Allen lays in bed naked while Kanda traces his fingers over the many pinkish scars continuing to heal across his husband's back. He tries not to remember seeing the deep, red, swollen gashes and welts from several months back, where Allen's torturer had whipped him unmercifully, for those memories still pierce through his heart, causing his throat to close up.

He doesn't feel any regret for thrusting his sword, Mugen, deep into Rouvelier, taking his life away from him. Rouvelier had been bent on killing his only true love, Allen, and he was not going to let that happen if he could prevent it—and he did prevent it.

The venomous hatred he had felt in his heart and throughout his whole being had made it easy to push on Mugen up to the hilt of his sword. He was barely touching Rouvelier, but was close enough to hear his shallow, haggard breath and the strange gurgling cough as he neared death. All he had had to do was remember Allen's crumpled, bloodied body lying on the dirt floor, and that allowed him to endure killing a human being verses the other anomalies he has had to kill in the past.

His Bean Sprout is precious to him, and that overwhelming sense of loss had filled his heart when he had thought Allen was dead. At that point nothing else mattered but to avenge his husband and remove that scum from the face of the earth, never to hurt another living being.

Kanda had stayed by Allen's side during those painful weeks of his recovery until he was able to leave the hospital and travel. Unfortunately, they could not head directly back to their home, because they had been summoned to Central, a subsection of the Vatican in Rome, Italy.

Rouvelier had been an Inspector for Central. The Black Order, from which Allen and Kanda was Exorcist's, Central existed to basically control the Black Order when certain matters require assistance from a higher source.

There are different branches of the Black Order with their own branch leaders, but all answer to Komui Lee, who is the official head liaison between Central and the Black Order. Inspector Rouvelier, head of Central, was one who would forgo informing some branch officials about certain orders and operations that were happening. He shared what information he chose to—by his own discretion.

Orders' coming from the Pope directly skips the entire chain of command completely, and is given to Central directly which allowed Rouvelier to control, to conceal, and to make judgments as he saw fit—regardless of the evidence presented to him. In which case, he had decided Allen's verdict and condemned him to be executed, even with the evidence proving otherwise.

Now, Kanda also has to face the tribunal for aiding and abiding a criminal from justice—his husband.

Kanda feels Allen stir under his light touch bringing him out of his deep thoughts.

"Kanda, do you find the scars offensive? Am I no longer attractive to you?" he whispers, fearing Kanda's rejection to love him.

"No love, I do not find them offensive and they never will be, I mean what I say to you," Kanda whisper's, once again he reassures to his husband. The moonlight lit their room and Allen's pale, porcelain skin brightens. Kanda couldn't resist sliding his hand down, caressing his smooth rump.

He rolls Allen onto his side to face him. Embarrassment is evident on his lovely face. Allen's discolored eye once a deep black and purple is now turning yellowish green, but the other facial lacerations have healed with no other scarring and his sight had returned. Kanda places his finger tips under Allen's chin and raises it to gently kiss him.

Allen moves closer to Kanda wanting and needing his touches on his body. He wasn't frail any longer and Kanda wonders if they could make love without causing him any pain. It isn't that they hadn't been able to satisfy each other over the past few weeks, it's just they both were craving to really make love.

"Bean Sprout, do you still have pain? I don't want to hurt you. You've been so tired, and you have needed to keep what energy you have to heal," Kanda says, worrying.

"I'm not going to break with you holding me and kissing me," Allen replies back.

"Fuck Kanda, I'm starting to take this avoidance personally. I'm afraid that maybe I'm just plain ugly in your eyes now." Allen says, his voice cracking from the hurt he feels in his heart.

Kanda gathers him into his arms, "Don't ever think that, Bean Sprout. You are always sexually attractive to me, it's not the scars, it's only I don't want to hurt you anymore then what you have been," Kanda whisper's in his lover's ear, choking on his words, rubbing his hand up and down his backside.

"Let it go Kanda, I won't hurt and I won't break. We can find a way, I need you, especially now with what we have to face tomorrow," Allen pleads, kissing Kanda's face, neck and anywhere else he could reach.

Allen's hands caress his husband's chest, his fingers stop, and circles Kanda's perk nipples before embracing him and his hands roam up and down Kanda's back, kneading his buttocks. Bringing his hands back in front to caress his chest, Allen brushes his lover's erection and a moan escapes him in a deep throaty growl.

They have denied themselves this pleasure just so Allen could heal faster, but Kanda sees Allen is right, it's time to take his lover to the top of the world and himself with him.

His body quivers at Allen's hands roaming, lightly touching, teasing and sensitizing his skin. Kanda draws him in closer, embracing his slim, soft body against his own hot needy flesh. Allen's lips lightly touches Kanda's, opening his mouth. Their tongues clash together, sliding and twirling around each other's going deeper with their kisses, pouring their feelings into it.

