I was never anticipating on adding a second chapter to this fanfic, but I, myself, had this strange nightmare about Diddy (in DKCR) last night, and I couldn't get it out of my head. It got so bad that it persuaded me to write this second chapter.

Diddy's POV

It was still Saturday, and, much to my own dismay, I ended up having a hard time all day trying to get that nightmare out of my head. However, with DK by my side, I could at least make the most of a rough morning.

That night, however, I was still feeling too scared to sleep in my room by myself. I still remembered that horrible 'Game Over' screen that appeared at the end of my nightmare last night, and I didn't want to see it again.

As I approached my bed, I put on a pair of shorts that I sleep in every night. Then, I removed my cap and was about to place it on my bedside drawer, when I began to ponder some thoughts.

"I wonder if DK would be kind enough to at least let me sleep with him just for one night? I don't know if I can even sleep alone."

With those thoughts in mind, I put my cap back on and left my room.

I slowly walked across the living room and stopped in my tracks just before I approached DK's door.

Before I could knock on it, though, I began to feel so nervous that I almost wanted to step away and let him sleep. Should I ask him to let me in? I wouldn't want to disturb his nightly slumber. What if he might scold me for doing that!?

However, I gathered up my courage, and I cautiously walked up to DK's door and knocked on it. I shut my eyes tight, hoping that he wouldn't be asleep at that moment. I was already feeling regrets in my heart.

"Yes? Diddy, is that you?" came a reply.

"(gulp) Yes, … it-it's m-m-me, D-D-D-DK-K," I answered as I trembled like a coward.

"You sound scared or something," I heard DK say.

"W-well, … u-um, … I … uh, … (gulp) … w-was … -"

"Still can't get that nightmare out of your head, can you?" asked DK, as if he was taking a lucky guess as to why I sounded nervous.

"NO! I CAN'T!" I admitted, feeling defeated.

"Well, … is there anything I can do to help you?" asked DK.

"Um, … (gulp) … could I c-come in?" I asked shyly.

For a few seconds, I wished I hadn't asked that question. I wanted to just turn around and run back into my room before he could answer me, but then I would get scared of sleeping again.

"Uh, … sure, come in," said DK.

Relieved that he was giving me permission to come into his room, I slowly opened the door and walked in.

Sure enough, there he was, sitting on his bed, in his pajamas, but not quite asleep yet.

"I'm so sorry for busting in on you, big buddy," I said with regrets as I felt my cheeks blush.

"It's okay, little buddy, no trouble at all," replied DK, "Please, make yourself comfortable."

I found a small round cushion next to DK's bed and sat on it. At that moment, I didn't know what to say next without looking like a stupid coward.

"You look very depressed still," said DK, noticing the down expression on my face, "Are you feeling okay?"

Unless I confessed that I was so nervous about having nightmares again, this seemed like a dead end.

I took a deep breath and spat it out …

"Well, … (sigh) … I still can't get that nightmare out of my head. I can't even describe how terrible I feel."

"Aw, Diddy, I was sure you'd have it out of your head by now," said DK.

"Well, … (gulp) … I don't!" I replied as my voice grew sad.

DK just sighed and gave me a worried expression as I continued …

"You remember how bad I was feeling this morning, and you could tell how long it was possibly going to take for those visions to get out of my head, and … they're still stuck in my head. What am I gonna do, big buddy?"

Even while looking at DK, I could still picture that horrific "Game Over" screen in my head! Oh, how I wished it would just get out of my mind already!

"Well, I'm sure that could lead to a reason why you decided to come in here," said DK, as if he was sensing what I was intending to ask him.

"Well, … (gulp) … yes!" I answered as I tried to keep myself from crying again, "I was wondering if …-"

I stopped and gulped several times. I really didn't want to say what I was about to say. I was sure that DK would get unhappy if I did finish my question.

"Yes?" wondered DK with a calm voice.

"I was … um …-" I gulped again.

"What is it, little buddy?" asked DK.

At this point, I decided to swallow my pride and just say it …

"Could I sleep with you tonight?"

