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Summary: Bella Swan trusts no one and never lets herself care about anyone. When the Cullens come to town, her life gets flipped and twisted, especially with Edward Cullen, who hates her with a passion she doesn't understand. When they learn of each other's secrets and a danger comes to light, who will survive?

Chapter 1: New Beginnings

"Shit!" I cursed as I looked at the clock. I was late. I had been awake for two and a half hours, and I was already late. Great job, Bella. I grabbed a granola bar and shoved it into my mouth as I ran out the front door of my father's house. Only it was more like my house, since Charles Swan didn't really live here. Actually, I was the only one who lived in this house. I cooked, cleaned, wrote the checks. The only thing I didn't do was actually pay the bills, and I prayed that I won't have to do it in the near future.

I threw open the door of my rusty red Chevy truck and drove as quickly as I could in a vehicle that was decades older than me. Thankfully it hadn't broken down yet. But even with the threat that it could die on me at any moment, I still loved it. Yes, it wasn't flashy, but I don't need flashy. Flashy means talking to Charles, and I would rather walk on broken glass in the pouring rain than ask for money from him. Another reason for my dislike in buying a new car was it meant unnecessary attention, which is another thing I really despise. It means getting noticed and people bugging you for attention, friendship, or worse. I didn't want it.

In my life, I needed to be alone.

I arrived at my first period class with two minutes to spare. Sighing in relief, I sat down and prepared for class to begin. The teacher wasn't here yet, and I wanted to check over the homework I finished last night.

"Hey, Isabitch!" Mike Newton slid into my line of vision. Damn it. Mike Newton was known to be one of the sluttiest assholes in this school. The saddest and most disappointing part was, with his six foot tall body, his sandy blond hair falling over his big blue eyes, and his position on the football team, none of the girls seemed to mind his subpar personality. They just swooned.

When I had first arrived at Forks High, throngs of people stood in line to become "Bella's New Bestie and/or Boyfriend". And that included the Populars; Mike Newton, Tyler Crowley, and Eric Yorkie as the jocks, Jessica Stanley and Lauren Mallory as the fake-slut cheerleaders. When I shunned their invitation of being in the popular crowd and avoided them like the plague, I was sent to the bottom of the food chain. One advantage of being a social pariah is that no one will talk to me at risk of being on the same geeky level as me. On the downside, I have to endure the Popular's need to whisper behind my back and call me derogatory names several times a day. It's too bad I can't tell him what my dad does for a living besides being a chief of police. If I did, they'd all run to the hills screaming bloody murder.

I tried ignoring Mike, but he was persistent. "What, too scared to have a talk with little old me?" he smirked.

I responded steadily. "No, not at all. I just wanted to run away from the stench. What is that smell? Can you smell that? Oh, wait," I wrinkled my nose as I leaned toward him. "It's you. Oh, I'm so sorry." I pulled back and let a small smile grace my face. "You might want to take a shower before you go to your next class. Don't want anyone saying that jock extraordinaire Mike Newton smelled like a girl." And with that, I shoved my face in the book I just pulled out to use as a wall between him and myself. His shocked and outraged face would be something to amuse myself with for the next few days. I knew I was going to pay for those remarks later, but I couldn't help myself. It was too much fun seeing his pigeon-size brain try to process my words.

Now, I know I might seem harsh, but let me tell you something. I had already known these people for two months and I knew how fake these kids were. All of them were. I've watched every single person in this dreary and lackluster school (mind you, there aren't that many people here) and I knew how insecure they are. They are backstabbing, hormone-driven fools. Just last month, Tyler had finally given into his never-ending lust and fucked Jessica in the janitor's closet, and by the time fifth period had started, everyone in school knew what had happened except for Tyler's real girlfriend at the time, who was the high school sweetheart, Lauren Mallory. It took three days until someone finally told her, and everyone found out about that when Lauren stormed into the cafeteria, slapped Tyler full on in the face, then stormed back out with tears streaming down her face. Today, Tyler was still fucking Jessica, and Lauren had transformed into a bitter harpy. She sleeps around now as well, but not as much as Jessica does.

Forks. A pathetic excuse for a town.

