This is not a chapter!

I would just like to update you all on this story. I know it's been over two months since I've updated this, and I would like to explain why.

I'm normally not this absent; it's just that I've been extremely busy as of late. I volunteer as staff at a church camp, so our training week was two weeks ago, which was the last week of school for me. This meant that I had to finish all my projects and study for all my exams a week before everyone else, so that was stressful. And then I was staff at my first day camp of the summer this past week, and I had 6 extra people staying at my house. Therefore, I could not write this last week.

Then, there is the issue of this story. When I started to write, I was full of ideas and excited to write. I'm still excited to write, but now it feels like I have no original ideas left. I must apologize to Italian Hobbit, because I feel like I've been subconsciously stealing ideas, and I promise I'm trying not to! By the way, if you haven't checked out any of her stories, they are absolutely wonderful, and she has helped me through some tough spots in my writing. She is amazing and a very talented writer 3

I have at least three other Hobbit/LotR related fics in my head right now, and I am very excited to write them. Two are Durin fics, and one is a LotR fic, but that is all I will divulge at the moment. One of the Durin fics will be similar to this one, but I have enough original ideas that I won't feel like I'm accidentally stealing from anyone. I hate that so much.

So I guess the question is, should I continue this fic? I think I already know that I'm not, but I hate to leave you all hanging. I promise I'll start on at least one, maybe two of the fics right away, so you won't have this long of a hiatus! Please review with your opinions. They would really help me out.

Thanks for all of your support, lovelies.

With love,