I'm sorry this took me so long to get out! I became busy and then lost motivation. This was quite rushed and I apologize for that. It didn't get the attention that it needed. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy it!

When Tooth was finally able to find Jack, she landed beside him. Her alarm immediately set in.

He was abnormally colored, as the usual tint of blue had drained itself from his flesh to be replaced by the heat. His breath was raspy and erratic. However, what concerned Tooth the most was the fact that he was drenched in a layer of sweat. His thin, white t-shirt was tinted dark as it absorbed the moister off of his skin. Around him, his sweat rolled off of his body and onto the surrounding sand.

There were many things that the guardians didn't know about Jack Frost. However, Tooth knew that sweating was not a good sign for the winter spirit. Immediately recognizing the need to bring him to a cooler part of the world, Tooth collected him into her arms and set off for Santoff Clausen.

It wasn't nearly as difficult to carry him as Tooth had thought, however his lightness did not surprise her. After all, the wind was able to pick him up and carry him and she supposed one needed to be light in order to do so.

With Tooth's speed, their flight to the North Pole was not a long one, however each passing second only filled Tooth with more and more concern. Jack was so still in her arms, and panic was beginning to overwhelm her. She suspected that the only thing keeping her focused was the prospect of helping the boy the only way she could.

When the duo arrived at North's workshop, Tooth wasted no time as she set off looking for the Russian. When she finally found him delicately sculpting a beautiful ice figurine in his work room, she called for his attention. When he saw the limp form of a flushed-looking Jack Frost in her arms, he gave her a look of concerned curiosity, silently asking for an explanation. He gently set down his tools and advanced towards them.

Tooth hastily explained what had happened. North thought for a moment before coming to his conclusion.

"I do not know what we can do other than cool him off. We must leave him outside," he said in defeat. Tooth's eyes widened.

"North! We can't just leave him outside!" she countered.

"What do you suppose we do then?" North asked, knowing she would have no other solution. Tooth bit her lip before shaking her head.

Tooth gently handed Jack over to North, taking care not to jostle the boy. North then led the way out of the workshop. Once outside, they dug a shallow bank of snow in which to lie Jack. Tooth turned to North.

"What do we do now?" she asked. North shrugged, however there was a glint of concern in his eyes.

"We can only wait," he stated. He then added, "we should contact Bunnymund and Sandy about this. To let them know what happened. Perhaps they will have advice."

It was several hours before Jack awoke. He wasn't going to lie, he wasn't feeling his best. However his body temperature had returned to normal and he felt much stronger than he had in the Sahara. Once he shrugged off his grogginess, he panicked slightly. Both his hoodie and his staff were gone. He quickly shoved himself onto his feet, only to be met with a sudden flash of blindness and a dizzying sensation. Before he could gain equilibrium, he was on the ground once again.


Carefully, Jack opened his eyes again. He was met with large, violet eyes that looked at him with concern.

"Tooth?" he asked.

"Are you alright? We were so worried about you!"

"We?" Jack carefully sat up, much slower this time, and saw his fellow guardians surrounding him. He stared at them blankly for a moment as he attempted to regain his senses.

"Mind explaining why you were flying around the Sahara desert by yourself, mate?" Bunny demanded. The question lacked its typical force, however Jack knew it was a question that he could not evade. Unfortunately, he found himself unable to form any coherent sentences.

"I don't know," was all that he could reply with. Bunny raised a brow at the answer, but decided to let the subject drop until Jack dropped his drowsiness. For the time being, the guardians helped lead Jack back into North's workshop. Now that his temperature was in check, it was time for him to get some proper sleep. Sandy would be sure of it.

Jack slept for several hours, however once he awoke it was as if he was never ill to begin with. His hoodie and his staff were both returned to him and he explained the situation to the guardians. It was a brief explanation, simply saying that he had been at the wrong place at the wrong time, however it was accepted. But Jack was glad that the guardians had been there for him, as he was sure that he would have been lost if they hadn't.