Hey Everyone! Here we are! The last part of this story! I want to thank everyone for all their support and encouragement. This has definitely been a Journey to Love :) I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I did writing it. I'm sorry if certain parts seem rushed but I felt that I added the things I wanted to share. Please do take note that we are going through years of growth in regards to the kids and I wanted to add some special moments. Enjoy!

Bonnie was getting the girls out of their dresses and into their pajamas. The wedding was amazing and everything was perfect. In fact, it was even better than prom which was kind of like Caroline's trial run.

"Aunty Bea, can you please help with my zipper? It's stuck," Arianna said as she walked to Bonnie. Bonnie smiled as she undid Arianna's zipper. They still called her Aunt Bea but it didn't matter to her. She and Kol had volunteered to take care of the kids for the first night followed by Elijah and Katherine the second night and so on until Caroline and Klaus got back from their honeymoon. Initially, they didn't want to go so far from the kids but everyone had managed to convince them. Everyone agreed with her and Kol taking the kids as long as Kol stayed in his 'limits'. He merely rolled his eyes when he heard that. However, Klaus really emphasized limits with many dagger threats until Bonnie convinced him that she will be fine with the kids and Kol.

"Bonnie! Bonnie!" Kol said as he ran into the bathroom.

"What happened, Kol?" Bonnie said as she rose in a panic. Kol looked like his was having an anxiety attack.

"The boys, they are out of control," Kol said.

"What?"Bonnie said as she followed him out.

"They are jumping around the couches and taking off their clothes. When I asked them to put on their pajamas, they laughed at me and ran off into the basement," Kol said. Bonnie laughed. "Why are you laughing?"

"I think it's just a sugar rush. What did you do with them once you came home?" Bonnie said as she went to find the boys.

"Well we were all in the kitchen and Aden said that they wanted sundaes," Kol said. Bonnie raised her eyebrow at him. "What he convincingly told me that his Mom and you and any of their caretakers would give them sundaes before they went to sleep. It made sure they rested well," Kol said.

"And you believed them?" Bonnie said. This was incredulous.

"Well you didn't see their faces darling. They were dead serious," Kol said. Bonnie just shook her head. "So I made them all sundaes and once they were half done they started to throw it at each other. Then Zane got the whipping cream and sprayed it into his mouth. Aden and Noah did the same."

"You are a thousand year old original vampire, and you're telling me that you couldn't stop them?" Bonnie said as she walked down the stairs to the basement.

"You didn't see them! They were like baboons," Kol said.

"Right," Bonnie said sarcastically as she walked towards the home theatre. She could their voices. She quickly walked into the room to find Zane, Aden and Noah all in their boxers jumping on the couches. Their faces were smeared with chocolate and whipping cream.

"Aunt Bea, come join us! This is so much fun," Aden said.

"Yeah Aunt Bea, take a look at this," Zane said as he jumped off the couch doing a back flip and landed on his feet.

"Enough!" Bonnie said. All three boys froze in their spots. "Into the bathroom now," she commanded. The boys quickly walked up the flights of stairs and into the bathroom. "Watch and learn," Bonnie said to Kol as she followed them up.

When they got to the bathroom, Kol saw that the girls were already in bed. Bonnie quickly got all three to wash up and change into their pajamas in no time. She tucked them all into their bed. Arianna was sharing Eliza's bed but Bonnie thought that it wouldn't be wise for all three boys to share a room. Zane and Noah went to their room and she set up a bed in the playroom for Aden.

"See now that's how it's done," Bonnie said.

"You're amazing darling," Kol said.

"I know, but I think there is some cleaning you need to get done," Bonnie said.

"Aren't you going to help?" Kol said.

"I don't think so. I got the kids washed and ready for bed, the least you could do it clean," Bonnie said. "Anyways, you should hurry. I'm getting ready for bed," she winked.

Kol's mouth hung open for a moment before he vamped downstairs to quickly finish cleaning.


They walked into their honeymoon suite at the hotel in Rome. They were going to visit three countries and Rome was the first stop followed by Paris and then Tokyo. It had been such a long flight but they were finally there. Caroline turned to face Klaus. She could see that fire in his piercing blue eyes. They could have jumped each other but they were better than that. They talked about this and they wanted it to be like their first time.

He came closer, leaned in and slowly brushed his lips against hers. Caroline immediately took his bottom lip between hers. His lips felt so warm, as they moved with hers. He held onto her face holding her there. As his lips parted, she slipped her tongue into his mouth exploring his mouth. Caroline smiled as she kissed him.

She moaned as his arms moved down her curves. His touch always sent a current through her. He pulled away from her lips and kissed her neck; Caroline's fingers entwined in his hair. She pulled him back up to her lips. He picked her up and pushed her against the wall and she wrapped her legs around his torso. He kissed her passionately and carried her to the bed. Klaus put her down gently and caressed her cheek; she leaned into his touch. Caroline leaned up and captured his lips with her own.

Klaus then kissed down her neck to her collarbone; she gave a soft moan. He takes off his suit jacket; she undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt. He then slowly turned her around and undid her dress. Klaus slowly pulled it down to expose her breast. He sucked on one and flicked the other with his fingers. He continued to pull the dress down and kissed her every part of her body that became bare. She turned them around so she was on top and kissed down her chest, Klaus let out a throaty groan.

He turned them back around again and removed his pants. He thrust into her and set a rhythm. Their bodies moved together as her hands explored his chiseled back drawing her nails into him as she came close. He picked up the pace and the reached their peaks of ecstasy.

He rested his head against hers as they looked into each other's eyes knowing that now they had eternity together. Klaus placed a chaste kiss on her lips as he rolled over and pulled her into his embrace. She snuggled closer into his embrace with a content smile on her lips.


"Uncle Kol! Aunt Bonnie!" they heard Arianna yelling from outside their bedroom. Kol groaned and put the pillow over his head.

"Tell them to shut it," Kol said.

"Kol don't be an ass, they're kids and they are hungry," Bonnie said as she looked for her robe. "Come get up, we have to make them breakfasts and get them ready."

"Ahhhh, seriously," Kol said as he sluggishly got up and looked for his clothes. He pulled on pajama bottoms and a t-shirt. "Coming! Go to the kitchen!" he yelled as he walked to the door.

