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Caroline looked up to see who it was and there was a face she knew too well. Her long, dark brown, curly hair fell at her sides; one of her hands was folded across her chest while the other hand rested under her chin. Her round, prominent eyes looked down at them. Caroline screamed again, 'Tatia' she thought. She started to wiggle around trying to get loose.

"Don't bother Caroline; it won't do you any good." Tatia smirked evilly. Caroline looked around the vacant barn. The men who had brought them there were nowhere to be seen.

How could she do this to us? Caroline thought. Only if she had been a vampire, she would have got out of this mess and snapped Tatia's neck by now. Then she thought, only if Tatia had met Rebekah in the future. The thought made her smile.

"Is there something humorous?" Tatia asked. She looked like she was getting annoyed and confused about why Caroline was smiling. "Just to remind you darling, you are the one who is tied up right now and shortly, will be taken to be sold." Tatia said. Caroline and Rebekah started to squirm and wiggle around again. "You have something to say?" Tatia mocked their squirming. "Here, let me help you." Tatia said as she slipped the cloth off of Caroline's mouth.

"Untie us Tatia!" Caroline yelled.

"No why would I do that when I am the one who got you here in the first place?" Tatia said.

"What? How could you get us kidnapped?"

"Well, technically I merely suggested you two for their deal by phrasing your unfaltering beauty. They are the ones who actually kidnapped you." Tatia said as she traced a finger down Caroline's face.

Caroline couldn't believe it. She thought Katherine was bad, no, this one was pure evil. Katherine was a tamed cat in front of this wild tiger. Caroline knew this was her only chance to be saved, she screamed as loud as her vocal cord would let her and as long as she possibly could.

"Shut your mouth." Tatia said as she tried to cover her mouth again but failed. Just then she heard the men coming back so she ran off towards the inside of the barn.


Stefan, Niklaus and Kol walked around as they tried to find any sign that would lead then to Caroline and Rebekah. They couldn't be taken too far, there were too many people around. The crowd had started to descend. The three continued to walk keeping their eyes and ears open for any sign that could lead them to Caroline and Rebekah. Nik saw Stefan walking towards something that was lying on the ground. He picked it up.

"What is it Stefan?" Nik asked.

"It's Rebekah's scarf." Stefan said looking around.

"Are you sure Mate? I mean so many people must have bought scarves today." Kol said as he took the scarf from Stefan's hand. Just then they hear Caroline's piercing scream come from the old barn.

"Caroline?" Stefan said. Nik felt a knot in his stomach. They all ran towards the old barn as fast as they could.

Kol tried to open the door but couldn't, it had been locked from the inside.

"We have to break it down." Nik said. They individually tried to break the door but couldn't.

"We have to do it together!" Stefan said. All three stepped about two metres away from the door and ran at it breaking it to the ground.

Nik saw that there were three men standing around Caroline and Rebekah while another one tried to put a cloth around Caroline's mouth. The two girls saw them and started to squirm and move around. Three of the men saw them and ran at them ready to attack. A stout man with a beard grabbed Nik's torso and tried to take him down. Nik punched the man in the face making him fall to the ground. After a few right hooks, the man fell unconscious. He saw that Stefan had almost taken his attacker down and Kol seemed to be having a good time as he whacked the two men in front of him with a wooden rod. He quickly walked towards the girls took off the cloth that was covering their mouths.

"Are you alright love?" Nik asked Caroline.

"Yes, thank-you." Caroline said as she breathed heavily.

"Thank God, you lot are here." Rebekah said as she coughed. Nik quickly untied them and helped them to their feet.

"Caroline!" Stefan said as he ran towards them. "Are you guys okay?" He asked as he hugged Caroline and looked at Rebekah.

"Yes, we're fine Stefan. I just need to find someone." Caroline said looking around.

"Who is it that you are looking for darling?" Kol asked as he walked toward them leaving the two men behind bruised and writhing in pain.

"Oh no you didn't." Caroline said and then started to run towards someone. It looked like a woman who was trying to run to the door.

Nik looked on as Caroline caught up to her and brought her to the ground. She held the woman in head lock position.

"You are going to pay for this bitch!" She said to her. Nik walked closer to see who it was.

"Tatia?" Nik said, surprised to see her.

Stefan quickly walked towards Caroline. It seemed like those vampire impulses we a habit now.

