Green monkeys, waterfalls and the Doom Patrol passed through the images as Raven got through. Obviously she had made the connection but she must have been getting rejected or something. As soon as she felt that she was in his mind she had been booted out and it was pissing her off. Raven didn't know what to think of this in the least but it might have been the distance. As soon as Cyborg had the T-ship fixed they were going to have to travel in space to get it again. The sound of sifting through pages caught her attention and she looked at Knowledge in annoyance.

Knowledge stopped what she was doing to see raven staring at her and gave an audible sigh. She pushed up her glasses and closed the book before she went to some really huge book. "Honestly Raven, I'm a little perplexed at what we're not getting…" Knowledge stopped talking. "The only thing I can think of is that he's either dead or has no hope of being found." She continued. Wisdom shot up from where she had been seated and went to the large chalk board. She had been silent the whole time, obviously this was her way of thinking and it was annoying.

"Dearest Knowledge, if he has no hope then we shouldn't push him." Wisdom said writing something down.

"Ah, yes Wisdom! Because if we give him the slightest bit then he could become angry with waiting," Knowledge said thoughtfully.

"What the hell are you two talking about?" Raven asked.

Wisdom and Knowledge looked at Raven as if they had forgotten she was in the room with them. They both sighed and took a seat on either side of her and looked annoyed at the question. They didn't like explaining themselves again but for Raven they would do it again and again. "If he has no hope you don't want to push him into believing that you will get him soon." Knowledge explained. "Patience is a virtue my dearest Raven." Wisdom said before getting up. She left the room and the only one left with Raven was the other one who seemed proud at the statement.

"Cant say I like that very much." Raven replied.

"You've been in your mind long enough…go get some fresh air." Knowledge said kicking her out. Raven was about to reply when she found herself in her bedroom sitting on her bed. Sighing, she went to the living room to find Starfire attempting to play a Mega Monkey game. Cyborg was helping her out and so far she was doing alright but didn't have all that many points. The high score on this game had been Beastboy's and it was a very hard score for anyone to pass. "Hey Raven, you want to go out to that new poetry club tonight?" Jinx asked as she walked over to Raven.

"Why not," Raven replied with a smile.


Raven and Jinx sat at one of the tables that were close to the stage as a young man took the mic. He was rambling on about something which Raven wasn't exactly listening to really. They had been there for at least an hour and Jinx was starting to see that Raven was getting board. "You want to go back to the Tower? I mainly got you out for fresh air." Jinx explained. She had also wanted to see how she was progressing on trying to contact their lost teammate. "I'm getting though Jinx…the only problem is he's blocking me." Raven said apparently reading her mind.

"Why the hell would he be doing that?" Jinx asked; she was a little perplexed on the situation. Wouldn't he want to be found before something really bad actually happened to him? There were so many questions swimming around in her head that she didn't know how to answer. "Knowledge says it's his hopes don't get crushed if we are unable to get to him." Raven explained. Ok, Jinx had to admit that what Raven had said could have been true but they were close. Maybe she wouldn't get kicked out of his mind easily if she were a bit closer, damn it Cyborg…fix that T-ship.

-With Beastboy-

Beastboy was starting to get very annoyed, he was glad Raven was trying to get in touch but not. He didn't want to know if they had all the heroes of the freaking world searching for him. All he wanted was to be left alone in the present and he wished that Raven would understand that. "Is she trying to get in contact with you again?" Chinch asked taking a seat next to his green friend. "Maybe you should let her get through next time and tell her to stay away." He said. Garfield's ears drooped down and gave a small sigh before laying back.

"But what if it breaks him?" Kishick asked.

"He actually has a point…I need to face the music sometime." Garfield replied.

"Better to face it than to runaway like a coward." Chinch supplied as Kishick stood around. The poor Tameran was beginning to get restless and when a person got restless it was annoying. He wanted to do something and Garfield couldn't blame him, he was restless as well it seemed.

