"Vito's with Vinci"


A month after taking care of Carlo Falcone, Vito found his life spared, and without a job. One day, Vito woke up to a phone call from a friend of his. "Hello?" Vito asked as he got up.

"Hey kid, are you looking for a job?" Leo Galante greeted the mobster.

"Oh hi Leo, what are you talking about?"
"Meet me at the Mona Lisa, and I'll tell you more about it." Vito hung up and got his suit on. When Vito got to the Vinci family bar, he saw Leo sitting in the back, with Pepe at his left hand side. "Hey there, kid. How have things been?"

"Well, you know; I've been better. So, what were you going on with, about a job?"

"You heard me well. Vito, I talked to Frank Vinci, and I am offering you the opportunity to work for the Family. What do you say?"

"Sure thing, Leo. What do you want me to do first?"

"Well, with Steve and Derek from the docks dead, there is a matter of the management that must be handled. I want you to go to the docks and talk to one of the workers."

"You've got it, boss." With that, Vito made his way to the docks. As he approached there, memories of killing the men responsible for his father's death came rushing by. When he entered Derek's old office, the worker greeted Vito as he was at the door. "Vito, how are you doing son?"

"Not bad, sir; I was sent here by Mr. Galante. He wanted me to discuss with you the ownership of the docks."

"Exactly, and that is why we want you to run it."

Vito was shocked from hearing this. "Wait a minute; you want me to run things?"

"Yeah. After all, you were the one that kill those two."

"Very well, then." With that taken care off, Vito has begun his career in the Vinci family, and was given a steady job working the docks.