Another story featuring the crossover of Far Cry 3 and Ed Edd n Eddy. The title sounds silly, like Yoshermon's Kevinbound, but whatever. Originally, Edd was going to be Jason of this story and had the tatau. But my friend, Bleach Behemoth(known as Neo H.B.B Sam on this site) said that the Eds are overrated, and then I know that in most fanfics, Edd gets out of his old character shell and became stronger. I think it's getting repetitive, so yeah. He suggested that Kevin should be Jason of this story, like he did in Kevinbound. I found it somehow fit as you can see in the summary.


Kevin slowly opened his eyes; he felt a little tired at first, but he could also felt it exiting from his body. Kevin tried to move his hands to rub his eyes, but he felt that they were being tugged away and held in place by something. Looking up, he saw they were being tied up by rope cuffs, with two ropes attaching them to a bamboo stick via a tight knot. As he groaned in disappointment, he also noticed his mouth is being sealed shut by a strip of duct tape, preventing him from speaking or doing any kind of verbal gestures. Alarmed, he looks around his surroundings.

He is imprisoned in a makeshift prison: A cage made out of several long bamboo sticks, craftily constructed by tying the sticks together with the use of ropes. A rusted metal chain is wrapped around the only makeshift door to the cage; it was accompanied with an also rusty metal padlock, so the prisoners inside couldn't get the chain off and escape, encase they somehow found a way to free themselves from their shackles.

Kevin also saw his two cell mates: Jimmy, the boy that he usually call "Fluffy", is sitting on the right next to him, sobbing sadly to himself. From the looks of his reddened dark blue eyes, he had been crying for quite some time now, his guardian Sarah is nowhere to be found. Another cell mate is a Caucasian man in his mid-30's who has short brown hair and sapphire blue eyes, wearing a red and black t-shirt with camouflage patterns, gray jeans and brown shoes. He is just sitting at the left corner, watching silently at the current scenery. Sorrow became the atmosphere of it.

From there, he felt some regret in himself. During his second ninth grade semester, his father has been transformed from a regular worker who worked at a jawbreaker factory into a CEO of the Peach Creek branch, sitting in his office and directing the business. Because of this, his family had an adequate amount of fortune.

After finishing the second tenth grade semester along with his friends, the father and son already set their mind on having a nice summer vacation. He saw an advertisement on the TV and told his dad about it, and he let him go and invite his friends for a vacation trip hosted by a traveling company who also made the advertisement, including the three Eds that he used be enemies with.

But they shouldn't have been dragged into this. If he could had seen the future about a bunch of clad-in-red pirates attacking the cruise ship, he would be organizing another vacation somewhere but not here. He wouldn't be putting all of them, including himself and especially his foreign friend Rolf, into the danger of being faced with imminent deaths, of being killed by these savages.

However, it's too late to change that now. There's no way he can went back in time and fix this.

"Good early morning, amigos. How are all of you doing?" A Hispanic-accent voice said to them as a man approached from the right side of the cage.

Kevin sworn he had seen this man before. He had a black Mohawk, blue eyes and a scar over left eye. He wore a necklace with a piece of jade ornament on it, a slightly tight red tank top, blue pants with belt and two straps hanging from each sides of it and black boots. From what he can tell, this guy is totally crazy.

"I asked you a question and you don't f- answer me. Those duct tapes must have gotten your tongues real f- good." He said to them before taking a cellphone with lime green casing. Much to Kevin's surprise, it was his phone in the hand of a madman. "I don't know who the hell has this thing. But I like this phone; this is a nice f- phone. Someone must have had a lot of money to buy this stuff."

Suddenly, the man looks over Kevin, which freaks him out a bit.

"This is your phone, right? You want it back? Here come here, get it." He said to him as he reaches his hand through one of the cage's gap, tempting Kevin by waving his phone right in front of him. He doesn't know why he is doing this, is he trying to play with him or perhaps to entertain himself before killing him? He had no idea. Since his hands were being tied up , he helplessly watches as the pirate withdraws his hand. "You don't want it back? Alright, I guess I will keep it. Don't worry hermano, you will be getting another one sooner or later, maybe not. Once I got the ransom and sold all of you."

