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Usagi was more than excited as she made her way to the home where her parents lived. The streets were empty; there was no one in sight on the sidewalks either. It was perfect for Usagi. This meant that if she had one of her famous klutz attacks, then no one would be around to see it; which is exactly what happened.

Except there definitely was some one watching her.

Usagi had just tripped over a crack and fallen face first into the concrete of the sidewalk, when she heard a voice behind her.

"Hey, Usagi-Chan."

Usagi jumped. That voice was all too familiar to her; she had heard it every day all through middle school. But she hadn't heard it in awhile.

She slowly turned around to find an excited Naru, tightly grasping a hand that belonged to a smiley faced Umino. Auburn, almost red, hair blew behind the rosy cheeked girl, while her lover's simple mousy, brown hair only rustled in the wind.

Mild, green eyes looked at Usagi with a relaxed feeling that Usagi hadn't seen from Naru ever since they got into high school. It took a tiny weight off of her shoulders knowing that she wouldn't have to worry about Naru being happy when she wasn't around.

"So, Usagi-Chan, what are you up to? Oh, wait. Do you need some help?" Umino asked kindly.

She nodded and he moved to help her up, letting go of Naru's hand for a moment. Usagi grabbed his hand and he pulled her up swiftly, without struggle, like he would have had if they were back in middle school. Umino had become remarkably strong over the last two and a half years they were apart.

Sure, she and Naru communicated once in awhile, but she hadn't been communicating with Umino ever since they left for different schools.

"Are you okay?" Naru asked; her smile was full of sincerity.

"Hai." Usagi replied, making sure to smile back at her for reassurance.

"As I was saying, what are you up to, Usagi-Chan?" Umino went back to Naru's side again, and the moment he was beside her, she slipped her small hand back into his.

"Oh, nothing much. I have school and homework and stuff like that to do. I mostly hang out at my place still. Well, I used to anyways…" she mumbled

"What do you mean?" Umino asked curiously.

"I'm moving out to go live with some good friends. They go to the same school as me so I won't have to worry about transferring to a different one." She explained

"Oh, okay." Umino said

"Hey Usagi-Chan! Did you hear that the idol group, 'Three Lights' is back in town?! Isn't that exciting?" Naru burst from her little moment of silence to share the latest gossip about celebrities.

Usagi rubbed the back of her head, how would she tell Naru and Umino this? "Um…. Well, I…."

Usagi was cut off by a loud shout in the distance and the sound of pounding feet coming their way.

"Oi! Odango!"

Seiya suddenly appeared next to her, and, putting his arm around her waist in a protective way, stared at Umino and Naru. "Who are these love birds? Your friends?" he asked as he looked down at her.

"Yes, Seiya. This is Umino; he's my friend from middle school. So…Umino-san meet Seiya-Kun, Seiya-Kun meet Umino-san." She motioned to the short nerdy boy, whose glasses glinted slightly in the dim sunlight. Seiya shook his hand and greeted him in a mannerly way. "And, this is Naru; also one of my friends from middle school. Naru-Chan meet Seiya-Kun, Seiya-Kun meet Naru-Chan."

Naru stood there dumbfounded. She couldn't believe that Seiya from the famous idol group, Three Lights, was actually standing here before her. How did Usagi know Seiya?

"Hello there. Nice to meet you." Seiya flashed one of his signature smiles at her and she swooned a little inside. His midnight blue eyes bore into her, while his dark hair danced in the cold, winter wind.

"Oh, and this is Taiki." Usagi moved a little to grab a tall chestnut brown haired boy who was standing off to the side quietly. It seemed he was trying to avoid being in the conversation with these new people. He jumped a little when Usagi grabbed him and he struggled a little bit as she tried to pull him over. "C'mon, Taiki-san! It seems Yaten-Kun is rubbing off on you a little. Don't be shy!"

He finally gave in as she pulled him so he was standing next to her, so both Naru and Umino could see him. His violet colored eyes showed none of his emotions, and he tried to keep his face as blank as possible; he didn't want these people to read how uncomfortable he was right then.

"I guess you guys might already know them though because they're celebrities," She turned to Seiya and Taiki, "We were just talking about you guys a minute ago. Hey, where's Yaten?" she asked, a look of disappointment flickered across her face for a moment, and then turned to a look of puzzlement.

Seiya laughed and patted her odangos. "He's at the apartment taking a cat nap. You know he doesn't like to work. It's just the way he is. Are you disappointed, Odango?" he asked

"Kind of. I would have liked all of you guys to meet my parents. They would feel more comfortable meeting all of the friends I'm staying with." She put on a pouty face for Seiya and Taiki. They snickered a little.

Seiya turned to Taiki, "Why don't you call the lazy slug and tell him that Usagi's parents want to meet him?"

"Don't forget that Luna will be there!" Usagi snickered, knowing that Yaten had taken quite a liking to the black feline.

All the sudden, Naru burst with understanding, "You're going to stay with Three Lights, Usagi-Chan?!"

Usagi nodded. Seiya and Taiki chuckled a little bit.

"That's so cool! Can I come over sometime?!" Naru tried to calm down a little before she spoke again, "I mean, if you don't have any Sailor Moon business of course."

Everybody froze. Seiya and Taiki looked at Usagi, a little confused.

"You told them you were Sailor Moon?" Taiki raised his right eyebrow in interest.

"N-No, I didn't. They must've figured it out on their own I guess." Usagi looked just as confused as Seiya and Taiki were.

