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It's been long past since both the great five nations and Earth Realm have both had its fights for survival. While there were some conflicts in both wars, the brave and courageous stayed strong. The warriors of Mortal Kombat, both good and evil banded together in the time of great sorrow. They put aside their differences at a time where all hope was lost, but a glimmer of a very faint, but still gleaming light. The very same light that banded the Rouge ninja's and the hero Shinobi's, but something is different. Different ninjas from different timelines are arriving at a point of time where they either been dead, or counted as outcasts, but now they stand together waiting for what lies ahead.

The Shaolin warriors are the bravest of the brave; whether they are the sole rulers of other world, or the protectors of earth realm. Both good and evil have their own unique purpose for existing, and now they all put their ego's aside for a chance for change. It will dawn a new era, and test all their abilities as warriors; as fighters. They will embark on a furious world-wide battle against the greatest ninja's the world has ever been graced with. Ten of Evil and good forces of the Mortal Kombat universe will face against ten of the greatest ninjas to ever grace the world. Each of these being in a perfect match with each other.

The time will dawn upon these twenty gifted fighters at a chance for a great experience to test their abilities not only as super-human beings, but also as fighters at heart, no matter which path they chose as separate individuals. It is the path they choose from here on out that will display whether or not they will live or be put to death by whom they will face.

These warriors are from different universes and different times, but it will be the Gods who will change that little problem; with the help from the Elder Gods, the Warriors of Mortal Kombat will be transported to the right battle site, and same goes for the Ninjas; they will be teleported from their own time periods, with the thought in mind of killing their foe. It all will come together and everything will be decided. All will be put into place over this grand-scale of fights.