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Are you awake?" Alma slowly stuck his head through the doorway, trying to
see into the blackness.
"Of course. What's the point of trying to sleep when you're going to barge
in every night?"
Alma chuckled, slowly feeling his way into the room. His eyes adjusted, and he
could now make out Kanda's shadowy form sitting on the bed, still fully
He eased himself carefully onto the bed next to his friend, not wanting to
knock his shin on the railing like he usually did.
Kanda put his arm around his best friend's shoulders and pulled him into a hug.
Alma knew Kanda would never hug anyone else like this, not Lenalee, not Lavi,
not anyone but him. He loved the feeling of being special to someone like
Kanda, privileged, and having Kanda exclusively in this manner. For him.
"What was it this time?" Kanda asked gently.
Alma said nothing.
Frustrated, Kanda started noogying him.
"Ow, ow, ow! Stop! Stop it, Yu!" Alma laughed.
Smirking, Kanda let go. Alma returned to his previous position, serious once
more, his mirthful expression fading.
"I saw you, Yu. You were bleeding, dying, and you weren't healing. You
were like... A normal human, I guess. And I couldn't do a thing about it.
Everyone else, too, but they were already dead. You were just suffering, and in
so much pain that I couldn't stand it. I wanted to die. I wanted you to die.
Just so that you would be free from that horrible pain."
Kanda fell silent, processing his friend's nightmare. Poor Alma had been
subjected to horrific nightmares for weeks, even going to the infirmary at one
point to see if there was anything that could be done about it. The pills he
had been given, ones made for dreamless sleep, hadn't kept the nightmares at
bay at all, and he gave up on them. Instead, he went straight to Kanda's room,
right next to his own, whenever he woke up from a nightmare and felt too
terrified to go back to sleep.
"Idiot." Kanda ruffled Alma's head, bringing his friend back to
reality. "What a stupid, unrealistic dream to keep me awake for. For one
thing, there's no way that could happen. There's no way I'm gonna die before
you. You're so much of a hassle that I wouldn't be able to rest in peace. I'd
open up my coffin and throttle you so you would stop blubbering. I don't want
you keeping me awake when I'm in the grave."
Alma laughed, touched at how much his friend cared about him. Because that rude
language, the speech that he had just been given, just went to show Kanda's
love for his oldest friend.
"Promise me, Yu."
"What? To throttle you?"
"I'm serious, Yu." Alma stared at Kanda, wanting Kanda to realise the
importance of what he was about to say. "Promise me you'll do as Komui
said and don't overestimate how much life you have left. Don't overdo it. Only
use Sangenshiki and your other life-draining abilities unless absolutely
necessary. Unless you're going to die without it. Please, Yu. I don't want to
cry over your coffin either."
Kanda stared back at his friend, before answering.
"I promise, Alma."
His friend finally smiled in relief.
They went on to talk about everything and nothing, about the new kid, Allen,
about how Jiji had kissed Kanda full on the mouth once when drunk, years ago
(much to the latter's disgust), about why Komui was so overprotective of
Lenalee. Finally, Alma yawned, needing sleep badly.
"You should go to bed," Kanda said, looking at his watch, "it's
nearly one in the morning."
"OK..." Alma murmured drowsily, tottering towards the door, then:
"Um, Yu? Could you... Tuck me in? I still hate going to sleep alone,"
Alma said, blushing.
Kanda grumbled. "Oh, for crying out loud. You are such a baby."
Getting up, he followed Alma into the room next door. Alma jumped into bed,
curling up under the covers like a kitten, smiling angelically at Kanda.
Kanda started to leave, turning the light off, when his friend grabbed his
sleeve, just like a small child.
"Stay. Just until I fall asleep," Alma pleaded.
Kanda sighed. "Alright, you big baby. I'll stay here so the nightmares get
scared and run home to their mothers. They can have nightmares about me for a change."
he say down next to the bed, his friend giggling.
After a little while, Alma's eyelids drooped closed, and his breathing became
deeper. Kanda stood up, gazing down at his naive, silly, childish, amazing
childhood friend. He never mentioned the dreams he had sometimes, almost
exactly like Alma's but with the situations reversed. He would keep them to
himself, so that Alma could sleep in sweet ignorance.
He stroked Alma's hair, before finally walking out of the room and closing the
door behind him.
"Sweet dreams, Alma."