Hello everyone! So this is my first ever Les Miserables Fanfic, first ever fanfic period. I received the idea from [electrum-whip]. , when she created an AU coffee shop set for E/É (Which is the cover) I have to give all my thanks to her, because had she not created that picture, this story would not be. She has let me run with this idea, and I promise you, beside the original picture, everything is mine. Now I know there is another coffee shop AU out. Just to warn you, we have totally different idea's, different plot lines, and different stories, so I am in no way copy-writing. I have had this idea since the picture first came out.

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Its simple, really. One shot of skim milk, extra espresso. But for the life of him, every week it comes back to him tasting suspiciously like half and half with sugar, and every week he finds himself leaning against the counter, waiting impatiently as his fingers tap the glassy surface, the barista scurrying around to correct his order. He hates to admit it, but by this point he's ready to give up the entire ordeal and head to Starbucks.

In his head the Musain's low prices and local coffee made up for the poor service and mediocre pastries. And as he glanced quickly at his watch, he made the silent agreement that the whole milk would do for now. Giving the woman a hasty thank you, he tightens his red scarf, taking hold of the cursed coffee. Making his way to the door, he holds it open for the incoming customer. As she passes by him, he feels as if he's been struck. Her dimples seemed to light up her entire face as she squeezes past him, into the dingy café.

He has to make sure to check the weather for thunderstorms on his iPhone as he makes his way to the university, because he swears he felt a spark.

~ o ~

"I-I just don't get it Enjolras. How can he be innocent? All the facts point toward the fact he was there the night of the murder, and he was the only one who could vouch otherwise."

His best friend and fellow law student, Marius Pontmercy, was currently stressing over a simple case they were both assigned as class work. Enjolras stared at him lazily, glancing at his own paper, analyzing the details.

"Yes Marius. All evidence points toward him being the murderer, but you need to read between the lines my dear friend, for that is where the answer is."

Marius rolled his eyes, mumbling quietly "You're starting to sound like Combeferre"

It was Enjolras's turn to roll his eyes, his thoughts turning to their fellow philosophy student.

"I'm just trying to be the good law student and devil's advocate." he added smirking.

Shaking his head, Marius gathered his things, giving him the impression his class was done. Moments later, the professor confirmed it, reminding the rushing students that the 15 page paper on the looming domestic and international financial regulation, was due the coming Friday.

"I swear, Prof. Lamarque will kill us before alcohol kills Grantaire" the red haired student moaned, following him out the door.

"Marius, you knew what you were getting yourself into! Come on its fun!"

Snorting loudly, Marius searched in his bag for his car keys as his friend stood opposite to him, his hand on the passenger side door.

"A night listening to Prouvaire rattle on about his newest poem, and love interest is more entertaining than his class"

Enjolras's face turned a light red as he opened the door, making sure to flip Pontmercy off before climbing in.


"For godsake 'Ras could you put down that damned book? I think you've read it enough to write a fanfiction"

Enjolras lowered his book, glaring at his flatmate, Grantaire.

"You know, you could learn a thing or two out of this book! If one cannot enjoy reading a book over and over again-"

"There is no use in reading it at all, yeah yeah I get it. But where in college! Were supposed to be having fun. You know, frat parties, clubbing, drin-"

Enjolras cut him off irritated "Grantaire that might be you, but that is not me, and you know that. Since we arrived here two years ago I have only gone to a handful of your petty parties and you know for a fact I only drink when completely necessary. Now shut up and continue your work"

The drunkard huffed "This is all going to come back and bite you one day when your old and alone with only insipid water to keep you company"

By now, Enjolras had learned to tune him out, returning to his beloved book. John Locke was much more interesting anyway


"One night, please Enjy? I will get down on my knee's and beg you if I must. It's a three day weekend, so you'll have time to work your ass off Monday, just come on!" the medical student pleaded. Enjolras sighed, massaging his temples.

"Look Joly I-"

"No 'Jolras, your coming, and if you don't, I will have Jehan and Courfeyrac drag you out by your ears."

At this he groaned, laying the book down admits the articles. "Not for long Joly, I really must finish this"

Joly grinned, slapping him on the back "Good man. Now tell me, do you have any hand sanitizer around here?"

Chuckling, he pointed out the bottle by the small sink. He slid his coat on deciding to avoid his red scarf, hoping the bitter November temperatures would be a bit forgiving. "All ready to go?" he asked the man standing by the halfway open door.

"Yep" he rubbed the liquid together in his hands "After you"

The two men made their way through the halls, trying not to wake the other students. Though they were both sure no student was sleeping tonight.


"W-W-Whatttss upp 'Rasssy?" He was greeted by his slightly- no very much so, intoxicated friend throwing his arm around him. They hadn't even been there 5 minutes and he had already lost Joly to the familiar crowd of students, and was getting a mug of beer shoved into his hand. Placing the mug down, he untangled himself from the swaying human.

"Grantaire I am honestly not up for your antics tonite, I only came-"

"Husshhh just drink thisss" he slurred, forcing the beer into Enjolras's mouth. He choked, and spit the alcohol out, spluttering. "Atta boy! Now just relax 'Ras, let go for once in your life" And just to shut him up, he tipped the glass down his throat again, succumbing to the numbing feeling of the drink that made his brain fuzzy. He was barely over his first when the next was being shoved into his hand. And down went his sense with the first sip.

So what do you all think? Eh I know, probably not well. Well if anyone wanted to know, I want to make these characters a mix between movie, book, and musical, which I have seen/read/watched all three. I love Ramin to death but Aaron is Enjolras and my favorite person in the whole world, Samantha Barks, will be the lovely and one of a kind, Eponine. So please please please comment so I can see how I did!

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