Kanda's mass of long, silken, black hair spills, unbound, teasing Allen's flesh making him ripple with lustful desires. His wet, hot tongue covers Allen's ear licking it then breaths his hot breath on the wetness, making Allen shiver with pleasure.

His husband glides his lips and tongue down, kissing a trail to his chest, sucking and pinching his taunt pink nipples making him groan as he pushes his chest up for him to suck harder.

The trailing kisses from Kanda slithers down to Allen's stomach, with his hair caressing his thighs causing his hips to thrust upwards wanting Kanda to take him in his mouth. Kanda looks up to see his lover's sultry expression and gently fondles and strokes his firm arousal up and down its length.

"What do you want, my love?"

"You already know," Allen gasps, moving his hips upwards, again. Kanda grins up at his lover.

He licks the top of his husband's cock, teasingly, than slides his tongue from the bottom up where his tongue circles licking over the top once again, before his lips enclose around his thick evidence taking him deep within his throat.

"Oh my god," Allen purrs out in a moan as his husband's lips and mouth pumps up and down for a few strokes.

Kanda slides his mouth off his lover's cock and takes it firmly in his hand stroking up and down slowly. Allen wants him to pump faster, but Kanda first wets his fingers and slides one into his husband's opening and strokes his husband a little faster. Then he adds a second finger and Allen went wild when Kanda stroked over that special nerve of pleasure.

He removes his fingers—Allen groans from the emptiness. Kanda reaches over on the table for the lubrication.

"Do you think you can sit on me, Bean Sprout? It might be more comfortable then on your back," Kanda whispers, thinking about his husband's ribs and scars on his back healing.

"Yes Kanda, if you prep me," Allen answers, wanting his lover inside of him as quickly as possible.

Kanda takes the lubrication and applies to on himself and then his husband's opening, copiously. Allen straddles his lover and Kanda gently guides Allen's opening to his stiff erection. Kanda groans as Allen slowly eases himself down, sinking himself around his thick evidence, feeling his muscles contract and release as his husband envelops him.

"Fuck your tight and hot, Bean Sprout," Kanda growls in pleasure, holding his hands around his lover's waist.

Allen stops a moment adjusting to Kanda's thickness and slowly moves again.

"Does it hurt, Bean Sprout? Take your time, I don't want you to rip," Kanda whispers.

"Well, ahh … ahh … it's … been so long. I'm okay … it … ahh … it feels … so good," Allen moans. Now having Kanda all the way inside of him, he sits on his lap, snuggling his face into his warm neck, inhaling his husband's particular smell as he leans against him before moving.

He tilts his head up and Kanda captures Allen's moist lips, moving them gently, and then their tongues dance together creating a fire in their bellies which spreads quickly from their long denied need.

Allen begins to move slowly up and down finding that pleasure spot—sliding over it. Kanda leans in and sucks on his lover's small, pink nipples and his hands grab Allen's butt, steadying him while Allen flies in ecstasy. Electricity sizzles and the intensity of their passion increases as they feel the flames licking at their already hot skin.

It's sexual, erotic, and intimate. Deep desire washes over them as their hands touch and caress hot, silky, velvety skin. Allen gasps, than moans, as Kanda's hand cover's his firm cock, stroking and caressing it than glides his thumb over the wet sensitive tip. Back and forth he lightly glides his finger over the tip, almost teasingly, driving Allen wild.

They begin to move in rhythm with each other, they're hearts pounding in their ears, increasing their rocking motion, overwhelmed by the tantalizing scent of sex. They are breathing hard, pumping the rage of the flames blazing between them until they escalate to the point their orgasms is one of bright lights bursting and currents of electricity zinging through them, uniting and bonding them stronger together.

Both are spent and cling to each other, not wanting to release their hold while enjoying the calming afterglow of togetherness. Kanda kisses Allen's skin. He doesn't want these feelings to end. Allen's head rests upon Kanda's shoulder soaking in the feeling of his lover's skin against his.

"I love you, Allen," Kanda whispers.

"I love you too, Yullen," Allen whispers back.

"Let's clean up and go back to sleep for a while longer. They shouldn't be waking us up for at least another couple of hours," Kanda says, rubbing his lover's back in a soothing manner.

"Alright," Allen replies, feeling Kanda slipping out of him, he loves that remaining feeling of having Kanda still inside of him.

After cleaning up, Kanda pulls his husband into bed and half covers him with his body, as he swings his leg over Allen's, snuggling in holding his lover. It didn't take long for the couple to fall back off to sleep.

