Foreword: Before I begin anything, I just want to say that I in no way own/am affiliated with Transformers. This was done out of sheer boredom. The OC is mine – I borrowed the name of a character in my mom's soap opera, and her appearance and personality are mixes of people I casually observe out in public. In my humble opinion, that's about as original as it gets (as I've noticed completely original OC's tend to become a little too two-dimensional). That being said, this is my first crack at a fanfiction in several years, so please don't be too harsh (although constructive criticism is always welcome).

Note that Transformers: Prime is its own continuity, and as far as I can see, there hasn't been a direct year associated with it…so all my talk of when the story is actually occurring is just my own creative liberties at work (if there IS an actual time, please let me know so I can adjust accordingly). Anywho, I think I've bored you long enough. Enjoy the story, and please leave a review if you could. :)

Genre: Humor/Friendship/Hurt/Comfort (MAYBE romance down the line, depending on how the story turns out)

Rating: M for lots of swearing and potential adult situations in the future.

Summary: TFP. The others always said Ratchet could use a human companion. To him, the notion was absurd. But when an unwitting medical student is caught in the crossfire of the Autobot/Decepticon conflict, the medic soon discovers he has more in common with her than he ever would have imagined. A CanonxOC experiment of epic proportions.

A Medic Affair

A moment of privacy these days is a moment to be treasured. It's a time when one can allow themselves to finally rest, to be at peace. To unwind and ponder the nuances of one's life that normally are taken for granted, or seem at first too insignificant to waste a moment of time in one's extremely busy day to consider. But for her, it was none of these things: it was a moment to discreetly check the clock on her cell phone. The leather banded watch she'd accidentally worn to classes that day wasn't "workplace appropriate", forcing her to leave it in her bag with the rest of her clothing; she was taking a terrible risk by carrying her cell phone during a shift at the hospital…but she had work afterward, and couldn't afford to be late. As beneficial as the practical experience is, medical internships pay next to nothing, and a second job is often needed to support one's income.

She ducked into a dusty alcove, peering cautiously around either side before reaching into her bra and partially extracting her phone, still keeping it under the top of her scrubs. Her hand shook as she unlocked the screen, revealing the time on the glass screen to be 7:45pm. Upon the realization that she wasn't yet late, she quickly stuffed the phone back into its hiding spot and sighed in relief.

"Xenakis!" barked a sharp voice from in front of her. The poor girl jumped and gasped, obviously startled. "What're you doing in here? Checking your cell phone again?"

Realizing it was her internship supervisor, she quickly regained her composure. "You'd like that far too much," she sneered, brushing bits of errant dust off her shoulders as she emerged from her hiding spot. "If you have to know, Mister Stamkos, I was adjusting myself." He seemed confused. "My bra was riding up, and I'm not going to mess around with it in front of mixed company."

He seemed reluctant to believe her, and gave her a suspicious glance before turning away to resume walking down the hall. "With the way you've been burning out of here these days, it's a valid question."

"To be fair, when there's extra income involved, it's somewhat understandable." She tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear, collecting patient files that were no longer required by the staff along the way. "Med students usually live below the poverty line, and are up to their eyeballs in student loan debts."

He harrumphed, and gave her a dirty look. "Being poor is no reason to slack, Ms. Xenakis. You know better."

"And you've seen my grades," she growled, eyes narrowing into menacing slits. "I hardly think I've been slacking."

Mister Stamkos had nothing to say to this. She was in the top percentile of her class, and arguably worked harder than most of the other students. However, it was her attitude that he couldn't seem to get past; she had a very low tolerance for the abuse most interns took, and commanded a certain respect from everybody she came in contact with. Cold and callous, authoritarian and hardheaded: all admirable traits in a doctor…but not so much in an intern. The way she carried herself drove those superior to her crazy – extra effort was made to search for mistakes on her part, just as extra effort was made on her part to make sure that they would find none.

