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Alec was walking down the hall with a mountain of books stacked in his arms.
"Nerd" some boy said, Alec couldn't see who it was because the books blocked his vision. He stumbled over something that felt like a foot, the books flew out of his arms and he landed face first on the ground, he heard children laugh. He sighed and pushed himself up into a sitting position on the floor.
He saw Jonathan Morgenstern standing over him grinning evilly, Jonathan father is the owner of, Idris orphanage. The owner is Mr Valentine Morgenstern a mean man who doesn't care about any of the kids here, only his own, Clary and Jonathan. Clary's a nice enough girl but Jonathan is a horrible person, he always picks on Alec, its Jonathan's favourite thing to do.
Alec knew that it was Jonathan who tripped him.

Alec sighed and started picking up the books, ignoring all the laughter and ignoring Jonathan's comments about his clothing and how he has no friends.

Alec is probably the least popular person in the orphanage even though he's the oldest.

A crackling noise came over the PA system, "All children to the common room! Make sure you look good and clean!" The children that were still around Alec, ran off to their rooms to get cleaned up for the picking, the picking is a thing that the children here at the orphanage call it when childless couples come in searching for children to fill that empty hole in their heart that can only be filled with children.
Alec walked into the library, with the books stacked in his arms again, he put them back where he got them from.
After he finished he sprinted to the common room, with bare feet, messy hair and his most worn out clothes on.

"Late again Alexander" Hodge Starkweather said, Mr Starkweather is probably the only caretaker that actually cares about the children at the orphanage.
"It's Alec" Alec corrected and he walked through the door and over to his siblings.

"Look who decided to grace us with his amazing presence!" Jace said sarcastically, Jace was adopted in his family back when Alec's parents were alive, when his parents died in the car crash and they came here Jace wouldn't be separated from Alec and his other siblings.
"You aren't even dressed properly!" Isabelle said, she was trying to make Alec's hair less messy looking.
Alec swatted her hands away "I was busy!"
"Do you think we'll get picked this time?" Max, the youngest, most hopeful of the four, asked.
"No" Alec answered, earning himself a slap in the face from Isabelle.
"Ow!" He said rubbing his face "I mean we'll have to wait and see, we're a big family" Alec said, he hated pickings, it always tore his heart when they were over and he saw Max's sad face, Alec knows that Max want to be out of here and with a family.


"Okay kiddos, there are twelve couples out there, be on your best behaviour, don't be rude!" Mr Starkweather said.
The sixty or so children around Alec straightened up and dusted off their clothes, Alec just stood there shoulders hunched waiting for this to be over.
Mr Starkweather opened the door and the twelve childless couples walked in the started looking at the children. Adult's eyes swept over Alec, with disgusted looks and moved on to Max, Isabelle and Jace, the adults face's lighting up in smiles when they saw them.

Alec rolled his eyes and walked off. He walked away and sat at a table in the corner of the room. Alec watched as the adults looked at the children like they were shoe shopping and they had to find the perfect shoes that suited them and matched their appearance.


"Aren't you a little old to be in an orphanage, blue eyes?" A voice asked.
Alec sighed and turned to face the voice. He nearly fell off his chair; the voice was probably the most attractive boy he's ever seen. The boy was tall, taller than Alec, which was rare because Alec was a good six foot, the boy was wearing a shirt that looked like a colour bomb exploded on it, tight leather pants, his hair was a crown of a glittering spikes and his cat like eyes were outlined thickly in black eye liner.

Alec stared at the boy, with his mouth open.
The boy laughed and sat down in front of Alec.
Alec found his voice "I'm eighteen, that means I'm still up for adoption, once I turn nineteen I can leave this place."
"I'm eighteen too!" the boy said, "Oh I'm Magnus, by the way, Magnus Bane" the boy outstretched his hand.
Alec shook it "I'm Alec."
"Is that short for something?" Magnus asked.
"It's short for Alexander, but everyone calls me Alec" He explained.
"Well I like Alexander more, it sounds sexier" Magnus said.
Alec's eyes went wide and he blushed, was this boy flirting with me? Alec thought.
"W-whatever" Alec said, "What are you doing here anyway?" Alec asked, changing the subject "you don't look like a kid who stays here."
"I don't stay here" Magnus said.
"Then why are you here?" Alec asked.
"My parents" Magnus said pointing behind him, "They've wanted a bigger family for like ever, they've tried and tried but it just wasn't working for them so they decided that they should adopt some kids" Magnus explained.

