a new Hive shall rise with him as it's Prince.

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