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Red wine—the same bloody crimson of a rose—swished around in the bowl of my glass. Its fragrance reminds me of my summer in Tuscany when the sun was low and my body hummed with the fantasy like-ness of the atmosphere as I had lounged in the garden bathing in the twilight's last rays. "Hmm," I sighed—my eyes lingered on pretty much every face that came passed me. "Where the hell is this guy!" I growled between my teeth, a false smile still present on my lips. With the movement of my head to the side, I flipped the curled hair from my eye while placing an ear piece in behind the curtain of the long free hair that I had all resting on that one side. I turned it on by pressing the give in the large deep blue tear drop earring on the opposite ear.

"Two double O seven?" Boss Lady came in.

"Where is the damn bloke," I said with anger apparent in every word. I flashed an onlooker with a seductive smile—he looked dazed as if the image left him dreaming about my red lips as well as the fire in my eyes—and pushed myself from the high chair I sat on. I caught the same man watching as the dress gave in at the high split allowing a long bronzed leg balancing on a more than six inch lace heeled shoe. "I've been sitting here for hours." Making my way over to the bar no, I motioned with my hand for the bartender to make me a Shirley temple.

"He's not there?" Boss Lady inquired, "I swore he called hours ago informing us of his arrival. I even had Charles to check his GPS chip as well." I let out another angry sigh. The bartender placed a short glass in with an umbrella and a cherry in it in front of me.

"Alright," I sang, a sweet plump cherry played at the forefront of my mouth. "I'll keep an—," I was starting to say until I saw one of our main suspects just sit down at the bar. My lips curved into a small smirk. "I'll have to call you back. It seems I have a little business to attend to." From her laughter I can tell she got what I was hinting at.

"Don't do what I wouldn't" she said.

"Yes ma'am," I replied sweet as candy and then a small click signaled she was gone. I gave up my set once again to acquire another by the person of interest. He had a look of big money—as many of them do—and the scare across one of his eyes screamed that he wasn't some ordinary man. "My I sit?" He looked at me with soft gold eyes. From his body language—he twisted his whole torso to me and cocked his head to the side as he gave me a look over in my slim black dress—and as well as his eyes, I can tell that he wants me in more than one way. I took that as I a yes. I smiled at him then took the empty seat next to him. The muscles in his arms flexed noticeably through the blue velvet sports jacket he wore.

"What brings you to the Ellington Royal?" he asks and leans over onto the low back of my chair, a cocky smile graced his lips. I turned to look up at the yellow flood lights placed in the ceiling. The shine caused the each of the bottles—dark greens

"Well,"—I arched my back to emphasize my curves, the string like fabric of the back of the dress fall into the dip of my spinal, "a little bird told me I could have a little fun here."