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"Marius, you're late."

He grins internally. Enjolras knows he's always late.

The others prompt him for the reason. But he catches Enjolras giving him a pleading look.

Not yet, he had told Marius. Not yet. We have a revolution to do.

So when Eponine had come to him, Marius lied, thinking of the pretty face he'd seen spying on him through the crowd of people in the marketplace- asking about her.

He lied for him.

And he'd lied to a stinking, stumbling Grantaire who had thrown an arm around his shoulders and compared him to Don Juan, drunkenly mistaking him for a lovestruck boy.

He was a lovestruck boy, but not with the random face in the market.

His heart rested with the leader of a revolution.

He goes so far as to mislead Eponine to track the face down, gone so far as to visit her at her garden gate. He even left Eponine there waiting as he passed her and left.

He tries to put it past him, tells himself that it's for the best. That soon he and Enjolras will be honest with everyone.

But the figurehead of the revolution has work to do.

And so does Marius.

Eponine is wounded protecting him.

She dies in his arms as the others watch.

He lost a friend. A friend who he never thanked, not once.

One of his friends carries her away.

He looks at Enjolras.

Enjolras quickly looks away. Towards the ground. He then rises, grabs a bottle.

Marius knows that Enjolras can't be bothered when he's determined, even though all Marius wants is him. Just him.

He sees Enjolras slap Grantaire on the shoulder. He notices that their gaze lingers a little too long.

And he tries not to care.

He's wounded.

He's rescued by a stranger, carried through filth, witnessed a conversation with another stranger.

He has no clue who this man is.

He awakes in a bed, a nun placing a cloth to his forehead.

He wants to ask about his friends at the barricade. Enjolras and Grantaire were still alive when he fell.

He can't even speak yet. But then he hears the nuns through the thin curtains.

"Poor things… he's the only one… what a brave boy…"

He accepts a life with Cosette. She cares about him a great deal. He learns to care for her, as well.

He plans to marry Cosette.

She helps him heal.

He heals slowly.

All except his heart. Because a part of it died with the revolutionary on the barricade that night.

But that's a secret, he reminds himself again.

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