Garfield was asleep now and Chinch was staring out the window, boredom etched on his face. It was always etched on his face, what was there to smile about in this big pit of doom. It was all he knew though since he had been born here but he didn't get to know his mother very well. She had died giving birth to him and he was glad she didn't have to suffer through fighting. Chinch looked over when he heard Garfield murmur something about someone throwing out tofu. Whatever the hell tofu was it didn't sound all that good but he decided he would ask about it later.

He looked over to the door when there was some commotion coming from the large hallway. This was exactly how the new ones acted every time they had been taken from their planet. There were a few bumps along the wall which surprisingly didn't wake Garfield in the slightest. That last battle must have tired him out since he didn't budge an inch away from the wall. "CLORBAG VARBLERNILK!(SP?)" This one was screaming along with a whole slur of other words. It was at this point that Garfield had awoken and yelled that he was not in fact a clorbag and that it was for Cyborg.

It was at this moment that Chinch wanted to laugh; he had never seen his roommate act this way. Realizing that he had suddenly yelled for no apparent reason the green boy sat down. Whoever it was, was still banging against the wall and yelling in a language Chinch understood. He knew different languages due to having so many people being his roommates over the years. This person was Tameranian and obviously not used to being cared for in such a way. "Tameranian?" Garfield asked rubbing his eyes of the sleep that he had just been rudely awaken from.

"How do you know?" Chinch asked.

"I used to have a friend who was…I only know that word and a few others…" He replied.

"I speak a fluently." Chinch said.

"Another roommate that didn't last I presume." Garfield said conversationally.

"Two months." Chinch replied indifferently.

"Cant say I like the odds." Garfield responded as he absorbed the information as the door opened. Someone was pushed in and not very gently by the looks of it but he didn't seem fazed just one bit. The offending captors yelled something in a different language and then closed the door tight. The Tameranian looked at Beastboy and Chinch and then went wide eyed before spilling tears. He said something while looking directly at Garfield but he just seemed a bit lost to understand. "He says you traveled to his planet before with four others." Chinch repeated in English.

There were a few more words uttered but still Beastboy was unable to understand the Tameranian. He had to look at Chinch so he could easily translate what the young boy was saying. "He asked you if you could help him out of here." Chinch said with just a hint of amusement. Rolling his eyes Beastboy lay back down and closed his eyes trying to get back to his nap. When the yelling kept going Garfield got even more annoyed and yelled for him to shut the hell up. "Do you think I would be here if I knew how to get out of this place? I don't understand you either!" He yelled.

Silence was all that he heard except for a few whispers coming from Chinch and the other one. They were talking but since it was in another language it was hard to understand what was said. Garfield began to hear footsteps coming toward him and he didn't feel like opening his eyes. He felt a poke on his shoulder making him look up at the Tameranian who seemed to be closer. "Don't tell me…NO KISSING!" He yelled and backed away from him only to meet the cold wall. "I can't kiss a guy…I don't swing that way…if he was a girl I would be more comfortable." Beastboy said.

All this rambling didn't make any sense to Chinch but he understood how uncomfortable it was. It was slightly entertaining and a little gross but in all actuality it needed to be done. He wasn't going to be the speaker for the both of them for however long they all lasted here. Hell, what if he was to die in his next battle and they had no way of understanding each other? He certainly wasn't going to teach him how to speak the language since it was a very complicated thing. "Pretend it is that Raven girl you whisper about in your sleep." Chinch said getting up from his bed.

"What? I can't just do that! There are…lips and all that crap involved…I can't…" Garfield yelled. If his roommate wasn't going to accept that he had to get this guys kiss he was going to help. He liked Garfield but there were just some things you had to force people to do yourselves. Chinch grabbed Garfield by the shoulders and held him down as he screamed for him to stop. "It's like kissing an Earth fish…without the gills." Chinch murmured.

-Five minutes later-

"I'm sorry, I wish there was some other way to have spoken your language." The Tameranian said. Garfield nodded and tried not to look embarrassed about what had just taken place. "I understand, so what did you say your name was?" He asked after he felt he had regained composure. The Tameranian looked from Garfield to Chinch hesitantly before deciding to answer that. "Xamial Kisharish…prince of Tameran…but call me Kishick." He said which made them go wide eyed. They had definitely not expected for this guy to be a prince, he was important.

"You probably have everyone looking for you." Garfield said.

"You could easily get out of here Garfield." Chinch said.

"Yeah, that might be true…" Garfield said with a smile.

"NO…no…they don't know I'm here…they were unaware of my capture." Kishick replied. He sighed and looked away from the two others that were looking at him in slight confusion. From what Garfield remembered of his travel to Tameran last, they definitely had tight security. "Didn't you have some guards?" Garfield asked receiving a nod from Chinch who seemed curious. After all he had seen many Tameranians and not one of them had actually been royal. "It is very…you see…I was to be betrothed and I wasn't ready." Kishick said almost quietly.

"I think I get the gist of what your explaining…" Garfield said, his serious face appearing. It was rare when he was serious but lately he had been using that face a lot and he hated it. "You ran out after hearing the news and then ended up being chased by the Smoxes." Garfield said. Apparently he had hit the nail on the head because Kishick's eyes had gone wide after hearing that. Also, thanks to his animal senses he could smell surprise but what he had said received a nod. "That is correct…we both weren't ready…we even tried to call it off but…" He stopped talking.

"That's understandable…I would to if I were in your shoes." Garfield said, all seriousness gone.

"You are very confusing Garfield." Chinch replied.

-Titans Tower-

Jinx sat on the floor of Raven's room waiting for her to get done with all her meditating. She had said that she was going to meditate for a while till she was able to find Beastboy. Apparently tapping a mind that is in a far off Galaxy was going to take a lot of work and time to do. Till then Jinx would wait patiently for everything to be done with so she and Raven could go out. They needed girl time and being cooped up in your room for twenty-four hours wasn't good. Starfire was supposed to have been back to Raven's room by now but she must have been distracted.

She decided to go into the living room where Robin was cooking up something for their dinner. It looked like lasagna with garlic bread which made her mouth water with satisfaction. "Raven still meditating?" He asked as he put the Lasagna in the oven and taking his oven mitts off. "Yeah, she wants to do that before she tries to search for him through his mind." Jinx said thoughtfully. "She's done that before, once she does there's a connection to his emotions." He said. "Wouldn't that put her through hell in the long run?" Jinx asked not exactly liking that idea now.

"Has to be done though…even if it's not a very long connection." Robin said taking a seat. Jinx walked over to the fridge to see if she could find something to snack and gave a sigh. "This tofu is gathering blue mold…I think it's alive." She said holding up the container of tofu. Damn and she was willing to actually try some of it so it wouldn't go to any waste at all. Jinx put it in the trashcan and twisted the bag shut before the mold monster could do anything. "I think I saw the same thing in Beastboy's room…do you mind if I clean it up Robin?" Jinx asked.

"Not again, I don't know how many times we've told him to clean it." Robin said with a laugh.

Jinx was about to reply when the door to the hall opened and raven walked into the kitchen. She made a cup of tea and then took a seat across from Robin who gave a slight smile. "How's it going Raven?" He asked and waited for her to get a drink before she decided to answer. "Slow…but I think I almost have him…its just hard to get through but I'm trying." She replied. The trash bag in Jinx's hand had apparently taken this time to move which in turn made Jinx scream. "Shit! I forgot this was in my hand…I'll have to burn it before the mold monster comes back." She yelled.

"Again?" Raven asked looking at Robin who gave an amused shrug.