PAIRING: Kanda/Allen

GENRE: Romance


WARNING: Boy/Boy; Not Canon; Lemon

SUMMARY: SEQUAL TO THE CAVE. Kanda and Allen are now married and on the run from Central, an agency that oversees the Black Order. They're leaving the country heading to Japan to live in Komui's home; at least until the mess Rouvelier caused is rectified. Their relationship is stronger. The strength of their love held through the perilous times they had endured over the last year.

DISCLAIMERS: D. Gray-man and the characters belongs to Katsura Hoshino's: Allen Walker (Bean Sprout), Kanda Yuu

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Part One

The air is raw and cold. Shivering, an icy breeze penetrates his coat giving him a chill. The blanket surrounding his shoulders, his partner drapes around the front of him to keep the warmth in. He feels his hand grip tighter around his waist, pulling him in closer to his warm body.

Their hoods cover their heads, not only from the protection of the frigid air, but protection from all eyes that might see who they are. They're close to their destination. The sound of dock workers loading supplies can be heard in the distance. Kanda hugs him even closer, protective of his fragile companion.

Even with the nippy air, the smell of fish and ocean wafts strong and punchy from the docks. Down an alleyway a tomcat gives a throaty growl and hisses at its foe, then screeching pungent yowls as both engage in a rowdy brawl. Sharp cries from the seagulls scream out into the darkness, as if calling upon the two exorcists to quicken their pace.

It's in the wee hours, just before dawn. The low lit street lamps cast their own eerie images while providing enough glow for travelers to see their surroundings. The two companions stay close to the shadows of the buildings. Instinct makes Kanda slow their pace, finally coming to a halt.

He pulls his partner with him into a darken alley, his hand on the hilt of Mugen and ready to unsheathe if danger should arise. In front of them, on the opposite wall, the street lamps project tall, shadowy, ghoulish-like figures bobbing as they silently advance up the cobble lane and turn down another.

Kanda is sure they didn't detect them in the shadows of the buildings. Carefully, he glances up and down the lane. With no one in sight his fears subside. Removing his hand from Mugen, he pulls back into the shadows. They're safe – so far. Bringing his lover into his warm embrace he kisses the top of his head and then places a kiss on his lips. Kanda looks into those big silver-gray eyes of Allen's and he smiles up at him, the real smile, and the one smile he'll always love.

With not much further to go, they continue on, wanting to reach the docks before the dawn. They slow slightly, listening to whispers of ghostly, chanting voices resounding off the brick buildings. They pick up their pace just to be safe, not sure where the chants are coming from. His partner stumbles, ever so slightly, but keeps up. He pulls him closer, hoping the bump on his head isn't making him dizzy nor the wound in his side re-open.

The soft whispers of chanting can still be heard and are frightening and spooky. To their left, they see ghostly transparent figures flowing away, instead of walking away. They'll make it if the ghostly figures didn't see them; then it will be as if they're invisible.

After what seems an eternity they reach the docks. Treading carefully amongst tired and weary dock workers they search for the captain of the ship. Luckily, Komui and Link have their travel cases and Timcanpy already on board, making it easier for them to escape to the ship from the apartment.

Kanda notices a man ahead of them wearing what appears to be a captain's hat, barking orders to the men surrounding him. 'This must be the captain,' Kanda thinks. They walk closer to the man and he catches sight of them.

He gives them a nod of acknowledgement. Finishing giving instructions to his men, he turns and walks over to them. He's a tall man with soft brown eyes, a delicately sculptured face, and clean-shaven. His light brown shoulder length hair is neatly pulled back and tied at the base of his neck. He wears a navy color uniform, perfectly clean, no spots or dirt to be seen. Even his black boots, coming up to his knees, shine in the semi-darkness. 'This is a man who pays attention to details,' thought Kanda.

"Good morning, Mister Kanda Yuu, and this must be … Mister Allen Walker. I'm embarrassed to say, it's the white hair that gives you away. Komui gave excellent descriptions of the both of you," he says, smiling warmly at the two.

"Everything is taken care of and your quarters are ready — per Komui request. Allen, the ship's doctor has been detailed about your physical condition by Komui as well," he explains, catching Allen's eye.

