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Chapter Two: Awakening.

"What was that?!"

"What did he do!?"

"That wasn't magic!"

Harry stared blankly at the burnt body that used to be his parents murderer. He studied his hands in confusion as the people around him whispered in confusion and fear. He didn't understand what happened, one second he and Voldemort were duelling and Harry had lost his wand… he was taunting him about his parents and went to kill him, when Harry had met his eyes with a glare and Voldemort had frozen and the next second his hands were raised and flames consumed Voldemort and Harry.

The stone floor beneath them were blackened and cracked and while Voldemort fell to the floor with blackened skin, Harry however still sat on the ground completely unharmed.

"He's a Mutant!?"

"A Monster!"

The crowd was beginning to stir now, their voices raising. Harry began looking around dazed and confused as he heard the word mutant repeated with varying degrees of hate.

Then Hermione and Ron were at his side, pulling him away from the body and dragging him through the gap that Neville and Luna had made in the crowd and then Mrs Weasley was holding out a piece of rock and Harry and his friends were taken away to grimauld place.

He sat silently in the darkness of Sirius' room, hugging his knees a newspaper on the bed in front of him proclaimed him a monster on the front page.

He had been hiding for over a week now.

A knock had startled him and a vaguely familiar voice called through the door.

"Harry dear…can I come in? I have someone to meet you."

The owner of the voice didn't wait for his answer and the door opened slowly, revealing a woman he would have mistaken for Bellatrix if he didn't know that she was dead.

Andromeda Tonks stood in the doorway, her face pale with grief and a small bundle in her arms. She watched him from the doorway, her expression sad, before walking in and sitting on the bed next to him.

"Harry…I know you're scared…being a mutant is nothing to be afraid of and I brought someone to meet you…" She said quietly, before holding out the bundle to him. Harry reached out and took it, his mouth suddenly going dry as he realised just what the bundle was.

He cradled the bundle against his chest and with a shaking hand shifted the blanked so he could see what rested inside clearly. A small pink face with a tuft of turquoise hair on the top of it.


Andromeda place a hand on his and spoke her voice soft. "Teddy is different to…Remus and Dora…they checked…he's a mutant as well…I don't know if I can protect him…but you Harry…you can."

Harry stared at his sleeping god son and felt tears falling down his face.

"Teddy needs you Harry…and you need him." Andromeda said softly, before placing a pile of muggle papers on the bed and leaning in to kiss both of them on the forehead. "He's your's now Harry…look after him."

And with that she left.

Leaving him sobbing over the small baby.

Teddy's eyes opened slowly revealing soft brown eyes, that upon meeting Harry's turned bright emerald green and his hair turn black.


Green eyes shot open and Harry sat up with a gasp.

Breathing heavily Harry's eyes darted around the room he was in, taking in the white walls and medical equipment.

Where was teddy?!

Where was his son!?

Terror filled him as he scrambled of the hospital cot he was laying on and darted for the door, his panic grew as he couldn't open it and he slammed his shoulder into it and it crumpled. Another hit and he was free.

The hallway was definitely not a hospital hallway and flashes of his nightmares of being captured flashed through his mind as he dashed down the hallway. The whole floor was empty of people apart from him, he found an elevator and slammed his hand into the button and waited for the elevator.

When it opened he jerked back in surprise as his eyes met the eyes of the gruff looking man inside.

The man's eyes widened in surprise as Harry felt his eyes glow green.

"Hey bub ju-" The man was cut off as he froze. The man's eyes narrowed as he tried to move and Harry cautiously stepped into the elevator with him, careful to avoid the man. The doors closed and Harry pushed the only button on the wall and shifted nervously as the gruff looking man glared at his reflection.

"I-I'm sorry…" Harry said quietly. "You'll be able to move in a few minutes…I just…I won't let you take my son away."

Surprise flickered in the mans eyes before the elevator reached its destination and the doors slid open. Harry quickly shot out of it and down the hallway which looked nothing like the hallway from before, it looked like a mansion of some kind.

He skidded to a stop at the end of the hallway as a woman with red hair appeared round the corner. She opened her mouth to speak when Harry's eyes glowed once again and the woman froze, her eyes watching him fearfully.

"Sorry." He muttered as he ran past her.

He reached a turn and shifted nervously from one foot to the other as he tried to decide which way to go.


Harry jerked spinning round looking for the source of the voice.