"I'll be right there!" Bonnie said as she ran to the bathroom.

Kol walked down to the kitchen and looked at the five kids sitting at the table. They looked so angelic but now he knew the truth. They were little devils hidden under that mask of innocence. He still couldn't believe that he fell into their trap yesterday night.

"Can we have chocolate brownies for breakfast?" Arianna said innocently.

"Nope," Kol said.

"Why not?" Arianna said.

"Because I said so," Kol said as he read a message posted on the fridge in Caroline's writing. "But how about we have chocolate chip pancakes?"

"Yay! Can we help?" Noah said as he walked over to his uncle.

"Sure mate, why don't you two," he pointed at Aden and Zane, "set the table. Arianna and Eliza please take out our utensils and you, Noah, will help me with the ingredients."

The kids set off on their assigned duties. When Bonnie came down she saw that Kol had all five kids sitting at the table and eating their pancakes quietly. There was a pitcher of orange juice on the table and place set up for her.

"Good morning darling," Kol said as he raised her mug to her.

"Good morning," Bonnie smiled in surprise. "Wow these are delicious," Bonnie took another bite of her pancakes.

"Always in surprise," Kol smirked. "Also, Nik texted me, he said that they are in Rome and wanted to talk to the kids after breakfast. I told him that we'll skype call him when we're ready."

"Sounds good!" Bonnie said.

Once everyone was finished breakfast, Bonnie and Kol got the kids ready. Soon they were seated in front of the computer ready to call. Bonnie set it up and called. Caroline picked up right away.

"Hey my angels! Hey Bonnnie, Kol!" Caroline said smiling from the screen.

"Mommy!" the kids said.

"Hey Care," Bonnie said.

"Hey there!" Klaus said as he came into the screen. "How are we doing today?"

"Daddy! Are you having fun?" Eliza said.

"Yes sweetheart we are but we miss you," Klaus said.

"We miss you too," Zane said.

"How are my babies behaving?" Caroline said.

"Just fine," Bonnie said.

"Well…" Kol started but was nudged by Bonnie. "They're just angels."

Bonnie and Kol left so the kids can talk to their parents alone. They talked for about a half an hour asking what Rome looked like and what they saw. Also, letting their parents know what kind of gifts they wanted. Once the call ended they all went to the backyard and played tag. Once it was the evening, Elijah and Katherine came and took over the babysitting responsibilities. Kol had asked why they couldn't split up the kids and send the twins back home. However, Bonnie said all five have been together from the very beginning and since Klaus and Caroline aren't here, they want them to feel as comfortable as possible. Everyone understood and rotated in their roles until Klaus and Caroline came back from their honeymoon.


One year later…

Rebekah walked around the house gathering the twins' belongings. Sometimes they were so irresponsible especially after their cousins would visit. It was like they would forget everything. She knew that Caroline had to deal with the same thing with the triplets. Sometimes she felt sorry for Caroline because the triplets tended to turn into wolves if they were really upset. She remembered the time Caroline told her that she had to transform just to get Eliza to turn back. At least her twins didn't transform into something else.

"Aden! Aden! Come down here this instance," Rebekah yelled. She now stared at the very messy theatre room. There was popcorn everywhere. His jacket and books were lying on the couch and there were paper airplanes everywhere. Aden had his friends from school and his cousins, Zane and Noah, over for a play date yesterday.

"Aden Kol Salvatore! Come down this instance or you shall be banned from video games till the end of the century," Rebekah said. Right then Aden came running down the stairs in a hurry.

"Yes Mom," Aden said as he looked up at her.

"Look at this place! If you want to have any more play dates here again, you better clean up now," Rebekah scolded.

Aden started to clean up. Rebekeh was relieved that she didn't have to fight him on it but she knew that these were one of his weak spots. He loved video games and having play dates with his cousins and friends. He knew fairly well that he didn't want to compromise it.

Rebekah then walked up the stairs into their wing. She knocked on Arianna's room door and opened it. She saw her daughter standing in front of the mirror with two outfits in her hands.

"Which one looks better Mom?" Arianna said showing her the two outfits.

"The first one my love," Rebekah said. "By the way, were you also downstairs in the theatre room yesterday with your brother and cousins?"

"Yes," Arianna said as she put the other outfit away.

"Well, I believe you should be helping your brother clean up," Rebekah said.

"But Mom, they started throwing the popcorn," Arianna complained.

"And you finished it," Rebekah gave her daughter a stern look. Arianna huffed.

"Fine, I'm going," Arianna said.

"That's my girl," Rebekah said as she walked her out of her room.

Rebekah then walked into her room to find Stefan sitting on their bed writing in his diary. She walked over to the bed snuggled in close to him. Stefan put his arms around her and then started fiddling with her hair like he was looking for something.

"What are you doing?" Rebekah said as she looked up at him confused by his actions.

"I was just looking to see if the kids were giving you grey hair," Stefan smirked. She slapped his hands away.

"Stefan!" Rebekah said. He laughed as he put his journal down and pulled her closer to him. He shifted them so that he was on top. He pressed soft kisses on her neck and Rebekah moaned. He continued to kiss her down to her chest when Rebekah brought his face to hers and kissed him on the lips. She opened her mouth to give him access and his tongue explored every inch of her mouth. Their tongues intertwined as Stefan's hands slid down her curves. Rebekah's fingers knotted through his hair holding him close to her.

"Mom! Dad!" Aden said from the stairs. Rebekah and Stefan broke apart.

"Yes!" Rebekah called.

"We're done cleaning," Aden said. "Can we go out to eat now?"

"Get ready, we're coming," Stefan said not letting go of Rebekah. Once he heard the kids go to their room and get ready. He kissed Rebekah again.

"They'll be ready soon," Rebekah said.

"I know," he said as he kissed her again and then going down to her neck and cleavage. "I think we need to pull out that date night car."

"I agree," Rebekah said as gave him one last peck on the lips and got up.

Rebekah and Stefan walked down the stairs to find the kids waiting by the door with their shoes and coats on.

"Come on!" Arianna said as she opened the door.