The Caucasian in his cell looks at him while muttering something under his duct-tape covered mouth. The pirate flew into an unpredictable anger. The man must have cursed him, or perhaps provoked him with hostility in his eyes.

"What the f- are you looking at huh? Do you want me to slice you open like I did to your f- friends, or eating lead like that other a- did!?" The Mohawk pirate yelled at him angrily. "Look at me, look at me in the f- eyes! You are my b- now! This is my island, so don't f- with me unless you want to die, okay?"

The outburst has obviously frightened Jimmy, he now sobs to himself more than he used to be as river of tears flowed down from his eyes. The pirate then cools down before continuing his insane speech. "It's okay; I am going to cool right now. It's just this f- who makes me wanted to…" He makes a whistle sound as he points his right index finger to his head, if it was a bullet. "…blow his head right off. I will do it later if this f- f- with me again."

"Vaas!" A hoarse voice called out to the pirate. Kevin could see another person approaching him. He is sharply dressed, but he couldn't see most of his face. "Stop scaring the hostages! I need you to take care of the rejects!"

"Looks like I got to go, so play nice." The pirate, now known as Vaas, walks away from the cage and follow the person who called him as he waves at him and his captives. "Bye-bye now."

The two went off to take care of the "rejects", leaving the three prisoners alone at their bamboo cell. It looks like all three of them will have to continue the waiting game. Without warning, the older man manages to slip one of his hands out of a rope cuff, before doing the same with the other one. He rips the strip of tape off his mouth and threw it away. He then proceeds to frees Kevin and Jimmy from their shackles and gags as well.

"Thanks man." Kevin thanked the man, rubbing away the pain at his mouth area where he yanked away the tape.

"Thanks you mister." Jimmy thanked him as well, albeit in a slightly frightened voice. "But that's dangerous."

"I know, son. But I am not going to let those damn pirates ransom us." He said to both Jimmy and Kevin, before looking over to the other side, there is a pirate standing a few meter away from their location, with his back facing them as he is taking a puff from his cigarette. "We need to get the key from that guard and get out of here. By the way, my name's Greg."

"What should we do?" Kevin asked.

"We will pretend that we are still being tied up." Greg explained his plan, whispering silently to them. "And then, get the guard over here so I can play my part."

Kevin nodded as all three of them went back to their original position and started acting like if they were being held by the rope cuffs. The jock plays his part.

"Hey dork! Over here!" Kevin shouted at the guard. He enjoyed calling him using the insult he used for the Eds so many times, but at the same time feeling uncertain of how this plan is going to play out.

"The f-? Hey, you guys shut the f- up!" The guard yelled at them after bringing himself closer to the prison cell. Before he could get into high alert, Greg grabbed him and bashed his head several against the cage's gate concussively until he was lying on the ground unconscious, or even dead.

"You hurt him!" Jimmy gasped and said, disturbed by this sight of violence. Kevin, on the other side, was rather calm at what he seen.

"I am an Army Reservist, and this is what they taught me." Greg replied, having the same emotion as Kevin but deeper than that. He gets a hold of the guard's leg and pulls him over until he can take the key on his belt. Upon unlocking the lock, he takes it off along with the rusty chain, pushing open the door and also the body aside. "Come on, let's go. Follow my lead."

With that, the three prisoners started a prison break from the pirate's camp. They came across two pirates arguing to each other about some subjects and some pens holding pigs.

"The hell you j-? I told you to get some more coke, not cheapass weed!" One of them argued.

"Oh yeah? Why not get your own f- coke!" Another one argued back.

"Try to stay low and avoid the lights." Greg whispered advices to the two teenagers. The trio lowered themselves and moves slowly to avoid getting spotted. Eventually, they made it through their first obstacle, with some close shave.

They then walk underneath a hut made of assortment of hay, wood boards and sheets of metal. They were alerted when they heard some dogs barking blindly. Fortunately, their masters don't know why.

"Sshh…hold up, dogs. Go slowly." Greg said to the two.

They managed to bypass the canines and a pirate who is busily cleaving away with his machete at a hung pig skin to get its meat, even if it makes Jimmy felt a little sick.

"This is horrible." Jimmy said.