"Do not be afraid Harry…your son is down the corridor to your left and up the stairs." The voice said, causing him to jerk again.

"Where are you!? Who are you!?"

He got no answer and he stared down the corridor on his left and spotted a staircase at the end. It could be a trap, but what choice did he have? He needed to find Teddy.

He took off down the corridor and saw a woman with white hair standing at the bottom of it, her eyes tightly closed and hands held in the air. "I wish you no harm and won't stop you, your son is just up the stairs, third door on the right." The woman said calmly.

Harry hesitated before edging round her slowly, his body tense. He started up the stairs but paused half way up. "Thank you." He said quietly. The woman smiled, her eyes still closed and Harry headed up the stair once again.

He made his way down the hall full of door and stopped at the one the woman had directed him towards. He hesitated for a second before grabbing the handle and pulling open the door. Inside the room was a bedroom with two beds, the walls covered in muggle posters.

The floor was covered in scattered toys all shiny and new.

On one of the beds sat a teenager about his age with brown hair and amber eyes, in his arms lay a sleeping Teddy.

Harry frowned as a fuzzy memory of being surrounded by flames and begging for help and handing the teen in front of him Teddy after he had helped him control the fire somehow.

The teen watched him carefully before speaking.

"Kid's been waiting for you to get up." He said calmly, before tapping the bed next to him. "You wanna sit down and take him? 'cause my arms and legs went numb about half an hour ago." Harry moved hesitantly over and sat down, holding out his arms for Teddy. The other teen handed him over carefully and got off the bed slowly and stretched.

Harry watched him suspiciously as he hugged Teddy tightly to his chest as he stirred. The teen sat at the end of the bed, shoving some of the toys that lay on the bed over.

"I'm John." He said, pulling a lighter out of his pocket and flicking it open.

Harry found himself staring at the small flame, watching it flicker almost hypnotically.

John watched him curiously and his eyes never leaving the black haired teen, he pulled the flame into his hand and let it grow. The teens eyes widened and a hand reached out and touched the flame and instantly John felt it fight his control as it grew and brightened, . The teen pulled his hand back with a small smile and finally met John's eyes. "I'm Harry."

John smiled as Harry lent back against the wall with a yawn. "Still tired?" John asked. Harry stared at him suspiciously, even as his eyes kept trying to close.

"Don't worry…I'll keep you safe promise." John said quietly, knowing how terrifying it was to sleep when you didn't know where you were and surrounded by strangers. He had felt that every night on the streets. Harry studied him silently before his eyes slid closed. John reached over and pulled the cover over the sleeping teen and his kid.

John sat back and sighed.

He was going totally and completely soft.

He let out a groan digging the palms of his hands into his eyes, before standing up and going to the door. Pulling it open revealed Professor Xavier and storm waiting patiently outside. John stared at the man, his eye twitching slightly at the knowing look on the Professors face.

"He's sleeping in here tonight…your talk can wait." He said with a yawn and promptly shut the door in their faces. Turning back to the bed he was surprised to see that Harry had shifted onto his side, curled around his son. John moved closer frowning at how small the teen looked, a worried frown flickered across his face as he realised that he was seriously underweight.

Carefully John sat down on the bed next to Harry, leaning back against the wall as he continued to study the mutant. Even asleep Harry had a tight, protective grip on Teddy. John jumped back slightly as Harry flinched suddenly, a small whimper slipping from his lips. Almost instinctively John found himself reaching out and placing a hand on Harry's black hair. John watched surprised as Harry relaxed and let out a small sigh.

John pulled his hand back, but froze as Harry's face screwed up in fear again. Hesitating John reached out his hand again and the instant his hand rested on the teens hair, he relaxed again. John ran a hand through his hair with a sigh before shifting into a more comfortable position, his hand never leaving the sleeping teens hair.

He stared blankly at the opposite wall. He wondered what had happened to Harry to make him so fearful and cautious. He had been surprised when Professor X had warned him that Harry had woken up and had a second mutation that he had used to incapacitate both Logan and Jean. Normally John kept his distance from newcomers to the mansion. He hated the sad stories that many of them arrived with.

But now he was sitting here with Harry stroking his hair unconsciously to keep the nightmares away.

John couldn't help wondering if Harry's story was anything like his.

John was so lost in his thoughts he didn't notice when he finally started to drift asleep.

End Chapter.

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