"Well, that should cover it," continues the captain. "Please feel free to seek me out for any questions you would like answered. You can board now if you desire. A mate at the top of the planks has instructions to take you to your quarters," the captain says in a formal tone. Tipping the brim of his hat to them he carries on past them.

"Oh and congratulations," says the captain as he passes them, turning ever so slightly to reveal a wink and a smile. Moving on he turns to give another order to one of his men as he carries about his business.

"Let's get on the ship Bean Sprout. You're looking paler. You should lie down," Kanda says, with a worried look at Allen, 'It's only been a few hours since I thought I had lost him forever,' Kanda ponders, his heart aching at the thought.

"Yes, I'm tired and my side and head hurts, but I'll be fine," replies Allen. His eyes begin to shine with love and affection. He's just happy he's with Kanda; that's all he needs.

Together, they walk up the gang plank and board the ship. The mates pay no attention to them, except for one who's been instructed to walk them to their quarters. The sailor greets them and then leads them to what will be their new living arrangements for the coming days. Arriving at their door, he tips his cap to them and takes his leave. They watch as he strolls back down the corridor.

Allen opens the door and starts to step into their quarters. Kanda quickly scoops him up into his arms, "Don't think you're going in there without the proper entrance of newlyweds," Kanda says, to his startled lover.

"I never thought I'd be in this particular situation, but I do know how this tradition is done," Kanda says, his smirk indicating he's enjoying every minute of this.

"Oh … Kanda, you don't have to do this," Allen replies, sheepishly blushing. Though he's thrilled Kanda thought to do this on his own.

Kanda knows Allen's a romantic at heart and in doing this little sign of affection, which isn't important to him, is important to Allen. He loves Allen and wants to make everything special for him on their wedding day.

"Yeah right, you say that now moron, but later I'll hear about it in some future argument," Kanda says, smugly.

"If you're so knowledgeable about this part, what happens once you bring me into the room?" Allen asks, coyly, lust in his eyes teasing.

"Hmm, let's go in. It'll be more fun to show you what comes next, then to tell you," Kanda whispers, his hot breath blowing on Allen's ear. Kanda carries him through the doorway and kicks the door shut with his foot.

He lays Allen down and sits next to him on the edge of the bed. "Let me check your stitches, I don't want to re-open your wound being careless," Kanda says, not wanting to hurt his newlywed lover.

He opens Allen's shirt and checks for seepage of blood which thankfully isn't there. He's still concerned their love making could re-open the wound again. As if reading his mind, Allen's impatience gets the best of him.

"Will you just kiss me jerk, the hell with my stitches, damnit I need you, and I want you. Kanda, it's been weeks, since we've been together," Allen whines, wiggling closer to him. Kanda leans and rests his hand on the other side of Allen, smirking at him.

"Hmm, if you're not the little wife aching for me, I guess it's my duty to comply with your wishes. Though I want you to know Allen, once we consummate our marriage, you belong to me as I belong to you — forever," Kanda says, as his lip curls up into a slight smile. He knows Allen loves it when he calls him by his given name.

"Did you just say, 'Allen'? Kanda, the first time you've ever called me Allen was during our wedding ceremony," he chokes, tears wetting his eyes. Hearing his name roll off Kanda's tongue makes him want him even more, despite his pain.

Allen sighs, "I love you."

Allen firmly takes hold of Kanda's shirt and pulls him down kissing him passionately not paying any attention to the pain he feels in his side. He wants Kanda. He wants his warm mouth kissing him and his smooth tongue licking him all over. He doesn't care what price he'll have to pay physically—it'll be worth it.

Kanda pulls back slightly. He looks into Allen's soft, sexy, bedroom eyes and then his eyes drift down to his pinkish lips. 'Damn those pouty, luscious lips of his.' He watches as Allen barely parts those sensuous lips. The tip of his tongue slowly slides out between them, wetting those desirous, pink lips, as though he's a bit nervous.