"Kanda … Allen, it's time to get up," Tiedoll's voice drifts through the door at dawn.

"Alright, I heard you, we'll be up in at minute," Kanda's sleepy voice answers.

"Time to wake up, Bean Sprout," Kanda snuggles closer to him, planting kisses on his lover's shoulders with his eyes still closed.

"Hmmm … it's morning already?" Allen asks, taking Kanda's hand, wrapping it around him.

"It was our late night rendezvous that has us tired this morning, but it was worth it," Kanda teases, tickling Allen's ear with his whispers.

"Me neither," Allen replies, giggling from Kanda's tickling him as they are getting out of bed.

They went into the bathroom to wash and while they were cleaning up in the other room, a cart with their breakfast is wheeled in and left.

Allen spotted the food immediately when coming out of the bathroom, both having towels wrapped around their waists.

"Let's eat before we dress," Allen says, already sitting down and removing covers from the food.

"I guess I have no choice," he grins, shaking his head at how predicable his husband can be.

It doesn't take Allen long to wolf down his food and Kanda isn't too far behind him.

"Kanda, do you think they serve such a great breakfast for any special reason?" Allen asks, with a worried look on his face.

"Let's not look at it that way," Kanda answers, not wanting to think the worst.

They get up and finish dressing in time before Cross knocks on their bedroom door.

"Come in," Allen says.

Cross opens the door and he and Tiedoll step into the room then closes the door. Allen and Kanda walk out of the closet and stood side-by-side in their Black Order uniforms. Cross rises an eyebrow at how thin Allen still is, but he does look healthier then from a week ago.

The two make a handsome couple for those who know they are married, but to those who don't, they made a perfect team. The two Exorcists stand tall and erect—looking dignified—ready to appear before the tribunal. Tiedoll walks over and hugs both of the young Exorcists with a warm smile.

"Alright boys, let's get this show over with so we can take you two home," Cross says sternly, also standing straight and tall.

Tiedoll opens the door and the two lovers hold their heads high as they walk out the door. The two General's lead the way, side-by-side, Allen and Kanda follow. Many priest turn to watch them walk by, some wondering what is going on. But the four do not move their eyes to look in their direction, but keep a firm look on their faces as they walk to the secret chamber.

Two large, wooden doors come into sight and as they walk up closer there are religious symbols hand-carved into the wood. The doors have two guards standing in front of them and upon seeing the Generals; they bow before them and open the door allowing the four to gain entrance into the large chamber room.

The four of them walk up to stand in front of the long, mahogany, panel bench which gives off a feeling of authority and power. The General's now flank the sides of the young boys as they wait for the doors of the antechamber to open.

It isn't a long wait before the doors open and in walk the four judges in long, flowing, black robes with white bibs. They take their appropriate chairs. There is one bench which the President sits, and then there are two desks attach, but are separate, one on each side, and then the fourth desk, on the end, is angled inward to face the rest of the judges and the accused.

Two guards march up going behind the bench and stand against the back wall at attention. The Cardinal stands up to open the proceedings.

"This court is now open to place judgment on the two following Exorcists from the Black Order branch. Allen Walker and Kanda Yullen. Allen Walker had previously been condemned to be executed twelve months ago and had escaped imprisonment. Kanda Yullen is charged with aiding and abetting the fugitive to Japan, plus the death of Ex-Inspector Malcolm Rouvelier.

Allen Walker was accused of having a Noah presiding within him, making him a possible traitor if the Noah had taken full possession of his body. Malcolm Rouvelier, the Inspector of Central Agency, condemn Allen Walker to death, claiming said Walker still had the Noah presiding in him. The second offense for Allen Walker is escaping the Boston prison and fleeing to Japan to hide," presents the Cardinal. There is silence for a moment.

"Allen Walker you have heard what your charges are. It is this tribunal's responsibility to check into what had prompted the Ex-Inspector Rouvelier to give a death sentence. As a council we conducted many surveys, interviews and so on to come to a new verdict for the accused.

Allen Walker your new verdict for your two previous charges is not guilty and all charges are hereby dropped," the president of the tribunal announces. Allen forces himself not to show his relief, but remains as is expected of him.

"Is there anything you would like to say at this time, Walker," the president asks.

"Yes sir, I'd like to say thank you," is all Allen says and bows. Kanda also had not shown any emotions.

"Kanda Yullen you have heard what your charges are. Your unique case was also conducted in the same manner as Allen Walker's. It is understood why you aided Walker in his escape which will not be mentioned within this chamber and the records will be sealed on the matter. Therefore with Walker's not guilty verdict, dismisses your charge of aiding and abiding a criminal.

