Through The Years


Ruth was met down at Thames House security by Jed, who told her that fetching her up to the inner sanctum of Section D was his last act as a spook, albeit one of the desk variety. He said that he felt it was time to move on, after the betrayal of Tessa, who even Ruth and the mathematicians had heard about at GCHQ. As they were making their way up to the third floor to the Grid, Ruth felt a sense of weariness coming from Jed, as ran her through the names and stories of some of the people on the Grid.

As Ruth stepped into the pods for the first time, she looked around her in wonder. The fabled centre of counter-terrorism lived up to all the rumours and expectations she had heard muttered in corners of GCHQ. Jed walked with her over to a glass walled office to one side of the pods. He knocked on the door and waited for a gruff "come in" before he opened the door.

"I've got Ruth Evershed from GCHQ here, sir." As Jed left he smiled at Ruth and gave her his best wishes for her new job.

As Ruth wandered into the office of the notorious Harry Pearce for the first time, half walking into the door in the process, she was feeling slightly nervous, but was instantly put at ease when the man at the desk stood up to greet her with a handshake.

"It's Harry. I hate being called 'sir'. Here I have your security pass and key-card for the pods. You'll need to sign the form and bring it back in when you start tomorrow." Harry handed Ruth a brown envelope with her name marked in a black scrawl she would come to recognise as Harry's.

"I'm afraid I can't stay any longer long Miss Evershed; we've got a lot on at the moment, I'm sure you understand." Harry picked up some papers from his desk, before following Ruth to the door.

"It's Ruth, please. Miss Evershed makes me feel as if I'm back in school. Would you like to me do anything today?"

"No, head home, I'm sure you've got things to do before you start officially."

"Nothing except reading the Odyssey to my cat, unfortunately."

Harry who had been locking his office door glanced up to meet Ruth's eyes and matched her smile.

"Come to my office when you get in, I'll let you know where we are in our open cases. Until tomorrow." There was a slight pause before.. "Ruth."

His intonation had the desired response as the lady in question quirked an eyebrow with a smile before nodding a goodbye to her new boss. Ruth walked back to the pods and let herself out with her newly acquired key-card. As she made her way back down to the exit, she grinned to herself, realising she would love working at Thames House.

So! Here's my new fic, I'm not sure how it's going to work out yet, but it's a multi-chap, based on what's onscreen, and using bits and bobs from Harry's Diary and the Personnel Files. It's (as you can see) mainly from Ruth's POV, and this is only a short chapter as a beginning offering. The chapters may end up longer than this, or they may be quite short, but I've no idea yet, you'll probably find out at the same time I do!