His sexy silver eyes smolders with hunger and lust, sending intense heat surging through the both of them. Allen's lips are partially open, his tongue sweeps beneath his upper lip and teeth seductively. While his nimble fingers lightly brush against Kanda's chest as he unbuttons his shirt. Slowly he slides the shirt tails out of his pants exposing Kanda's solid swell of chest muscles and the ones rippling down his abdomen.

Kanda's breathless and mesmerized by the seduction of Allen's lips and fingers — feeling tight and stiff. "You're a tease and you know it. Now you're really asking for it Bean Sprout. Don't whine to me after about being sore, because I'll have no mercy on fucking you right now, wife," Kanda taunts Allen, but succeeds only in exciting him more.

Kanda sits upright and gently pulls Allen up towards him enough to slip off his shirt, tossing it. He notices the hard rise under Allen's pants as he slowly starts unbuckling and unzipping those pants. Kanda stands up and tugs on Allen's pants as Allen lifts his hips and helps pull his pants and briefs down and off, his stiff erection releases from the constricting fabric.

A sly smile crosses Kanda's face as he stands before Allen. Shrugging his shirt off his shoulders, he allows the fabric to slither slowly down his arms to his wrist, undoing the buttons on the cuffs he pulls off his shirt, he tosses it aside.

Slowly and sensuously, Kanda unbuckles his belt sliding it off the loop holes and flings it. Alluringly, his fingers unbutton the top of his pants, smoothly sliding them to his zipper. Slowly, little by little, he unzips his pants his eyes gazing seductively at Allen, teasing him. Allen swallows the saliva collecting in his mouth before it can drool out the corners as heat surges downward, rousing him further. Allen's enjoying this act of eroticism which Kanda rarely displays.

Amorously, Kanda slides his pants down and steps out of them, kicking them aside. Allen gasps for air, 'Shit, I could come right now, talk about a tease.' His beautiful lover standing before him naked and his stiff length stands straight just for him, Allen groans.

"See something you'd like, Bean Sprout," his voice deep and enticing, his own hard, thick evidence aching to jump on Allen and fuck him.

"Get the hell on top of me Kanda before …" Allen starts, but Kanda's already straddling him, placing his hands on the bed, one on each side of Allen's shoulders, he stretches his legs back and lowers his hips to Allen's.

"You're so hot for me," Kanda whispers erotically, rubbing their hot enlargements together. Kanda lowers his lips to meet Allen's hungry ones. Deepening his kiss aggressively he crushes Allen's soft lushes' lips eliciting a throaty groan from both of them.

Allen's hands slide up to remove the tie in Kanda's hair letting lose a cascade of long, flowing, ebony hair. His lustrous hair brushes Allen's shoulders and chest making him gasp in delight as the silky strands skim his sensitive skin.

Kanda's burning mouth covers Allen's. His tongue slides into his lover's hot, moist cavern, their tongues swirl and dance with each other as he glides his hips up and down and sideways stroking skin against skin. Allen'sfingers slip through Kanda's long, silky strands of hair, scrunching and gently tugging on it as his skin's sensitivityheightens.

Soft, moist lips drift to Allen's jaw then up to his soft earlobe nibbling. Kanda's warm wet tongue circles the rim of Allen's ear and huffs his hot breath on the wetness, sending involuntary shivers through Allen. Bending his head back, Kanda continues grazing his teeth and slowly licks his tongue down the soft curve of Allen's neck.

Pinching, rubbing, and swirling his fingers and palm over a harden nipple makes Allen squirm and arch his body up into Kanda's hand, wanting his hand to rub harder against his nipple as his thickness pushes against Kanda's.

Kanda's tongue, once again enters Allen's warm mouth probing deeper in hunger, while Allen's soft hands slowly caresses down the curve of Kanda's back stopping to lightly massage and knead his buttocks with his fingertips, soliciting another low moan of delight.

Fearing he'll hurt Allen's wound, he slides off Allen lying onto his side, pressing himself up against his hot body. Allen rolls towards Kanda to face him. Kanda gazes into Allen's molten silver eyes as his hand reaches up stroking his face lightly with his fingers before running them through soft, white locks of hair, tugging and gently pulling Allen to his lips, planting soft and gentle kisses on his face and neck. Allen's long fingers aimlessly caress and play along Kanda's side, back and buttocks, gliding smoothly up and down, stroking softly — giving Kanda a slight quiver.

