Red flames crept across the ancient walls of the temple. Inside came the screams of innocent people as their flesh melted off their bodies and their bones turned to ash. The light of the hanging moon shone brightly against the water's shimmering surface as the temples walls caved in, trapping or killing any survivors. Azami watched from a distance, her dark hair blowing in the wind. The bright red flames reflection twinkled in her lifeless grey eyes. All of the chaos that was happening, somewhat pleased her sick and twisted mind. She liked the sight as the as the weak human lives were lost. She never really liked humans. Their fragile bodies were far too easy to destroy for torture. She preferred the begging of a low-life demon just as she ended its miserable life. The sound of its limp body as it hit the ground was her idea of heaven.

Azami stretched her arms before standing up. Her tall, slender body was covered by a short black dress that showed the curves of her waist. Her skin looked pale against all the black and her lips were a ruby red. Her pitch black wings hang off her back, the red tips of the feathers on the end slightly glowed in the darkness of the night. Standing behind her were two angels that kept whispering to each other. Both of them had golden wings attached to their back. The first one was a young man that had bright blue hair that went just past their ears. He wore long white pants, white boots and a golden jacket with a grey shirt underneath. The second one was an older woman. Her long, flowing red hair reached the back of her knees where her boots stopped. She wore a short white skirt and a deep violet tank top. Both stared at Azami in fear and disgust.

"Why exactly are we here again?" Azami says between a yawn. The woman answers "We're here to stop the demon king Iblis, well you are at least. It's our job to make sure you don't get out of control" This was just what Azami needed; two babysitters watching her every move. "Fine but don't get in my way" Although Azami secretly wished they would so she could teach them a lesson for thinking she could be controlled like some lousy mutt. "Well then let's go then" Azami says before leaping over the edge and plummeting to the ground. In the last minute she spreads out her glorious wings and flies upwards, towards the temple. The two angels look at each other before doing the same.

The three angels make their way to the front of the temple. Noticing that the entrance is caved in, they land. "What do we do know?" one of the other two say. Azami couldn't believe this, were they that stupid? "Isn't it that obvious? We find another way in!" Azami snaps. Both of the other two angels take a step back before saying something to each other. Azami gives them a dirty look ending their little chit chat. In a more calmer tone, Azami says "Look how about you go that way and you go that way? " while pointing in two separate directions. "What about you?" the red haired woman says crossing her arms. Pointing upwards Azami answers "I'll go through the roof" The woman's eyes open wide. "You can't be serious. There's no way you can get in through the roof" Azami yells in response "Do what I tell you bitch!" The woman sneers before doing what she's told. After she disappears around the corner, Azami turns toward the man. "Do you have any problems with that?" her face full of anger. He shakes his head nervously before running off in the opposite direction. Under her breath she says "Idiots" before flying to the roof.

Most of the roof is large chunks that overlap each other in several places. Small cracks are spotted here and there that are far too small for Azami to squeeze through. Walking up to a certain large chunk, Azami uses her strength to lift it up into the air and through it to the side, where it falls apart into smaller pieces. Bending down, Azami palaces her ear against the cold surface that lied beneath the chunk. From the other side she can hear chuckling. The laughter obviously belonged to a demon. Who else sounds like a crazy maniac when doing that? Azami leans up and punches the ground where the sounds were coming from causing the earth to shake. When the dust clears there's a large hole leading to the room below her. Azami jumps in, taking her to a bright room with a marble floor. The walls are covered with blood red curtains with black flower patterns on them. A couple of golden pillars lie on the ground and bits of the ceiling are scattered across the floor.

"Well, well, well look who decided to drop in on the party. How long has it been Azami? Has it been 200, 300 years maybe? A voice echoes across from the other side of the room. Turning her head towards the source of the voice, Azami sees a tall figure with flaming red hair. "Iblis" Azami says as if the very word tastes sour in her mouth. An evil smile is crept across his face. "We have been expecting you for a while" Something suspicious was going on. What did he mean by 'we'? "We, Is there someone else here other than you?" Azami says questioning him. From the shadows of a corner comes a familiar voice. "It's nice to see you again Azami" Azami gasps. It couldn't be could it? The owner of the voice steps out of the shadow revealing their identity. The tall man wearing an elegant white outfit and a large hat politely bows to Azami before standing back up again. Azami grits her teeth together before spitting out "Samael, you demon bastard. What are you doing here? I thought you were in that hell hole called Gehenna .Did you leave or something?" He smiles showing his teeth. "I have my reasons for leaving Gehenna, oh and I go by the name Mephisto these days" Azami glares at him. "Why are you here? What are you planning to do?" "Just a simple business arrangement" he says with the sinister smile still on his face. Clicking his fingers, chains appear on Azami's arms in a puff of smoke, attaching her to the floor.

