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The Tamers Meet The Digidestined

Begins in the home of Rika Nonaka, a Digimon Tamer who has recently turned nineteen and is fast asleep. She's dreaming of her boyfriend Ryo and it is by no means a good dream as her heart tells her that something is seriously wrong.

Rika knew something was wrong before she even opened her eyes. If someone had asked her how she knew she couldn't have told them but something was wrong and it had to do with Pretty boy. Breathing hard Rika opened her eyes and quickly sat up in her bed as she tried to sort through what her heart was telling. Ryo was in trouble was all she could think as she jumped out of bed. It had only been a few months since she and Ryo had started dating so why was she so sure he needed her, it wasn't like they had some kinda mind connection or anything.

Running across her room Rika grabbed her cell-phone off her desk and quickly punched in Ryo's cell phone number thinking to prove herself wrong, he'd answer the phone and tell her not to worry. It was just a bad dream she repeated over and over in her head but as the dial phone continued to sound she felt something get an icy grip on her heart when no one picked up. Punching delete Rika began to pace her room as she tried to talk herself out of going over to Ryo's house. "This is really stupid." Rika muttered to herself as she walked from one end of the room to another. "He's asleep or didn't hear it ring."

"Rika what is it?" Renamon asked appearing before her as if from out of thin air, which she could kinda do. Renamon and the rest of the Digimon could only come to the real world for short periods of time now and she could have got down on her knees and thanked god that Renamon had come to the Digital World to visit her that week.

"Oh Renamon!" Rika cried as she threw herself into Renamon's arms, which caught her out of reflex. "Something's taken Ryo or something really bad has happened to him."

"What do you mean Rika?" Renamon asked as she held her Tamer close. Rika was not an emotional person and usually hid all signs of emotion.

"I know it sounds crazy but I know that something bad has happened to him. You've got to believe me!" Rika cried staring intently at her partner.

"Have you tried phoning him?" Renamon asked as she patted Rika's back while trying to think of what to do. Rika's wasn't an emotional person and she was obviously really upset.

"Yea but no one answered." Rika said pulling back with her mask fully in place.

"Why don't you try again and I'll call his home number to see if they know where he is." Renamon said as she smiled reassuringly at her.

"Okay but I know something isn't wrong." Rika said as she picked up the phone. Walking downstairs Renamon headed straight for the other phone to call Ryo's house and prayed that Ryo would answer one of the calls.

"I couldn't get him on his cell-phone." Rika said as she walked into the kitchen.

"I called his father and he said that Ryo had gone camping in the Digital World." Renamon said as she hung up the phone. Just then a scream came from the backyard followed completely by silence. Sharing a look Renamon took off in the direction of the backyard as fast as they could move.

"That's mom." Rika cried as she and Renamon dashed for the door and came hurling out into the back porch.

"What's he doing here?" Renamon wondered as she saw Cyberdramon leaning over Rika's mother who was lying on the ground in what looked to be a dead faint. Cyberdramon had never met Rika's mother as far as she could remember and she had a feeling that their first meeting hadn't gone well.

"Cyberdramon what happened." Rika asked as she rushed over to her mother, bending down on one knee to check her mother's pulse which she found without trouble.

"I asked to see you, she screamed and fainted." He growled as he shook his head at the weakness of humans. It wasn't as if he'd snuck up at her or come at her from behind. How had such a woman raised Rika?

"Will she be all right Rika?" Renamon asked as she stood beside Rika who was now trying to wake her mother who wasn't co-operating.

"She'll be fine once she's done her faint. What are you doing here Cyberdramon? Does it have to do with Ryo? Is he okay?" Rika asked anxiously as she carefully laid her mother down on the grass before getting to her feet to look at Cyberdramon in the eye. They had a mutual respect for each other and that was about it.

Cyberdramon stared at her. He didn't really care for his Tamer's choice in mate but she was stronger then most and he needed her help for Ryo's sake. She had her good points and made Ryo happy, he could have done far worse.

"He's been taken." Cyberdramon growled as he waited for her to let him have it for making her mother faint, whatever that was. He was pretty sure she wasn't dead but he wasn't completely sure she was unharmed.

"Taken where?" Rika cried as she looked up at him, completely forgetting about her mother as she tried to hide her panic.

