X-Field: Nintendo X Cartoon Network X Sega, chapter 1.

Hello, & welcome to my thirteenth fanfic! Nintendo… Cartoon Network… Sega… all three of these companies in one single crossover! Mario, Gumball, Sonic… There will be a huge selection of characters in this exciting crossover! I hope you enjoy this first chapter!

The Mushroom Kingdom…

Mario, a plumber with a red cap that had a M on it, & Luigi, Mario's brother with a green cap that had a L, has just beaten a spiked, green-shelled turtle named Bowser, & had saved a princess in a pink dress named Peach. "Thank you, Mario & Luigi," said Princess Peach.

"Don't mention it," Mario said in his Italian accent.

"I don't get why you always try to capture our princess, Bowser," Luigi told Bowser.

"I j-just w-w-wanted t-to h-have someone to b-be with me…" Bowser answered, sobbing. He was crying tears of sadness.

"Oh," Mario replied. "I didn't know that."

"We're sorry, Bowser," Luigi apologized.

"Are you serious?" Peach asked.

"Not!" Bowser said, as he quickly pulled down a red lever. Koopa Troopas, which are green-shelled turtles, grabbed Mario, Luigi, & Peach when they ran through open doors on the walls.

All three of them were shocked. "What the hell!?" Peach shouted.

Bowser does an evil laugh. "Hahahaha! You three fell for my trap! Now it's time that the three of you be gone from the Mushroom Kingdom forever!"

"Damn you!" Mario shouted.

Bowser pressed a red button & said, "Bye bye!" A black portal appears on the ground & the Koopas drop Mario, Luigi, & Peach into the portal.

"Aaahh!" the three Nintendo characters screamed in horror as they were falling in the portal.

Elmore Junior High…

Gumball, a 12 year old pale blue male cat, & Darwin, Gumball's 10 year old pet goldfish brother with legs, were at class while Miss Simian, an old gray baboon, was teaching. Gumball was sleeping on his desk. And so was Darwin.

When Miss Simian saw this, she screamed, "GUMMBAAAALL! DAAAARWIIIIN!" That loud scream woke Gumball & Darwin up. "DETENTION! NOOOOWWWW!"

"Aw man!" Gumball said, whining.

"This sucks! We have to go to detention!" Darwin shouted. He & Gumball got up from their desks, left the classroom, & entered the detention room.

After an hour of being in the detention room doing work that they didn't turn in yet, they saw a black portal on a wall. "Whoa! What's that?" Gumball asked.

"I don't know, but it's so mysterious," Darwin said. Gumball & Darwin get closer to the portal. But then they accidentally fell into the portal.

"Aaahh!" the 2 Cartoon Network characters screamed in horror as they were falling in the portal.


Sonic, a blue hedgehog wearing white gloves & red sneakers, had just beaten an evil scientist named Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. "Give it up, Eggman!" Sonic said to Eggman. "I'm always going to be the winner of every fight!"

"Way to go, Sonic!" cheered Tails, a two-tailed yellow fox.

"Not so fast!" Eggman exclaimed.

"Huh?" Sonic & Tails reacted.

"I have the ultimate animal-destroying machine!" Eggman shouted. "Behold, the Egg-Portal!" There was a huge robot that looked like Eggman.

"A portal?" Sonic asked in confusion.

"How the hell would a portal destroy us?" Tails asked. "And how is a portal a machine?"

The same black portal that the Mario & Amazing World of Gumball characters fell into appears from the robot's body & sucks up Sonic & Tails. "Goodbye, you pesky rats!" Eggman shouted.

"Aaahh!" the two Sega characters screamed in horror as they were falling in the portal.

Inside the portal…

The Nintendo, Cartoon Network, & Sega characters fell onto the ground. "Whoa…" said Mario, a little dizzy. "What happened?"

Then everyone looked at each other. "Waah! They all shouted. "Who are you!?"

Mario decided to answer first. "Well, let me answer first. I'm Mario, & this is my brother Luigi."

"Hello," Luigi said to everyone.

"And this is Princess Peach," Mario continued.

"Hi," said Peach.

"My name is Gumball Christopher Watterson," Gumball introduced. "And this is my pet fish & adopted brother Darwin."

"Hello!" Darwin exclaimed to the Mario & Sonic the Hedgehog characters.

"I'm Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog!" Sonic introduced himself.

"And I'm Miles Prower, but my friends call me Tails," said Tails, introducing himself. "Now, where are we?"

"You are in the Gametoonverse!" a voice answered. Everyone looked around & didn't see who said that.

"Who said that?" Darwin asked.

"I am Inatsu, the ruler of the Gametoonverse" Inatsu answered. He looked like Gumball, but he has gloves & shoes that resemble Sonic's & a cap that resembled Mario's, but had an I instead of an M.

"Inatsu?" asked Tails.

"Yes, Inatsu. You are all here for an exciting-" Inatsu started before being interrupted by Mario.

"You worked with the bad guys to get us here!? I'm going to kill you!" Mario shouted, running towards Inatsu.

"Mario! Hold up!" Gumball shouted, tugging Mario by his hair.

"YOUCH!" Mario shouted, feeling pain. "What the heck, man!?"

"Don't kill him! He's trying to help us! I think…" Gumball said. "Are you?" he asked Inatsu.

"Of course I'm trying to help," Inatsu answered. "Anyway, you're all here for an exciting adventure! You'll meet other heroes along the way, as well as getting to fight bad guys!" Inatsu concluded.

"Sounds interesting," said Sonic. "Let's go!"

Everyone shouted, "Yeah!"

"Good luck on your adventure!" Inatsu exclaimed.

"We will, Inatsu!" Gumball shouted. Everyone goes out to the adventure of their lifetimes.

And that's the first chapter! I hope you all enjoyed this first chapter! There will be a huge variety of characters in this story, so expect to see famous characters from Nintendo, Cartoon Network, & Sega, as well as some lesser known ones! If you have any questions, ask me in review or PM, & I'll gladly answer. This is BlueHedgehog1997, speeding out!

~ BlueHedgehog1997