"Hey," I heard Jessica whisper from across the classroom. "Did you hear? There's an entire family of new kids that are starting today."

One of her many followers and worshippers whispered back, "Are you serious?!"

"I heard that all of the kids are adopted. The father, Dr. Cullen, is supposed to be this total hottie, big-shot doctor, and since his wife Esme couldn't have any kids, they adopted five teenagers."

"Do you know their names?"

"Yeah, something like Emmett, Alice, and Edward Cullen, as well as Rosalie and Jasper Hale. But you know what's really weird?" Jessica loved those who hung onto her every word.


"They're all couples. I saw them during the weekend—Emmett and Rosalie were totally making out, and Jasper and Alice were making googly-eyed faces at each other the entire time. The only one who's single is Edward. Let me tell you, all of them are totally drool-worthy and absolutely beautiful, but Edward is smoking H-O-T."

"Are you guys going to get together?" Alert: new gossip being made everybody!

Jessica snorted in her fake girlish way and flipped her permed and dyed brown hair over her shoulder. "Of course we are. We're totally the hottest people in this town, so we're going to be expected to get together. I bet he's such a monster in bed." She finally noticed my head tilted her way to catch the conversation. "What are you looking at, freak?"

I shrugged, unfazed by her catching me listening to her. "A pathetic excuse for a human being," I replied.

She flushed red with mortification and anger, scrambling to make a comeback. "Like you aren't any better, Isabitch? You have zero friends, you're a total nerd, and you're the father of the fucking chief of police! Talk about having empty pockets. You're a nothing!"

Her words bounced off of me, not entering my mind or soul. I smirked at her. "If I'm all of those things, then what are you?" And with that, I turned in my seat to face the blasted teacher who finally decided to show up.


That wasn't the first time I heard rumors regarding the Cullens.

This is an unbelievably small town. Like tiny. Everybody knows everyone and if something new happens at seven o'clock in the morning, two hours later everybody knows about it and will be talking about it for a couple more weeks.

This is why it's good that I don't have anybody to talk to. You can't tell somebody all of your secrets and find out that the person spilled all of it to the first person they ran into. And if there are rumors about you, you know that they're 100% false.

But just because I went out of my way to avoid being social with every human being, didn't mean I wasn't lonely.

Lunch came and went with me sitting in the library, working on the homework already given and trying to find a new book to read. Our English teacher, Mrs. Chang, had decided that even though we had already read the book in ninth grade, she loved the Lord of the Flies so much that we had to read it again. Not only that, but we also had to write an essay explaining several symbols and their meanings from the book. Unfortunately, I am not a huge fan of the classics and knew from ninth grade that I hated Lord of the Flies. I mostly read non-fiction essays and educational novels. So now that we were finally done with the book and continuing onto another topic, I wanted to cleanse my mind with a good book I didn't have to constantly analyze. I passed a hidden corner that revealed Jessica making out with Tyler, showing no signs of concern or trepidation that someone might walk in on them. Jessica's flimsy black bra was being revealed, and Tyler had his hands on her ass. Her hands were just on the zipper of his bulging pants, fingers brushing the zipper…


I quickly spun around and found an alternate route to the exit, not even dwelling on my reading dilemma and more focused on trying to forget what I had just seen. No such luck. Ugh, couldn't they have been doing that in a more cliché spot? Like, I don't know, a janitor's closet? There was less of a chance that I'd walk in on them in there. And now I had to avoid that spot at all costs because whenever I would be there I would think of them christening the library books! "Thanks a lot, whore and asshole," I muttered to myself.

The bell echoed through the halls and I scurried over to my fifth period Biology class, not wanting to pass Jessica and Tyler in their post-coital bliss. As I entered the classroom, the first thing I noticed was the most alluring and appealing scent I've ever smelled. Leather, a forest still damp from rain, and a masculine musk that I couldn't identify but was as distinguishable as a firework sparking at midnight. My head snapped up, instinctively searching for the source of the scent. My gaze landed on a man who was seated right next to my seat at my desk, his shockingly vivid emerald eyes locking with mine.

I only had one thought.

Edward Cullen.

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