*Author's Note: Yes I will be making more. . . . Special and unusual stories. Well here is Extra Terrestrial. ~Calliwishis*

The second I wake, I know something is wrong. The first thing I think of is Prim. Prim. . . I rush to her room, which has light seeping from the cracks the curtains don't cover. Prim is sleeping peacefully of her side, away from the light. Before thinking, I rush outside, closing the door "lightly" and rush to the light, which stuns me into place.

A seventeen foot door opens. Like a spaceship. The light seeping from the spaceship shows a figure. A human. I run over, only trip and hit my head hard on the ground. The last thing I see is the shadow looming over me.

I wake with a start, sitting up in my bed. I see a figure, the same figure sitting on my nightstand. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. Blue eyes. How-? He gives a small nod.

The only other thing standing out is, the watch on his wrist. It's pasty white and thicker than a normal watch. His shirt is blue, but sky blue. "Thank you?" I mumble out, but comes out as a question. He repeats himself, and nods. I stand up, and the boy starts.

I move over to the window, moving a blind out of the way, and see no spaceship. "Do you mind telling me what happened last night?" I ask. He ponders on it for a while. He holds his finger up to say, 'One minute.' And walks out my door, gently closing it behind him.

I look out the window again, and there is still no glowing spaceship. Was mom just coming home early? What happened? The boy comes back into the room. I watch him move from the doorway to my nightstand again.

He gives a small wave, breaking me from my daze. "Do you talk at all?" I wonder. He nods. "Will you?" I clarify. "Hi." He chokes out, but through the sore throat, he has a nice voice. He lowers his head when he hears his voice.

"What happened last night?" I repeat. "My RV was about to hit you when I slammed on my breaks, thus your head." He says nodding at my now painful forehead. "Oh." I say. I know he is lying. I remember it all. I just need to find out. "Where is this RV again?" I ask. His eyes widen slightly.

"Out front." He replies. "Uh-Huh." I say doubtfully. "Hey Katniss I made waffles all by myself-" Prim stops mid-sentence. "Hi!" She says happily. "Hi." The boy replies.

"I'm Primrose. But call me Prim, okay?" She announces. "Hello little Prim." The boy thinks for a while. "I am Peeta." He adds. Prim giggles. "Katniss, Peeta, I made breakfast!" She announces, then leaves.

"Would you like to eat? You must be hungry." I say. He begins to object. "Oh, but Peeta - You saved my life." I say, pretending to be hurt. And I want to figure out what happened last night, but I don't add that.

I sit in my chair, and smile at the food. "You made this Prim?" I smile. She nods since her mouth is full. Peeta mimics me, he sits down, but stares at the food. "This is what again?" He asks. Me and Prim stare at him. His face breaks into a smile. "I'm just joking." He says.

I go back to eating. But I glance up to see him pick up a waffle with his bare hands and eat part of the waffle. "This is good Prim." He says. Prim smiles, looking over to him, but bursts out laughing. "Use a fork!" She chuckles, putting the fork into his hand.

At first he stares at it. But then he stabs the waffle, then looks back up at us. Prim nods slowly. He moves his hand up, having the waffle lift beneath it. He looks back at Prim. "You're so funny!" Prim bursts out laughing. I can't help but chuckle. Not at him. At Prim. I know what "Peeta" doing is not funny. It's confusion.

"Want some milk to wash it down with?" Prim asks, giving him a glass of milk. He stares at it. "I wash myself with it?" He says, with a hint of humor, to cover up his confusion. She shakes her head now, laughing.

"Watch me, funny one." I say, tapping his shoulder. He looks over at his blue eyes bore into my gray ones. I break the contact. I look over at the milk, pick it up, and bring it to my lips.

The cup still at my lips, I look over to see Prim and Peeta mimicking me. I tilt the cup and take a sip. Prim copies and so goes Peeta. "Thats good milk!" Peeta announces. Me and Prim laugh again. "Well, how about that walk you promised, Katniss? Peeta can come too." Prim coos.

I thought you were going next door to Rue's today." I respond. Her face lights up and she runs outside and doesn't even close the door. I look over to him and stand from my chair. As if to make it easier, Peeta stands as well. I come close to him and he doesn't move.

I grab him by his collar and shove him to the wall. "I know you lied to me. I plan to figure out why. So. Shall we walk and talk?" I demand. Thats right. It was barely a request. But he nods and we walk out, closing the door.

He doesn't seem fazed by my attack. We walk in silence for a while, passing houses and houses. "I'm waiting." I speak up. Peeta lets out a sigh. "It's complicated, Katniss." He says.

"We have a long time. It's barely morning. If you know what that means." I snap. "Fine but don't you dare judge me when I tell you the truth!" He snaps back. "Okay." I reply, pushing him on.

I give a curt nod. "I'm not from Earth. Happy?" He claims. I snap my head, looking at him. He waits for my reply. I begin to run home, but he grabs my wrist. "Katniss-" I continue to try to run, but end up tripping. Again.

But this time when I wake, he isn't on my nightstand, but laying in bed with me. I feel him. I turn over, to see him wide awake. I jump out of bed and stumble into my desk chair. "Humans are so jumpy." He mumbles, rubbing his eyes. "Why did you get into bed with me in the first place?" I accuse. "Well." He begins.

"You were thrashing around. So I grasped your hand. Which calmed you down, but only for a while. You thrashed again until I just climbed in with you." He ends.

There is a knock at the door, saving me. I run to the door and answer it. She gives me a half smile. "Hey." The stranger says, taking off her sunglasses. Even though its evening. This girl has deep brown hair, unlike my black hair, and she has blue eyes.

"I'm looking for-"
"Peeta?" I ask, cutting in. "How do you know him?" I add. The door opens more widely. Peeta stands next to me. "I am Johanna. Thanks for asking." She snaps. "And I knew Peeta since I was five." She adds. I snap my head to look at Peeta. "Five, you say?" I ask.

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