The three entered another hut; this place has a lot of different kinds of luggage, and blocks of white drug powder stacked on top of each other, with most of them being empty. They realized that the pirate used this hut to store away the luggage of the unfortunate tourists who became victims to the pirates before them. A wooden table with a brightly-lit light bulb on top of it is on the left side near the backdoor of the hut. There were a lot of things on the rough furniture: A small Zippo lighter coated in yellow, a black binocular with a strap to hang it around the neck, a smartphone(which looks like an iPhone 4S) with camouflage casing and a small paper stick to the back which reads "Felipe", a mildly worn notebook with brown cover along with a pencil and eraser inside in it, a large map depicting what seems to be two separate islands underneath all of the said items. Finally, a combat knife is stabbed onto the table next to the map.

"Quick, take those stuffs. And get the map too." The reservist advised them as he plucked the knife out of the table.

Kevin quickly finds an average black and blue courier bag to put the equipments in. Jimmy carefully helps him by putting each of them into it, before finally folding the map up and put it in. Kevin then handled the task of carrying the bag.

"Hide behind the well." Greg told them while he is doing the same action. The two did what he said as he leans out to the left to see what's ahead. There's a pirate sitting on top of a crate, looking around with an AK-47 in his hands. "Damn. There's one blocking our way."

"What can we do?" Jimmy asked.

Greg looks around for a little bit, before picking up a rock near his right foot and hand it over to Kevin.

"Throw it over there." He advised.

"Okay." Kevin replied.

Kevin held the rock in his right hand, looking over to the direction the reservist pointed. After adjusting the right power and height, he threw the rock. It hit the metal wall which created a metallic "clank" sound; it also landed near some chickens, startling them.

"What the hell.." The pirate asked himself before going over to investigate the commotion.

"Let's go." The leader told the two.

Greg lifted up the hay window with wooden frame up, gesturing his teen companions to head in before him. The two climbed in, while Jimmy received some help from Greg. Once they are done, they heard a voice, an unwanted one.

They looked over to see a pirate, sitting on a weathered couch. He is looking straight at them. They are both scared; they didn't know that their escape would be an unsuccessful one. Before the pirate is able to get alerted and kill them, a knife is thrown into his neck, severing his jugular and killing him.

"I want this torment end! I don't think I can do this anymore!" Jimmy said the deaths of this and that pirate earlier is starting to freeze him in fear and hopelessness. He holds his hands over his eyes, not wanting to see anymore sights of human slaughtering.

"Ssshh, kid. Hold yourself together." Greg approached Jimmy as he tries to reassure him. "If we want to get out of here, we had to do this. We can't reason with these pirates. If you don't want to see anymore of this, try not to look, okay?"

"Okay." Jimmy sniffed before replying, he felt a bit relief, but not entirely.

The three prisoners exited the hut. Kevin looks out through the chain link fence. He sees the psychopath he saw earlier, Vaas, executing some peoples by shooting at their heads on a wooden platform. The gunshots frightened Jimmy, making him covering his ears with his hands. They climbed up a porch, entered a hut and sneaked through three pirates watching something on a small television set.

The adult and the two teens encountered two other guards standing to each other, having a chat.

"Hide in the plants. But don't go too fast or you will raise suspicion." Greg advised as all three of them heads into the field that is cultivating what seem to be drug plants. "We need to get rid of those two."

They all looked around to find some way to distract them. And then, the reservist managed to find a disposed can of energy drink and throw it to the right to make some noises, distracting them.

When the pirates are distracted, they seized this opportunity and heads to the gate. Once outside, they sneaked under the wooden platform, a truck above passed over them, knocking some dusts on their clothes. Jimmy also heard some peoples begging for mercy from the pirates, but the pirates didn't care about them and instead execute them. He tries his best not to hear all the violent noises by covering his ears.

The three crawled through a hole. They managed to escape, or so as they thought.

"I can't believe it. We got out of that place." Jimmy said.

"It's not over yet, kid." Greg said. "We need to find out where we are first, and then, we need a way to-"

Greg didn't have the chance to finish his statement as a loud gunshot is heard. And the next thing he knows, a bullet went through his skull, killing him. Kevin and Jimmy were shocked as they gets up; they looked up and see Vaas, with a gun in his hand and chuckling sadistically.