Now was another one of those moments. "Burns didn't show today; got one of the worst cases of streptococcus I've ever seen." He took this moment to take the stack of files in her arms, and replace it with a fat manila folder full of notes on new cases. "So I trust you'll be able to finish his reports by tomorrow."

If it were possible to kill somebody purely with looks, he would've been long dead and buried from the seething glare she shot at him. Yet her voice still remained stoic. "Yes. Of course. Somebody has to pick up the slack around here, don't they?" She took this opportunity to gaze up at the large clock on the rear wall of the nurse's station. Eight o' clock. "I hate to end this riveting conversation prematurely," the sarcasm dripping from her words like a thick syrup, "but I'm going to be late for work. Goodnight, Mister Stamkos."

She barely heard his return "goodnight" as she hurried off to the women's locker room, nearly dropping the bloated folder in her arms twice. She plopped it unceremoniously on the metal bench as she expertly twirled the dial on her combination lock, barely needing to glance at it, before yanking it open and hanging it on the open locker door. She quickly stripped off her hospital scrubs and t-shirt before unzipping her large gym bag and pulling out her clothes for work. One eye on her phone's clock, she hastily pulled on a pair of black short socks and dark blue skinny jeans, hands deftly fastening the leather belt that had already been strung through the loops. A tight white tank top came next, followed by a well-worn leather jacket and a pair of soft knee-high black leather high heeled boots.

By the time she'd whipped her messy hair up into a haphazard bun, crumpled her dirty scrubs into a ball, and crammed them into her gym bag, it was already ten after eight. She quickly spritzed herself with a body mist she kept in her locker before shutting the door, locking it, and bursting through the rear exit into the parking lot. Running through the parking lot, she quickly spotted her car: a 2015 Camry.

It wasn't a sports car by any means, but it was the first brand new car she'd ever owned…slaved away for in a dingy dive bar for nearly a year. It was hers, and that's what mattered. She clicked the remote locks open, slid inside, and sped across town to work. Music blaring, she put her driving skills to the test, weaving in and out of traffic like a needle sewing through fabric. Dangerous, yes. But she wasn't about to be late for work for a third time and get fired. By the time she pulled into the decrepit street behind the building she had two minutes to spare, taking one of them to adjust her hair in the visor's vanity mirror and toss her gym bag in the trunk before heading inside.

Little did she realize that this was the last time she'd get to walk into work with a normal life.

"Prime!" Arcee was weaving in and out of traffic in her vehicle mode like a bat out of hell. An aftload of Vehicons was hot on her tail, showering her in a hail of laser fire. "Could really use some sort of backup right now, if you guys aren't too busy!"

Optimus commed back immediately and remained calm as usual. "Right. Bumblebee and I are on our way. Just hang on Arcee." Primus, did anything light a fire under his backside?

That moment of distraction cost the femme, as she took a lucky shot to her back tire. She yelled in pain as she flipped off the freeway, spinning into her bipedal mode as she landed in a quiet urban street. It seemed to throw the Decepticons off…momentarily. They soon realized where she'd ended up and were quickly in pursuit. At first it was only a few, but they began swarming in like scraplets, hungry for an Autobot conflict. Eventually, she realized that if they kept up like this, she could potentially be overwhelmed.

"Where are you guys?!" she commed desperately. This wasn't how she wanted things to end: taken down by the Cons. Alone. They needed to hurry.

As if sensing her anxiety, Optimus and Bumblebee bridged in, and immediately got to work without so much as a word. One by one, they began picking off the horde, the pile of bodies increasing at a fairly rapid pace. However, in the middle of all the din, a pressing thought came to Arcee.

"We've really gotta keep this down," she huffed as she landed a particularly nasty kick to the head of one of the Decepticons. "There's a bunch of businesses just down the road, and somebody might hear all this commotion."

One of the Decepticons attempted to sneak off, and Bumblebee took after him. Neither Optimus nor Arcee thought more of it, each claiming several more casualties without a terrible amount of difficulty. At long last, the remainder of them finally lay motionless on the pavement. Both breathed a sigh of relief – that is, until Prime intercepted a transmission that could've potentially revealed their presence to a dangerous number of humans. It sounded like a female voice, and judging by the strength of the signal, couldn't be far away.

