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Kaiyo was sitting on the couch when Usagi and the Starlights got home, watching T.V while sipping a grape soda. Taiki had said that she could treat herself to whatever was in the fridge, although there wasn't much.

First there was a sound of the door unlocking, and Kaiyo turned to see who would walk in. Even though she already knew who it would be. There were only five members living in the large penthouse at the time, and the other four were out together to gather her golden haired mate's belongings from her recent home.

Footsteps were heard in the hallway that was at the front of the apartment and all the sudden the other residents appeared, all carrying plastic bags on their arms as they tried not to drop them.

That was how Kaiyo thought of the problem with her plan. She had come totally unprepared. She had had the Luna Ball dispose of her girl scout uniform, and was now back in her regular clothes. The torn areas of her clothing had been repaired and all the stains had disappeared. But other than the pair she was wearing, she hadn't brought any other clothing articles or accessories.

Kaiyo must have had some kind of odd look on her face, because Usagi perked up suddenly, "Don't worry, Kaiyo! We bought some clothes for you too! Although, we probably should have asked what size you were first..." Usagi thought a moment, a slightly frustrated look appearing over her unblemished face.

Kaiyo giggled a little. Every clothing article her mother had ever given her was always a little bit big on her since they were Chibiusa's before they were hers, and she was always somewhat smaller than the cotton-candy haired girl. "It's okay, Odango head, I don't mind if they're a little big on me!"

Laughter broke out among the Three Lights, even baby Chibiusa, who was being held by Yaten. She was clapping her tiny hands together and laughing her toddler laugh loudly. Usagi pouted a little and put on a frustrated look, eyebrow twitching slightly as she pursed her lips together and turned to Seiya.

"It seems she's already picked up you and Rei's special nickname for me." She said and then picked her cheerful demeanor up again as she looked down at the bags Seiya was holding. He had three bags on each arm, and it didn't seem like it was a problem that the plastic handles were digging into his skin. Even so, It worried Usagi deeply. She couldn't have any of her friends being hurt.

Usagi reached and grabbed two of the bags from Seiya's hands and set them on the kitchen counter. Once she had taken all the bags from Seiya, she moved to help Taiki with his bags.

"Kaiyo, why don't you come take Chibiusa from Yaten-Kun? I think it's time for her nap. And why don't you go read one of the books we bought you. Then you can take time off from the T.V." Usagi offered, setting more bags on the large, marble counter.

Kaiyo nodded and pressed the power button on the remote to turn off the T.V. She got up off the couch and moved to take baby Chibiusa from Yaten, being gentle when lifting at the babe's armpits. She knew that Chibiusa was sensitive around that area, so she took extra care when holding the pink haired girl. From there she waltzed off to Seiya's room, where Usagi would be sleeping from now on. Her bedroom wasn't fully set up yet, and since she was sharing with Chibiusa, they would have to settle for the dark-haired starlight's room to take their nap. Even though it was almost 6'o clock.

She gently set the two year old down on the blue satin sheets of Seiya's bed and kissed her small forehead. Kaiyo climbed in next to her; she would get the books later. She knew that the Starlights and Usagi wanted some time to settle in more and put everything away. Yaten would probably organize her drawer with her new clothes; he and Taiki had always been somewhat neater than Seiya had been. Kaiyo knew that they would probably move in the furniture to the guest room so Kaiyo and Chibiusa could sleep there later, but for now, Kaiyo would settle down early. She needed to recover her energy from her journey so she wouldn't be restless in the morning. But, either way, she would be restless anyways since she is the daughter of her mother.

She sighed contently as she drifted off to a sleep filled with peaceful dreams. It would be the first peaceful night in a while.

Usagi yawned and stretched out her arms above her head to make the stiffness fade away. She had just finished helping the boys move some furniture into the room that Kaiyo and Chibiusa would stay in. Her muscles were sore from lifting the heavy drawer and bed across the apartment. She wasn't very strong, so Taiki, Yaten, and Seiya did most of the work, but she was still panting and sweating by the time they got the furniture to the front of the apartment building from the truck that had carried the stuff.

She groaned as she tried to stretch her back and it backfired, leaving an aching pain in the middle of her back. It felt like a huge knot that, whenever you tried to loosen it, it would just get tighter and tighter.

"Feeling alright, Odango?" Seiya asked from behind her. She had arrived at the door to the room they'd be sharing, and hadn't realized that she had just been standing there for no apparent reason.

Usagi turned and looked into dark blue eyes that were filled with worry. She felt like she was drowning in them as she tried to stammer out a response to his concerned question. She hadn't realized how much she had really missed Seiya until he was actually standing before her, eyes burning holes into hers, scourging out every secret she had.

"Odango?" Seiya questioned her again, but more to get her back to the real world.