However, there is still the charge of killing Ex-Inspector Rouvelier. Inspector Rouvelier had been deranged for a long period of time and had been excommunicated from the church. His actions of conjuring demons from hell and to kill Allen Walker, with said creatures, made him a fugitive from the church which had an order out to capture him, dead or alive.

Since there was already a warrant out for his arrest and being it was either dead or alive, your verdict is not guilty in killing Rouvelier due to protecting yourself from a deranged killer.

It is of this Tribunal Court that all charges for Allen Walker and Kanda Yullen are hereby dropped with not guilty verdicts," the president says, hammering his mallet down.

"This court is now official closed," the Cardinal states, and the four judges stand and file out of the room into the antechamber.

Once the door had closed, Kanda and Allen hug each other, tears streaming down Allen's face now that all his charges had been dropped. He and Kanda could have a real life together without looking over their shoulders.

"Let's save the hugging and kissing until you two are back in your room," Cross says sternly, as they all leave the court room in a less uniform manner.

"We can stay the night and head back tomorrow at daybreak," Cross says as they walk along, Tiedoll and him talk quietly while the two young lovers bump into each other, smiling and grinning.

"What do the two of you want to do until we leave tomorrow?" Cross asks, not really thinking about what he had just said.

Allen and Kanda turn around together and look at Cross as if he had two heads.

"What do you think Allen and I want to do?" Kanda asks, looking pointedly at Cross.

"We want to stay in bed together, naked, making love, and eating when it suits us. Is that what you wanted to hear?" Kanda asks, with a coy smile on his face and a hunger, lustful look at his husband.

"Ahem, yeah, I guess I should have thought that, plus seeing what day it is," Cross adds.

"Cross, I think you and I should go get some lunch and have something sent up for the young couple to eat," Tiedoll suggests, poking Cross in his side. They approach the couple's room and the General's say their congratulations before leaving them alone.

Kanda opens the door and tugs Allen inside wrapping him into his arms kissing him gently, licking Allen's lips, kissing them again with Allen returning his kisses with much enthusiasm. They stare into each other's eyes, helping the other to unbutton his jacket and shirt. The heat starts to rise between them once again.

It doesn't take long in removing their clothing, kissing deeply as they stumble their way to the bed, engulf in hot blazing flames as they took their time making tender love to each other. At the climax, of their exotic ecstasy they tumble over the edge with a orgasm that bursts like fireworks, exploding and blinding them in pure euphoria.

They lay in each other's arm basking and enjoying the afterglow of pure bliss. A soft knock on the door, rouses them from their dozing and Kanda covers them up as someone rolls in a cart. The smell of sex is strong in the air, and they are hoping it is either Tiedoll or Cross that has entered their room.

"I bet that's food, Kanda," Allen whispers to his lover.

"Now why would you think that?" Kanda teases.

"The smells … hey stop that," Allen giggles from Kanda's caresses.

"I have something for you, Bean Sprout," Kanda whispers in his lover's ear.

"Me? What? What do you have?" Allen asks, excitement rising in his voice.

Kanda comes out from under the covers and reaches over and opens the drawer on the nightstand. He pulls out a small wooden hand-carved box with a lotus on the top. He sits up and Allen pulls himself up beside him looking curiously at the box and then Kanda.

"I bought this the day you were kidnapped and was going to give it to you as a wedding gift, but now it seems more appropriate as an anniversary gift, so happy first anniversary, Allen," Kanda says sweetly, and hands the box to him.

Allen's speechless and tears roll down his pink cheeks. He opens the box to find a bracelet made of round jade stones with a small hand carved lotus hanging where it clasps together. Allen takes out the beautiful bracelet out of the velvet lined box and then lays the box in his lap. He takes the small lotus between his fingers and rubs it.

"The lotus is a replica of the one I bought you that's on your necklace. It's beautiful Kanda, just beautiful. Would you put it on my wrist?" Allen chokes out, he's so happy.

"Yes the lotus is just like mine, carved by the same man. Allen, I'll always be faithful to you and I'd marry you all over again if given the chance. You are my other half," Kanda's sweet voice is music to Allen's ears.

"Happy first anniversary, Yuu. I'll always be faithful to you too and I'd marry you again in a heartbeat. You are my other half also, you complete me," Allen whispers his loving words to his husband.

Kanda takes the bracelet from Allen, opens the clasp and wraps it around his thin wrist closing the clasp. Then he takes his wrist with the bracelet on it and kisses it, then kisses his hand and then kisses his lips.

"You are my everything, Allen, and you light up my life. Let's go back home tomorrow—back to our paradise we've built," Kanda whispers between kisses.

"I love the sound of that, back home to our paradise," Allen says, wrapping his arms around his husband's neck, kissing him deeply as they sink back down under the covers.

The End

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