"Okay, okay," Stefan said as he and Rebekah put on their coats and shoes.

They got into the car drove to the restaurant. They were on a routine schedule now. Once a week they would go eat out as a family. Sometimes Damon and Elena would join them but they had other plans today.

Stefan drove into the Boston Pizza parking lot. They tried to switch it up so they didn't always end up eating at the Grill. They walked in together.

"A table for four," Stefan said to the host who was standing behind the table.

"Sure, do you have a reservation," she asked giving Stefan a big smile. She completely ignored Rebekah.

"No," Stefan said.

"No problem," she said as she grabbed four menus. "Right this way. So are you guys babysitting these young ones," she asked as she showed them their table.

"No, this is my wife, Rebekah and our kids Aden and Arianna," Stefan said as he pulled out Rebekah's chair for her.

"Oh…okay. I mean you look so young…sorry I'll let you guys get settled," she said and left.

"What was her problem," Rebekah said.

"You, Mom," Arianna said as she looked at her menu.

"Excuse me?" Rebekah said as she looked at her daughter.

"It's quite obvious that she was head over heels for dad," Arianna said. Stefan smirked as he looked at Rebekah. "But she doesn't know that Mom would probably roll her into a door mat." Stefan, Rebekah and Aden started to laugh. When the waitress came by they all ordered.

"So how's school?" Stefan said as he looked at Aden and Arianna.

"It's good. We're doing this awesome experiment with volcanoes. Plus we have to make our own volcanoes. I'm partners with Zane and we have this really cool idea," Aden said.

"That's great! How about you sweetheart," Rebekah said to Arianna.

"It's okay. Mom, Dad can I join gymnastics class?" Arianna asked. Stefan looked at Rebekah who looked back at him.

"Why do you want to join gymnastics all of a sudden?" Rebekah said.

"Well Eliza and I were walking past the gym the other day and we saw these girls doing back flips and some amazing routines. We want to join and Eliza's going to talk to Uncle Nik and Aunt Care today as well," Arianna said as she looked at her parents with big eyes.

"How about your father and I talk about this and we'll let you know," Rebekah said as she looked at Stefan who nodded.

"Thanks Mom," Arianna said and smiled.

"Then can I join the soccer team?" Aden asked right after.

"Your mother and I will talk about it and let you know," Stefan said. It wasn't as if he and Rebekah didn't want them to participate in activities but it was the fact that they may draw a lot of attention. They knew that Klaus and Caroline would probably be handling the same things right now and perhaps they should talk to them to see what they would be doing.

"Let me see if your Aunt Care and Uncle Nik are okay with us coming over today after dinner," Rebekah said as she pulled out her phone and quickly texted Caroline.

'Is it okay if we come over after dinner today?' – R

'Sure' – C

'The kids came with a request and I believe Zane and Eliza did too.' – R

'Yup, Nik and I have been eyeing each other about it but haven't talked about it yet. See you soon.' – C

'See you soon.' – R

"Okay, you Aunt Care is okay with us coming over," Rebekah said.

"Sweet!" Aden said as he dug into his pasta.


The Salvatores parked in front of the Mikaelson mansion and the kids quickly got out of the car. They ran up the steps and rang the door bell. The door opened to reveal Klaus and the triplets standing beside him.

"Hello you two," Klaus said.

"Hey Uncle Nik," they said as they ran in to greet their cousins.

"Nik," Rebekah came in and kissed Klaus's cheek.

"Bekah, Stefan," Klaus greeted.

Zane, Noah and Aden ran to the basement to play video games while Eliza and Arianna went to play upstairs in her room. The four adults gathered at the kitchen table and were later joined by Elijah, Katherine, Kol and Bonnie.

"The girls want to join gymnastics," Caroline said.

"Yah, and Zane and Aden want to join soccer," Stefan said.

"Do you think it would be wise for them to join?" Elijah said. "I mean their supernatural abilities would definitely draw attention."

"True brother, but I don't want to deprive my children of any experience they wish to acquire," Klaus said.

"Nik, it's not about the experience but about their safety," Caroline said.

"I think you should actually include the kids into this conversation," Katherine said. "Just so they know what the reasons are."

"I'm with Katherine on this one," Bonnie said. "They are smart kids and whatever decision you come up with, they will understand if you give them a legit reason."

"I say we let them," Stefan said.

"What?" Caroline looked at Stefan.

"Just listen Care, I think they deserve a chance. We will just have to be at every game and practice and make sure that if they do something out of the ordinary, we can compel," Stefan said.

"I agree with Stefan," Klaus said. "Let's talk to them and tell them what we think and what they are allowed to do."

"I'll go call them," Katherine said as she got up and walked to the basement.

"Are you sure?" Elijah asked.

"Yes," Stefan and Klaus said together.

All the kids came up and sat down at the dining table with their parents and the rest of the family.

"So we have decided that you may join soccer or gymnastics," Klaus said and the kids cheered excitedly. "However, you have to understand that you are way more capable than them. This can allow then to become suspicious of whom we are, jeopardizing our safety."

"So we can't be the best?" Zane said.

"No, you can play your best but you can't use any of your supernatural strength in terms of running and so on," Klaus said. "Does that make sense?"

The kids shook their heads in understanding.

"Thank you!" Eliza said as she hugged her Dad.

"You're welcome sweetheart," Klaus said. "Go on, you guys can go back to playing." The kids headed back.

"Noah," Caroline said. Noah walked back to his mom.

"Yes, Mom," he said.

"Baby, what do you want to do? You didn't want to join soccer or any other sports," Caroline said as she pulled him into her lap. Noah thought for a moment.

"May I take Art classes?" Noah said. Caroline smiled.

"Of course sweetie," Caroline said.

"Thank you, Mom," Noah said. "May I be excused?"

"Absolutely," Caroline said as she kissed his cheek. Noah hopped off her lap and ran to the basement to play. Klaus smiled.

"You know sometimes, I wonder where he gets his manners," Rebekah said. "Surely not from you two." She looked at Klaus and Caroline.

"Hey!" Caroline said as she was offended and then laughed. "I wonder that too sometimes."

"Caroline!" Klaus said.

"Sorry Nik," Caroline smiled.

