"You wont believe the haul I got today!" He says, walking up to the door, bow slung over his shoulder, game bag in hand. He stops right in front of me. "You made friends?" He asks, But I know it was meant to be a statement. He walks past me, setting the game bag in the kitchen, along with his bow and arrows.

I close the door and walk back to the coffee table. Gale looks over at us. "Was I interrupting something?" He asks.

"No." I say.

"Yes." Peeta blurts out.

"Duh." Johanna spits.

"Mhm." Finnick says, chewing sugar. We all speak in unison. Gale walks forward towards me anyway, but stops dead in his tracks when he meets Peetas eyes. "What the. . ." He trails off, walking toward Peeta. His eyes widen, Oh god this will not end well.

His eyes flit to Johanna's, then Finnick's. "Your eyes-" Gale is cut off by Johanna. "Blue. We know." She rolls her eyes. "How- You- You- How. On. Panem. Did you leave your Districts?" Gale stumbles. Finnick gets it immediately and begins to play along. He puts his head down.

"We don't like to talk about it." Finnick whispers. "Really? I could care less! I need to know how in the Hell-" Gale gets cut off. By me. His friend. "Gale! Don't talk to my friends that way! You wouldn't dare talk to me that way, so why them?!" I shout over his voice.

"Ooh. I like this Katniss." Johanna says with a smirk.

Gale sighs. "Katniss, if they ran, we could too!" He almost shouts. "We didn't have a family to take care of. Katniss's father is on a business trip, and she can't just leave him left behind." Johanna states, bored. Gale looks over to me.


"Catnip?!" Finnick and Johanna burst out laughing. Peeta is keeping his jaw locked. "I'm going, to leave." He walks over to the game bag, and splits our spoils. He gives a fake smile before opening the door and slamming it behind him.

"Ouch. Who the Hell was that?" Johanna asks. "A friend. A hunter partner." I reply. "Friend? He looks at you with, what you human call admiration." Finnick says. "Oh, excuse me love lord Odair." I snap.

"He actually knows a lot about flirting. He does it a lot at home. He is annoying." Johanna says, somewhat calmly. "Well. It's dark now. I think I should find a spot for you guys to sleep-" I get cut off for the millionth time today.

"I'll sleep on this couch. It's pretty comfy. Johanna, move." Finnick says with a small laugh. Johanna glares at him, but stands up. "I like real comfort. Mind if I sleep on this, bigger couch?" Johanna asks. I laugh and nod.

I walk to my room. My hand barely touches the knob when a hand touches my shoulder. "I don't know where to sleep." A familiar voice says. I turn to see Peeta. I don't want a stranger in my bed, but I can sleep on the floor. I nod and open my door. "Sleep in my bed tonight." I say. "And you'll sleep where?" Peeta asks.

"On the floor." I reply. His eyes widen. "I wont allow that." He says sternly. "Well you're not sleeping on the floor either. I wont allow that." I say. I know I am being stubborn, but he is my guest.

"Well then I'll just have to sit here then, until you make up your mind." Peeta sits on my nightstand, which happens to be five feet tall and only two feet long. My night stand is more or less like a bookshelf.

I squint my eyes, ready to challenge him. I pull a pillow and a blanket to the ground and lay on it. "No. Get in this bed." Peeta says. I ignore him and roll on my side. "Fine. But you asked for it." Peeta mumbles. I tune him out and fall into a deep sleep.

I, for the second day in a row, am wakened by arms encasing me. I shift my head sleepily. He and I are sleeping on our side and his first arm is wrapped around me and keeping me close. His other hand, though, I am using as I pillow.

I pick his arm encasing me up, and I gently pug it on his side, to see his eyes are open.

He turns as red as a ruby. "Morning." He mumbles. "I thought I told you to get into the bed." I scold. "Yes, but the second I got in the blanket with you, you didn't object. You even smiled." He replies. "I was asleep." I say.

"Ew." Rue peeks into the bedroom doorway. I jump out of the small bed I formed. "Please don't tell anybody." I say in a begging tone. "I promise." She says with a giggle. She skips away. "Cute kid." Peeta says. Before I can reply, there is a sharp knock on the front door.

I go over to get it, not caring about what I look like. But the second I open the door, I am very self conscious about how I look.

"Hello Officer." I say. "May I come in?" The Peacekeeper asks, ignoring my question. "Are you here with someone?" I ask. "Actually, Yes. May We come in?" The President, the one and only, Coriolanus Snow. I nod and open the door more widely.

I sit on the coffee table, forgetting my manners. They sit in front of me. "You know our laws. Correct, Everdeen?" Snow asks me. I nod. He gives me a small half smile. "Then do you mind telling me page two hundred and forty four, paragraph one section twelve?" Snow asks.

"I-I don't have the law book on me, S-Sir." I reply. The Peacekeeper slams the rule book in my lap. I let out a small yelp. Snow lets out chuckle at my discomfort.

I find the page, while they watch me. "Read the paragraph aloud, if you will Everdeen." Snow puts in. I gulp, and read the section.

"Any citizen who discovers aliens must turn them into the Government. No if, and, or lawsuits." I say in a shaky voice. They need to get out. Now. "Correct. May I read the second section of this law?" Snow asks. I hand him the rule book.

"Any citizen who doesn't obey this law will be taken into custody by the Government. Of course after handing in these aliens and kissing your family goodbye." Snow reads, adding in his own two cents.