Robin cursed under his breath, that ship looked way bigger than what Soto's was years back. The Boy Wonder tried to calculate a plan that would work until Raven pulled with her powers. 'At least someone was thinking ahead' he thought as he commanded Cyborg to shoot at the ship. He noticed Raven was having a little trouble and she was using all the power of her being now. Starfire seemed to be throwing some star bolts at it as well but it seemed that it was blocked. After Cyborg's last attack they must have put up a force field to avoid damage to their ship.

The Black aura disappeared from around the ship and the next thing, Raven was very exhausted. "Friends…I think we must go home and figure out what to do." Starfire said very quietly. Robin could tell she was fighting with herself not to say that once sentence that she had just uttered. Cyborg picked up an exhausted Raven and put her in the car so he could drive her home for rest. It was obvious they weren't going to get much sleep tonight, mainly an obsessed Robin. "I'll call Justice League in the morning…" Robin said as he got in the car along with Starfire.

When they got back to the Tower Raven instantly went to her room to try and meditate a bit. She was kind of tired from the strain she had put on her powers and she had lost her friend. She and Beastboy had become so close after the Beast incident and she hadn't had the courage to tell him what she was feeling till a couple of days ago after her and Starfire's "The Girl Talk". Raven sat on her bed cross-legged and began chanting 'Azerath Metrion Zinthos' slowly. She began being pulled into the dark recesses of her mind and her emotions were nowhere to be seen.

In the distance behind a huge bolder she heard the unmistakable sound of her emotion crying. She slowly made her way over there trying to keep her face as emotionless as possible. Raven had gotten used to showing her emotions after t defeating almost all their enemies in one battle. When she was next to the rock she could plainly see which emotion was expressing such sadness. "Rage?" She said with a hint of surprise in her voice although it was barely present at all. Beastboy's kidnapping must have made her emotions get out of kilter and express other emotions.

Rage was supposed to be angry, not crying like her other emotion Sadness; then again why not? All her emotions should be sad since 'their' long time crush was just taken from them. "They will pay for taking Beastboy from us!" Now, that was Rage, Raven was beginning to worry. "Raven, I wasn't expecting you so early." One of her emotions said from behind her. She turned to see Knowledge standing just a few feet behind her, glasses almost falling of her nose. "I had to come, I wanted to see if I could get in touch with him through his mind." Raven explained.

"Uh…I don't know…he's probably halfway out of the galaxy by now…I don't know if we can reach that far." Knowledge

"But we reached through dimensions before…isn't this the same?" Raven asked.

"Dimensions are folds in the universe…were talking about miles of space…I could try." Knowledge said thoughtfully.

"Thank you." Raven said.

-With Beastboy-

It had been a week, or so it felt like but it was hard to tell when you were in room up in space. The room looked plain which kind of annoyed Beastboy to no end but he kept his cool. He had a roommate who could thankfully speak 'Earth Language' as the man had said in English. It was garbled and hard to understand at times but Beastboy helped him out on some hard words. Not that Hello or Beastboy was hard to pronounce but still it was pretty much the easy words. To confuse the man he had said and the man sounded funny saying that.

Needless to say Beastboy was entertained, even if he was making fun of an adult who could beat him. His name was Ganithar and he was from at least two galaxy's away from his. "Do you have any idea what they want with us Ganithar?" Beastboy asked getting up so he could pace around. This had become a habit of his which kind of annoyed the muscled blue man a little. "We are going to their planet to fight others." Ganithar said, obviously he wasn't new. "Have you already fought people?" Beastboy asked sitting back on the bed trying not to look nervous.

"It is fight or be killed…they do not care either way." Ganithar said.

"I'm guessing that's a yes, have you actually killed an opponent?" Beastboy asked.

Somehow he knew the answer to that question was yes, he was being thrown into this big shit. You had no choice but to fight and sometimes you run the risk of dying if your really weak. Beastboy had to admit that he was glad that they hadn't chosen Starfire, she wouldn't of lasted long. Sure she was very strong but when it came down to it she couldn't stand to kill an opponent. He looked up at Ganithar who was apparently looking at the thoughtful expression. "So, if you've fought before…why are you on the ship?" Beastboy asked, he was slightly curious.

"To train the new ones to fight." Ganithar said, there was not much pride in that deep voice of his. He couldn't blame the guy, being trained to fight to your death wasn't all that cool at all. "I'll accept your help." Beastboy said, he could tell Ganithar was happy with his sudden decision. He obviously didn't want to see a young person die from lack of fighting experience. Beastboy did have fighting experience but still he probably wasn't as skilled as the people he would fight. He needed all the help he could get, even if it was from someone he had only known for a week.

Beastboy laid down and stared at the ceiling for a few minutes before looking at his teacher. "Did you have a family Ganithar?" Beastboy decided to asked but felt like he was prying. "I was to be married three months before my capture, love at first sight…you?" He asked. He was laying on his own bed, eyes closed and possibly trying not show his weakness. "I lived with four friends, we fought against evil." Beastboy said. "I had a girl that I kind of liked." He heard a hum coming from his roommate and he looked over to see that he was thinking.

It was silent for a bit and Beastboy was feeling tired so he closed his eyes to take a small nap. "Fight for her." Ganithar said which woke Beastboy up from being a sleep for a few seconds. "Fight in the name of love…that will get you through." He continued on and Beastboy smiled. That's just what he would do, fight for Raven and for the same of love among other things. "Is that what you fight for Ganithar?" He asked. "Always." He responded.