Chapter 1

Navigating puberty

Episode 3.2

It has been a week sense the double Walker incident and everything was slowly getting back to normal. Piper was cleaning the house and was playing some music on the radio to make that task a little more painless. Phoebe walked in carrying her book bags from school and could not help but sing along to the nostalgic music. She grabbed the broom out of Piper's hand and uses it as a make-believe microphone as she sang along to Hay Mickey by Toni Basil. Prue was next to come in and just stared at her two younger sisters singing and dancing away without a care in the world.

"I hated that song," she said and walked past them to get something to drink as Phoebe smacked her on the behind while dancing.

"Good morning sunshine," Piper said and took the broom out of Phoebe's hand so she could finish sweeping the kitchen.

"Its not morning its late afternoon and its Sunday, so this is one day I can be moody," Prue said and took out a bottle of water.

"I get Monday," Phoebe said.

"Ok then I get the rest of the days." Piper chimed in.

"Leo would move out," Prue said as Leo came in and went right to Piper.

"What would I do?" he asks.

"Run away if we were all on our curse at the same time because apparently someone is," Phoebe replied while looking at Prue and Leo wrinkled his nose knowing what she meant.

"Can you stay?" Piper asks Leo.

"Just for a little while and then I have training," he replied and kissed her on the cheek.

"Training?" Phoebe asks.

"Yeah we are always learning up there," he replied and Piper just rolled her eyes.

"Apparently," Piper said.

"It seems like whenever we have a problem; they don't know what to do. Are you sure your training or playing golf?" Prue asks.

"Is that how thunder is made?" Phoebe asks with a smile.

"Actually it's just the elders passing gas," Leo replied and tried to keep a serious face of the rest of them were not sure what to say. "Just kidding."

"Thank god because I really don't want to image that," Piper said and started putting the dishes away.

"I am done with my homework and now I can play, so what's the plan today?" Phoebe asks and sat down at the kitchen table.

"Sleep a lot of sleep," Prue replied while leaning against the counter.

"I need to go to the club and do some inventory, but after that I'm free," Piper replied.

"Goody we can go shopping," Phoebe said.

"Pheebe's you realize you don't have any money," Piper said.

"You do," Phoebe replied with a mischievous smile.

"No I have a lot of credit cards," Piper said.

"Same thing," Phoebe said and Piper opened her mouth and then decided not to say anything.

"Well you guys have fun and I will be in my room, god if I could stop Eve from eating that Apple I would," Prue said as she headed out.

"Apple?" Leo asks a little confused about the reference.

"Women believe that's because the curse, never mind," Piper replied as it still didn't answer his question and Phoebe just nodded.

"Maybe later after my training we could do some Adam and Eve?" Leo whispered into Piper's ear and she blushed a little.

"Gross," Phoebe said and left the two lovebirds alone.

Prue was not getting much sleep as she was worried about the new threat of demi devils that seemed to be targeting them. She has gone over the book over and over and hoped something would show up but nothing did. All the books she has been looking at were offering very little help as demi devils are not that known to the magical community. Phoebe was doing research at the library but came across nothing that would solve that problem. Piper was also losing sleep as her nightmares were not going away easily and she just wanted to forget the whole thing and live normal a life. The whole seven dwarfing thing was also a little mind boggling, as they seem to be in human trafficking then saving Snow White, because apparently in the original story never written they sold her to the highest bidder. Prue would finally fall asleep as the day went on while Piper finished up at the club and went shopping with her sister.

Jenett was sitting at a glass table and this time she was wearing a long-sleeved jacket mix with copper and gold and was a dark color. Her dress also had copper and gold in it with an abstract pattern. It looked expensive but also something just put together and yet somehow it all matched. She had a diary in her hand while drinking wine when Pitivo walked in and sat across from her.

"What dirty little secrets have you found?" he asks with a small smile.

"Too numerous to count, but one sticks out the most and it seemed to all happen on the same day, Phoebe, Prue and Piper had life changing events," she replied as she held up the other diary that was Phoebe's.

"The scars of puberty never seem to truly fade," he said and he took a drink of her wine.

