Lets backtrack. Here is the story of how Peeta got here. Since you were wondering.

I move away from Johanna and Finnick. There is just no way I can go to so called "District 13" Because I don't trust not one human. I begin to land on a random driveway. Thats right, I listen to at least half of what those two try to teach me.

The door opens, slowly. I see a human watching me walk out. She begins to run but ends up falling down. I quickly lift my watch and type in a command. I look human now. I have blonde hair. I'm wearing blue pants and a blue shirt. The only thing I can't change are my eyes. They'll remain blue. I cloak my ship and walk to the girl.

I carefully scoop her up, wedding style and walk into her house. I look into a doorway and see a small girl sleeping. Not her room. I open a door and see an empty room. I carefully set her down.

I type into my watch: "I am in District 12, I assume." I peek out the window and catch the street name out the corner of my eye. "TeaTree St. When can you be here? " I send it to both Johanna and Finnick.

I sit up on her bookshelf. She's. . . Beautiful. I reach out and brush a hair behind her ear.

Half and hour later. . .

Her body shifts. I nod in her direction, I'm glad shes okay. "Thank you?" She mumbles, obviously confused. I nod again. She gets out of the bed and I start. She moves over to the window, moving a blind out of the way, and see no spaceship. "Do you mind telling me what happened last night?" She asks.

I get scared, I haven't customized my voice. I hold up my finger and leave the room. I type into the watch and scroll in the voices. I choose the perfect voice. I walk back into her bedroom, slyly making my way over to the bookshelf I've already grown accustom to.

"Do you talk at all?" She asks. I nod. "Will you?" She pushes. "Hi." I let out. I lower my head in embarrassment. She must think I'm a freak.

"What happened last night?" She repeats. "My RV was about to hit you when I slammed on my breaks, thus your head." Is the best thing i can come up with. "Oh." She says.

"Where is this RV again?" She asks. My eyes widen slightly, and I can only hope she didn't notice.

Half an hour later. . .
I make my way inside, once again carrying her. She found out. Sort of? I can't believe she might turn me in. I will never forget her. I lay her on the bed.

Minutes later she begin to thrash around. I gain courage and hold her hand. It doesn't make it worse, but she still trashes around and about. I can't stand it anymore. She needs comfort.

I slip into the bed with her and cuddle as close as I can to her unconscious body, trying to warm her up.

Authors Note: Now that I have gotten that out of the way, we can continue Chapter 4 - Saved

I see over President Snow's shoulder and see Johanna, Finnick and Peeta running towards us. "Wha-?" Finnick grabs my wrist, risking getting hurt by the Peacekeeper Peeta opens the door and kicks the waiting Peacekeeper in the groin.

Gale is also waiting there. "Run!" Peeta yells, yanking on Gale's wrist. A government hovercraft lands onto the ground. There is no going back. We are all going to die.

Peacekeepers dressed in black take us all inside the hovercraft. I and Gale are the only ones trying to fight out of their grasp. The hovercraft door closes. "Katniss, calm down." Peeta says, putting a hand on my shoulder. The Peacekeepers in black walk into another room.

"Wha?" I question. "We just got saved not kidnapped." Johanna answers. The hovercraft door opens once more, hauling Prim, Rue and my mother into the hovercraft. It closes once more.

"Saved?" I ask. "Katniss. District 13 saved us." Finnick says. "There is no District 23." Gale snaps. "Shut up, traitor! You reported us, didn't you? You did!" Johanna shouts, rushing over to him. "Silence!" A voice yells in a slurred voice.

We all look over. "Hey, boy, whose this one?" A man comes into view, going over to Peeta. He mumbles something in answer. "Why, hello, Sweetheart." He says. "Haymitch. Haymitch Abernathy." He adds.

"Peeta, why, why, did you drag her into this? And this, this." Haymitch walks over to Gale. "Why would you rescue the one who turned you in?" Haymitch slurs. "Are you an alien too?" I question.

"She speaks." Haymitch smiles. "Half way, Sweetheart, half way." He answers. Another person walks in.

"Well, well, well. If it isn't the famous crew in their shining glory." A voice says. The person steps out of the shadows and smiles. "I am Coin. That's the only name you need to know. In District 13, we protect aliens. Yes there is normal humans like myself, but we need an underdog that's human to speak for them." Coin's head snaps to my direction.

"That's where you come in, Katniss. You are aware of the Mockingjay birds, correct? In the other Districts they've named you Mockingjay, because they don't know your name." Her head snaps to Peeta.

"Peeta here is the best with words out of anyone in this room combined. Peeta, you are aware of the Jabberjay, right? Well, Jabber's definition means to speak, correct? Then you." Coin points to me. "Are the Mockingjay." She states.

Her finger goes flying to point at Peeta. "And you are the Jabberjay." She steps closer to us and I get a good look at her. She has gray hair, which doesn't go past her chin. She is small, but already has proven her strength.

"Katniss, you're actually trying to protect these aliens?" He snaps. "They have names, Gale! They all do!" I shout. I mimic Coin and point to Finnick.

"This is Finnick Odair, he is a flirt but still my friend. He has puns and has an obsession of sugar." I explain. I point to Johanna. "This is Johanna Mason. She can be snappy, but once you gain her trust she's not that bad." I say. I look over to Peeta, and point at him as well.

"This is the last, but not the least. Peeta Mellark. Who could've left me to die the first day he met me. Peeta Mellark, kind nice, not a boy of many words but once he does speak he is kind, sly and wise." I state.

"Are you saying I'm no longer your friend?" He asks. "Is that the only thing you got out of this?" I shout. "Yes! That, and you have a crush on bread boy here!" He shouts back. "You are no longer my friend. You put my friends family and my own life at stake. Go fuck yourself, Gale." I snap.

"And to think. We've been friends for eight years, and I even had own of my own crushes on you, and now-"

"Shut. The hell. Up!" Johanna yells.

"Ladies! Gentlemen! We are arriving. We will groom our cast, and give you your own apartments." Coin announces.

So I'll have my own home away from home. The second we land, Peeta, I, Finnick and Johanna are ushered into different rooms. I look up from to floor and see my Prep Team.