Usagi quickly snapped out of her daze with a start, just registering that the dark-haired man before her had asked her a question. "U-Um... Oh! Uh, my back is really hurting right now."

Seiya's eyes deepened in concern, he said gently, "I think that maybe you should get ready for bed. And then, I can take care of you." He smiled at her, his white teeth blinding in the bright hallway light.

She smiled back at him sweetly and slowly turned around again to go into the room.

Usagi turned the door handle and walked inside, almost turning the bedroom light on until she caught sight of two small figures laying in Seiya's bed.

She glanced over at Seiya and put a finger to her lips as a sign to be quiet when entering. Then she silently tip-toed over to the side of the bed, Seiya in tow, and stared down at the slumbering children.

"They're fast asleep," Seiya whispered in Usagi's ear, sending a tingle down her back.

"Yeah," she replied under her breath.

"Just like little angels if you ask me. But, of course, I know a real-life one." he said quietly, and Usagi blushed a little.

The two stared at the sleeping children a little longer, until a voice rang from the doorway.

"Oi! Seiya!" Yaten shouted from his place standing next to Taiki, who was shoving a small notebook into the pocket of his black pajamas.

Usagi and Seiya turned and glared at the silver-haired boy, each sounding a loud "SHH!" in unison.

Taiki tapped Yaten's shoulder and pointed towards Kaiyo and Chibiusa, who were fast asleep in the bed. They both nodded at each other and started to walk over towards the middle of the room.

Yaten took one side of the bed, and Taiki the other. He carefully untangled Chibiusa from the soft sheets, with the small infant sucking intently on her right thumb. The other hand instinctively hung on to a shining, silver lock of hair.

Taiki, on the other hand, had more trouble with the sleeping Kaiyo. Every time the brown haired man even touched her, she squirmed and murmured something unintelligible under her breath. He finally caught grasp of her, right when she was about to roll off of the side of the bed.

When he held the small ebony haired girl in his arms, something unexpected happened. Kaiyo's eyes suddenly shot open, startling everyone in the room. Her head whipped up into it's straight position, revealing her blank, midnight blue eyes. They seemed to be hollow as she said in a panicked voice, "Mommy! Daddy! Where are you!? I can't find you! Where are you!?" Her voice had turned into a shriek, and she was practically screaming at nothing.

The screaming would have continued have it not been for the strong arms that took the small girl in an embrace. Seiya enveloped Kaiyo in a hug and the noise seemed to die down quite a bit. Usagi came over beside him and started to pet the girl's hair, while filling her ears with the gentle sound of a lullaby that she had learned when she was a child.

Kaiyo was silenced completely as Seiya and Usagi hugged her between them, calming her with their warmth.

Usagi kissed her forehead as Seiya handed Kaiyo back to Taiki to take to her new room.

Both Yaten and Taiki exited the room, Taiki giving a small nod while Yaten gave a smirk. The door slowly closed, leaving Usagi and Seiya alone in the room together.

Seiya immediately flopped onto his bed, sighing in exhaustion. Usagi giggled at this, and grinned at how cute Seiya looked when he did that.

She immediately scolded herself for having such a thought, 'What's happening to me? What's this weird feeling?'

"Odango, where are your pajamas? Didn't you bring them in with you?" Seiya asked, smirking. His eyes seemed to droop a little bit, emphasizing that he was, indeed, exhausted.

Usagi groaned.

"I feel too tired to go back out there and get them from the bag." She sighed and flopped onto the bed next to Seiya.

Seiya snickered a little at this and looked over at the blond.

"You can borrow some of my pajamas if you want. But they might be a little big on you." Usagi's eyes widened a little bit at this. Huge sapphire orbs stared back at Seiya, gleaming with a look that said "Really?"

Seiya chuckled and slowly got up off the bed. He walked over to his drawer and pulled out a dark blue nightgown. He presented it to Usagi and she raised an eyebrow.

Realizing that she might be curious as to why he owns clothes that belong to a female, he flushed and said, "We bought these because sometimes we need to get back to our original form. We miss it sometimes. It's a lot different than being a male."

Usagi giggled at this and nodded with understanding. She delicately took the silky nightgown from him and headed towards the bathroom.

she hung up her coat on the hooks that were attached to the bathroom door, and then turned back towards Seiya. "I'm going to take a shower, okay?" she smiled genuinely at him and shut the door.

Seiya sighed and rubbed scratched his head.

He has officially fallen head-over-heels in love with this golden haired angel. The way she smiled at him and gently brushed his hand, it was exhilarating. How could Mamoru possibly have abandoned her?

He scowled at the thought of the prince of Earth. He had left Usagi and Chibiusa all alone in the world. Even Usagi's parents couldn't cover all the bills that they had. But that had changed now, the two odango heads were with the Starlights now.