"In here, Diddy?" DK said in a worried tone, possibly worried about me, "Are you sure you're all right?"

"I'm too scared to sleep by myself right now. I just can't think about other things. I'm in such a horrible state that, … well, … what if I have that nightmare again?"

"Well, … okay, then, … little buddy," said DK in a kind tone that I didn't see coming, "I understand how you feel, and I'd really like to do something about it. There's plenty of room in my bed. Why not climb up and lay down next to me? It's very warm, and it'll feel nicer since I'll be right next to you."

Without hesitating, I took my cap off and placed it on the bedside drawer. Then, I climbed up into DK's bed and laid down on one of his pillows.

He sure was right about the bed feeling warm. It felt so warm that I could already feel so much of his comfort coming to me.

DK laid down and patted my forehead.

"I'm sure you'll be okay after tonight is over," he said gently, "Then, you can arrive at that race tomorrow with nothing to bother you."

"I hope so," I replied nervously.

DK turned down the brightness of his lamp, but he didn't turn it off all the way. Then, he covered me with his warm blankets and put an arm around my back to cuddle me.

"It'll be okay, little buddy," he said warmly, "You wanna try getting some shuteye?"

"Okay," I said faintly before I tried to close my eyes, but then I hesitated.

DK noticed this and pulled me closer for a hug.

"Aw, it's okay, little Diddy," he whispered to me, acting like the perfect parental figure he's always been to me, "It'll be just fine once we get through this together."

"Together?" I said softly.

"Together," replied DK, "We're family, so we should tackle everything that challenges us … together."

I gave him a faint grin in agreement to his words, then I finally managed to close my eyes after he gently nuzzled my face.

"Goodnight, little buddy," said DK.

"Goodnight, DK," I said as we both slowly fell asleep.

A short while later, I found myself in the middle of a volcano, with lava flowing everywhere. It looked so dangerous that I wondered why I was here.

I quickly noticed that I somehow had my backpack on, and DK was right beside me. We were running like the wind through a tunnel towards another open cave filled with lava.

I soon realized that it was the same volcano where the Tiki Tak Tribe had resided.

"Faster, little buddy," I heard DK say.

I didn't know what my uncle was talking about at that moment.

"Faster!? What are we running from!?" I asked him.

I looked behind us and saw a bunch of invincible Tikis, all on fire and coming after us!

"WHAT THE!?" I yelled in horror.

"RUN!" yelled DK.

We both ran like the wind and tried to escape the Tikis, but then, just ahead of us was a very big pit that led straight into a gigantic pool of lava! It looked like such a huge drop that I suddenly felt afraid of heights.

I climbed onto DK's back and yelled to him, "JUMP FOR IT, DK!"

Sure enough, DK jumped over the pit, and I opened my jet pack as I gripped on his shoulders.

But then, my jet pack wouldn't work for a second before it finally started, but it was already too late to reach the other side!

"OOOOHHHH, NNNNOOOO!" we both screamed.

I wrapped my arms around DK's neck as we started to fall, and he was just able to grab onto a stick on the other side of the pit and we stopped falling, but we were still hanging dangerously over the lava.

I felt so scared that I didn't know what we were gonna do.

"WHADDA WE DO NOW, DK!?" I asked him.

"I DON'T KNOW, LITTLE BUDDY!" he replied back to me.

The Tikis came down from above us and were just about ready to burn us to death!

"WE'VE GOTTA DO SOMETHING, DK!" I yelled at him, feeling so deperate to get out of this near-death experience.


I tried just that, but my jet pack had failed and wouldn't start again.

"MY JET PACK IS DEAD!" I screamed with tears coming out of my eyes.


I thought DK was out of his mind when he said 'take out the Tikis'.



"GOT IT!" I replied nervously.

As DK began to climb back up the wall, I turned around, gripping my hands and feet on DK's shoulder, and I started to blow at the Tikis, but their flames wouldn't go out! I tried blowing even harder, but they still wouldn't go out! My breath was useless!