Allen's hand gently slithers up to Kanda's nipple and fondles it. Taking his finger, he places it into his mouth sucking it and running his tongue around it in a sensual manner. Kanda moans as flaming heat shoots through him. Slowly he removes his salvia dripping fingertip from his mouth, while seductively gazing into Kanda's dark eyes drunken with ecstasy. He brings his wet finger to Kanda's nipple, circling the hard tip. A deep, low, almost inaudible growl is heard in response to Allen's caresses.

Allen's hand moves to the back of Kanda's head, pulling him closer to his mouth, thrusting his tongue deep, wanting more from him. Crushing lips and clashing teeth Kanda's hand slides down to Allen's soft abdomen, gently petting and swirling his hand enticingly as he feels Allen's enlargement brush against his hand.

Allen gasps, than moans, as Kanda's hand cover's his hard cock, stroking and caressing it than gliding his thumb over the wet sensitive tip. Back and forth he lightly glides his finger over the tip, almost teasingly, driving Allen wild. He starts to pump his hips into Kanda's hand, making gurgling groans.

To return the pleasure, Allen's light touch slides to the inside of Kanda's thigh gently massaging with his hand, kissing him deeply and passionately. His hand travels down and touches Kanda's harden erection slowly fondling him then surrounds his warm hand and pumps up and down gently. Kanda's smoky dark blue eyes are groggy and half-closed as he bends his head back purring with every stroke on his engorged enlargement. His own grip loosens and relinquishes its hold on Allen's erection.

He brings his head down and nuzzles Allen's neck, inhaling his heady scent, as love and hot flaming desire surges through him wanting more from his lover. Silently, he whimpers, as Allen's mouth sucks and his tongue swirls around his nipples, bringing Kanda higher into erotic bliss.

Planting wet kisses on his chest, Allen's tongue slides down to Kanda's abdomen, his hand still stroking Kanda's erection. His wet tongue licks and his teeth graze, trailing down further to his hipbone, where his tongue swirls and his teeth nips at the sensitive area, Kanda shivers in anticipation, his fingers slipping into Allen's hair scrunching and lightly tugging on it in mindless delight.

Reaching Kanda's hard stiff shaft, he licks from the base up flickering his tongue on the ridge of skin on the underside. Licking and caressing his hot tongue over the sensitive tip, Allen envelopes all of Kanda, sending waves of burning heat through both of them. There's a sharp intake of air and an involuntarily quiver from Kanda. He feels heady, and if possible, more roused. His hands clench at the sheets and he thrusts his hips upward into Allen's mouth in blind need. Allen smirks slightly knowing he's got Kanda in his control.

A soft exhale of a groan comes from Kanda as Allen's finger intimately caresses his entrance and slowly pushes in and then pulls out. His body twitches, but Allen knows Kanda can take more and inserts his two middle fingers, working his fingers back and forth and in and out, opening him and readying him for Allen to enter.

It doesn't take Kanda long to pump in rhythm with three of Allen's fingers inside of him once he finds the bundle of nerves sending him flying higher with elation. Allen's warm mouth surrounds him; his lips tighten and suck hallowing his cheeks, his fingers probe deeper inside — intoxicating Kanda.

Allen loves the control he has over Kanda like this. It makes him happy when Kanda trusts him and is able to drop all pretenses, so he can bring him this kind of pleasure. Now Allen's cock throbs and aches as he anticipates taking Kanda, wanting to stroke himself inside his lover, he releases his mouth. Kanda puts up no fight, wanting to please his lover he lets Allen lead in their loving union.

Knowingly, he hands Allen the lubrication. Allen pulls back to sit up, Kanda turns onto his stomach and lifts his hips in the air keeping his torso down. Allen kneels behind him leaning in stroking and guiding his lubricated erection to Kanda's entrance slowly nudging in.