Seiya walked over to the drawer again and pulled out his pajamas. He quickly pulled off his school uniform and pulled on a white tank top. He hoped Usagi wouldn't mind his way of dress for the night.

He was right. Seiya heard the shower turn off and the door open, then Usagi appeared before him. She was wearing a robe she had found in the bathroom that was made of silk, and her wet hair flowed down her back in a golden waterfall. Hints of a pale silver also reflected in the dim light of the room.

Usagi smirked at what he was wearing and then took hold of one of the ties of the robe. She gently tugged at it and it slipped off her shoulders into a heap at her ankles.

Seiya gasped as he observed her.

Usagi was laughing so hard down inside, it was hilarious, the way Seiya acted.

She took the nightgown that she had been holding and slipped it over her head. She strutted over to the side of the bed and crawled under the silky sheets, crooking a finger towards Seiya.

Seiya smiled a little. Usagi must realize that she was being totally seductive towards him right then.

He slowly walked over to the bed and crawled in beside the beautiful angel that had captivated his dreams for so long.

Usagi smirked, and then cringed a bit when a sharp pain ran up from her lower back. She just remembered that her back was in serious pain. It was amazing how much Seiya could distract her from something so obvious.

"Oh! You're backs still hurting, isn't it, Odango? Why don't we try to take care of that?" Seiya frowned, and remembered how much pain she was in earlier.

Usagi nodded slowly back at him and turned around to face the wall. Smooth fingers then pressed onto the place where her stressed muscles screamed in pain. They moved in circles very slowly, massaging every tense place that they could find.

She moaned and Seiya smiled a little. Her back was really tense in the lower area; he really needed to loosen it up so she wouldn't be in so much pain at school the next day.

Eventually, Seiya stopped massaging when he saw her breathing level out and her body relax a lot more. Usagi had fallen asleep.

He sighed and turned away from her sleeping form.

Seiya was awoken by a loud sobbing. He sat up, curious as to who it could be.

Then he looked over at Usagi. Her body was shivering and jerking harshly. Tears were running down her face in a waterfall. Even in the darkness, the moonlight shone against her tear stained face, revealing that she was still asleep.

Seiya gasped and turned to face her. He delicately lifted her golden head into his lap and started to stroke her hair lightly.

Usagi had just awoken from a terrifying nightmare when she felt someone petting her hair. Her vision cleared once she had opened her eyes and looked up to find Seiya smiling gently down at her. His eyes shone with worry and she realized she had been crying in her sleep. But, of course, it wasn't surprising that she was crying. She had been doing so ever since Mamoru left her.

"What's wrong Odango?" Seiya whispered to her, while still softly stroking her hair.

She closed her eyes and turned away from him. "It's complicated..." she uttered under her breath, just loud enough that he could still hear it.

"Tell me." He replied, "I want to hear all about it."

Usagi felt more tears coming to her eyes so she shut them tighter. She couldn't cry again, not in front of him.

"Chibiusa...wasn't the only reason he left left us because he thought I was too childish to become queen. I had changed a lot since the end of the war, but I was still really immature..." she pressed her lips together a moment, trying to suppress the sobs that threatened to escape. Then she continued once she was sure she could hold them back, "I clung to him a lot more. I was afraid he would disappear like before. And he did, but he didn't die this time. He moved to America to continue his studies. Then he called me one night and told me he wasn't coming back. Ever. He told me he didn't love me anymore."

Usagi cracked at the end. She couldn't take it anymore.

Seiya cringed. Mamoru angered him. How could he just leave her like that? They had a future together! They had a daughter, for Pete's sake! But that was just another reason to protect his Odango; so she wouldn't be hurt anymore than she already was.

He pulled her weeping form in his chest and kissed the top of her head. She stopped crying immediately looked up into Seiya's deep blue eyes.

"Don't cry Odango." he murmured and that was all it took for her to relax.

Usagi was feeling odd. This was the second time that day that Seiya had hugged her so tightly against his chest. It had her feeling warm inside. She knew that feeling...But it was different than when she had had it before. It felt more genuine.

"You are good enough." She said quietly, blushing slightly.


"I said you're good enough. You are, in fact, you're more than good enough." She flushed even deeper at confessing this.

Seiya seemed to in shock. He just sat there with his eyes wide and his mouth moving but nothing coming out. He really didn't know how to reply. Maybe he could have come up with one if he wasn't so tired.

Usagi yawned. She was exhausted.

Seiya looked down at her, finding the perfect chance to leave off his response until tomorrow. "Tired?" he asked

She nodded.

"Then how about we continue this conversation tomorrow?" Usagi nodded and Seiya carefully brought her closer to his chest as he laid back down again, sliding under the covers with ease.

Usagi sighed with content and snuggled even closer to him, enjoying the sweet essence and warm feeling he gave off. "Good night, Seiya..."

"Good night, Odango."

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