The air was cold. It was freezing, like little knives were digging into your skin every time a wind blew. Of course that's what winter was like in the Juuban district of Tokyo. Tiny icicles were hanging off of every gutter of every house and tiny snowmen were in every front yard. It was something the starlights weren't prepared for when they arrived back on Earth.

"Fighter! C'mon! I'm freezing!" The silver haired Sailor Star Healer had her knees buckled, was hugging her shoulders, and shivering furiously. "Can't we let our transformations go now that we're on Earth?"

Fighter turned from the snowy landscape that she was surveying with a glint of mischievousness in her blue eyes. Her ebony colored hair whipped in the wind behind her. She smirked. "Sorry Healer. But, you're just gonna have to deal with the cold until we get back to our old apartment. If we let go of our transformations here, people will be suspicious. Let me remind you we're wearing Kinmoku's clothing." When she grinned, her teeth blended in with the white landscape around her.

"I agree." Maker came up behind Healer. Her violet eyes were firm, yet determined. Her chestnut hair was everywhere at the moment, considering her hair was incredibly thin for a brunette. "People will be curious as to why Three Lights suddenly appeared in their street out of nowhere. So we better keep going. Plus, Fighter you forgot, we were naked when we transformed so they wouldn't suspect anything if they looked in our closet or the dump and found the clothes. It would be quite embarrassing to go through Tokyo in the buff."

Healer grunted. Then nodded with understanding.

Fighter turned back towards the road that they were closest to. Now that she thought about it, Healer was right, it was freezing outside. She looked down at her hand and saw it was washed out of all color. The tan she had worked so hard to get on Kinmoku was gone, and it was really hard for her to get a tan. They're only on the planet for ten minutes and all of the sudden; her tan has totally vanished without a trace.

She scanned the road in front of her. There were no cars driving along the roads, she noticed. Fighter already knew the answer to that just by looking at the road. It was covered in ice.

"Be careful walking on the road, it must be slippery." She told the two behind her. She could hear Maker and Healer trying to warm each other up. But it wasn't working so far.

"Hai." Maker answered back

Fighter carefully stepped onto the ice. It was fairly slick. Slick enough to the point where Fighter almost slipped and fell. She got a snicker from Healer for that. It wasn't like she could do any better.

And she couldn't.

The moment Healer stepped foot on the ice, she fell on her butt. When she tried to get back up, she slipped again and fell on her face.

Fighter laughed aloud and got a famous glare from Healer.

Maker just sighed and bent down to pick up the now panicked Healer. She threw her over her bare shoulder and skated over to where Fighter was standing like she had been doing it for years.

Fighter snickered and spanked Healer's butt, receiving a squeal of pain and a kick to the nose.

She staggered backwards, almost slipping again, holding her nose with her gloved hands. When she took them away there was blood on her fingers.

"Hey! What was that for?! You made my nose bleed!" she growled at Healer, not noticing the groups of small children gathering around the icy road.

Healer stuck her nose up in the air and grunted. "Well, you spanked me first!"

Fighter calmed herself down, knowing that if this continued, it would turn into an all out fight. And that would not end well.

"Uh…guys…we have an audience it seems…" Maker whispered, "I think it would be wise to stop that now and keep going."

Healer and Fighter looked around at the small group of children on the sidewalk. They were all holding ice skates in their hands while wearing snow gear.

Fighter heard them murmur something like, 'Who are they?' 'Why is that girl over the other girl's shoulder?' 'They look weird', and 'Where did they come from?'

She saw that Healer and Maker weren't going to speak up, and sighed. Then decided on a good explanation. "Sorry, kids! We were just making our way threw the neighborhood, but we seem to have gotten lost. Can one of you give us directions to downtown Tokyo, please?"

There was silence.

Then an adult made their way through the crowd of children. She was short, but was clearly one of the moms. Her voice was smooth, "Just go down this road to turn around the corner. You'll find yourself in downtown Tokyo in about half an hour if you keep walking."

Maker nodded. "Arigatou. We appreciate you assistance."

Fighter saw Maker start to head back down the road again with Healer still on her shoulder. She struggled to catch up with them again.

When she finally caught up with them, she felt and looked like a true leader again. Except for the part that she could feel all the kids' eyes on them.

As the Starlights continued to walk down the icy road towards their apartment building, the cold caught up with them in their underdressed condition. Soon, Fighter was shivering, and she had gathered into a group with Healer and Maker in an attempt to keep warm.

As they got further into downtown Tokyo, the three got more weird looks. After all, they were wearing short shorts, a bikini like top, elbow length gloves, and thigh height boots. All leather, which became freezing when in conditions like the ones they were in.