"I know this is going to sound odd, but it was crushed. By two giant robots."

"I'm sorry, did you say giant robots crushed your car?"

Prime's worst fears had been confirmed. Yet another human had witnessed Autobot and Decepticon activity. He needed to end her transmission to prevent other humans from potentially learning of this before any kind of widespread panic could occur.

"Yeah. Look, I know it's a long shot but-"

It was done in an instant. He turned to Arcee, his face grave. "Arcee, another human saw." She gripped her forehead with her hand and shook her head, silent save for a long suffering sigh. Optimus sympathized, but knew what they needed to do. "Come…you know the protocol."

It'd been an exhausting eight hour shift behind a grimy bar. She'd wearily counted her tips, and just slid into her jacket in preparation to finally head home after what could safely be considered a grueling day. Just as she was moving to take her purse from the hook on the wall and open the door, she heard noise. It sounded like something very heavy…running. The logical portion of her brain told her to stay inside until the phenomenon had passed, but the curious part said to open the door. And just as she did so, she witnessed a sight that few humans would ever behold.

It was two giant robots. A black and yellow one, and a black and purple one. Fighting. In the middle of the street. It was like something straight out of a science fiction movie. After only seconds of watching the entanglement in a complete stupor, she then watched the unthinkable happen:

The yellow and black one tackled the purple and black one. And they landed on her car.The crunching sound of their heavy bodies crushing the metal of her vehicle made her stomach lurch and her heart sink; she fell against the door frame, slumped over in disbelief.

"You've gotta be fucking kidding me." The two robots had long since moved down the road, giving her a bird's eye view of the remains of what was once a car fresh off the assembly line. "I didn't even get to put the goddamn license plates on yet!"

What now? The car was clearly totaled, and she had no way home. Remembering that her car insurance company had a twenty-four hour hotline, she extracted her card from her purse and dialed the number on her cell phone, tapping in her policy number when asked to do so. As she was waiting to be connected, she realized that explaining what had happened to her car was going to sound…interesting to the agents. However, before she could try to formulate an alternative story, the woman on the other end of the line picked up.

"Hello, Safety First Insurance Co., this is Jessica speaking. How may I help you?" She sounded pleasant enough. But how would she react to this?

"Yeah, hi," she began, trying not to be sick over the loss of her most valuable possession and only method of transportation. "My car was just totaled, and I need a rental car or a courtesy shuttle or something to take me home."

"Name please?"

"Kayla Xenakis."

There were several seconds of audible typing on the other end of the line. "What happened to the vehicle, ma'am?" the woman asked, her tone now sympathetic.

"I know this is going to sound odd," she hazarded, glancing around to make sure nobody else was about to overhear what she was sure was a bout of pure insanity. "But it wascrushed. By two giant robots."

She was met with silence. Finally, after several minutes, the woman responded, "I'm sorry, did you say giant robots crushed your car?"

Damn. She knew this wasn't going to go well. "Yeah. Look, I know it's a long shot but-"

"Hello, ma'am? Are you there?" The line was filling with static, and the agent's voice began to crackle. "Ma'am? Are you there?"

"Yes! Yes, I'm still here!" Kayla pleaded desperately, darting out into the street next to the ruins of her car hoping to get a better phone signal. The line went dead, and a dial tone began to ring in her ear. A rush of emotions flooded her, and before she could stop herself, screamed, "Son of a BITCH!"

She hurled her phone down the street in a fit of anger, and stood there breathing hard and ragged, fighting a very strong urge to vomit. After several minutes, she slowly began to realize that if she had any hope of going home tonight, it'd be with that phone. Hopefully it wasn't broken; she shuddered at the thought, and ran down the street to search for it. When she eventually found the device, it was undamaged —thanks to the massive plastic and rubber case she kept it in—and stooped down to pick it up. But when she stood, wasn't prepared for the site that stood before her…More giant robots.

"Oh, fuck me."

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