"It's from me," Kol said. Everyone laughed.

"Yeah right," Bonnie said. "I think he gets it from Elijah."

"I second that," Katherine said. "Watch, when he's older, I wouldn't be surprised if he walked around in a suit all the time."

"Katerina!" Elijah said as looked at her slightly blushing out of embarrassment.

"It's true, Elijah. I think he gets his impeccable manners from you but I doubt he'll be in a suit," Caroline said.

"Why is that?" Rebekah said.

"Because he's an artist," Caroline said as she looked up at her husband who smiled. "I think he might just walk around in a Henley and jeans."

"Stop having eye sex you two!" Kol said to Caroline and Klaus. Everyone burst out laughing again.


Christmas Morning

Katherine rolled over and snuggled closer to Elijah resting her head on the crook of his shoulder. She felt his strong arms come around pull her closer to him.

"Mmmm," Katherine hummed as the morning winter sun peeked through the curtains onto her back.

"Aunt Kat! Uncle Elijah! Wake up!" Zane, Eliza and Noah banged on their room door. "It's Christmas and there are so many presents under the Christmas tree!"

They had learned pretty early that they must lock their room doors. There was this time when all three had come running into the room one early morning. Lucky for them, they were in their pajamas. They came bouncing up onto the bed trying to wake them up.

"We're coming!" Katherine said as she got up and started looking for her bra and panties. Elijah did the same as he pulled on his pants and a shirt. Once they were appropriately dressed, Katherine opened the door. Eliza immediately started to pull her to the stairs as Zane and Noah got Elijah.

Elijah was happy to see the whole family gather around the Christmas tree. Rebekah, Stefan, Damon and Elena had stayed over so they can all open presents together. He was happy that his family had finally come together and everyone was happy. It was all thanks to these little bundles of joy. He had his Katarina and Kol and Bonnie had moved in together. Finn had Sage to keep him sane. Elijah looked at his brother Niklaus and was overjoyed to see his brother happy. Klaus had been through so much over the millennia and now he was finally happy with his wife, Caroline. Rebekah had Stefan and children; something she had wanted from the very beginning. Elijah's attention was drawn away when he heard Kol.

"I'm here, I'm here," Kol said as Aden dragged him in with Bonnie right behind them with Arianna.

"Okay, everyone is here. I guess we can open our presents now," Caroline said as she passed around the present from under the tree.

It was a fun day with the whole family. Everyone received wonderful presents of their choice. After breakfast they decided to have some fun in the snow. They split everyone up into teams and decided to build forts. It was boys against girls and they had a snow ball fight. It was a close draw but the girls won thanks to Kol and Damon who tried to sneak into the enemy's camp. They caught them and mauled then with snow.

After the snow ball fight everyone came in and had hot chocolate. The kids, Kol, Damon, Elena, Bonnie and Katherine played board games while the rest helped prepare Christmas dinner. Once dinner was over, everyone helped clean up and then gathered in the family room to watch Elf, the movie.


Four years later…

"Zane! Eliza! Noah! Come down here this instance," Klaus said. He was furious. What were they thinking? This was the second time this year; it was completely reckless. One of them had turned into a wolf at school. Caroline had to go and compel the student who was witness as well as a teacher and principal. She was just too panicked to ask what colour wolf it was.

"Yes Dad," they said as they stood in front of him.

"Which one of you turned?" Klaus asked as he looked at each of them. No one said a word. "Well? I'm waiting! This is the second time this year."

Again all three merely bowed their heads but neither one of them was willing to break their sibling loyalty.

"If one of you doesn't tell me now, all three of you will be grounded," Klaus threatened. Again no one spoke.

Caroline watched from the chair she was sitting on at the dining table. All three had grown so much in the past few years. They stood there in their school uniforms with their head hung low. They were now thirteen years old and hitting puberty. Eliza already had Mother Nature's visit and she was getting her bodily curves. Zane and Noah were taller with deeper voices and faint mustache hair.

She didn't know what to say. All three had such a strong sibling loyalty; she knew that Klaus wouldn't be able to break it. No matter what he said or threatened in terms of punishment. She had never had siblings to know what sibling loyalty was.

"No one will speak, okay then. All of you are grounded. No school dance this Friday," Klaus said.

No word.

"You can go to your room and do your homework. No video games or going out with friends or cousins this week," Klaus said. The kids left without saying anything. Klaus came and sat next to Caroline. He smiled.

"You knew they wouldn't say anything," Caroline said.

"Yes, love. I did," he said. "Their bonds are stronger than I anticipated but still I had to try. I mean this has to stop. It was so irresponsible. I just want to know why?"

Caroline looked at him as pieces started to fall into place.

"Nik today is the full moon," Caroline said.

"Yes, so?" Klaus said.

"And the last time was also a full moon," Caroline said.

"What are you trying to say love?" Klaus said.

"I'm trying to say that our kids are hitting puberty," Caroline said. Klaus looked at her confused.

"I think it was like a mating call. I mean they hit puberty. Eliza's got her period and boys are developing," Caroline said.

"Who's their mate?" Klaus said.

"That's not what I meant. What I am trying to say is that their hormones are flying. Perhaps, this transformation into a wolf in mid day was not something they could control," Caroline said.

"I see what you're trying to say love," Klaus said. "It's one time thing then. I guess we should expect one more so we should keep them home the next month."

"Yes and we also have to do one more thing," Caroline said.

"What's that?" Klaus said.

"We have to give them the sex talk," Caroline said.

"What? Are you sure it's the right time?" Klaus looked at her like she was out of her mind.

"Yes, in fact earlier the better! Perhaps, not together though, Eliza will feel weird with her brothers there. I mean I already talked to her a little bit about it when she got her period but still, we have to talk to them about being responsible," Caroline said.

"My daughter is not sleeping with anyone," Klaus growled.

"Our daughter is only four years younger than the human age I conceived at!" Caroline said. Which was true; now she had to do makeup that made her look older. Klaus was really good at it knowing where to draw the lines so that it looks like the skin sagged a little. Caroline would do her hair in an up do when she went for school conferences. Most of the time, she would wear sunglasses that covered half her face.