"I CAN'T BLOW THE FLAMES OUT, DK!" I yelled as I tried to avoid panicking.

"KEEP TRYING, LITTLE BUDDY!" replied DK as he kept climbing the wall.

I tried to blow one more time, but the air in this fiery volcano had taken my breath away, and I could blow no more.

"I'M … OUT OF … BREATH!" I panted, "I CAN BLOW … NO MORE!"


But then, I pondered something else.



I dug out my peanut popguns out of my backpack, jumped off DK's shoulder and shot the peanuts at the Tikis.

However, the peanuts bounced off the Tikis and hit me right in the face, making me fall again!

"DEEEEEKAAAAAAY!" I screamed as I fell down the pit.

I watched as DK tried to reach down for me, but I was already so far down that we couldn't reach each other.

Then, I looked down and noticed that the lava had spiraled and turned into a black hole, and in almost no time I fell right through it, into a dark void.

Seconds later, DK came falling down and smashed his back on the floor.

Growing so worried about my loving uncle, I rushed over to him to see if he was okay.

"DK, are you okay!?" I asked him, still feeling scared.

DK sat up and gave me a sad look, "I'm okay, … but why would you jump off like that?"

Just then, before I could answer, a spotlight shone above us, and I saw those two terrible words again, the words that could only describe a miserable failure:


Game over! It was happening again, and it was once again my fault!


"Diddy?" said DK, looking as if he was about to comfort me.

I climbed onto DK's lap and clung onto his neck as we held hands, and I looked around and tried to see if there was the word 'continue' anywhere, but there wasn't. Instead, there was an icon that would show a player to shake the Wii mote.

"This doesn't make any sense!" I screamed, "How could we suddenly be in a video game!?"

"I don't know, little buddy," I heard DK reply.

All of a sudden, I felt some invisible force grab my right wrist and force me to punch myself in the chest.

"OOWW!" I screamed, "WHO DID THAT!?"

Suddenly, dozens of invisible forces began to grab me, pulling me out of DK's grasp, and it felt like I was beating myself up, perhaps because it was my fault that DK and I fell into this dark void.

"SOMETHING'S! … OW! … CONTROLLING! … OW! … ME! … OW!" I yelled.

Seconds later, my body was horribly beaten down like a sack of potatoes! As I tried to get back up again, my left wrist came up to my head and punched me right in the eye!

Then, a mirror fell down to the floor right in front of me. I picked it up and looked at myself.

My right eye was black … AGAIN! Bruises, bandages and stitches were all over my body, having appeared from nowhere, my nose was bleeding and my expression made me look like as if I was about to vomit!

My nightmare was happening all over again!

I noticed DK walk up to me.

"Why me, DK!?" I asked him as my voice was just about gone, "Why is it always me!?"

"I wish I knew, little buddy," replied DK.

I dropped the mirror, which shattered into a million pieces upon hitting the floor, and laid there, beaten, bruised, black-eyed, bleeding, looking like I was about to die in that very spot.

DK sat down and pulled me back onto his lap before hugging me tightly.

Just then, I heard a horrific evil laugh as King K. Rool walked up to us and pointed a finger at me, laughing heartlessly. He then took out a big gun that looked rather familiar from the fight that I had against him to save DK on my adventure with Dixie, and he prepared to shoot me with it.

"Well, well, Diddy Kong," said K. Rool, "It's about time you met your fate," he pointed his gun right at my face, "Any last words?"

I panicked and began to cry miserably, begging for my life!

"What? No! No, please, no! Don't kill me! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! I DON'T WANNA DIE!" I tried to scream as loud as I could.

I felt DK hug me even tighter in his effort to protect me.

Then, the two of us looked up and saw a bunch of devilish creatures fall down from above me. They wore all-black hoods, and their hands looked like bones that were glued together with gruesome liquid.

"DK, please don't let them kill me!" I faintly said in my uncle's ear.

"Just hold on tightly, little buddy," he replied with a scared look on his face, looking as if he was about to panic, "We're gonna be okay."