He takes his time, so his lover won't tear, even though Kanda loves the pain and burning which seems to go along with pleasure for him. Allen groans as he feels the hot tightness of Kanda surround him and he slides in further moving slightly. Kanda releases the tension in his muscles allowing Allen to push a little deeper, then pulling almost out, he quickly thrusts forcefully again, going deeper with each pounding thrusts, over and over.

Closing his eyes, Allen is consumed with the sensations of every forceful stroke he pounds into Kanda, and hearing heavenly erogenous sounds coming from his lover. He leans forward and surrounds Kanda's stiff arousal with his hand and pumps slowly. Both moan, their delicious hot, slick, erections being stimulated, lost in erotic bliss and time.

Slowing to a stop before he gets too close to coming, Allen withdraws gently out of Kanda. He wants to allow his lover the same pleasure as he's experiencing and to feel Kanda inside of him.

"Are you alright, does you side hurt?" Kanda whispers, concerned he's in pain. He slides down and rolls on his back as Allen pulls back to look at him.

"No, I'm perfectly fine. I want you to enjoy this too. I want you to fuck me, Yuu," Allen whispers, smiling back, melting into those deep blue eyes.

Kanda pushes himself up in a sitting position and leans his back against the wall, "Well then, do you think you can put it in yourself sitting on me?" Kanda's deep, sexy voice whispers to him.

"Yes, I'm sure I can," Allen whispers, with a sly smile. He applies lubrication on Kanda hot, thick, enlargement, sliding his hand up and down, enjoying the slick wet feeling of Kanda's tighten skin.

Straddling him, Allen eases himself over his hard, firm, length. He takes his time to bear down, being careful not to tear, then up again, until he's able to envelope all of Kanda into him. Kanda's strong sturdy hands hold Allen's hips helping him pump up and down, careful of Allen's wound. It feels so good that Allen slides his hand over his own arousal as Kanda's hands are busy holding him steady.

Allen touching himself excites Kanda making the ache for Allen stronger. His eyes close, as Allen pumps on top of him and he guides the up and down motion, in long, slow strokes. Allen stroking himself and feeling Kanda's hard enlargement inside of him, brings on hot burning flames licking inside of him and a flickering fire in his belly. He's close to coming.

Allen places his hands on the wall, one on each side of Kanda's head to brace himself, his hard erection presses into Kanda's stomach. Kanda thrusts up to push deeper, holding it for a mere second, before dropping his hips. He leans forward enough to lick Allen's nipples and suck on them as Allen presses harder rubbing his erection against Kanda's stomach setting him ablaze.

Kanda knows his body can't hold out much longer and carefully grabs Allen, pulling his head down, thrusting his tongue into his lava hot mouth and relishing in the tantalizing sweet taste of him. He inhales Allen's sweet familiar scent and the scent of sex wafts up to his senses sending his blood rushing downward. Deepening his kisses even more, Allen groans from the overwhelming rapture of being so close to coming.

Both are on the verge of release, their crushing kisses and tongues probing deeper, their pumping becoming slightly faster, the storm inside of them intensifies, bringing them closer … still closer … to coming.

This intensity pulls their lips apart, now at the apex of their loving making. Allen lets go of the wall as they clench onto each other, their eyes closed tightly, mouths slightly open, their pumping slows, and then halts for a millisecond before short gentle thrusts come as they allow the fiery explosion to overtake and send them into an exquisite euphoria.

Kanda grinds into Allen as they cling to each other resplendent in the potent, passionate, climax. Allen's nails dig into Kanda's back as he continues to grind Allen in short spurts as refulgent feelings flow through their bodies keeping the feeling of ecstasy lingering until the rush of adrenaline calms down, their body's drain of energy. Exhausted and sweating, both are satisfied but not ready to let go of their embrace. They cling longer, lost in the closeness and love for the other.

This past month, they have been through emotional afflictions and despair, with the slimmest chance of ever seeing each other again. It's a miracle and by the grace of God they are together again. Kanda will do anything not to lose Allen again as Allen will for Kanda. Holding Allen he wishes he'd never have to let him out of his embrace.

Slowly and reluctantly, they pull away and look deep into each other's eyes, deeply enough to see love entwine each other's soul, a love so strong it now binds and bonds them together — forever.

To be continued …

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