AN: My second fanfiction! I love Alma, and now I get really sad reading book 20-23. A few days ago I actually got teary staring at a bottle of mayonnaise (Alma's favourite food). No joke -_-. I kept listening to Ed Sheeran when writing this (particularly Small Bump). I always find Kanda's past heartbreaking. He really deserved better. This is the better life I imagined for him, the one he deserved with Alma.
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Allen finally heaved himself over the final ledge of the monumental mountain. Panting heavily, he lay down on the ground in relief. After recovering his strength he sat up, saying to himself, "I finally...finally made it...the exorcist headquarters...the Black Order."
The ominous-looking tower loomed over him, the full moon shining down on the mountain and bat-like golems fluttering in the air.
"I hope?" Allen said nervously.
Making his way slowly up the path leading up to the front doors, he looked around for someone he could ask for assistance. After a few moments, he noticed a golem slightly above him, staring intently at him. Allen got the feeling someone was watching him through it. He cleared his throat.
"E-Excuse me? My name is Allen Walker. I'm here by referral of General Cross. Could I talk to someone in charge, please?"
For a moment, the golem said nothing. Then it answered:
"Get a physical from the gatekeeper behind you."
The huge grey face placed on the doors of the tower suddenly loomed over Allen, its eyes popping out at him. They became like spotlights, blinding Allen until his eyes adjusted.
"HE'S OUT!" bellowed the gate-keeper. "Out, out! The pentacle on his face is the mark of the akuma! He's here to kill us!"
Allen yelped, waving his arms. "No, wait, I'm not an akuma!"
Suddenly, he felt someone behind him. "You must be pretty confident, coming here by yourself. Oh well, suit yourself. I haven't been on a mission in a while."
Allen jumped away, spinning to face the person behind him. He was wearing what must be an exorcist's uniform, black with silver shoulder-pads and buttons, and the rose cross emblazoned on the left side of the chest. Where his right hand should have been, there were two sharp-looking blades, like the heads of scythes, except they were moving like serpents, or the two claws of a dinosaur. He had spiky hair, and a scar ran across the bridge of his nose.
The young man in front of him laughed. "You picked a really bad day to attack. If you had arrived a few days earlier or later then you wouldn't have had us to deal with."
With that statement, Allen realised that there was another exorcist bearing down on him. He quickly activated his arm, lifting it above him in an effort to shield himself. A sharp pain slicing through his wrist, he leapt away to see his new attacker.
Kanda drew himself up to his full height, staring down the white-haired boy. He would pay for interrupting his dinner.
Allen felt the other boy behind him, and the sharp blade of one of the scythes nudged Allen's Adam's apple.
"You should probably get it over with," the other exorcist said, "he's going to give you a pretty violent death whether you fight or not."
Allen realised that the two people really intended to kill him. He screamed as the swordsman started running towards him, his sword ready to strike.
"W-Wait! I swear, I'm not an akuma! I'm an exorcist! There should have been a letter sent by my master, Cross!"
Mugen stopped within centimetres of Allen's neck.
"A letter. From the general," Kanda said sceptically.
"Yeah," said Allen, afraid to swallow in case his neck was cut.
"General Cross hasn't sent the order anything but bills for several years," the boy behind Allen said uneasily.

"I-It was addressed to someone named Komui."
Alma groaned. Groans could be heard from the golem as well.
Nobody moved for a few moments, then a voice from the golem said, "Oh well, the kid checks out. He's Cross's apprentice. Go stop those two, Reever."
"Clean your desk once in a while, would you?!" an Australian voice yelled at the other. "Kanda, Alma, I need you to stand down! I repeat, stand down."
The boy behind Allen carefully withdrew his scythe from Allen's neck, deactivating it so that it became a normal right arm.
"Sorry about that," he said, smiling. "Can't be too careful , you know? I'm Alma. Alma Karma." He extended his hand to Allen.
Smiling back, Allen took Alma's hand and shook it.
"Don't worry about it. It's nice to meet you."
Alma looked up at the gate keeper, who was still crying. "But why did he think you were an akuma? That doesn't usually happen..."
"It's probably because of this," said Allen, lifting his hair to show the pentacle on his forehead. "I was cursed five years ago by an akuma. It gave me this scar."
Allen turned and offered his hand to Kanda. "No hard feelings?"
Kanda snorted. "What idiot would shake your hand knowing that you were cursed."
"Hey! I'm not an idiot!" Alma protested.
"Yeah, but he only had the decency to tell us about that after you shook, stupid."
Alma pouted. "Stop being rude, Yu. Give the kid a break and shake his hand. You owe him after hurting his arm."
Allen looked down at his arm, which he had now deactivated. A long white mark ran across it, and he couldn't stop it from trembling.
The huge gates of the tower suddenly swung slowly open, and a young girl with two long pigtails came out.
"Get in already, you guys!" she called out.
The doors swung closed behind them as Allen entered the Black Order.
"I'm Lenalee. I'm one of the exorcists here. Though I also help out around the Science Division. You've already met Kanda and Alma, right?"
Alma waved goodbye to the two. "We might go now, Lenalee. You can take care of the kid, right?"
"Sure, Alma. I'll show him around and take him to Komui after," said Lenalee, smiling.
"See you!" Alma turned and started walking up the stairs to the dorms with Kanda.