Then, some of the devils came down and grabbed my tail.

I wrapped my arms around DK's neck as tightly as I could, and his warm arms squeezing my back as tightly as he ever had done, but more devils came down and tried to grab both of us.

"LET US GO!" I screamed to the devils.

"LEAVE US ALONE!" yelled DK.

Finally, some of the devils came up and grabbed DK by the wrists, and I was pulled out of my buddy's lap and came right down to the floor.

"YOU WILL WATCH THIS!" I heard one of the devils roar to DK with an evil laugh.

"SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR LITTLE SIDEKICK!" shouted another devil to my uncle.


I felt more hands grab me by the wrists, and I quickly realized that they were more devils.

There was nothing I could do, since my body was so beaten up. I could barely move a muscle at all, as I just about on the brink of death.

I looked at K. Rool, who had his gun charged up and pointed right at my chest.

"Goodbye, … DIDDY KONG!" said K. Rool.


K. Rool shot me right in the chest with a loud bang, and I felt a sharp pain stab into my chest.

Then, it was a peaceful darkness.

Within a few seconds, I heard DK's voice calling my name in a gentle whisper.

I opened my eyes and screamed as loud as I ever had, and I jolted my head off the pillow and sat up in what felt like a very comfortable bed.

"WHOA, whoa, whoa, Diddy, little buddy! Calm down! Easy, easy, easy!" I hear DK say to me as I panted and looked around, not knowing where I was.


"DIDDY!" DK's familiar voice shouted at me, "EASY, EASY! IT'S OKAY, IT'S OKAY!"

I felt some huge arms grab me, and they pinned me down to the bed as I panted in fear.

It was then that I looked up and noticed that DK was right next to me and pinning my chest down.

"Sssshhh! Diddy, please just calm down! Everything's okay! We're still alive and well!" he said to me with a worried look on his face.

I looked around and realized that I was back in DK's room after waking up from another nightmare that had startled me awake.

With my nightmare realized, I began to breathe so heavily. My breathing made me sound like I was scared to death.

Then, I felt my eyes fill up with tears after finding out that I had scared DK with my sudden wake-up scream.

Finally, I began to sob heavily, and my eyesight was quickly blurred like a waterfall.

"Ssshhh," said DK, "There, there, little Diddy-buddy. Are you okay?"

"NO!" I yelled as I kept bawling my eyes.

DK quickly scooted closer and hugged me very tightly.

"There, there, there, there, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay," he said.

I immediately wrapped my arms around DK's neck and cried onto his chest. I felt as if I would never get over my horrific scare.

"It's all right, Diddy. DK's gotcha," my uncle whispered to me in a very calm tone.

I let him hug me for what seemed like forever before I laid my head down on my pillow again.

"Aww, don't cry, little buddy," said DK, "It'll be okay. What happened?"

My deeply-caring uncle patted my chest and placed a hand on my forehead.

Finally, I told him everything that had happened in this even-worse nightmare …

"It was horrible, DK!" I began, "It was 2010 all over again! We were in the Tikis' volcano, being chased by burning Tikis! Then, we came up to a bottomless pit that led straight into a gigantic pool of lava! I jumped on your back and tried to get my jet pack to work as we jumped, but it failed and sent us down into the pit."

"Aw, dear," said DK with tears falling from his eyes.

"You grabbed onto a stick to stop the fall, but the Tikis came down and tried to burn us. You tried to climb up the wall while I tried to blow out the flames on the Tikis, but the flames wouldn't go out, and we had to plan something else. So, I jumped off your back and fired peanuts at the Tikis, but they bounced off and hit my head. Then, we fell into the lava and landed in a dark void!

"Aww, Diddy, that sounds pretty scary," said DK before I continued …

"A spotlight shone over us, and those two terrible words flashed over us again; GAME OVER!"

I began to sob as I tried to finish my story …

"Then, … (sniffle) … invisible forces began to grab me, … (sniffle) … and it seemed as if I was beating myself up because it was my fault that we fell into that void. Then, I grabbed a mirror, and I looked exactly like I did on that DKC1 Game Over screen all over again!"