"1988 March 15th seems to be the day," she said and he pulled out a bag from his pocket that had a stone in it. He put it on the table and it glowed red.

"Well maybe it's time to relive it," he said as she put it in her hand.

"Not just relive but make a mess of it," she said laid the two diaries down on top of each other and placed the stone on top of them. "You will need to be there for one event, as they will know they are in the past and try to either follow the path or change it."

"Of course wouldn't want them to get too arrogant," he replied.

"Once they fall asleep, they will find reliving high school should be a wish better left undone," she said and he kissed her hand.

"Oh what evil webs," he said while looking up at her.

Phoebe was done trying on all her clothing that Piper used her credit card for and of course Phoebe promised to pay her back when she gets a job. But Piper didn't mind as she was proud of her baby sister going back to school and taking more responsibility for her life.

"God I'm exhausted," Phoebe said and after putting on her pajamas flopped down on the couch.

"We did a lot of walking," Piper said as she was already in hers and drinking coffee.

"Is Leo still in training?" Phoebe asks.

"Yeah I will probably be asleep by the time he comes back," Piper replied.

"Just keep it down, sometimes you guys did a little too rambunctious," Phoebe said and kissed Piper on the head before heading off to bed.

"I will try not to hang off the rafters," Piper said and went to the kitchen to put her cup in the sink. She went to her room and tried to stay awake as long as she could, but her eyes were too heavy and she closed her eyes as her other sisters did the same.

"Piper Halliwell?" a man said and Piper opened her eyes slowly and felt like she had not slept at all. She squinted her eyes together trying to focus on who was saying her name. "Are we interrupting your sleep?" he asks.

"Actually yes and who are you?" Piper asks as she stood up from her seat quickly and then looked around the room. "Oh god please be wearing clothes," she said and looked down at herself reluctantly and then let out a sigh of relief to see that she had something on. She then realized that she was back in high school as everyone was looking at her like she was crazy. "I hate this dream," she whispered but the teacher was not amused.

"You need to stay awake in my class understand," he said and went back to his desk. Under any normal circumstance she would write this off as a dream, but the fact of who she was made that scenario a little less likely. She sat down and looked at her jeans that she apparently has been drawing on. "Oh god," she whispered again and then try to think of a way to get out of class. "I need to go to the bathroom," she said.

"Hopefully to do something with that hair," Missy said in front of her and Piper wanted to call her every name in the book but she had more pressing matters at hand and just eyed her down.

"Make it quick," he said and she smiled uncomfortably as she bumped into people trying to get out. She finally made it outside in the hallway where Prue was standing at the other end looking at her a little frightened. Piper walked quickly up to her not sure if she was the future Prue or the past one.

"Prue I know this is going to sound weird," she started.

"Yeah its me and apparently you too, I thought this was a dream," Prue replied.

"Then you noticed you have clothes on," Piper said and Prue just looked at her more confused." Never mind."

"So if we are here then Phoebe is."

"Junior high," Piper finished her sentence.

"Which means?"

"Skipping school," Piper replied.

"Really are the demons that board that they need to send us back to high school?" Prue asks and was thankful that the hallway was empty.

"It was fun for you, not so much for me," Piper said as Prue began to look her over and tried to contain a giggle. "What do I have something in my teeth?"

"Oh no just the whole outfit, wow the 80s," Prue replied and Piper went over to a glass door and got a good look at herself. She had dark glasses and an outfit that was completely mis-colored. Her complexion was definitely the signs of puberty as she had blemishes in the worst places. She looked away shocked and then grabbed Prue by the arm and made her look at herself. Prue had long dark hair was short bangs and was wearing braces; even though her outfit was better matched it still looked like the 80s.

"I'm not the only one who looks ridiculous," Piper said and smiled as Prue just giggled more." Prue I'm glad you're enjoying this but I'm starting to freak out."

"Piper its going to be ok, we just need to make sure not to change history, so just follow what you did today and when we get home we will find a way back," Prue said in her reassuring manner but inside she was freaking out too.

"Wait if we are back here then that means."

"That are past selves are in the future," Prue finished for her.

