Sauron surveyed the scene before him in great satisfaction. Orthanc might be home to the Wizard and fallen Maia who currently had his Ring, but despite all the advantages Curumo held, Isengard was looking fairly torn up.

"I must thank Radagast for the idea of the Ents," he commented to his brother. Olórin hummed his agreement, looking up briefly from the bundle of high level explosives he was creating for yet another Eagle to drop.

"You know, for someone who doesn't like chaos, I am remarkably good at creating it," Sauron mused.

"That you are, little brother. That you are."

So, there are currently two planned oneshots between Rebelliousness and this...but I figured those following this universe would appreciate the assurance it's not dead yet. ;)

For those getting lost chronologically, the list of the stories in order is on my profile.