"Aw, Diddy," was all DK could say in reaction to hearing those words.

"Then, King K. Rool showed up and threatened to shoot me with his big gun! We started hugging each other so that you could protect me, but then a bunch of devils, wearing completely black hoods, floated down from above us and grabbed us. Our tight hug was pulled apart, and the devils held us by the wrists before they turned me to face K. Rool."

I sobbed even heavier, and I almost couldn't tell DK about this fatal ending to my nightmare that scared me so much.

"Then, … (sniffle) … t-then, … (sniffle) … he-"

I couldn't go on. I just couldn't speak anymore. I broke down completely and sunk my head under DK's chin again.

"Aww, there, there, little buddy. Just take your time," said DK in a very sad tone.

I tried to stop bawling my eyes, but even with DK's arms wrapping around my back to keep the comfort level high, I just couldn't recover.

Then, DK gently grasped my chin and lifted my head up so that we were facing each other.

"What happened, little buddy?" he asked me with tears streaming down his face.

I knew he felt so sorry for me, but I also knew that I had to tell him how my nightmare ended.

Then, I let out several sad gulps and spat it out:

"K. ROOL SHOT ME IN THE CHEST AND KILLED ME!" I screamed as my face exploded into a flooding of tears, and my cheeks blushed so deeply that they felt ready to blow up.

"Oh, my!" said DK in shock.

All I could do next was cry like a little baby! I constantly screamed and wept so much that I felt ready to just kill myself!

"I can't believe this is happening to me!" I yelled.

"Aww, Diddy," said DK as I looked at him and noticed that he had started crying, too.

"What am I gonna do, DK!?" I asked him with a childish weep.

"Aawww, there, there, little buddy. Let's not begin weeping in the middle of the night. I think you're just having one of those rough times in which you begin to have a series of nightmares."

"How long will this last, buddy?" I asked him, "Am I cursed or something!? Am I gonna be having nightmares forever!?"

I really felt like I would never have a good dream again for the rest of my life after such a dreadful night like this.

"Oh, of course not," answered DK, "I think that all you need is just a little something to get you out of this trance."

"What could possibly help me out of this horrible trance of nightmares!?" I asked him with more babyish weeps.

"Just wait here, little Diddy-buddy," said DK, "I'll be right back."

With that, he got up out of the bed and walked over to his drawer. I tried to dry my eyes and take a peek at what he was doing. I was sure that whatever he was trying to do, it may have a chance at wiping these nightmares away.

About a moment later, DK came back and sat on the bed with some tiny object in his hand.

"Here, take this," he said, revealing it to be a pill.

I quickly noticed that I couldn't take it if there wasn't a glass of water in the room.

"But there's no water," I told him.

"Oops, I'm sorry. I'll be right back. Here, hold this," said DK, giving me the pill, and he walked out of the room and into the kitchen.

I simply laid there in DK's bed and looked at the pill, wondering how a little thing like this could help me with this series of nightmares. I didn't feel so sure that this was going to help me at all.

Moments later, DK came back into the room with a glass of water in his hand, and shut the door behind him. He walked back over to the bed and sat down next to me again.

"Here you go," he said in a nice voice.

I took the glass of water from him, then I stared at the pill for a few more seconds.

"Are you sure this will help, DK?" I asked him, wanting to feel sure.

"Of course it will, little buddy," he answered, "It's helped me before when I've had series of nightmares. I'm sure it'll help you, too. Of course, it's sure to help you, since you are my best buddy … and my deeply-loving and caring nephew."

"Well, … (gulp) … okay," I said with a shy voice.

I cautiously brought the pill to my mouth and slowly put it in. Then, I washed it down my throat with a small sip of water.

"Now then, I'm sure those nightmares will trouble you no more," said DK, patting me on the back and turning his lamp down again.

"H-hopefully," I said with a still-scared sounding voice.

"It'll be okay, little buddy," whispered DK, scooting closer and hugging me.

