Firehouse Kids: Severide's Daughter

Matt Casey hadn't seen Kelly Severide so angry in years. Right now the man's face was so livid with rage it looked like he could burst into flame at any second. "Where the hell is my daughter?" Severide said walking through the door.

Casey had a good idea where Darden Severide was, but decided playing dumb was the best strategy. "I should know this because?"

"Because she's with that hormone driven borderline pedophilic predator you spawned," Serveride said.

"He's only nineteen. They are barely two years apart in age," Case reminded Severide.

"All I know is when college age guys start hanging out with high school girls, they only want one thing," Severide said.

"He's a freshmen," Casey responded, but Serveride was already heading down the hallway.

That was the problem with friends. They knew the layout of your house. Severide stopped at Matthew Casey, Junior's bedroom door and knocked with his fist. "If this door doesn't open in five second, I'm kicking it in."

The door opened and Darden Shay Severide walked out. The girl had inherited her father's piercing eyes and smoky dark hair, but her figure and the bone structure of her face, delicate and petite, was all from her mother. It didn't help that she got Leslie Shay's flawless skin either. Every time Casey encountered the pretty seventeen-year-old he had no trouble understanding why his son who could ace every exam put before him could make the most absolute bonehead decisions in the universe where Darden was concerned.

Darden stared up at her father with big, dark eyes. She twisted her lips into bee stings. "Dad, can't we even study together in peace?"

"Not in his bedroom. Not anywhere there's a bed!" Severide declared.

To be on the safe side Case checked out his son's room. Everything seemed legit. Their laptops were open on the study table with a hologram of a molecule floating between them. Notepads and books appeared to have recently been used. The bed was a mess, but it only looked like the result of a teenage boy sleeping there. Then he noticed Matt Junior's neck. He locked gazes with his son. "Button it up," Casey mouthed noiselessly.

Matt Jr. scrambled to follow his father's instruction. A second later Darden and Severide came back into the room to retrieve her laptop and books. "It's too noisy to study at the library, Daddy."

"You can study at home. You'll have quiet, comfortable couches, and a great view of the city." Severide said.

"And you sitting there staring at Matt like we've already done something wrong," Darden complained.

"You won't have to worry about that for a while. You're grounded." Severide said.

Casey noticed Severide still picked up all his daughter's belongings and wondered how long the grounding would actually last. He would have to call Leslie tonight. She was the parent that actually disciplined Darden.

"Can I at least kiss Matty, good-bye?" Darden asked.

Severide nodded grimly. The kids liplocked for a moment before Severide pulled Darden away. "It is still not too late for you to finish high school in a convent."

After they left Casey gazed down at his son and almost started to laugh. "Matty, I am going to have to remember that name next time you complain about not having a car. You dodged a bullet this afternoon, Matty."

Matt Junior frowned. "Thanks for defending me, Dad."

Casey shrugged. "I didn't let him hit you. And if he had saw those hickeys on your neck, he would have beaten you senseless. He is partially right. You guys need to cool off for a while."

"But she's the one, Dad. I mean, I love her. We're going to spend our whole lives together." Matt Junior said.

"Then a month apart won't change anything. You're grounded too." Casey said.

"Oh come on, we don't have a house rule about no dating partners in bedrooms like Mr. Severide does," Matt Junior protested.

Casey thought for a moment. "We do now. I'm too young to be a grandfather."