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Kendall is 4 years old

"Kendall, come on baby wake up," Mrs. Knight said as she rubbed Kendall's back. It was almost noon and Kendall was still asleep, which was unusual for the small boy. Normally Kendall would run and jump on her until she woke up.

"Mommy?" Kendall asked softly, he didn't feel good at all, his tummy was churning and his head hurt, and he just achy all over.

"Kendall, baby? Are you feeling ok?" Mrs. Knight asked as she ran her fingers through Kendall's golden locks. His hair was slightly damp due to the small amount of heat radiating off of his forehead.

"Momma, my tummy huwts," Kendall cried out as he curled up in a small ball clutching his stomach. Mrs. Knight slowly scoped Kendall in her arms; his blond, shaggy bangs fell over his eyes, hiding the pain that was expressed through his emerald green eyes.

"Oh baby," Mrs. Knight cooed as she felt the small trembles wrack through Kendall's tiny body. She saw the tears that ran down his flushed cheeks and wiped them away slowly as each one fell.

"Mommy," Kendall cried out just before his stomach did a painful twist and puke spilled out of his mouth. Tears cascaded down his face like a water fall. "Mommy, make it stop please," Kendall cried out as he threw up for the second time. Mrs. Knight sat their supporting her sick son and rubbed circles on his back and whispered soothing words.

"Are you done, baby?" Mrs. Knight asked when Kendall finally collapsed in her arms. She felt a weak nod against her arms. "Honey, we are going to have to get you out of those cloths," Mrs. Knight said as she placed Kendall on her hip and carried him towards the dresser. She grabbed a new pair of pj's out of the drawer and carried him to the bathroom.

"Momma, why does my tummy huwt?" Kendall whimpered out as he looked up at his mom, his eyes were rimmed red from crying. Puke covered his mouth and dripped down his chin. Mrs. Knight grabbed a wet wash cloth and wiped the puke away. Sweat lined his fluffy eyebrows and dripped down his face.

"You probably have a tummy bug, making your tummy upset," Mrs. Knight said as she placed a soft kiss on top of Kendall's blond hair. She slowly took off Kendall's dirty cloths and tossed them in a pile, then slowly dressed him in a fresh pair of cloths.

"Momma," Kendall wailed out, his head was pounding in his tiny head and his stomach felt like it was doing thousands of loopdy- loops making him cry out in pain.

"What's wrong honey?" Mrs. Knight asked as she finished putting on Kendall's cloths. She noticed the pain laced in his voice, she saw the tears stream down his pale face and past his flushed cheeks.

"My head reawwy (really) hurts and my tummy huwts a lot," Kendall cried out as he buried his aching head in his mom's arms. Mrs. Knight slowly and carefully scoped Kendall in her arms. She carried him out in the living room and laid him down on the couch. Mrs. Knight then covered the ill boy with a warm, fuzzy blanket tucking it around him.

"Momma, don't leave me," Kendall whispered out as he clutched onto his mom's arm. Mrs. Knight slowly lay down next to her son, watching him slowly fall asleep. Once she knew Kendall was fast asleep, she soon fell asleep next to her sick son. Hoping that he would feel better soon.