"Garfield…I need your ears." Kishick whispered leaning against the door apparently eavesdropping. "Or…I could go fly on the wall." Garfield said getting down on the floor to lie down. Recently he had gotten the bracelet removed since he was good at following everyone's orders. He morphed a fly and flew out the room perching himself on the wall to see what Kishick meant. There was a small pale girl who seemed to be getting roughed up by some Smoxes. Luckily they were green so he was able to get her before they knew he left the room without permission.

The girl needed his help and he needed to find a safe place to morph and get to the little girl fast. As soon as he was around the corner and checked if anyone was there he morphed and ran. The two Smoxes that were surrounding her snarled at his presence and he growled right back at them. After a while it seemed to do the trick and they had backed off and left the hallway so it was safe. He went back to his human form and grabbed the girl before knocking on the steel door. It instantly opened revealing Kishick and Chinch who seemed to be a little relieved he was ok.

"She's injured and she seems ok otherwise." Garfield said laying her on his bed as she cried in panic. Kishick rubbed her back and held her while Chinch went to get the first aid kit in the washroom. "Hey, can you calm down enough to tell us your name." He asked giving the girl a smile. During his time as a Titan he had been in a few child abuse missions which he wasn't a fan of. This girl didn't look like she had been all that abused but she had been with the angry Smoxes. That alone was just one of the reasons to worry about her scared state…she only looked ten.

She shouldn't have been here at all and yet she was and who knew what these assholes had done. Garfield noticed her strange cat like ears and the tail that was set behind her and finally took in her scent. She seemed part cat, then again she was from a different planet and who knew what she was. "Nalshixle, call me Nal…" She whispered leaning against Kishick as he kept rubbing her back. Obviously the Tameranian had experience taking care of kids when they were really scared. "How old are you Nal?" Garfield asked as Chinch walked over with a box that had red lines on it.

"Ten…I have been here since I was eight…" Nal said as Chinch covered all the cuts she got. "You don't have to be frightened anymore." Garfield said gaining a nod from Chinch and Kishick. "We'll protect you." Kishick said laying her down since she seemed to be a little sleepy. As soon as she was asleep Garfield morphed a Dachshund and lay at her side, cuddling her. "Do you have any siblings Kishick?" Garfield asked moving his head so he could look over her. His head was lying on her tummy as he looked at his Tameranian friend who was smiling.

"A little brother, he used to have nightmares all the time and would come into my room." He said. Chinch chuckled as he put the kit away and sat next to Kishick as they watched her sleep. "What of you Chinch?" Kishick asked as he took a seat on the bed next to the smiling insect like man. "Three, but they both died before we had turned the ages of five." He said with a small frown. Garfield felt their eyes on him so he opened his own and perked his head up a bit. "I was an only child, when I joined the Titans I gained a brother and a sister." Garfield answered the silent question.

Chinch found their pasts to be extraordinary, he himself had been here his whole life unlike them. He used to not associate himself with anyone until his loudmouthed friend entered the picture. He had never made a single friend after realizing anyone else would just end up perishing. With Garfield he was forced to socialize and actually care about the other people around him. It didn't help that Kishick was an even noisier person that his annoying green friend. Now he had a little child to contend with and that was going to be even more of a challenge than usual.

-Somewhere in Deep Space-

Xzarxikacn Harkin, commander of the Intergalactic Space Force sat at his desk seemingly angry. He was very annoyed that the people he was chasing got out of his grasp once again. The Shezix were a slippery bunch and knew how to not leave a trail of stars in their very wake. He had been searching for them since his adoptive daughter had been kidnapped by them two years ago. Harkin wanted to find her so bad and knew that if he found her he would find others. He had to help the others escape as well but he was going to need help to pull things off correctly.