"Well that was back in the day sweetheart. She's not going anywhere until she's thirty," Klaus said. Caroline glared at him like he was out of his mind.

"Nik, don't be an ass and we're getting off topic. We just need to talk to them about being responsible," Caroline said. "They already got the talk in school but we just have to show them that we understand and that they can come to us for anything."

Klaus knew he wasn't going to win this battle and as much as he would like to deny it. How did he get stuck in this?

"Okay," he mumbled.

"Good, I'm going to Eliza and you go to the boys," Caroline said. A moment later, Caroline knocked on Eliza's door.

"Can I come in?" Caroline said.

"Come in," Eliza said. She was sitting on her bed reading her novel.

"Hey sweetie, how's it going?" Caroline said as she sat down on the bed.

"It's all good Mom. Our cheerleading practices are coming out perfectly. I'm the girl at the top," Eliza said excitedly. She didn't seem too upset about what had happened earlier.

"Oh that's exciting! Me and all your Aunts will be there at the game to watch you," Caroline said. "So how about school, are there any boys?"

Eliza looked at her mom and then looked down. Her cheeks blushed red as she bit her lip.

"Oh, so there is someone! Tell me!" Caroline said excitedly.

"There is this boy, his name is Paul," Eliza said. "He's really cute and he asked me to go to the movies next week," she added shyly.

"That's exciting! So I just wanted to talk to you about something. Now that you're older and going out on your first date soon," Caroline said.

"Oh no, are you going to give me the sex talk because already had it in school Mom. I don't want to hear about giving birth," Eliza said as she squirmed at the memory.

"Well it's great they already talked to you guys but I just wanted to say that you should be responsible. Having sex is a big decision and there are many consequences. Becoming pregnant is one of them," Caroline said.

"I know Mom," Eliza said.

"I know you're not ready sweetie, but maybe not now but someday you may want to have sex and there is nothing wrong with that. However, communication is key. You both have to talk about it and make sure to have consent from each other. It's not all whirlwind romance like they show in the movies," Caroline said.

"Mom, can I ask you something?" Eliza said.

"Sure! Anything!" Caroline said.

"I don't know how it worked back in the day when you and Dad first got together but..." Eliza stalled. She didn't know if she should ask or if it was too personal. Not like she wanted in on her parent's sex life but she was just curious.

"Whether he asked permission?" Caroline finished her thought.

"Yah!" Eliza said relieved that she didn't have to say it out loud. Caroline smiled at the memory of her and Klaus in that shed when Rebekah and Stefan got married. He was so considerate and gentle.

"Yes, he did," Caroline smiled at her daughter. "And any guy who is not man enough to ask permission is not worth being with."

"Okay," Eliza said and smiled.

"And if you ever need anything or any advice, even a condom, never be ashamed to ask me," Caroline said.

"Okay Mom," Eliza said.

"Alright, I'm going to prepare dinner now," Caroline said as she started to get up.

"Mom," Eliza said.

"Yes," Caroline said.

"Thanks," Eliza said as she hugged her Mom.

"No problem sweetie. Now I really want to meet this Paul so I hope he'll be coming over to pick you up," Caroline said.

"He is but will Dad be okay with that?" Eliza said as she looked at her mom with concern in her eyes.

"Don't worry about your Dad, I'll make sure he behaves," Caroline said.


Meanwhile Klaus talked to the boys

"What I wanted to talk to you about is that you two are growing up and becoming men. There are certain changes occurring to your body which could be a reason why you possibly couldn't control the transformation into a wolf mid day," Klaus said as he looked at his sons. He saw the recognition in their eyes knowing that he nailed it. When the boys didn't say anything, he went on.

"There may be girls whom you may fancy and want to court. Which is perfectly okay," Klaus said.

"Court?" Zane said.

"Take out on a date," Klaus clarified. Why was she making him do this? He was losing his mind. "You just have to be responsible when making certain choices."

Noah and Zane looked at him as if they were confused.

"I am talking about sex," there, he said it. Noah and Zane cringed a little. "It's a big decision and you should be responsible about it. You must communicate with your partner and even though it may seem that she wants to have sex. It's is absolutely necessary to talk about it. It's about making your own decision and not falling into any kind of pressure. It's not go with the flow, hopefully I'll get lucky. You must be a man and ask for her consent. True men will ask their partner permission so will a true wolf," Klaus said. "Do you understand?"

"Yes Dad," Noah and Zane answered.

"We learned about it in school," Zane said.

"Good. Well, if you ever need anything, don't be shy; you can come to me," Klaus said. They nodded. "Even if it's a condom; rather be safe than sorry."

They nodded.

"Alright, I'll leave you two to your homework," Klaus said as he left the room. There, he had done it. He let out a breath that he was unconsciously holding. There he saw Caroline standing against the wall in front of him. She smiled and walked over him bringing her arms around his neck.

"See, that wasn't so bad," she said. Klaus put his arms around her waist bringing her closer.

"You have no idea," Klaus said as he hugged her.

"Well you did wonderful," Caroline said as she kissed his cherry lips. Klaus kissed her back. He wouldn't have been able to do this parenting thing without her.


High School Dance

Klaus and Caroline watched as the three kids eat their dinner quietly. It was the day of the school dance and none of them had complained about not being able to go. They ate their dinner and helped out with kitchen chores like they usually did. Once they were done, they retired to their rooms saying that they had homework and projects to work on.

"That was quite strange. They had been so excited about going to this dance since last month. What could've changed their minds?" Klaus said.

"I know! Eliza even bought a dress she wanted to wear. I mean what could have changed their minds?" Caroline said.

"I don't know. They haven't even complained about their punishment like they did last month," Klaus said.

"I know...unless," Caroline wondered off into her own thoughts.

"Unless what?" Klaus said.

"Never mind, it's nothing," Caroline said. "Since, we're all done; we can head to bed early." She took Klaus's hand and led him upstairs with a devilish grin.

"I love how your mind works sweetheart," Klaus said as he followed her up.

Caroline snuggled closer to Klaus after their intense love making session. He drew patterns on her bare back as they took in the moment. Suddenly, they heard a soft thud. Caroline sat up holding onto the sheets that were wrapped around her body.

