Written in April 2013

Beck in Uniform

"Wow. Haven't seen you around before, you a transfer from Tron City?"

Beck stopped. He looked around the hallway for the person the guard had to be addressing in such a sultry tone, but saw he was alone. Beck touched the red lines on his chest, and it all hit him. He was wearing the same uniform as the Sentry Guards.

The guard was probably just being friendly.

Beck held up a small box, and smiled. He had the guard's rapt attention and it was a bit unnerving. Beck coughed. "No, just here to deliver some data discs."

The guard looked both ways before stepping away from his post, a swagger in his step that made the energy in Beck's light lines shiver. He'd seen that same hip sway on Paige. The guard did the lean next to the wall, almost boxing Beck in. "Hey, maybe afterwards, you want to go down to the club? I bet we could have some fun."

"That's okay," Beck said. He backed up quickly, using his Renegade Reflexes to duck under the guard's arm, and headed down the hallway with his coattails flapping behind him.

What was with that guard?

Beck slammed into another Program. The box flew out of his hands, but was caught by another in a familiar red and black uniform. She giggled, her mouth a pleasant painted smile under the front of the helmet. Beck held his hands out. "Sorry, my fault. Could I have that back please?"

The female program whistled, and scanned Beck from head to toe processing him like he was a fine drink of energy. His skin crawled. She smiled wider. "Well hello. Haven't seen you before, handsome."

Do all guards act this way!? Beck laughed. It was strained and unattractive—so why did she keep getting closer!? "Just visiting. I really need to deliver that."

The guard tossed the box at him and winked as he caught it, clutching it like a lifeline. "Hope I see you around."

Beck sucked in a breath, and started walking down the hallway again. He only had three more corridors and he could deliver the box of discs and get the heck out of here.

"Hey new guard! Why don't you come say hello!" A group of maintenance programs wolf-whistled from the cantina across from him.

Beck hung his head low and clutched his data discs to his chest. Only three more corridors.

He missed his light lines. They were less flattering.