I simply laid there, wanting him to keep hugging and cuddling me forever. It was really the only thing in the world that could give me any comfort at this rate.

"You wanna try getting some more shuteye, little pal?" asked DK.

"I don't feel ready yet," I said sadly, refusing to close my eyes.

DK continued to pet on my back and shoulders, and gently pat on my chest.

"Well, just take your time, Diddy. Of course, you're gonna need some more sleep if you wanna be ready for that race tomorrow," added DK.

I sighed and let him keep petting me until I eventually felt warm and comfortable enough to at least bundle up under his blankets again.

"Thank … you, … DK," I said faintly, just as I was beginning to close my eyes again.

Thankfully, DK's bed still felt very warm, especially since he was lying right next to me and giving me a very tight, cuddly hug.

I quickly began to feel regrets in my heart again, this time from startling DK with that horrible scream.

"I'm ever so sorry for screaming like that and having to ruin our night, big buddy," I said to him as I began to cry again with a heavily-beating heart.

"Aawww, … it's okay, little buddy," replied DK in a very kind and gentle voice, "There's no need to apologize. I know how you feel, and I would never get mad at you for interrupting my sleep because you were having nightmares. I don't blame you, Diddy. There's nothing to be ashamed of."

"Are you sure I'll have an okay dream once I fall asleep again, DK?" I asked him, really wanting to know if that pill would help me.

"Of course you will, Diddy," answered DK in an effort to reassure me.

All I could do then was sigh and gulp nervously again.

"There, there, Diddy. DK's here. Your uncle DK's gotcha," he whispered as he pulled me closer for another very tight bear hug, "It's okay. Just relax and take a deep breath, and you'll be just fine, little cutey-buddy."

I took a deep breath, just as he had told, and I slowly began to calm myself down.

DK petted my head, and we nuzzled our cheeks together.

"Are you okay, my sweet little buddy?" asked DK softly.

I sighed nervously and replied, "I'm okay, my wonderful big buddy. Thank you so much, DK."

"Aw, you're welcome, my precious little boy. I love you so much, little nephew" said DK.

Whenever he said those words to me, I always felt so happy to be with him.

"I love you so much too, my great, big uncle," I replied to him as I gradually felt comfortable enough to close my eyes again.

"Goodnight, Diddy," whispered DK as I sank my head under his chin and fell into another deep sleep.

"Goodnight, DK," I whispered back as I ultimately fell asleep in his warm, cuddly arms.

Soon, we were both asleep again, and, sure enough, my nightmares were no longer troubling me.

The next day, in Tokyo, I dominated in yet another Enthusia race in my Nismo Skyline GT-R and won my tenth straight race, tying the sport's all-time consecutive wins record! My nightmares occasionally flashed on me from time to time during the race, sometimes disrupting my pace, but I held on and eventually took the win.

When I pulled my car into parc ferme and took the top step of the podium in such delight, those nightmares were finally out of my mind for good!

By then, I had realized: one more win, and I would officially break the all-time consecutive wins record.

Sure enough, one week later in Germany, in a track where Bowser, Jr. had been known to literally crush the competition at, I pulled it off! I, Diddy Kong, had just become the first soul to ever win eleven consecutive Enthusia Professional Cup Series events!

Those handful of Nintendo characters who raced back in the 90's (there were only four of them, including DK and Mario) could never even dream of pulling off something like this off! They were all so unsuccessful in Enthusia, having never won the Speediapolis 500, the Nürburgring Finale or the Professional Cup championship. They combined to win very few races in the 90's, and came so close to winning a title, yet to no avail every single time!

Bowser, Jr. eventually broke the curse in 2009 in a Toyota GT-one, and then, a year later I won the 500, the Finale and the championship! Then in 2011, I won the title again, and now I was the first video game character to score at least twenty career victories and the new all-time record holder for most consecutive wins!

I guess you could say that I'm the best Nintendo character in "Enthusia Profesional Racing" history!

Wow, what a month July 2012 was!