Hey look. I wrote some fanfiction! XD It's short & sweet-just a little flash fiction for my favorite pairing in Tron: Uprising.

"Beck, let me borrow your disc for a second! I have a surprise," Paige said, holding up a slim data stick.

"What sort of surprise?" Beck asked, nerves twisting in his stomach. He set down his wrench in front of the broken bike, and derezzed his safety equipment. What would she want with my disc? Does she suspect? He clicked it off his back, his hand slow and wary. Beck lifted an eyebrow, smirking. "You're not going to play medic, are you?"

Paige snorted, brushing her bangs out of her face. "No, now stop being absurd and let me see."

Beck handed Paige his disc, but held onto it for a few seconds after she gripped it. She put her hand on her hip, raising and eyebrow. He let it go, raising his hands in the air innocently. Beck tried to smile coyly. He had to trust her. Right now he was just Beck.

Paige switched Beck's identity disc on, and flicked through the menus until she reached the appearance settings. Beck tried to watch her, but Paige laughed and turned away so he could only see her slim back. He heard the click of the data stick connected to his disc, and held his breath.

"There!" Paige turned swiftly, clicked off all of the menus in a few quick swipes. "Now turn around."

Beck obeyed, and jerked forward when Paige snapped his disc back into place. Her fingers lingered on his back for a few seconds, before she stepped away. Beck's eyes glowed red for a flash, flickering as he acquired the new data. A marrying click ended the connection as he felt his wardrobe change pixel by pixel from his disc down to his limbs.

Paige unfolded a portable full length mirror, and turned Beck toward it. He saw himself, full body. She smiled. He sucked in a breath.

Full sentry armor, with their glowing red lines dressed Beck. The guard's uniform foreign and stretched over his form. Not a single hint of white or blue. It felt…wrong. Beck opened his mouth, but stopped in his tracks from Paige's smile. She leaned into his arm.

"I knew this would suit you," Paige said. "Do I have good taste, or do I have good taste?"

"How could I argue?" Beck answered. He traced a finger around the circle on his shoulder. "What's the occasion?"

"Since we've gotten so serious, I wanted to introduce you more properly to General Tesler." Paige put her hands on Beck's chest and pushed. He didn't budge, and she backed up, leaving only her index finger tapping his chest. She traced it down the long strip that connected the top circle to the one at his waist. "You needed something more formal for the occasion, and I had just the upgrade. I think he'll like you, even if you did cause all that trouble in the games before."

"Yeah," Beck said. He swallowed. This…wasn't what he was expecting. He thought he'd have more time to bring Paige to the Renegade's side! Not be asked to meet the folks. He forced a smile, eyes darting around the room as the other members of the garage stared at them. At least Zed and Mara were out on deliveries right now. "Great."

"Something wrong?" She asked.

"No, no." Beck said. "Everything's great."

"Perfect. I'll come pick you up at the end of the cycle. Work hard until then, Mr. Mechanic" Paige said. She folded up her mirror, and headed back to the front of the garage doors where a few armed black guards waited in front of a light chopper. She turned over her shoulder and smiled softly. "He'll find you as interesting as I do, I just know it."

Beck waved, wondering if he had time to get to the outlands and get some advice before then. Tron would have to know what to do.