"What was that?" she said.

"I don't know," Klaus said as he climbed out.

Caroline walked towards the window and peeked out. She then opened it a little. There she saw Aden and Arianna standing below the kids' bedroom windows.

"What is it?" Klaus said in an alerted tone.

"Shhh, watch!" Caroline whispered. They both peeked out of the window again.

"Hurry!" Arianna said in a hushed tone.

"Shhh, there are so many vampires around here. I don't want to get caught," Aden whispered.

The two twins were waiting under Zane's bedroom window.

"We're coming," Zane said as he started climbing down the rope.

Caroline and Klaus quickly moved away from their window and started getting dressed. They couldn't believe that their kids were sneaking out at night. Caroline grabbed her phone and started dialing.

"Who are you calling?" Klaus said.

"Rebekah and Stefan," Caroline said as she put up her hand.

"Hello," Rebekah answered.

"Hey Bekah, I was wondering if you gave Aden and Arianna permission to go to the school dance?" Caroline said. Klaus stood there listening to their conversation.

"No Care, Stefan grounded them a few days ago. Why? Are you sending yours?" Rebekah said.

"Bekah, listen up. Yours have already snuck out of your house and are waiting for mine to climb down from their window," Caroline said.

"What? We're on our way!" Rebekah said as she hung up.

Zane came down first and softly landed on the night grass. Eliza hung on the rope and started climbing down slowly as Noah held the rope which was tied to Zane's bed. Eliza was almost down.

"Thank God! You took forever!" Zane said.

"Shut up Zane!" Eliza hissed back. "You very well know that this would have been easier in our wolf form."

"I would say the dress wasn't a good option either," a voice said. Zane, Arianna, Aden and Eliza looked to find Rebekah and Stefan standing there waiting for them.

"I know," Caroline said. She was now standing beside Klaus and Noah on the roof that was just below their windows. The five kids looked at their parents alarmed. Klaus then picked up Noah, who was only a head shorter than him and jumped down followed by Caroline.

All five kids were standing in the kitchen side by side.

"Well? What have you got to say?" Rebekah said.

"We're sorry," Arianna said.

"Sorry, doesn't cut it sweetie, you were grounded hence you were not allowed to go to the dance tonight!" Stefan said. "And where did you get that dress? You are not allowed to wear that ever again!"

"You too Eliza! What is this you are wearing?" Klaus said.

"Dad, it's my dress!" Eliza said. "Arianna, Aunt Beks, Mom and I went shopping together," Eliza said.

"Nik, don't start," Rebekah said.

"It's just a dress," Caroline said. "You two are going off topic! They tried to sneak out even though they were grounded!"

"Fine, we'll talk about your dressing sense later. You guys were grounded and you decided to go against us and go to this dance," Stefan said.

"But Dad, that was totally unfair. This is our first high school dance!" Aden said.

"Well if you didn't get yourself grounded, we wouldn't be here," Rebekah said.

"But Aunt Beks, we really wanted to go and it wasn't really our fault," Eliza said.

"It's not like we want to deprive you of your happiness," Caroline said.

"But, you still went against our set rules. We set them so we can keep you safe," Klaus said.

"You know what I think, I think that you guys were foolish to try and sneak out from a house full of vampires first of all. But other than that, say if you did manage to go and you got caught in some kind of trouble, we wouldn't know where you are," Stefan said. "We wouldn't be able to help you."

"Try to understand, we want you to be happy but be safe as well. Let me tell you a story about your Aunt Elena," Caroline said. "We were sixteen years old and there was this party going on at this lake house. Our parents forbade us so we snuck out. This party then got a little out of hand and our parents found out. So our parents came and got us. On the way home, while they were crossing the bridge, there was an accident and your Aunt Elena's car fell into the water. If Uncle Stefan wasn't there to save her she would have died. But she still lost her parents that night."

"We're not trying to scare you, but we are disappointed in you," Klaus said. "We want you to make good decisions for yourself."

"We're sorry," Noah said as he looked at his siblings and cousins who nodded.

"We won't do that again," Aden said.

"Very well, let's get going then. You have a soccer game tomorrow," Rebekah said. "But this isn't over. You are still grounded."

"Same with you three, go to your rooms now," Caroline said.

The triplets headed up to their rooms and the Salvatores left for their house. Caroline and Klaus sat down at the kitchen table.

"I feel like this is just the beginning," Caroline said. "I mean if I think about my teenage years, I loved to party." Klaus smiled at her.

"We all love a good party love, but I think they'll do just fine," Klaus said.

"Me too," Caroline agreed.

"But I would like to discuss Eliza's dressing sense. What were you thinking sending our daughter wearing something like that?" Klaus said.

"Nik, the dress went to her knees and even though it had spaghetti straps she was still wearing a blazer," Caroline said.

"Yah, but it was so tight," Klaus said.

"I am not having this conversation," Caroline said as she walked away.

Klaus put his head in his hands. What was he going to do with the women in this house?


Two Years Later

"Caroline!" Klaus called as he hung up the phone. Caroline sped into the front hallway.

"Yes?" Caroline said.

"I just got a call from the principal's office. He has asked us to come in," Klaus said.

"What? Why? Are they okay?" Caroline went off.

"I don't know sweetheart. We'll find out when we get there," Klaus said as he passed her jacket to her.

"Okay let's go," Caroline said getting worried and nervous.

They walked into the school office to find Noah and Zane sitting on chairs with ice in their hands. Zane had a black eye and Noah had a bruised cheek.

"Oh my gosh! What happened?" Caroline immediately went towards them followed by Klaus.

"Who did this?" Klaus growled.

"It's all good Dad," Zane said and then smirked.

"What do you mean it's all good?" Caroline said. Just then the principal's door opened and a man and a woman walked out with a boy who seemed Zane and Noah's age. He looked worse than Noah and Zane. His lip was cut, both of eyes were black and he looked thoroughly beaten up. The woman glared at them.

"Mr. and Mrs. Mikaelson, please come in," the principal said. Caroline and Klaus walked in followed by Zane and Noah. "Thank you for coming in at such short notice but as you can tell, it was necessary," the principal said. "Zane and Noah were caught fighting today."