Harkin was an Antinite; they were an entirely peaceful race unless you somehow pissed them off. It was just such an occasion nine ages ago that they had created the Space Force. They were set on enforcing peace on the Galaxy and he knew the planet Tameran had his back. "Commander…the speaker of Tameran is on the Video Screen." Said a voice, from the pink slug on his desk. Harkin pushed a button on a small remote and a screen with a face popped up. "Ah Zaridahl, how is your race fairing? I was hoping to be there for Xamial Kisharish's betrothal." Harkin said.

"Yes, but there's not going to be one unless we can find him," Zaridahl

"What do you mean find him?" Harkin asked.

"He ran off after he was told that he was to be married to his childhood friend…" She said.

Looking at the coordinates he had last followed the Shezix ship at he found it had been for Tameran. Cursing he put his head in his hands and shook his head in what seemed to be annoyance. "Tell me old friend, did you see anything suspicious?" Harkin asked, his gut answering him. "There was one but we hadn't thought about it since they come in and out." Zaridahl explained. She saw the pained look in her friend's eyes as he confirmed her almost silent fears aloud. "I believe the Shezix have gotten another one…I'm going to have to find someone to help us." Harkin said.

"I think I know who could help, it would be a long flight from where you are though." Zaridahl said.

"How long a flight do you think it could be?" Harkin asked.

There was silence as the Tameranian calculated the estimated amount of time he would be waiting. Since the Antinites were in another Galaxy it was going to be a far journey ahead. "Ten moons, you're looking for the planet Earth and the group is called Teen Titans." Zaridahl said. "Princess Starfire has taken up residence there and is part of this team, be careful." She said and disappeared. Harkin was then left to his thoughts and he sighed an almost audible sigh. "Five years…hopefully my little girl can survive another five years if she is still alive…Nal." Harkin said and left his office.

-Titans Tower-

"Yes! I fixed it…you are harder to fix than the car!" Cyborg yelled at the T-ship and stood up. He didn't want to be caught talking to the T-ship like he had been caught talking to his car. Jinx had caught him having a conversation with his car just a week ago and that was embarrassing. If it were Beastboy he would have probably been worse than enchantress or something. "Dude, get some fresh air." Cyborg mimicked and then gave a small laugh at how he didn't sound like him. "I don't think I like Beastboy with a deep voice…" He said to himself and then left the room.

He went to the living room to see that the radio was turned on as Robin was just finishing dishes. Jinx was helping him and putting them away with no complaint but still frowning. The radio, Cyborg noticed was on some heavy metal station and every once in a while she would sing. "Friend, Is the ship all fixed and ready to embark upon our journey?" Starfire asked from behind him. "Yeah," He replied receiving a slight smile from Raven, or was that considered one. He had only seen her smile a few times and it was hard to make out a smile and a not smile.

"Let's get going then." Robin said turning the dishwater off.

"Finally, mission get in contact with Beastboy is in motion." Jinx said happily and hugged Raven. There was a moment of hesitation and then she gave a slightly smaller hug back. Just as she was about to get out of the others hold Starfire ended up hugging the both of them tightly. "That's enough touchy feely crap…please let go." Raven said as Starfire gasped in embarrassment. She had been doing so well on her bone crushing hugs as of late and here she was slipping. "Oops…sorry friend Jinx and Raven…I shall make the pudding of happiness!" Starfire said smiling.

Robin turned off the radio and received an annoyed glare from Jinx whose favorite song came on. She knew it could wait though; they had to help Raven get in contact with Beastboy. As soon as everyone left the room she gave Cyborg a small peck on the cheek and ran to the T-ship. 'I knew it.' Robin thought as he went unnoticed from the shadows of the dark hallway. It was always fun to spy on ones friends especially when one denies that they are actually going out. "Yo, where'd Robin go?" Cyborg asked and then received a tap on the shoulder which scared him.

"Hey! Don't do that…scared the crap out of me." Cyborg complained.


"Hey Raven, you listen to Linkin Park?" Jinx asked over the intercom.

"Yeah, mainly to calm Rage down," Raven replied.

"She needs an outlet besides your anger huh?" Jinx asked.

"Yeah, why are you asking anyway?"