"Care, what's going on?" Stefan asked Caroline. "Let her go."

"No, Stef. She's the one who got us into this mess in the first place." Caroline said as she held Tatia's head tightly. Tatia was trying to remove Caroline's hands but wasn't strong enough. "How dare you try to sell Rebekah and me off?" Caroline said to Tatia her green eyes glistening with anger. Nik admired Caroline's strength and skills. It was almost like she had been trained to fight.

"That a girl!" Kol laughed as he watched Caroline handle Tatia.

Stefan walked behind Caroline and held onto her shoulders. He whispered into her ear so only she could hear. "Care let her go, we're not vampires right now and you could kill her."

Caroline slowly loosened her grip and got off of her. Just then Elijah walked in. He saw Tatia lying on the ground holding her neck.

"Tatia! What's wrong?" Elijah asked trying to help her up.

"Ask...them..." Tatia managed to gasp and point at Caroline. Tatia started to cry trying to gain pity for herself.

"Elijah, she will not be forgiven for this." Nik said.

"Brother, what has she done?" Elijah asked while held onto Tatia.

"She has conspired to sell off our sister and Caroline." Nik said angrily.

"Brother, there must be some explanation." Elijah said.

"No, she did Elijah. After those men brought us here, she came here to rub it in our faces." Rebekah said.

Elijah looked at Tatia for a moment and then looked back at them. He looked hurt and ashamed.

"I would like to apologise for what Tatia has done and you have my word that anything like this will never happen again." Elijah said.

"I don't think so. I'm telling father about this and they can decide at the next village meeting about her punishment." Rebekah said.

"Niklaus, please." Elijah looked at Nik with hope in his eyes. He knew Rebekah would never go against Nik and Kol would go along as well.

"Okay Elijah, just this once. I will show her mercy for what she has done. Take Tatia home and ask her to stay away from Rebekah and Caroline. However, I only speak for our siblings. I cannot speak for Stefan and Caroline." Nik said looking at Rebekah and Kol.

"We agree with Nik." Stefan said.

"Stef!.." Caroline started.

"Caroline, leave it." Stefan looked at Caroline seriously. She crossed her arms, gave Tatia one last stare down as a warning and looked away.

Elijah walked out with Tatia.

"Father is not to know of this, do you all understand." Nik said to everyone.

Everyone nodded in agreement except for Caroline. She walked out in fury. Nik wanted to go after her and explain why he had done that. He understood what she must have felt but to get father involved would have taken it to a whole new level.

"I'll go talk to her." Stefan said walking after her.

"Care! Caroline, wait up!" Stefan called as he ran to catch up to her.

"What Stefan?" Caroline said as she continued to walk.

"Look I know you're angry and you have every right to be but..." Stefan was interrupted.

"But what? This isn't about her being like Elena or Katherine, Stefan. She is basically the grandmother of all pimps! She basically played a part in human trafficking. How could you forgive her?" Caroline said.

"Caroline, I know what she did is unforgivable. But you have to remember that we are in the past. We have to stay low, we can't make dramatic changes. Just imagine what would happen if we actually gave her to Mikael. They would probably hang her and her blood wouldn't used to create vampires and that would make us nonexistent." Stefan explained.

Caroline calmed down. The more she thought about it the more it made sense. Stefan was right about Tatia.

"Fine." Caroline said uncrossing her arms and letting them fall at her sides. She stopped and said,

"All I can say right is that she is worse than Katherine." Caroline said. Stefan laughed; leave it to Caroline to make a funny comment randomly. "What? I'm serious. I think the Petrova blood line becomes better down the lineage." Stefan even laughed harder.

Nik, Rebekah and Kol caught up to them and they all walked home.


"Rebekah!" Ester hugged her daughter. "I'm so glad you are home sweetheart." Ester said. Mikael hugged his daughter and Ester came and hugged Caroline. "I'm glad you two are okay." Ester said.

"Who were they?" Mikael asked.

"We don't recognize them. They are all lying unconscious in the barn." Nik said.


"Yes father, we made sure they were incapable of going anywhere." Kol said with a smirk.

"Very well, I am going to talk to the other council members right now and deal with those bastards." Mikael said as he left.

