"I am your Head Stylist. My name is Cinna." A man says. He has black, very short hair. His eyes are brown with splotches of golden in them. He looks very normal, over than a hint of gold eyeliner on his bottom eyelid.

"This is Flavius who does hair," Cinna motions for me to shake hands, and I do. "Venia, who is in charge of waxing and eyebrows." I don't hesitate to shake her hand, which makes her smile. "Octavia, who does the nails." I shake her hand, and she smiles, but I try not to show they scare me.

Venia has aqua hair and golden tattoos above her eyebrows. Flavius has orange corkscrew hair and a shade of purple lipstick on his lips. Octavia has pea green dyed skin and just about normal body.

"Is everyone else going through this torture?" I say, while Venia waxes my legs. "If by everyone, you mean Johanna, Peeta, and Finnick, then yes." She answers.

"Not Gale?" I ask. Octavia stops running the water over my sore legs. "Gale?" She asks in a high pitched voice. "He almost got you killed!" Flavius says, shaking his head in disapproval, having his corkscrew hair sway back and forth. "Listen to him, Katniss. Gale could've killed our Mockingjay. Why would he be on camera?" Cinna asks.

"Camera?" I ask. "You'll see." he answers.

After being plucked, painted and my hair done, Cinna brings me over to my outfit. It is not cotton. It's metal, its armor. I sigh deeply and walk into the dressing room, almost dragging the armor with me.

The chest-plate is cold. Freezing. I wonder if I am a shade of blue at the moment. The pants are the same temperature as the chest-plate; cold. The pants connect to the chest-plate and lock into place. The pants are flexible at my movement to gather the shoes. The shoes aren't as cold, since I wear my socks.

The suit is a light shade of tinted blue. Right, I think. Because Mockingjay's are blue. I walk out, and not only is Cinna and my prep team here, but everyone.

Cinna, my prep team, some cotton-candy lady, Coin, Peeta, Finnick, Johanna and Haymitch. "Perfect fit." Cinna announces. Johanna's suit is slightly different. Her suit is tinted green and has less curves. Finnick is sporting a dented, tinted blue-green suit.

It's only dented because it hugs his body like Johanna and I. So it's showing off his six pack. Peeta is wearing a red suit, which is very dented. Of course it is red. I know Peeta isn't fond of the color, but that's the color of a Jabberjay. The three of them still wear their watches.

"Well. Time to go! I am your escort. Effie Trinket. Lets go!" She says, very bubbly. "Okay!" I mock her in the same tone.

I never felt more self-conscious about myself. Haymitch, Effie, Cinna, and some stylist named Portia, all sit in chairs behind the camera. Two people work behind the camera. A boy named Beetee and a lady named Wiress.

"For the first video, we need Finnick and Johanna." Bette says, adjusting his glasses. They get in front of the camera. I tune them out until Peeta's hand reaches out. "It's our turn." He says.

I take his hand and get in front of the camera. Wiress points to a board with my speech, while Beetee points to Peeta's.

"In the last years four-" No that's not right. "In the last four years, has Capitol-" No that is not right. "Cut." Wiress announces. "You have as much as charm as a dead slug, sweetheart." Haymitch and Johanna laugh. I steam so much I think I might explode.

I'll show them. I look into the camera. Over the camera I see Gale, crossing his arms, leaning against the wall. Like I am doing something wrong.

I turn to Peeta and grab him by the shoulders. I lean in and kiss him on the lips. But too soon, too soon I pull away, angrily. "The Capitol believe the aliens are a threat to us. And you know what? They aren't. The Capitol claim they worry. Yeah. About their own safety. If there was only three aliens left, they would kill them. And then what? Go back to normal? I don't think so!" I step closer to the camera.

"If you think for one second these friendly aliens are a danger to us, you're obviously from the Capitol! Only caring about your own safety. If the Capitol dare lay a finger on my friends, well you know what? If the Capitol try to lay a finger on us, burn our homes down, well. . . If we burn, then you burn with us!" I yell the last sentence.

"Cut! That's a. ." Wiress trails off. "That's a wrap!" Beetee finishes. I look over to Haymitch's stunned face. I smile, then walk towards Gale. "Stop acting like you own me. Stalking around me like prey. Back off, Gale." I snap.

I go over to the three shocked faces of my friends. "How was that?" I ask them. "Better than the first one, Mockingjay." Johanna says with a smile. "You're the only one mocking people around here." I point out, laughing.

"You did good, Catnip." Finnick teases. I stick out my tongue. I look over to where Peeta should be, but he isn't there. Why on Earth would he leave? I wanted to apologize. For the unnecessary kiss. I sigh.

"Where did out Jabberjay go?" I ask. Finnick bites into an apple. Where did he get an apple- "In his room. Level eight hundred and twelve, room twenty four." Finnick interrupts my thoughts.

I sigh and leave the room.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Knock! I knock on Peeta's door only four times when is swings open. I feel so different now. Peeta's changed, while I am still in my suit. "Yeah?" He asks, awake as ever, probably more than normal. "I wanted to talk about the kiss. . ." I trail off. Was I acting? Did I like it? I couldn't have liked it. I must have been acting.

"What about it?" He asks, beaming almost like Effie. Almost. "I just wanted to say-" His hand comes to my face, lifting it up to meet each others eyes. "I can tell you're nervous. Just tell me what you need to tell me." He says in a soft comforting voice.

Oh. Oh! He thinks I like him! Do I? Do I? It nags at my thoughts for so long.

"Peeta. I just wanted to say. . ."