The Emotions of a Demon's Victim


Summary- Mrs. Lovett sits in her living chair in the lounge after her day at work at the pie shop and sighs and she begins to write down her feelings towards Mr. Todd in her diary.

(Mrs. Lovett's POV)

I have always known that it was an awful plan for Mr. Todd to come up with this plot to kill Judge Turpin. I understand his pain, frustration and anger. Why though? Oh why should he be taking his anger out on me? Oh I wish he could see how much I love him and care for him deeply. If I never loved him, I would have never kept his secret. I could have gone straight away to the police straight away after he killed Seignior Pirelli and sold his razors for galleons. I love Mr. T way too much to let him get thrown in jail once again like he has once before when he was locked away in Australia. Every single day I feel like giving up on him. I feel like turning to the police and just exploiting the truth. Yes I have made my foolish mistakes, I did give in for a while putting his victims into my meat pies to make the business successful. I know it is doing well the business but I just do not feel write about it at times. I feel like repenting, and stopping this madness but I do not want to let Mr. Todd down. I want to be able to prove to him that I love him and will do anything to protect his identity from getting exposed.

Oh I just wish Mr. Todd would just forget everything that happened and just move on and start fresh with me. We could live in a beautiful little cottage by the sea perhaps in Yorkshire or in Islington where I am from. I could have my pie business going, while he has his shaving business in the same shop together. If only his hatred towards everyone would just simply go away. I love you Benjamin Barker, more than anything in my entire life. I would have been twice the wife Lucy ever was and you know it. Lucy never bothered to search for him again. She never stood up for him when he got the fake arrest by the Judge. If only Mr. T would just forgive and forget. Forget Lucy, Judge Turpin, and his ugly past. Please come with me Mr. Todd please? Just forget everything. I promise I will never disappoint you. I love you and I'll be yours forever.

Written by: Nellie Sarah Islington Lovett

End time: 11:00pm, April 15th 1760