"You thought you will be fine once you escaped?" Vaas said. "Well f- no! Are you trying to f- with me!? Trying to disrespect me? You want to run? I hate that, no, I like that. You two want to f- with me! I will give you 30 seconds to run. Go ahead, run. And see what happened next…"

The two slowly backs away, afraid that the psycho pirate might shoot at one of them. But instead, he got crazier.

"What, are you two f- deaf!? Get the f- out of here you damn chicken f-!" Vaas yelled at them. "Run, Forrest, Run!"

Without hesitating any longer, the two boys started running into the jungles and away from a large number of trigger-happy pirates, firing at them with their guns. They can feel bullets flying past them; they can feel the legion of Death chasing them. They are wishing that their legs wouldn't get them killed as they pushed several leaves that are blocking their way.

They trips over a dirt heap, falls down onto a dirt slope on their backs and sliding down in an uncontrollable speed. A small cliff is in front of them, which they didn't see at first. They both screamed as they felt down onto the hard ground, feeling the sore pain rushing through their nerves. The even worse thing is, the pirates are persistent and will not stop until they are dead. They can also hear dog barks.

"Hurry fluffy, get up!" Kevin said to the younger boy as he hastily helped him up. He recovered more quickly, but still felt uncomfortable. On the other hand, Jimmy is more uncomfortable than him.

"Kevin, it hurts." Jimmy replied, rubbing his left shoulder.

"Try to walk it off!" The jock reassures him. "They won't stop until we are toasted!"

The two continued their jungle run. Kevin saw a spotlight above them and hearing the rotation of a helicopter rotor. A hail of bullet started to rain down onto them as they run, cutting down plants and killing any unfortunate animals that get in the way. They managed to avoid it, but Kevin got hit by two bullets, one in the left arm and another one in his right leg.

"Kevin, are you alright?" Jimmy asked.

"I am okay." Kevin replied, holding his wounded arm and hissing in pain. "Darn it. But we still had to go."

They passed through a small rocky cliff. A pirate jumped down from above and landed on top of Jimmy, attempting to stab him with his machete.

"You are good as death!" The pirate said to him, as poor Jimmy struggles to prevent his own death.

"Help!" Jimmy cried out, helplessly losing. The pirate is stronger than him.

Kevin, as if something as has taken control of him, suddenly picks up a fairly large rock from the ground. He threw it at the pirate's face, breaking his nose and stunning him. The jock proceeded to kick the pirate in the face, getting him off Jimmy in process.

After helping Jimmy up, they continue until reaching a long and old rope bridge. And on the other side, there is freedom. They have to get there.

As they run along the bridge, the helicopter that has been shooting at them earlier came into the view. It started shooting again. The simple and aged human construction is no match for bullets as it tear the bridge apart, causing the rope that suspend the bridge to snap, just after the young boy managed to reach the other side while the jock has yet to catch up.

"Kevin!" Jimmy cried out, watching helplessly as Kevin grabs onto a wooden plank on the bridge.

"Fluffy, don't stand there!" Kevin shouted as his grip loosening as he said. "Don't stop for me, go!"

"But…" Jimmy said, until interrupted.

"Just go!" Kevin said these words before the plank snap off, screaming as he fell into the river below. Jimmy could only run out in anguish and sadness, without knowing whether Kevin is still alive or dead. The helicopter, without much fuel to press on, decided to leave. Kevin himself is knocked out, being swept away by the river into the unknown…

That's all for chapter 1. In the next chapter, Kevin will get his tatau and learns how to survive in the jungle, and also meet Dennis.

Some other things I would like to talk about:

1. I am sorry if it looks like I am parodying the chars personalities, especially our favorite psycho Vaas Montenegro.(I am a bit insecure, so yeah. But don't worry much about me).

2. You should noticed that I replaced some stuffs on the table as you may seen in the beginning of the game. I will change some concepts in the game too(such as the syringes). I will tell you how will each thing works:

Smartphone: Acts mainly as the phone and also camera.

Map: Does it job just like in the game.

Lighter: Well, will see.

Binocular: Marking enemies from afar.

Notebook: Allowing Kevin to write his own diary.

Stay tuned for next chapter.