"We're so sorry for this inappropriate behaviour," Caroline said to the principal as she glared at her sons. Noah and Zane looked down.

"Well I'm more interested to know why this happened." Klaus said.

"I am too. From what Carl said, these two started to punch him for no reason," the principal said. "I would like to know their side of the story as they are quite well behaved most of the time."

"Zane, Noah? Please explain yourselves," Klaus said as he looked directly at them. Noah looked at Zane who looked back at him.

"Noah and I were walking to class after lunch with Lizzy when Carl walked in front of us. He started jeering at us and started shoving Noah trying to instigate him. Noah being Noah just walked past him. We ignored him at first but then he started saying some nasty things about Lizzy. So I pushed him away and told him to f- off!" Zane said.

"But he still didn't leave us and said worse thing about Lizzy. So then I pushed him away and again told him to get lost; but he came back and punched me. So Zane punched him back," Noah said. "Then Carl's friends came by and it just turned into a full blown fight."

"Where are the rest of the boys?" Caroline said as looked back at the principal who sighed.

"One is in the hospital and two are in the nurse's office at the moment," he said.

"What kind of things did they say about Eliza?" Klaus asked as he continued to glare at the principal.

"I'm not going to repeat that Dad. I was disgusted that something like that came out of his mouth," Zane said.

"Well, I guess it's final that my sons did not start the fight," Klaus said.

"Yes Mr. Mikaelson but they still caused bodily harm to other students..." the principal started but froze at the look on Klaus's face.

"Is this what you teach your students? How to respect everyone at this school?" Klaus growled. He was furious. If Zane and Noah didn't want to repeat what had been said by that boy, then it must mean that it was pretty bad.

"No you don't understand and I can't let this go," the principal sputtered.

"You won't let it go? I am not letting this go!" Klaus said.

"Niklaus, calm down," Caroline said. He looked at his wife. She only used his full name when she meant real business. "Noah, Zane please go sit in the car." Zane and Noah did what they were asked to do. She knew they would heal in no time.

"Now, listen well, if I ever hear that any girl at this school was treated or spoken to the way my daughter was. I will come and so worse than merely shutting down this school," Klaus said.

"We couldn't have dealt with this our way but I think I'll let you do this on your own. Call those parents in and tell them what really happened!" Caroline said. "As for the boy at the hospital, we'll make sure he completely recovers."

The principal looked at the two parents. They were extremely attractive people but their threats didn't seem empty.

"Understood?" Klaus said.

"Yes," the principal sputtered nervously.

"Good. Any one more thing, teach your students about respect for women and some manners," Caroline said.

Caroline and Klaus then walked to the car. Caroline had called Elijah and asked if he could take care of the boy in the hospital by giving him some blood and making sure he got out alive. The parents got into the car and Klaus started to drive.

"Mom, Dad, we're sorry," Noah said.

"Yeah, we're sorry," Zane said.

Klaus looked at Caroline and then smiled.

"We're not going to say that you're not wrong but defending your sister was your duty," Klaus said proudly. Noah and Zane smiled.

"But that doesn't mean fighting is okay," Caroline added. "Now, what do you guys want to do for the rest of the afternoon before we pick up Lizzy?"

"Can we go watch the new Avengers movie?" Zane asked.

"Sure," Klaus said.

"Can we also get some ice cream, please?" Noah said.

"Absolutely, I think we all need some cooling down," Caroline smiled.


Many years later...

Caroline looked through all the arrangements. It was Christmas Eve and the kids were coming home. She made sure there was at least one of their favourite dishes available. She arranged all the dessert on the island and took out the wine bottles from the cabinet. She couldn't believe it had been twenty-nine years since they were born. Time had passed by so fast. She never envisioned this kind of life but it was even better than the one she imagined. She had everything she ever wanted. She was married to the man of her dreams and living in the same house as some of her best friends.

It wasn't long after Bonnie moved in when Kol proposed. It was a day she would never forget. No one in the last millennia thought that Kol Mikaelson would ever get married but it happened; on at a beautiful beach in the Bahamas with the whole family. After Kol got married, Elijah and Finn had almost decided to take the next step and were now married to their significant other, Katherine and Sage respectively.

She was lost in past memories when she felt a strong arm came around her waist. She immediately leaned back into him.

"How's it going love?" Klaus said.

"Great! Everything is ready! Just waiting for my babies to come home now," Caroline said excitedly. Klaus chuckled.

"You know they're not babies anymore. I mean we're about to become grandparents," he said.

"I know but they will forever remain by three babies," Caroline said as the door bell rang. Caroline whisked to the door and opened it. Rebekah and Stefan stood there with big smiles on their faces, they looked the same as ever.

"Hi!" Rebekah said as she walked in followed by Stefan.

"Hopefully, we're not late," Stefan said.

"Nope, actually early; no one's here yet," Klaus said.

"Okay good, I've asked the kids to come straight here. Damon and Elena will be a bit late," Rebekah said.

"That's fine. We're still waiting for Kol and Bonnie. Their flight should've landed by now," Caroline said as she looked at the clock.

"They'll be here shortly love," Klaus said.

"I wonder where Noah is," Caroline said. "He said he was going to come a little early because wanted to talk to us."

Just then the door bell rang and Caroline immediately opened it. There stood a tall, dark and handsome man. He had light curly brown hair which was gelled in style. He had intense blue-green eyes, a broad built and impressive jaw line. His mouth stretched into a big grin. He was wearing dark denims, white collar shirt with a grey sweater on top.

"Noah!" Caroline squealed as she hugged her youngest son. She looked tiny in his arms as he hugged her back.

"Mom, Dad. Hey Aunt Beks, Uncle Stefan," Noah greeted and walked into the house.

"So, how was your international exhibition?" Klaus asked as he hugged Noah.

"It was great Dad, all my art was sold in a matter of fifteen minutes," Noah said. "It was a great success."

"That's great!" Klaus said proudly.

"So I just wanted to talk to you guys because I kind of wanted to go back out and do something after," Noah said.

"Let's go to my study," Klaus said. Rebekah and Stefan made their way to the kitchen.

"What is it sweetie?" Caroline said with concern. Why did he have to go back out?