"I hope Leo didn't come home last night, because my younger self is going to freak out," Piper said.

"That's not the only problem, we don't have our powers of this age but our future selves do," Prue said as the bell rang and people started entering the hallway.

"Shit," Piper said as she knew they were going to need to separate soon.

"Piper just find out what day it is and try to remember, I will see you on brake," Prue said as a few of her friends stopped next to her. Piper didn't want to be around the cool crowd as she was not usually welcomed and decided to go to her locker.

Phoebe awoke next to a tree with a cigarette in her hand that was burning her fingers, or she thought it was a cigarette until she got a smell of it.

"What the hell?" she said and then looked around as a friend came up to her. She was mostly dressed as Goth and Phoebe recognized her but has not seen her since high school.

"Dude you started without me," she said and Phoebe just blinked wildly as she tossed the joint.

"Um no I mean I don't know," Phoebe mumbled out not sure what to say.

"Its ok I was late anyway, so have anymore?" she asks.

"Nope and I need to go," Phoebe said and started running. She ran past a store window and stopped when she saw her reflection. She had long hair with short bangs and was wearing a black jacket with what looked like biker pants. "Oh no," she said as she remembered this is what she wore when she was a teenager and how she looked. "This can't be happening, ok just calm down and find Prue and Piper," she said and continued to run to the high school.

Future Piper awoke and smacked her lips several times before groggily getting out of bed. She stubbed her toe on the bed frame and limped after saying a few choice words to the bathroom. She turned on the faucet and started her normal routine to get ready for school. She looked up and saw someone she did not recognize in the mirror. She screamed and ran out of her room.

"Grams there is a woman in my bathroom!" Piper yelled as Prue came out because of the commotion and then she screamed as she did not recognize the woman in front of her. And of course Piper screamed again as she did not recognize future Prue.

"Who are you!?" Prue yelled as she ran downstairs and into the kitchen. Piper was too scared of the woman in the bathroom and did not notice she was running right behind the other woman she didn't recognize.

"Who are you?" Piper asks as she stood on the other side of the island while Prue stood across from her.

"Grams!" Prue yelled again but there was no answer.

"Why the hell are you yelling for my grandmother, what did you do to her?" Piper asks as she was getting more frightened by the minute.

"Your grandmother, who the hell are you?" Prue asks with a lot more venom in her voice then the first time.

"Piper," Piper replied and after Prue looked into her eyes and really looked at her facial features, she could see some resemblance.

"What happened to you?" Prue asks.


"You look a lot older and your complexion is all cleared up, and where are your glasses?" Prue asks.

"What are you talking about and who are you?"


Piper did the same thing and could see the resemblance but she looked much older. "Oh god Prue you are so old," Piper said and Prue ran into the living room where there was a mirror and she looked at herself as Piper came in and stood next to her.

"Oh god there she is," Piper said referring to the woman she saw in the bathroom. Prue grabbed her and pulled her back over to the mirror.

"Its you silly," Prue said and Piper waved her hand and it was her reflection waving back.

"What is going on?" Piper asks.

"I don't know, but you got hot," Prue replied and looked at herself admirably while adjusting her chest.

"God you guys are loud in the morning," Phoebe said as she rubbed her eyes and then open them to see two women she did not recognize. "Who are you?" she asks while backing up.

"Phoebe?" Prue said as she could make out some features.

"How the hell do you know me?" she asks continuing to back up until the wall stopped her.

"Ok listen I don't know what is going on, but I am Prue and this is Piper," Prue replied.

Phoebe looked from one to the other and could see Prue but had some trouble with the older Piper.

"No she isn't," Phoebe said while looking at Piper.

"Yes she is just look," Prue said and her baby sister squinted her eyes looking over every feature. Piper smiled in hopes that would help and Phoebe's mouth opened wide as she recognized her. "Oh my god what happened to you guys, I mean wow Piper is definitely an improvement but you guys look old," she said and Prue took her by the arm and pulled her to the mirror.

"You do too missy," Prue said and Phoebe looked herself over and then her chest.

"When did I get these?" she asks.

"Don't know but we need to find Grams," Prue said and started looking around the house.

To be continued…