This is way less serious than Eponine's Tale, and entirely for fun and amusement. Certainly not my best work (in my opinion), but whatever. Just for fun.

Let's Torture Enjolras


Eponine was just about to tell Marius to leave her alone when Enjolras joined them. Great. It would be hard enough getting Marius to go away and avoid being associated with her father's current scheme, but Enjolras as well?

That was when she saw the blonde girl walking alongside the man her father was planning to rob. In a split second, she had an idea.

"Marius, let's go," she said seemingly out of nowhere, grabbing his hand and dragging him off, past the blonde girl.

"Hey, Eponine!" he yelled in annoyance. "Enjolras-" He started to call after his friend, who watched in confusion for a moment before trying to follow, hearing the desperate plea for help in Marius' tone of voice. Excellent. Her plan was going brilliantly. She dragged Marius around a corner quickly, then peaked out to watch.

"Eponine, what in the world is going through your head right now?" Marius asked her in frustration, rubbing his wrist. The girl had a stronger grip than he'd thought.

"Having some fun with the marble statue," she replied simply. She smirked as Enjolras bumped into the blonde girl, just as she had hoped. The blonde girl stared at Enjolras as if he was an angel on Earth, and he looked rather surprised to see her.

"Eponine..." Marius said dangerously, now watching as well. "That's a terrible idea! He's never going to forgive you if you're planning what I think you're planning."

"Spoil-sport," Eponine muttered as Enjolras walked away from the girl and towards them. So. Enjolras wasn't as fascinated by the blonde girl as she had hoped. But the blonde was certainly fascinated with him.

She would need to find a way to get them to meet. She smirked. This was going to be the most fun she'd had in ages.