Realising she'd been tricked; Azami pulls on the chains in an angry fit. When they wouldn't break she aims her anger at the two demons. "You fucking, bloody demons! Release me at once!" Iblis picks up a rock and throws it at her, hitting her on the head. "Shut it!" he yells. Azami growls at him, pulling at the chains trying to get to him. "When I get free of these chains I'm going to rip the flesh off your bones!" she threatens him. A silent chuckle comes from Mephisto. "What's so fucking funny you asshole!" Mephisto stops. "When you get free of those chains you won't be laying a finger on us" Once again Azami yells before trying to reach him. "That's enough Azami!" Azami stops and turns around. Both of the other two angels are standing there. "Yahel, Elijah! Help me get free of these chains so I can end these two demons lives" she orders them. They just stand there, glaring at her with their golden eyes. "Are you two deaf? I said help me get free of these chains!" she yells at them. The woman crosses her arms and says "Now why would we want to do that?" Azami clenches her fists shut. "Don't back answer me you bitch! Do as I say or else" "Or else what? You're in no position for threatening me you monster!" Azami shrieks out in a raging fury. Both the demons enjoy themselves as the two angels yell and threaten each other.

Amongst the commotion the blue haired angel speaks up. "Look can we get this over and done with?" Azami stops her threating to the other angel. "What do you mean Elijah?" "What we're all here for of course" Mephisto states. Once again Mephisto clicks his fingers. This time a black ring appears around her neck. Azami screams as her wings painfully recede into her back. Between gasps of breaths Azami asks "What did you do to me?" Iblis answers her. "We've trapped your powers inside that thing around your neck. Courtesy of those two angels over there" Azami stares at her fellow angels. "Why? Why did you do this to me?" she yells at them. "Because you're out of control" Elijah calmly says. "So you betrayed me!" The two angels didn't respond but she could tell she was right from the look in their eyes. "I'll kill you! I'll kill you if it's the last thing I'll do!" she yells with eyes full of hate.

"Seeing that this little job has been done, what is it you plan on doing with her?" the curious Mephisto asks. "Whatever you like, we have no need of her anymore" one of the angels says in response. After this the two angels turn around and leave. "Hmm, what do you think we should do with her? Should we rip her limbs off?" Iblis asks Mephisto. "No, I have a better idea. You see I'm in need servant at True Cross Academy. Someone who can handle what I give them" Mephisto says. Iblis looks disappointed with his brother. "Seriously? A servant; where's the fun in that?" "Why no fun at all exactly, for her at least" he says looking at Iblis. "Now if there's no objections I'll be taking her then" Mephisto clicks his fingers and the chains disappear. Azami springs into action as soon as they disappear, sprinting straight towards the two demons. Before she can reach them a sharp pain shoots through her body, paralysing her limbs.

"What the fuck!" she yells in confusion. "As long as you wear that around your neck you can't harm me or any of my relatives" Mephisto says as he pulls out a pocket watch and checks the time. "We must be off then, come Azami" he says, putting the watch back in his pocket. "I'm not your bloody pet you asshole, you can't tell me what to do" Azami protests. Mephisto frowns. "If you want your powers back, you'll do as I say. You see I'm the only one who can remove that thing off of you" Azami growls before giving in. "Fine, but I do what I fucking want to do when I do. You got that you purple haired freak." Mephisto sighs. "As long as you don't speak like that all the time, it's not very lady like" Azami spits on the ground. "To hell with lady like"

Mephisto leads Azami to a bright pink limousine. "What the hell is up with your ride?" Azami says looking at it with disgust. "What do you mean?" Mephisto says confused. "It's pink" "So?" Azami rolls her eyes. Clearly he was an idiot to have a pink limousine. Mephisto took his place at the back of the limo and Azami sat at the front as far away from his as possible. "Why don't you sit beside me?" Mephisto says while patting the spot beside him. "Like hell I will, there's no way I'd sit beside you" A wicked smile creeps across Mephisto's face. "You do want your powers back don't you?" Azami gives him a dirty look before reluctantly sitting beside him. "Oh and one more thing," Mephisto clicks his finger and a tail sprouts from Azami's body and her ears grow longer with a point at the end. Azami stares at her newly formed tail before yelling "What the fuck did you do to me!" She looks at him with angry eyes. "I turned you into a demon. We don't want you being completely helpless do we?" Azami felt like strangling him but she couldn't so instead she smashed the window behind him. The broken glass slid of the bonnet and onto the road as the pink limo drove on. "I hate demons!" Azami's voice yells from inside as they approach a large cluster of buildings.

I would like to thank Demon-Princess-Astarte for inspiring me to write this story with hers.