"I don't know where, a strange Data Stream appeared out of nowhere and took him away. I was too far away to reach him in time. Impmon is also missing." Cyberdramon growled back at her as he kept his words to a minimum.

"A strange data stream took him? But why?" Renamon asked more to herself then the others. Data streams picked up things all the time but they didn't appear out of nowhere, you usually could see them coming soon enough to get out of their way.

"We should go to Hypnos." Rika said firmly as she knew that figuring this out was beyond her knowledge. "If anyone can tell us where that data stream took him it'll be Alice."

Meanwhile at the organization known as Hypnos a figure dressed all in black was busy breaking into files she shouldn't have been in and having a marvelous time doing it. Smiling at the stupidity of the governments her organization worked with the girl turned on her laptop and hooking it up to a computer began to type in codes that would help her in her intended target.

Eighteen-year-old computer genius Alice McCoy glared at her keyboard then quickly entered another password with a skill belaying her young years. "Damn." She muttered to herself, as the password wasn't accepted. Fingering her cross that she always wore around her neck Alice glared at the password denied sign flashing in front of her. "Well now I'm mad."

Grinning evilly the girl accessed a special addition she'd made to her computer and quickly keyed in her instructions. Immediately the computer screen was consumed by her favorite color before returning to its original state, code broken. "Don't mess with the Dark Angel, you only end up black." Alice said as she accessed the necessary files. Rapidly typing Alice was unaware of her guest behind her.

"You'd think on a great day like this she'd be outside instead of in here, on a Saturday morning." Renamon said quietly as she watched Alice break several federal laws with the easy of a child making a block tower. Like her father Alice was obsessed with computers and except for the first time they'd met Renamon couldn't remember a time when she hadn't see the girl with a laptop.

"I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure that what you're doing is illegal." Rika said as she walked over to her friend who until Rika had spoken had been totally unaware that they were there. But then neither of them were loud people.

"What are you doing here?" Alice asked as she looked over to where they were standing while absently saving all the files she'd been accessing onto her hard drive.

"And why'd you bring Distructo?" Alice asked waving her hand in Cyberdramon's direction who she'd never gotten along with. Cyberdramon wasn't a people person and nether was Alice, they chose to avoid each other.

"We need your help." Rika said obviously not thrilled about it because even though they were friends Alice rarely did anything for free. Purple eyes assessed blue as the two girls stared at each other.

"What do you need?" Alice asked curiously as she pushed a lock of pale blond hair out of her eyes while never taking them off of her unexpected guests. "I'm kinda busy right now."

"A data stream appears to have kidnapped Ryo and possibly Impmon as well." Renamon said coolly as she came to stand beside Rika.

"So in other words you want me to find out where it took them." Alice said with a raised eyebrow as she thought over the idea, finally a challenge and Rika would owe her a favor. "This day is definitely looking up." Alice said to herself as she waited.

"We'd really appreciate it." Rika said, grinching her teeth slightly. There was something about this girl that always managed to rile her since the first time she'd seen her with Dobermon. Maybe it's the fact that they were so much alike Rika thought with irony as she waited for Alice's answer. Which is why they made such great friends Rika thought, they understood each other.

"Why not." Alice said turning back to her computer, absently cracking her knuckles as she prepared to work her magic. Clearing the screen of the classified government documents she'd accessed Alice accessed the sensors they'd installed to monitor the Digital World and began to type in passwords and figures. "When and where did he go missing?" Alice said without looking up from the screen as she waited for her answer.

"He disappeared at around six in the morning today. We were beside Mormon's cave, packing up to go when Impmon interrupted us." Cyberdramon said as he too walked closer to the screen.

"Okay well lets see what the sensors have to say about this stream shall we." Alice said as she typed the information in, her fingers dancing across the board, her eyes the only pair that understood what was flying across the screen.

"You're very good at that." Renamon said, breaking the silence as she tried to understand the words and symbols on the screen.

"Thanks." Alice replied as she shook her head at the data that the computer was giving her. "This can't be right." Alice said scanning the data for signs of error. She was sure she'd done everything correctly but the information that was coming up didn't make sense. Unless of course something was seriously wrong in the Digital World.

"What's wrong?" Rika asked as she leaned forward, reading over Alice's shoulder but understanding maybe half of it.

