Disclaimer: No claim to Charlie Bone nor any characters in the series, they all belong to Jenny Nemmo.

Miranda Arthur, however is my OC, and this fanfic isn't to be taken all too seriously since it was inspired by an rp between myself and some friends.


She loved it when Manfred tried to get information out of her. She always found it amusing how one moment he'd be trying to bribe her and the next be trying to threaten her. He knew perfectly well that neither tactic was going to work regardless of how many times he tried. She loved to make him angry knowing full well he couldn't do anything to her. He could probably burn her if he wasn't too wary of her to get close enough to touch her.
"Please tell me something." He was looking away with a rather dark scowl on his face. He was going to start the day with a bribe.
"Good morning to you too Manfred and don't you look like just a ray of sunshine." Miranda answered brightly.
"I'm serious . . . anything you want and it's yours; just tell me what Bone and his little friends are thinking." He really wasn't beating around the bush this morning.
"Anything?" Miranda asked hopefully. Manfred was so surprised she even heard his brain stutter. He totally missed the sparkle of mischief in her eyes.
"Yes . . . yes anything!" He said.
"A pony?"
"One in every color!" Manfred answered.
"New shoes?" Miranda asked excitedly.
"Custom designs by the finest shoemakers." Miranda clapped her hands together then twiddled her thumbs and looked shy and hopeful.
"Some outfits to match?"
"Of course!" Manfred was so excited. Miranda wondered how long she could keep him like that before he exploded in anger.
"And expensive jewellery?" She asked as they started to walk towards her class.
"You can't have the outfit and shoes without the jewels."

And they continued like that all the way to her classroom, Manfred getting increasingly irritated as they went. Miranda could hear his mind working again and knew he'd caught on to what she was doing but of course he was still humouring her in the hopes that maybe just maybe she'd give him something to work with.
"Oh, oh! I know!"
"What is it?" Manfred asked stiffly. Miranda was so delighted at the livid color on his cheeks.
"My own tropical island!" She said and for him that was the last straw. Manfred threw up his hands growled and stalked off down the hall, younger students scattering frightened out of his path. Miranda waved at his retreating back, fighting off giggles as she could practically see the steam coming out of his ears. The next time he approached her he was probably going to try the threat tactic.