By the time Vito and Pepe could react, the hit was speeding away. An ambulance came by and Leo and Frank were taken to the hospital. In a heat of anger, Vito rushed to his car, to chase down the gunman. "You protect the two, I'll follow those SOB's," Pepe told him.

"Sure thing," Vito replied. Vito then drove off at fast speeds, and tailed the ambulance that took Leo and Frank to the Empire Bay Hospital. The Sicilian had a Tommy gun in his lap, ready to shoot at any attackers. Suddenly, two cars drove by Vito's left and right, as Vito started shooting at the two cars simultaneously. "Damn, why is it Joe isn't here when I need another gunner!" Vito exclaimed. Vito ended up shooting the cars' tires and causing them to crash. Despite the ordeal, Vito was able to protect the two aging Mafiosi as they were brought into the hospital.

As Vito made his way to follow the doctors taking Leo and Vinci, a police officer stopped him. "Hey buddy; this ain't your area of concern."

"Hey, I need to protect those two," Vito replied. "I'm with them."

"Hey, this ain't no party; and even if it was, you aren't on the list."

Despite his urge to punch the cop, Vito decided to instead pay him off. "Look, I'm pretty sure this might change your mind."

"Fine." Vito then followed the doctors up to the two rooms. The biggest objective Vito had in mind was to keep a close eye on the rooms, but not close enough to draw suspicion. A few hours after Vito arrived to the hospital, the phone rang near Vito. "Hello," Vito answered.

"Vito, it's Pepe; I found someone who was behind the Vinci hit," Pepe answered.

"That's great; where?"

"His name is Tony Balsamo, the last I checked, he's hiding out at the Distillery on Sand Island."

"Okay, I'll go take care of him. I need you to come here and watch over the two."
"Sure thing, Vito."

"Also, bring a few men along with you to the hospital, in case there is another attempt." As Pepe brought the rest of the crew to the hospital, Vito made his way to the Distillery. As Vito walked into the old whiskey factory, he found Tony lying on the table. As Vito pulled out a pistol on him, he saw that Tony died from loss of blood, and having his legs cut off. "What theā€¦?"

"Are you surprised there, Vito?" The figure was then revealed to be Eddie Scarpa.