Hey guys! This is a side-along story with The Runaways, and I will be working on both of them until I finish. This is a One page long chapter, more of a prologue if anything, with 573 words. Enjoy!

PS: I am not a guy so I tried to get into Snotlout's head a bit and with how he acts I think he would be a bit perverted so I tried to do it as well as I could. Please tell me where I can improve!

The Plot

Chapter 1

"I broke up with Hiccup last night," Astrid said to me. I looked up at her in disbelief, but it changed into a smile. Astrid and I, Snotlout, had been having a mild affair for the past couple of months because Hiccup refused to do some things that I would gladly do for Astrid.

It was evening and we were in the mess hall. I looked her up and down suggestively.

"So do you want to…?" I said trailing off, knowing that she would know what I was talking about. She smiled at me wickedly.

"Ya, let's go right now."

Astrid grabbed my arm and dragged me along making me drop the chicken leg I had been holding. She pulled me out of the hall and weaved us through some houses before stopping in an alley. She turned me towards her and looked up into my eyes. Her eyes darted back and forth between mine. I put my forehead against hers and lifted her jaw up. I gently pressed my lips to hers before pulling back teasingly.

I saw her blush a bit before I leaned in and kissed her more aggressively. I ran my tongue along her bottom lip and she granted me entrance. I explored her mouth with my tongue and tightened my grip around her waist. Her hands tangled in my hair and she moaned as I ran my tongue on the roof of her mouth. She backed up until her back was on the wall. Her fingernails dug into my neck as we fought with our tongues. I ran my arms along her sides and over her hips. My hands went down to her legs and slowly went up her skirt stroking her thighs.

"So I was right," I heard a voice shout. Astrid jumped and broke away from me. I groaned as I saw Hiccup standing at the entrance, glaring at us both.

"Hiccup! It-it's not like that I-I-" Astrid stuttered but Hiccup cut her off.

"Not like what? This clearly shows that you never cared for me. You USED me," He snarled. "Well, you are clearly happy with Snotlout here, so I'll just leave you be."

"Hiccup!" Astrid called after him with a distressed voice. I grabbed her arm before she decided to run.

"Leave him be, he'll be over it in the morning. That runt always gave his hopes up," I said with a smirk. Astrid nodded. I tried to pull her into another kiss, wanting to go farther tonight, because kissing is as far as we have ever gone. Sure, it was intense, but because she was with Hiccup she wouldn't take it any farther, but tonight Hiccup wasn't holding her back, or maybe he was. She pulled away and glared at me.

"I can't do this right now, not after having Hiccup see us."

"But, Babe-"

"No buts! I'm going home. Goodnight Snotlout."

I stood there and watched as she exited the alley, her hips swayed side to side with that amazing walk of hers. I sighed as she turned the corner. I was mad. Hiccup had ruined my chance to get Astrid in bed tonight. I cursed loudly and kicked the wall, which made me resort to hopping around on one foot quietly yelling "Ow!"

I landed on my butt and got back up when my foot was better. I walked out of the Alley and headed towards home.

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