"Well, I've been seeing this girl and I proposed," Noah said. "And she said yes!"

"Oh my goodness! That's great! Who is this lucky girl?" Caroline asked.

"You guys know her and her family. It's Ella Donavan," Noah said.

"Matt and Tasha's daughter! Oh that's so great!" Caroline said as she hugged her son.

"Thanks Mom, it's just that I have to go meet her and her family now," Noah said.

"Son, you did great and everything will work out," Klaus said with a smile.

"Thanks Dad!" Noah said. "So I'm going to meet them now and I was hoping to invite them to our family dinner tonight!"

"That would be great and I think Matthew Donavan will accept," Klaus said. Caroline nodded and smiled.

"Okay then I'll get going. I don't want to be late," Noah said as he walked towards the door. "See you in a bit," he smiled.

"Wow, our youngest getting married now," Caroline said.

"I know!" Klaus smiled as he brought Caroline close to him. They then walked into the kitchen hand in hand.

"Oh my gosh! I heard! I assume congratulations are in order!" Rebekah said.

"I know! Another wedding to plan," Caroline said.

"This is great news!" Stefan said. "At least we know who he is bringing home."

"What's the matter Stefan?" Caroline said looking at him like he was being a pain in times of such joy.

"He's just brooding," Rebekah said. "Arianna is bringing her boyfriend tonight for Christmas Eve dinner."

"Oh that's great!" Caroline said. "Stefan, get over yourself and let Arianna be happy! I think you, Nik and the rest of the men in this house has chased away enough of Eliza and Arianna's boyfriends. Think about it this way, how would have Rebekah be happy, if you didn't come and fight for her with all her brothers and her father around."

"But Care," Stefan started.

"Save it Stef," Caroline said as she pulled Rebekah to the family room. Stefan huffed.

"Don't worry mate, we'll take care of it when he arrives," Klaus said.

"Thanks man," Stefan said. "Damon is on board too."

"Excellent," Klaus said.

"If you guys do anything to ruin my daughter's happiness, I will make sure to pull out all of your teeth," Rebekah threatened. She and Caroline had been listening in.

"And I'll help her," Caroline said as she crossed her arms.

"It's rude to listen to other people's conversations love," Klaus said. Klaus and Stefan looked at each other. What were they going to do about their wives?

xxxxxxxx while at Matt's House...

"Dad, Noah is coming over," Ella said.

Matt Donavan looked at his daughter for a moment. She had grown so much. Ella had her mother's eyes and hair. In fact, he could say that she looked just like her mother except she had his smile. She had just come home for Holidays. After finishing her degree she started working at a Publishing House in New York. He was so proud of his daughter.

"Why is Noah coming over?" Matt said.

"Because...Noah proposed and I said yes," Ella said. Matt looked at his daughter for a moment trying to comprehend what she had just said.

"What?" Matt said.

"Isn't that wonderful Matt, Noah wants to marry our daughter. He is a wonderful man," Tasha said.

"Isn't he too old for you?" Matt said.

"He's seven years older Dad. I'm twenty-two and he's twenty-nine," Ella said. "Plus he stopped aging at twenty-five so I would say three years."

"But still..." Matt said.

"Dad he's almost here. Please?" Ella looked at him with her big eyes.

"Okay," Matt huffed.

"Thanks Daddy!" Ella said as she kissed her Dad's cheek.

Matt took a seat on the single sofa. He knew Noah was a good man. In fact, he had trained him with Jeremy to be hunters. Not just Noah but Zane, Eliza, Aden, Arianna, Ella, Scarlett and Lily. There had been no deaths in Mystic Falls due to supernatural beings. Noah was extremely loyal and Matt knew that his daughter would be in good hands. The door bell rang and Tasha opened the door.

"Hello Mrs. Donavan. Merry Christmas," Noah said.

"Hello Noah, come on in," Tasha said.

"Hi Matt," Noah said.

"Noah, Merry Christmas," Matt said as he shook his hand and then Noah sat down in the couch across Matt.

"Matt, I would like to ask your permission to marry your daughter. I promise to love her, cherish her and protect her as long as we both shall live," Noah said anxiously. Matt looked at him for a moment and then at Tasha and Ella.

"Yes," Matt said and smiled. Noah let out a held breath.

"Thank you Daddy," Ella said as he hugged him.

"Also, we're having a Christmas Eve dinner, I would like to invite you all," Noah said.

"Are you sure, I mean we haven't given Care time to prepare," Matt said.

"Mom's prepared, and she said that if you have any concerns, you should call her," Noah said.

"Never mind, let's go. I don't want to butt head with her," Matt said.

xxxxxxxxxxx Mikaelson Mansion

Everyone was at the Mikaelson Mansion. Zane had come with his wife, Scarlett, and they were expecting their first child. They now lived in Scotland and Zane ran a huge business of sporting goods and wear. Aden came with his wife, Lily, and they lived in Seattle. Aden was a dentist as well as Lily and they ran a clinic together. The kids knew that they wouldn't age so they had decided to move around once in a while when the time came. Bonnie, Tasha and Ella had decided to help Lily and Scarlett with some herbs when they needed it. Arianna had finally arrived with her boyfriend. Stefan, Damon, Klaus and Kol all stood in a line grinding their teeth until their significant others glared at them to be nice. Stefan had to admit, he seemed like a great guy. Apparently, Zane and Aden had been friends with him for ages. The boy's name was Kevin and he was a video game publisher. Lastly, Eliza finally arrived with her fiancé, Paul. Klaus was extremely proud of his daughter. She was the CEO of her event planning company with twenty floors of staff working under her. Klaus grinded his teeth a little when she got engaged to her high school sweetheart, Paul, but had to accept it. Paul was an associate lawyer successfully climbing the ladder to becoming name partner. Klaus had known him since the first day he had come to pick up his daughter for their first date.

Caroline looked around at their family and then came over to where Klaus was standing. He was looking at their family. Caroline loved seeing that smile on his face. She put her arms around his waist from the side. His arm automatically came around her waist pulling her close to him. They smiled at each other. They didn't need to say it out loud to know that they both felt content and happy. They had their family and each other.

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