"According to this Ryo and Impmon aren't in the Digital World anymore. According to this data he was taken to another dimension of The Real World or something along those lines, I can't even tell you for sure where they are!!"

" You know if you wanted my help you could've told me first." Ryo Akiyama said as he rubbed his head, which still hurt from hitting the ground head first. One minute he'd been telling Impmon to buzz off and the next thing he'd known he'd been falling to hit the earth with a thud and a lot of pain.

"You know this jerk? Figures." Impmon said as he glared at the humans who were responsible for getting him here. Why didn't it surprise him that the morons who'd done this knew Ryo, after all morons liked company.

"This is your Digimon Ryo?" Ken Ichijouji asked skeptically as he looked at the small purple digimon with a weird happy face on his stomach. This wasn't the type of Digimon he'd have paired his friend with at all.

"No he belongs to some friends of mine who are too young to realize they're better off without him. My digimon, Cyberdramon, was left behind when your data stream or whatever it was picked us up." Ryo said as he glared back at the Digimon who'd gotten dragged along with him for the ride. Why oh why couldn't the stream have missed Impmon or better yet vaporized the little brat.

"So why'd you morons bring us here anyway?" Impmon said tapping his foot impatiently as he looked up at them. "Ali and Mako will be worried if I don't get home soon and they try to find me."

"Actually we brought you here because we need Ryo's help. Genni told us that in order to beat Aracnamon we'd need his help and he's usually right about these things." Izzy replied as he looked down at the digimon with interest. He didn't recognize the little guy but he had a feeling that he was a character.

"I don't believe we've met. I'm Ryo and this wasted of Digital information is Impmon." Ryo said figuring he better change the subject before Impmon opened his big mouth again.

"Yea I know. I'm Koushiro Izumi but you can call me Izzy." Izzy said as he shook Ryo's hand with a welcoming smile. "Nice to met you, oh and this is my Digimon, Tentamon."

"Nice to met you too. Now who's Genni and what is Aracnamon?" Ryo asked as he withdrew his hand to turn back to face Ken. He hadn't seen him in a long time and Ryo had plenty of questions but he had a feeling they'd have to wait.

"Genni's kinda like an information guide and Aracnamon is some kind of Digimon gone terrible wrong." Wormon said with a trace of humor.

"So when do we met them?" Ryo asked as he stuck his hands in his pockets as he looked around them.

"Were not sure, they both come and go as they please." Ken said sadly as he shook his head. "That's what's going to make this so difficult."

"Which means that you're probably going to be standing Rika up huh Ryo?" Impmon said evilly as he grinned up at Ryo, his day suddenly looking a lot better.

"Oh my GOD SHE'S GOING TO KILL ME!!!!" Ryo yelled as he swore under his breath vividly and with feeling. He was suppose to meet Rika for lunch today at the mall and boy was she going to be mad when he didn't show up. "I'm a dead man, a friggin dead man."

"Well it wasn't nice knowing you." Impmon said with a whistle as things got a little bit better by the minute. With any luck Rika would dump him over this and find someone worthy of her.

"I ... am such a dead man." Ryo said as he bowed his head seeing his life flash before him which didn't take that long given that he'd only been around for twenty one years. How was he going to explain this one to her?

"So in other words what you're trying to tell me is that a data stream was deliberately sent to pick up Ryo and the Digimon closest to him?" Rika said in disbelief as she tried to make sense of what lice had been telling her.

"That's what it looks like but you can check it o out if you want to." Alice said sarcastically as she brought up data after data that would only make sense to an experienced hacker or computer expert would understand.

"But why just him and Impmon?" Renamon asked as she shook her head at the thought of anyone deliberately picking up Impmon.

"I don't know. That's strange. What? No way, it can't be. Can it?" Alice said as a piece of data caught her eye and she began to rapidly type as she pulled on the small thread she'd found.

"What is it?" Rika asked as she quit her pacing.

"Every hacker has his or her own style, a calling card if you will that other hackers can recognize. This particular heist has the markings of Digidestined." Alice said breathing his name in an almost whisper.

"Digi who?" Cyberdramon asked, eager to find out who his opponent would be.

"Digidestined, it's his code name, what he goes by online. We use to chat all the time online but we stopped emailing each other a while ago. There are inconsistencies with it but at least part of it was created by him, I'm sure of it." Alice said with a grim smile of satisfaction that she'd found a piece of the puzzle.