Ester didn't let go of Rebekah and Caroline for the rest of the night. Henrik was happy to see his sister and Caroline come home. He even asked for every detail of the fight that had occurred. Kol took the chance to self praise about handling two grown men.


The sky was a dark blue and the sun was about to rise. Stefan paced around as he waited for Rebekah. Finally he saw Rebekah running towards him. She ran right into his open arms, his lip met hers. He kissed her like he had never done before.

"You've been holding off on me." Rebekah said as her blue eyes looked up at him.

"I was so worried about you yesterday." Stefan said as he kissed her forehead. Rebekah smiled. Stefan held her close to him not wanting to let go. After a while, Rebekah asked.

"What would you do if you didn't find us?"

"I would continue looking until I did." He said.

"Why?" Rebekah looked up at him anxiously waiting for an answer.

"Because I love you Rebekah." Stefan said seriously as he looked into her eyes. It felt so right.

"I love you too Stefan." Rebekah said.

It seemed like all the boundaries had broken by these three words. Stefan's lips crashed onto Rebekah as one hand held her face and other pulled her even closer. Rebekah's hand locked around his neck holding him close. Then she took a chance and slipped one of her hands under his shirt feeling is perfect built. He took this as a sign. Stefan kissed her neck and turned her around. He undid the buttons at the back of her dress and kissed her back as he slipped her dress off. He turned her around, her hands came up cover her breast and she looked down blushing red. He lifted her chin to look her in the eyes and said,

"You are beautiful." He took her hands off her chest and kissed her there. Then trailed down to one breast and gently kissed it and then did the same to the other. She helped him take off his shirt and other clothing and soon they lay on the morning grass. Stefan knew he had to be gentle with her, technically this was her first time.

Rebekah was amazed how well he knew her body. He was so gentle and his every kiss and caress left her wanting more. Their bodies moved in rhythm until they reached their climax. Stefan moved to lie down beside Rebekah and held her close as she rested her head on his chest.

They felt like they could stay there forever but that wouldn't be possible. They got dressed and started to walk towards the forest. Stefan knew he would have to take a detour but he would walk with until he could.

"Do you think you will be free this evening." Rebekah asked.

"I should be. There isn't anything to do after dinner." Stefan said.

"Great, would you like to watch the sunset at by lake?"

"I would love to." Stefan said as he gently kissed her lips.


After lunch Caroline and Klaus walked through the woods towards their favourite place.

"How much more?" Caroline asked. She had forgotten how long it took to get to the water fall from the last time she went there with Henrik.

"We're almost there love." Klaus said. He held her hand as he helped her over the big log. Finally, he pushed the large tree branch aside leading to the beautiful water fall. They walked over to it hand in hand. Caroline sat down near the water fall and put her feet into the cool water. The water felt amazing.

"Come on." Caroline called Klaus to join her. He hesitated and then did the same. Caroline saw that he had something in his hand. "What's in your hand?" Caroline asked.

Klaus slowly opened his hand, there was a small bracelet. All the beads were in the shape of a wolf so intricately carved.

"That's beautiful. Who is it for?" Caroline said.

"Give me your hand, love." Klaus said. Caroline gave her hand to him. He carefully placed in around her wrist.

"Thank-you." Caroline said admiring her bracelet.

"I'm glad you like it sweetheart." Klau said as he smiled at her.

She loved his smiled, the way his lips curled up and his dimples showed. His eyes sparkled every time he looked at her.

He leaned in and slowly brushed his lips against hers not sure how she was going to react. Caroline immediately took his bottom lip between hers. His lips felt so warm, as they moved with hers. He held onto her face holding her there. As his lips parted, she slipped her tongue into his mouth exploring his mouth.

Caroline smiled as she kissed him. Klaus pulled back and looked at her smiling. Caroline rested her head on his shoulder.

"What is it?" Klaus asked. Caroline cheeks tinted red.

"It felt like I could that forever." Caroline said looking down not know how he would react. Klaus lifted her chin to look her in the eyes.

"I feel the same way." He said and placed a soft kiss on her lips and pulled back again. "Sorry love, but we should get going or we'll be late for dinner." Klaus said standing up. He helped Caroline get up and they walked home.


Rebekah rested her head on Stefan's shoulder as they sat together under a tree near the lake watching the sunset. Suddenly, they heard someone coming towards them.

"Well, well, well. Look at these two love birds." Kol said as he walked towards them.