Some people recognized their outfits, respecting them with a smile and a wave. One elderly lady saw that they were freezing and approached them. She handed them each a scarf, even taking the extra step to go around them to hand Healer one, who Maker was still carrying around on her shoulder. Coincidentally, the colors of the scarves were each of their respected senshi colors.

"Fighter!" Healer shouted from her position resting against Maker's bare shoulder.

Fighter scowled then responded with a little bit of attitude. "What Healer?"

"I'm starving here! Can't we just stop once to get some food?!"

'Now that I think about it, I'm also starving.' Fighter thought as she put her gloved hand to her stomach. It felt like there was a phage continually punching her from the inside. If she didn't eat soon, she would collapse from not having enough energy. But they couldn't stop. They were really close to their apartment now. They could get food there. If there was any.

Maker seemed to read Fighter's thoughts from the expression on her face, "We need to keep going. Once we have clothes and are in our normal forms, we can come back for food, but otherwise we can't stop now."

Healer was about to protest but thought better of it, from the glares Fighter was shooting. Maker wouldn't want to be involved in another of their disturbing fights anyways.

"Finally!" Healer cheered in exhaustion, "Maker! Just put me on the couch!"

Maker dumped Healer on the couch a little rougher than necessary, but Healer still landed on the couch with glee.

"Ah, Healer. We just got back home from two years away, and you're already back to bad habits." Fighter mused

Healer gave Fighter a scowl from the couch, where she had detransformed back into her Earth form, Yaten Kou. Yaten was now laying there totally nude, not being shy at all.

Fighter sighed and touched her broach to let go of her transformation. Now, Seiya Kou, lead vocalist for Three Lights stood in her place at the door. Also, Butt naked.

"Well, this is awkward." Yaten concluded when Seiya walked over to where he sitting and stood in front him. "Could you not stand so close, Seiya? I would like to keep my virginity, thank you."

A smirk spread across Seiya's face for a moment, then became stern.

"You and Minako…." He started

"WHAT?! ARE YOU CRAZY?!" pure rage was on Yaten's face, but he was blushing furiously

Taiki walked into the room right at that moment, nude, like the both of them. But his face was a deep pink; he was a little more sensitive about being naked around other people, even the other lights.

"Would you two stop yelling out here? The neighbors are going to know we're back and come rushing over to meet us. Just like the first time we moved here. Remember, they don't knock; they'll just walk right in and see us nude. You don't want that, now do you? Cause I really don't."

Seiya and Yaten shook their heads and took the clothing that Taiki was holding in his hands for the two of them.

"I called the school already. We'll be going back tomorrow, so enjoy this freedom now." Taiki took his underwear and slipped it on, then his pants, so only his bare stomach and chest were showing.

"What?! But we just got back on earth, and we're already going back to school." Yaten complained as he slipped on his coat jacket. He was a faster changer than Taiki and Seiya.

"I also took the opportunity to get us back into contract with our manager. We have an opening concert in two weeks. They haven't put it back out to the public yet, since I asked them not to, but they will soon. I figured that we might need some time to get familiar with things again. And, to get back together with old friends." Taiki blushed a little at this last comment

Seiya, who just put his clothes on the couch and went over to the refrigerator to get a soda, dropped his can on the floor very loudly. "Odango…." He murmured under his breath. His midnight blue eyes glazed over a little bit and he looked like he was in a trance.

Seiya was thinking of that rainy night that Sailor Tin Nyanko attacked Usagi on the roof of their school.

"Seiya? What's wrong?" Taiki asked

"Oh, you know Seiya. He's daydreaming about Usagi again. How he'll be making out with her in no time from the point we see her again." Yaten Smirked, he loved to make Seiya mad.

"Why you! Yaten! It's not like you weren't daydreaming about Minako when we arrived! I saw the pictures of her you left out on your desk!" Seiya shouted back at him.

Yaten's face was a deep crimson now. His eyes were filled with a different kind of fury as he shouted, "W-Why were you in my room in the first place?! Were you stealing something again?!"

Victory showed on Seiya's face. Yaten couldn't do anything about this; he had no other blackmail to refer to.

"Would you guys stop arguing? I admit we all have our souvenirs of certain senshi," Taiki told them and they raised an eyebrow, "But we just got back here, and you're arguing already about some stupid stuff that happened in the past. It's almost 9 Pm already anyways. I think we should all go to bed because we have School tomorrow. And we're all probably tired from our journey so it makes it even worse."

Yaten and Seiya nodded. Seiya bent over and put the soda back in the fridge, then grabbed his clothes from the couch. Yaten and Taiki walked over to their bedrooms and closed their doors, once they were inside.

Seiya, on the other hand, decided to go for a late stroll in the city. He knew it was late and he should have gone to bed since he was pretty tired, but he just liked to look at all the lights. He thought it was beautiful. So after he had changed into his clothes, he quietly tiptoed out the door of their pint house, and left to go explore.