"Alec!" Max yelled, he ran over to Alec and climbed up onto his lap.
Alec looked down at his brother "What is it Max?" Alec asked.
"There was this really nice lady and her husband and they said I looked cute!" Max explained, he sounded happy.

Alec felt a pang in his chest. This always happened couples would say that Max looked cute or that max was exactly what they've been looking for, but then they find out that Max isn't a single package and he had three older siblings that come with him. It always makes Alec's heart shatter when he sees Max's sad face at the end of each picking.
"That's great Max! Just don't get your hopes up okay" Alec said.
Max nodded and jumped off Alec's lap and ran over to Isabelle and Jace, Alec could tell that Max had ignored his warning.

"Who was that?" Magnus asked, Alec had almost forgotten that there was a glittery boy sitting in front of him.
"My younger brother, I have three siblings" Alec told him.
Magnus nodded "Cool" Magnus looked behind him "Oh, sorry, my parents look like they have adoption papers, I got to go."
"Bye, Magnus, it was nice meeting you" Alec said.
"It was nice meeting you too! Bye Alexander" Magnus got up and walked off to his parents.

Isabelle, Jace and Max came over "Who was that?" Isabelle asked.
"Just some random kid" Alec answered.
"His parents were the ones that called me cute!" Max said.
Alec nodded.

Now all they had to do was wait until Mr Starkweather came into the room to tell which kids have been adopted. Why am I even here? Alec thought, obviously we haven't been picked so I should just get up and leave. Alec slumped down further in his chair.

Mr Starkweather walked in holding a list, all the kids except for Alec straightened up, "good news kids out of the twelve couples, ten couples have chosen children to adopt!" Kid smiled hopefully at each other.
"Okay, if I call your name got to your room and pack up your stuff to go home with your new parents today!" Mr Starkweather started calling out kids' names, the kids whose names got called out jumped up and ran to their rooms excitedly, to pack up their stuff and get out of here.
"And last but not least Alec, Isabelle, Jace and Max! You've all been adopted!"

Alec fell off his chair, in surprise, Adopted! They've been adopted! Is there some kind of mistake?
"Alec get up off the floor!" Max yelled "We've been adopted!" Max dragged Alec up and pulled him out of the room.
Isabelle and Jace ran out behind them with huge smiles on their faces, the four ran off to their rooms to pack their stuff.
Alec couldn't believe that a couple had adopted all four of them! Who would want three teenagers and a nine year old?! Alec thought.
He packed his stuff, it wasn't much just a shirt, his better sweater, a cleaner pair of jeans and a notebook he used as a journal, he put it in a small backpack his parents gave him when he was seven. It that was all he owned it was only what Mr Morgenstern would let them have he didn't like it when the kids had a lot of stuff.

He met Isabelle, Jace and Max back in the common room all the other children who hadn't been picked went back to their rooms or outside to play.
"Ready to see your new parents?" Mr Starkweather asked.
Isabelle, Jace and Max all nodded eagerly.
"Fantastic!" Mr Starkweather led them to a door, "Go on in, your new parents are in there."
Max jumped up and opened the door and all four of them walked in.

There was a woman with short light brown hair and a kind face standing there and a Tall man with Black hair with a sharp looking face, but he had cat like eyes. There was a tall figure behind the new parents.
"Hi! I'm Vicky Bane!" the woman greeted, with a kind smile, it wasn't forced, like so many smiles Alec's seen it was a real genuine smile. Wait did she say Bane?!
"And I'm Jeffery Bane, we're going to be your new parents" The man said.
The tall figure behind the new parents stepped out and Alec's jaw dropped "I'm Magnus, your new brother."


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