Jinx pulled out a Linking Park CD and showed her through the window with a small smile. "I hope you don't mind Robin." Jinx said looking to the other cockpit to their leader. "Just make it to where it's only you two." Robin said not wanting Starfire to start singing that stuff. It took a year to get her to stop singing that Britney Spears song Beastboy had her listen to. It had been a nightmare and it took the ABC's song to finally get her to stop singing womanizer. As Raven and Jinx listened to Linkin Park Starfire was mainly worried about the wellbeing of Silky.

Luckily Titans South decided they would take over till they got back from trying to contact Beastboy. Aqualad didn't look all that excited about it but he did try to converse with Raven. All she had been doing was reading a book and would occasionally glare up at him in annoyance. That look was usually reserved for Beastboy but he guessed she had her breaking points with Aqualad. "Thrusters are go! Now we're going up in space y'all." Cyborg said cutting Robin's thoughts in half. "Titans go." He said over the intercom receiving a chuckle from Jinx who obviously expected that.

After a few minutes they were in space and Cyborg could be heard typing away one the computer. "There are so many Galaxies, I'm almost afraid to leave the Milky Way." Cyborg said. "Jinx, could you pinpoint his signal on the computer?" Robin asked ignoring Cyborg's rant. He dint want to hear the negative until there was cause for it so there was no need to complain yet. "Pulling up the last signal I searched." She said as music threatened to over power her voice. "Raven I want you to try searching for his mind again." Robin said receiving a nod from the Empath. Turning off the music Raven prepared herself for entering Beastboy's mind.


Garfield had just finished his battle with Plasmus who he had learned just hours ago was here to. It upset him somehow that his enemy was in the same situation he himself was in. He walked down the hall to his shared room and stopped when he felt something in his mind click. 'Damn it Raven.' he said to himself as he went to the room and motioned for everyone to be quiet. He quickly made his way to the washroom getting a few questioning looks from Nal and Kishick. Garfield had decided to follow Chinch's advice and let her actually get through to talk to him.

At the same time he heard his belt that was hanging from a hook on the wall beep like crazy. As soon as he felt she was through he stared at the mirror so he could actually face her in a way. It was just her eyes but still it helped that he was staring directly into her eyes right now. "Beastboy," She said in her own voice which was kind of weird coming from Garfield's mouth. "Raven, before we continue I want you to promise a few things." Garfield said as he stared at her eyes. It was hard to figure out whose eyes since he was staring at his own reflection in the mirror.

"First of all, do not promise me you will be able to save me." Garfield said.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Raven asked.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about." He said reaching for his belt and looked at it a bit. He couldn't believe he was going to actually do this but it had to be done now. "Also, don't get in contact with me anymore after this is over." Garfield said and then looked at the mirror. "Beastboy…this isn't like you." Raven said sounding like she was a little upset or something. "How is everyone?" He asked mainly trying to avoid that subject and the one ear at the door. He could smell Nal's worry seeping through the door and it was making him a bit antsy now.

Raven was silent for a few minutes as she looked her team mate over in the mirror a while. He looked different, his posture had matured and he seemed to be acting a little older. "They are ok…but…" She said hesitantly. "Starfire isn't freaking out is she; I hate to see her cry." He said. She gave a slight smile, this was the old Beastboy coming though loud and clear. "She cried for three days but Robin finally got her out of her funk." Raven stated and then sighed. A satisfied smile crossed his face and then stared into the mirror again. "Tell Jinx I said thanks." He said.

A confused look crossed and she wanted to know how he knew that Jinx was taking his place. "I sense her…" Beastboy said obviously knowing she was about to ask the stupid question. "Raven I want you to leave, don't contact me anymore and don't give me any promises." He said. Raven wanted so much to smack him right now for saying such things but he was right. What if they promised something they couldn't deliver and then everything was for nothing? "I love you." He said and she was about to respond but she had suddenly lost the connection.

"The signal died…" Jinx said.