"So how do we find this guy?" Rika asked as she rubbed her hands together as she pictured all the lovely things she was going to do to this person when she got a hold of him or her.

"The only way to find him would be to go where the data stream was activated." Alice said as she cracked her fingers again before activating even more systems which in titled breaking more then a few laws.

"And where is that?" Renamon asked as she watched Rika and Alice sigh almost in union.

"That would be in the other dimension." Alice said grimly. "Looks like finding your boyfriend is going to be a little harder then you thought.

"You'll never make it alone and there's no guarantee that it will work." Alice said as she tried to think of what she could say to make Rika realize how dangerous her plan was an hour later as she listened to Rika's outrageous idea.

"It'll work. All you have to do is send us through another one of those data streams and then we'll go and find Ryo, Impmon and find this Digidestined and convince him to find another hobby." Rika said with a courageous grin that hid her growing nerves. She was going, but she wasn't stupid, this was probably a bad idea.

"Look even if you did get there and that's a big if the chances of you getting back are zilch the way things stand." Alice said with exasperation as she quelled the urge to throw her arms up in exasperation. "You would have no idea how to get back."

"Well if you're so worried about us why don't you come with us?" Rika said rashly before she thought about it.

Surprised Alice stared at Rika in surprise, she hadn't been expecting that little curve ball. "You want me to come with you?"

"Why not, it's better then hanging around in here all day breaking laws at the speed of light." Rika said as she smiled at Alice's surprised expression.

"You're serious, you want me to come with you, to the other dimension?" Alice said not quite believing it. She was a loner by nature and it was very rare that people got excited about going anywhere with her. The other tamers were her friends but it wasn't like they were that close to each other.

"Yea I'm serious and besides if anyone can get us there and back it's you." Rika said warming to the idea. She respected Alice and knew that even though they weren't the closest of friends she'd have a better chance with Alice with them.

"Why not." Alice said before she could think about it. This has got to be the stupidious thing I've ever done Alice thought to herself as she watched Rika smile split her face at her agreement. DUMB, DUMB, DUMB. This was going to be the dumbest thing she'd ever done all right.

"Do you own anything that isn't black?" Rika asked hours later as she helped Alice stuff her backpack full of clothes, which was being done really quickly since Alice didn't have to chose things that matched. Ever piece of clothing that was shoved in was black.

"It's my favourite color." Alice said as she stuffed a black shirt into her bag with a sigh.

"Yea well mines purple but I don't wear the color twenty-four seven." Rika resorted as she grinned at the other girl as they started a familiar argument. They'd been arguing about it for almost six years and it was still running strong.

"Let's get something straight, Nonaka. I'll get you and your boyfriend home and in exchange you'll refrain from commenting on my wardrobe." Alice said as she zipped up her bag shut, which she managed after a bit more squashing of clothing. "Well that's everything." Alice said not even giving Rika time to agree.

"Then lets head for the other dimension." Rika said picking up her own bag, which she'd pack while Alice had accessed all the data she could about the strange data stream.

"Aren't you going to get the rest of the Tamers?" Alice asked suddenly realizing that Rika hadn't mentioned them in the equation.

"Henry and Suzi are away with their parents remember; and the rest have jobs or in Kazu and Kenta's case I wouldn't bring them if you paid me. It's just you, me, Renamon and Cyberdramon to the rescue."

"Oh joy." Alice said as she slugged the bag over her shoulder. "Let's get out of here before I wise up and change my mind."

"Well were here, your home away from home." Rika said as they walked into the deserted Hypnos building later that afternoon being careful to keep out of sight. There were a few people working in the building but most didn't notice them and those that did simply assumed that they were going to visit their friends in the Digital World "How'd you talk your dad into letting you come here without Yamachi's permission?"

"I helped design the security system, they don't know we're here without his permission." Alice said as she pulled out her handy lab-top.

"You're very resourceful." Cyberdramon commented as he moved as quietly as someone of his size could.

"Thanks Distructo." Alice said as she headed down the stairs to her work area. "Well let's see if this'll work." Turning on her computer Alice accessed the Digital portal. "Okay, lets head to the Digital World and if we make it there in one piece we'll try the other dimension."

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