"Yeah, Usagi-Chan, it was easy to figure out. I mean, you started to hang out with these new people, and the more scouts that there were, you had the same number of friends." Naru explained

Umino nodded, "And considering how clumsy Sailor Moon was sometimes, we just compared her to you. But how come they know about Sailor Moon?" he pointed to Seiya and Taiki, clearly confused as to why they might know.

Usagi looked back at Seiya and Taiki. A moment of silence passed between them. When both of them nodded, she looked back at Umino and Naru with a serious expression.

"Come by the apartment and we'll explain. We'll give you the address." Usagi looked back at Seiya and wondered if he had a piece of paper and a pen she could use.

As if reading her mind, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small piece of notebook paper and pen. Seiya handed the objects to her and turned around so she could use his back as a table.

It tickled a little bit as he felt the point of the pen dig in his back when she wrote. Taiki quietly told her what to write from behind.

When she finished, Usagi handed Naru the piece of paper. The auburn haired girl took it in appreciation, and then chuckled when she looked at it. "I see your handwriting still needs a little work, eh?" she joked

Everybody chuckled while Usagi pouted and shook her head. It seemed the tension had become loose between all of them, and that made Usagi happy.

After some more time talking to each other, the group decided to go their separate ways. Naru and Umino waved goodbye and went the opposite direction as Seiya, Taiki, and Usagi. Naru waved at Taiki and Seiya saying, "Bye! It was really nice to meet you! See you later!"

Seiya chuckled a little at Naru's enthusiasm. He always loved meeting his fans in person.

"Shall we go to Usagi-Chan's home now, Seiya? Her parents might be getting a little worried. After all, we were expected there about twenty minutes ago." Taiki suggested, he and Usagi had gone ahead of Seiya because the raven haired boy had taken the time to admire all his fans.

Seiya turned around and noticed they had gone ahead of him, so he sprinted to catch up to them.

Taiki seemed insistent that they go over what Usagi would need, even though they had already gone over it a dozen times before at the apartment.

When the three arrived at Usagi's house, Yaten was waiting for them, as cranky as ever. They had woken him up from his nap when they called the apartment, and when he tried to sleep again, he couldn't, so he just ended up in front of he Tsukino residence.

"What took you so long?" Yaten scowled at them; he had been there for at least ten minutes waiting for them to show up.

"We ran into some of Usagi's friends." Seiya explained

"The senshi?" Yaten raised an eyebrow

"No, just some old friends from middle school. Now, let's go inside, I'm freezing." Usagi shivered a little to emphasize her point, her parents would be very angry with them for being late. She wanted them to wait no longer for them, least they get even angrier.

The boys nodded and Usagi opened the gate so they could go into the yard. There were many winter plants in the Tsukinos yard; Taiki admired this as he stepped through the gate.

Usagi went up to the door and turned the handle slowly.

They quietly stepped inside and Usagi went to the living room, where she assumed her parents would be. Seiya heard some yelling later on from the room, and he knew that her parents were arguing whether or not she should move in with them or not.

When Usagi came back, she motioned for them to go upstairs to her room. They quietly went up the stairs in single file order, not questioning the angry expression Usagi had on. The sound of a loud video game echoed through the halls and Seiya assumed it was Usagi's brother.

They finally reached the door to Usagi's room and quickly went inside, shutting the door behind them.

Usagi motioned for them to make themselves comfortable, so Seiya quickly went and sat at the small table, followed by Taiki and Yaten.

"I told my Okaasan to bring us some hot tea, so make yourselves at home for now." Usagi smiled at them kindly and went over to her closet. She pulled out the only suitcase she had and sighed.

"Don't worry Odango! We can get you some new clothes since all of them definitely won't fit in there." Seiya winked at her and she smiled back gratefully.

"Arigatou, Seiya-Kun." Usagi walked back to her dresser and started loading some clothes that she would want to bring with her.

Usagi had grown a couple inches in the last two years, so not all her clothes fit her anymore. She would ask her parents to donate the clothes that didn't fit to charity, which was most of them.

Once she was done, Usagi's mother came and knocked at the door to her room. Taiki stood up and opened it for her, bowing a little in greeting.

Yaten and Seiya stood up to introduce themselves to her also. Seiya shook her hand and bowed, using his manners, while Yaten softly kissed the top of her hand, making her blush.

"Well, at least these boys have manners. Maybe you can learn from them, Usagi." Ikuko smiled at all of them and set the tray of tea down on the small table.

"Arigatou." Yaten, Taiki, and Seiya said in unison. Ikuko blushed again and quickly left the room, running into Shingo, Usagi's brother, on the way.

"Hey, Shingo." Usagi greeted her little brother, wondering how he would take to her living with three boys. "Oh, I see you picked up Chibiusa like I asked you to. Arigatou." Shingo was holding a small child in his arms, which Seiya assumed was Usagi's daughter.

Usagi took the young girl from her brother. Chibiusa stared up at her with wide crimson eyes, pale pink hair framing her face.

Shingo looked down at the three boys that Usagi was going to live with. Then he looked back at her and said, "Oneesan, are you really going to live with three guys?"

Usagi nodded and blushed a little. She was sure that Shingo was worried about her going to live with some boys, but she didn't really know how to reassure him that it would be alright.

When silence enveloped the room, Seiya decided it was his turn. He stood up and placed a hand on the younger boy's shoulder. Shingo looked up at him with curious dark green eyes and Seiya stared back with serious midnight blue ones.

"Yaten, Taiki, and I would never do anything to harm your sister. I swear that I won't let anything happen to her. I promise." Shingo's eyes widened a little and he nodded ever so slightly at Seiya.

Seiya looked at Usagi again. "Are you ready?" when she nodded back he said, "Then let's go."

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