Once upon a time there was a princess called Mithian. She had long brown hair that fell down her back and she was very beautiful. She had a boyfriend called Sir Leon who liked her very much. Sir Leon and princess Mithian were engaged to be married.

the witches were jealous of princess mithian because of her looks and her engagement to sir Leon. They plotted to poison princess mithian.

one day they used a potion to turn themselves into brave knights and drugged the guards and they fell asleep and the witches sneaked past the guards.

the witches found princess mithian in her chambers and injected her with poison then princess mithian fell into a coma and the witches ran away.

sir leon was searching for princess mithian and he found her in her chambers in a coma. He was really upset and shouted, "MITHIAN''!

sir leon was shouting for help as he ran through the castle hall. He found the castle guards and they were starting to wake up. They told him they got drugged by the witches and realised the witches had poisoned mithian. sir leon shouted he's going to get revenge on the witches.

Then he found a spider that can kill the witches and he went off to find the witches. Then he found them in the cave around the cauldron.

He shouted at the witches, " you poisoned my one true love and now i'm going to kill you with my spider unless you give me the potion to save mithian"".

The witches were frighted and they started to cry. Then sir Leon released the spider. The spider stung the witches and instead of killing them it made them into nice witches. This made them give sir leon the potion to heal princess mithian.

sir leon rode his horse back quickly to Camelot. He ran back to Mithian's chambers then he gave princess Mithian the potion and she woke up then kissed leon.

in the end everyone was happy and Leon and mithian got married. The witches came to the wedding and everyone lived happily ever mithian found out she was pregnant and she started to waddle around the castle with Leon holding her hand they were both smiling happily